The Country That Becomes a Racetrack

čas přidán 19. 05. 2021
Each year the world's second-smallest nation transforms into a world-class Formula 1 track. This is the incredible story of how Monaco stages its Grand Prix. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics - Thomas Canton

Special thanks to Automobile Club de Monaco.

Additional footage and images courtesy of Google Earth and Alexander Migl. All Formula 1 footage purchased under licence.

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  • I love this channel! It’s convincing me to be an architect

    • @woodedco I'm your 69th like!

    • kudos, redesign i saw at

    • kudos. redesign i saw at

    • Do it. But a serious recommendation. Also make sure you worked at construction as an actual worker there for 2-3 months. Many architects nowadays are too occupied with the cool and fancy stuff while missing out the pragmatism of construction. Often times it is form over function while it always should be the other way around.

    • Me too!!

  • BTW country's name is MONACO if someone is wondering.

  • What's the point? Your cars want to compete and kill babies by carbon monoxide. And flora and fauna of the sea.. but still what's the point? Just for views?

  • it’s good to see my playground here. who’s here from monaco?

  • Oh my god, i just found out that the buildings around the circuit like podium, billboard space, paddock, etc. are not permanent and to be dismantled after the race, thats crazy 😀

  • Can Jeddah pul it off this December 2021 ?

  • c'est un morceau de la france qui sais perdu dans l'histoire


  • Great video!👍💯 I love that background information!

  • Monaco is not a country.

  • I think I’ve seen this place in cars 2

  • Most years ? 2020 ? That doesn't exist, we still in 2019, right ?

  • Clearly not using American construction workers to fix the roads before the race. It takes them 5 months to fix a damn pothole where I live. Pathetic.

  • This has got to be the biggest flex to show off their road quality!

  • More videos about F1 please :D

  • muslims can only dream about these kind of lifestyle

  • Rich countries only can host this game,which is playground for rich and rich only

  • Swear to God iron Man got slapped around on one of these tracks

  • The country is called Monaco. The End

    • I thought it was Indonesia 🤣 because of the flag

  • *Spoiler Alert* : not an actual fucking real country!!

  • So silly, who cares whos car can go faster lol

    • @Osyis R6 nah its actually silly. The drivers do not even start at the same point. The whole thing is rather silly but there it is lol

    • Fk off. It's a showing of engineering and driver skills. Leave people alone.

  • Don't forget Singapore and Hong Kong

  • Tony Stark was visited here before.

  • They put up grand stands over a ghetto. Not a huge transformation lol

  • It reminds me of Mariokart

  • As cool as this is to see the bts, ngl the Monaco GP has become one of the most boring races every season lol

  • most legendary F1 race track, monaco is always special.

  • You know what this picturesque and peaceful city need? ...a RaCiNgTrAcK!

  • 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • This is such a useless expense.

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  • monaco is not the second smallest nation by population, a quick google confirmed my suspicion lol

  • 4:43 Is one of the 2 cars smaller or is it just me seeing that???

  • Very informative. Thanks for good work

  • Holy shit, I thought that most of the infrastructure stayed there all year long as a tourist attraction.

  • Iron man 2 brought me here

  • great video but i really dont like the "this year we will see a huge increase in ticketed sales from last year" well no sh*t, nothing happened last year so the reasoning for even saying that in videos or articles is absolutely redundant. (im not targetting you B1M im just saying)

  • Joke of a circuit, one year they should try constructing something to race on instead of doing the festival for billionaires.

  • I would love to watch a full documentary on this

  • I fucking hate Monaco, worst race track to ever be invented. Monaco is to racing as shitty DJ's more interested in their appearance are to music. Many of which take up a residency in this place, I'm sure.

  • Isn't this on gran turismo?

  • love the cars from the 60s.

  • Amazing 21 June 2021

  • for me Monaco Circuit is hardest circuit in F1 game

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  • oh this is just just my city. all the construction blocking all the roads, the difference being, never completing a project, not actually fixing any roads, no deadline.

