The Cringiest UFC Fighter

čas přidán 24. 05. 2023
Joe rogan talks about how ridiculous and cringe henry cejudo is when he's trying to promote fights.
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  • 🎵 Plavboi Carti x Cochise Type Beat - "Tell Em"

  • Don't do my guy Tony like that

  • The only cringe part is that people take Henry seriously. He’s just having a laugh.

  • Henrys cringe is fake while adesanya is just naturally cringe

  • Henry is the prince of cringe

  • Henry: self proclaimed king of cringe

  • "We do a lil trolling"

  • Henry has mastered the art of never let them know your next move🤧

  • Joe nailed it, “You can’t stop watching” And that’s why he did it. Selling views. And that’s the best way he knew how to do it

  • Mentioned crazy and showed Sunglasses…

  • "he's talkin like a guy who's crazy"

  • “ Act strong when you are weak and act weak when you are strong! “ Sun Tzu

  • Hilarious stage presence, definitely a great fighter!

  • The man who can talk the talk, AND walk the walk

  • He’s such a funny dude and really spiritual and humble in real life.

  • He didn't beat mighty mouse he robbed him . Tye only guy to really beat him was dominick cruz by decision.

  • "Do not kill the part of you that is cringe, kill the part that cringes."

  • bro put tony when it came to being a crazy guy

  • He knows how to sell a fight that’s for sure.

  • Sterling has no place calling anyone else cringe tbh