The Coolest ''''Country''''' Flag You Need To Know

čas přidán 27. 03. 2023
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  • I can't believe Grey didn't spend 8 months and a plane trip to Redwood City to see if EA knew about the origins of 3D World Atlas. He's come such a long way since Staten Island.

  • That final flag design is actually super cool

  • I have never seen that flag design before but it's perfect! What a great design & what a great companion to Greenland's flag. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • My favorite flags are the ones that can be reasonably drawn by hand. The American Flag is pushing it with those thirteen stripes and 50 stars, but at least they are simple shapes. The flag of my home State of Oregon is entirely too complex and detailed for anyone except exceptional sketch artists to get right (and practically impossible to do entirely by memory). However, this Antarctic flag is a brilliant combination of simplicity, beauty, and meaning.

  • Actually the white sheet is a very fitting Antarctica flag in my opinion. No military could ever fly it in battle. A flag of peace and snow!

  • The greenland flag being a kind of opposite to this one is so perfect to me. One has red while the other has blue, one is north while the other is south, one has most of the color on top while the other is on the bottom, one has a round shape while the other is pointy. If I were an alien and I discovered these flags in their respective countries I'd assume they were some weird earth hieroglyphics that translated to top/bottom and were just being used to label the top and bottom of the planet.

  • How did this get copyright flagged? Did EA get to it this quickly?!

  • Whenever CGP releases a 5 minute you know there's going to be a 55 minute "footnote" video that didn't get in the full video.

  • So... Grey is going to go dark now and in 9 months we'll get a video drop of him actually in the Antarctic talking to the son of the guy who made the original design for the 3D atlas company, who will give Grey a mysterious sketch book that belonged to his father that will have concept art of said flag done by someone dated in the 1800s. Going to be epic!

  • I'm actually kind of relieved and shocked to see such a simple, non-convoluted video from Grey for once. What a plot twist

  • Damn. The second flag is satisfying on so many levels and lines up with Antarctica's theme far better than just posting a picture of the whole continent.

  • This is why Grey is my favorite educational CS-tvr-- he can do months of research, animation, and voiceovers to create some of the best media on this platform that is engaging, interesting, and very well produced. Loved the video so much, Grey.

  • Imagine telling EA that they could possibly have a right to Antarctica's flag.

  • I'm proud of him for not losing himself to another Tiffany-style rabbit hole of tangents....but at the same time, you could talk about flags at length and I think we would all appreciate it.

  • I love This flag so much. The design is really memorable, and there are so many meanings to it, the mountain casting a shadow, the night sky, the compass, the diamond and the parallels to Greenlands flag all make it so cool and I really hope it gets more recognition.

  • My favourite part of all my favourite parts of Grey's videos is his wonderful voice-over. Not just the sound, but the emotions. So much glee, or anger, or confusion, or hesitation, etc. Of all essay CS-tvrs I watch, this is the pinnacle of voice-over. What an acting talent!

  • I know you probably cut it for time, but the timeline is deceptive since there have been several contenders for the flag design before and after the Bartram flag. There was Smith’s 1978 design, Cooper and Tucker’s in 1995, Hamilton’s in 1999, and Leroi’s in 2007. I think all the designs are pretty great for their own reasons, but I agree that the 2018 one is probably my favorite as well.

  • Not going to lie, obscure history like this is a big reason why I like Grey's content so much. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Ok that final flag design is actually super cool. The colour scheme is just really satisfying

  • While I do love the True South flag (the dark blue and white flag discussed here), I was surprised you didn't mention the Whitney Smith orange and white flag. To be clear, if they ever do officially assign a flag to Antarctica, I'd love it to be the blue and white one, but the orange and white one does make some interesting and reasonable choices worth mentioning.