  • While traveling by train in Europe, I accidentally happened across the 38th Gan Prix de Monaco. Quite an experience.

  • The Monaco F1 track is interesting to watch but a horror to drive

  • My favourite track xd

  • The worst track hands down no competition

  • Fun Facts:It a part of France.

  • It's fun to drive in the city in the few weeks before the race, since a lot of the track is already prepared. The only risk is that you can end up forgetting that the open roads will have incoming traffic. Really impressive when you walk around the pitstop area, it's tiny!

  • You are correct. It is a city. Not a country

  • people who live nearby must find this mess a bore

  • interesting work. not like china, boring work.

  • I-Is this the city in Cars 2?

  • Worst track on the calendar, absolute rubbish get rid of it

  • And they say that adults dont play with legos, assembling the race track is like assembling a lego kit, but much much larger

  • "World class street circuit" is a stretch. Bad design, no overtaking zone, snooze fest race when no one crash. The only thing going for it is being historical.

  • Holy crap. I've driven around Monaco. It's amazing that F1 cars are doing the speeds they do on such narrow and twisty roads.

  • Ive always hated this circuit, its way to tight and they put like 100 cars on it. It Provides so little opportunity for overtakes. Just my opinion

  • "Monte Carlo." 🇲🇨 Come on, that's an *awesome* name for a global, auto-racing center! 🏎️ "CAR-lo."

  • As someone who has watched F1 for 15+ years its amazing that I had to come to an architecture/construction channel to find out way more than I knew about the monaco setup, they only cover stuff like this for minimal time.

  • A racetrack that becomes a country when not in use.

  • F1 is trying become "green"? By looks of The Monaco F1, their a far cry to look "green".

  • can Jakarta do this F1 like Monaco....????

  • The worse race track in the world in my opinion from a Spectator point of view. Only the rich and people that go like the thing.

  • Sneaky Tag Heuer ad 😅

  • What are you guys doing with "Tomorrow's Build' trademark, is that a new channel?

  • One more thing to add to the bucket list

  • A formula 1 season is 250 000 tonns of co2 pollution. 10 years of f1 season means nearly 3 millions tons of co2 emission

  • Please brng more videos related to F1!!

  • 12 Teams?

  • Those are planned cities right?

  • Pittoresque? What is this guy smoking

  • wait... central park is bigger than montecarlo???

  • F1 will be coming to Las Vegas sometime in the near future and it's going to be amazing!

    • @miata gaming It's still a preliminary stage at this time but a track was designed on and around the Las Vegas Strip.

    • Where did you hear that?

  • I wish my city was a race track, no more pot holes.

  • Hitman 2

  • Its not a racetrack

    • It’s a street circuit so it’s a street and a race track

  • I always wondered how they managed to build a racetrack in the middle of a city. thank you for making this video 👍

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  • Thank you.

  • A use of "despite" at 4:52, so late in the video I was starting to worry it wouldn't appear.

  • Been there just between the installation and the grandprix, an amazing place

  • Very informative. Excellent video

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  • India me aisa banaye hote to future ka insurance ho jata!

  • millioners people grand play other people DONT HAVE FOOT DONT HAVE DRINK WATER SHAME VERY SAID VERY SHAME

  • Imagine going to Monaco for a day without planning anything...and by sheer luck you happenned to visit it during the Grand Prix without knowing it was that day. .... that's me LMAO (As I was visiting the city the F1 noise quite a bit annoyign after a while tho )

  • awesome

  • So nice

  • Isle's of Man: Am I a joke?

  • Se ve más el estupido doblaje que su estupido video, ridículo igual que la F1 desde 2014

  • They also have the highest life expectancy

  • This has nothing on the Hamilton home build.

  • Worst, most boring Formula-1 races take place in Monaco usually

  • In Monaco F1 comes to you

  • This track is in gran turismo 5!!!! Epic style.