The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute

čas přidán 14. 06. 2021
Peek into the past and learn about dinosaurs and other amazing creatures:
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66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.
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  • The quality of these videos never fail to amaze me!

    • ikr

    • like they said in their video, making things that last. They will be remembered

    • I feel like it's getting better and better every time I see a new video and I just love it

    • One reason I love this channel is because they opt for one exceptional video every few weeks rather than mediocre videos much more often.

    • Same here! I think they're absolutely lovely.

  • The fact that any living thing survived this is genuinely incredible.

    • @Duodecimus .Anemoi That one was significantly slower. The great dying was caused by gasses escaping the crust I believe

    • Yeah it’s really incredible that anything can survive that light show! And also it’s cool to think that dinosaurs used to roam the Earth with freedom.

    • It is also very cool that we are the descendants of survivors.

    • As you know, life, huh, finds a way

  • I don't think I've ever felt so proud of my ancestors before. The fact that life endured through all that is awe-inspiring.

    • Your bloodline has survived every major catastrophe and disaster in human history, think about how awesome your fam is! The Black Plague didn’t stop them, that’s nuts

    • @LibrarySong i think some Asians and all Africans would be fine with the Black Plague cuz they wouldnt have access to it But our ancerstors survived all like 3/6 great extintions so

    • @Finden It was in Asia. It’s actually believed to have started within the Mongol Empire in 1334, and North Africans were effected too. Anywhere trading ships went, the Black Plague followed.

    • Our ancestors. So, fish, according to evolution?

  • It really makes me sad that we will never get to witness such an amazing species of animal. These dinosaurs lived for hundreds of millions of years, and it took one day to change all of that. The fact that we came back from that truly is incredible. I kind of shed a tear for the dinosaurs on this video.

    • Technically you can still witness them in the form of the mighty chicken

    • @Genghis Khan haha true. Where I’m from, we actually have peacocks just roaming our streets and they do give off dinosaur vibes lol

    • @Dan Lin because birds are true theropod dinosaurs (theropods are bipedal three toed dinosaurs like T.rex or Velociraptor) actually any bird is more closely related to a T.rex than a T.rex is to a Triceratops or Brachiosaurus

    • @Velociraptor yup. It’s funny how we still call all of them dinosaurs when the triceratops is like a prehistoric rhino and a raptor is a prehistoric chicken. Totally unrelated.

    • ​@Dan Lin Well, they are all dinosaurs, i mean a whale looks like a giant fish, a bat looks like a strange pterosaur and a platypus looks like a... whatever... yet they all are still mammals same with dinoaurs, even tho they are very different , they are all dinosaurs

  • I know this event is pretty much the entire reason that humanity exists in its current form today, but it’s still so incredibly sad to think of everything that was lost due to such a seemingly trivial event in the context of the universe 😔

    • The event is neither sad nor any other human emotion. This is nature, it is not cruel, one must accept that we are not in control of the universe. A supernova or when galaxies collide-- can a human even conceive of the power of nature?

    • @Larry Daniels but maybe one day we will reach enough technology to be in control , yet by that point we could consider ourselves "Gods"

    • @Larry Daniels it’s still sad tf lmao

    • @💕k8 it’s

  • The quote and how casual it was drop had me dying laugh, "at this moment the world was one way, and in a fraction of a second it will be fundamentally different". I love your content! The delivery and how tangible and well described the concepts are, along with a nice, calm voice make this an amazing channel and a perfect source for fascinating topics/specifics one might not be aware of previous to watching a video! I hope you are all well and take care!

  • I can’t believe Kurzgesagt used the term yeeted like it was the scientifically accurate terminology. What a great time to be alive

    • This is amazing

    • I really had to replay that part of the video, I havent laughed so hard at a speci-cide in my life oml.

    • Albert Wesker huh?

    • I didn’t hear him say it....

    • i wonder how that one girl who yeeted that soda can feels now. she basically added a word into internet culture and everyone has acknowledged it and used it. pretty impressive feat if you ask me

  • This was both terrifying and depressing. Well done.

  • It’s so terrifying that a thriving species that had survived for millions of years had to end so abruptly because of some cosmic bad luck. Life is unfair sometimes.

    • Not sometimes but all the time

    • It’s not luck, it’s God’s will. If the dinosaurs did not extinct, humanity as we know it today would not have existed. Everything happens for a reason

    • @iam_alaakay Yeah sure buddy

    • ​@iam_alaakay There is no God buddy. Get out of the illusion

  • We are a kids dinosaur CS-tv channel and this is one of our favourite videos, it's just so amazing to think life still survived after this.

  • That debris that re-entered the atmosphere and heated up the planet wasn’t rock. It was GLASS. The molten rock cooled in space before it fell back down, creating what we call tektites. So it was literally raining glass on the dinosaurs.

    • Cool....

    • @Sz And painful

    • Never heard of tektites before. Fascinating, thanks.

    • Scorching glass.

    • @Sz Quite the opposite, in fact.

  • Kurzgesagt somehow makes something literally world ending end on a high note every time. There's always something on the other side with these guys and I'm here for it.

  • Is everyone gonna ignore that the animation is just getting better and better?! It's so amazingly beautiful and stunning. You could pause it anytime, and it just looks like a friggin art piece.

    • *Does anybody here know a channel called "The Exoplanets Channel"?*

    • @Alexander Martin I bet that's your main account

    • @Alexander Martin Stop spamming this

    • Yes I am going to ignore it because frankly I don’t care

    • ignore?? you people bring it up every video

  • I’m impressed at how well animated this is. Love the art style too! Fantastic all around!

  • Thank you for making such videos, that can improve my knowledge on scientific topics. I've heard before about the mass extinction, but I didn't know this much about it. I just knew that a huge asteroid hit the earth and all the dinosaurs were affected from it, but after watching this video, it clearly explained how it happened. It's crazy to think how we live on a planet, which got recovered from those situations.

  • The fact that there were still some forms of life that survived after that catastrophe is mind-blowing

  • It's amazing that the ancestors of all current life on earth survived this nightmare. It's a testimony to the resilience of life itself and how it....finds a way.

  • This is really well animated and I never knew the extinction of dinosaurs could be so sad 😢

  • This honestly made me feel bad for the dinosaurs. I never thought about how confused or scared those creatures might've been

    • If i were you, I simply would've warned them. Then they would live

    • Now imagine if space threw a rock at earth today.....

    • I know right. The entire time I kept thinking of that. How crazy horrible it would be for them.

    • @Aaron Washington If space threw a rock at earth we would be fine. If it could visibly be seen in the sky two weeks out, we'd definitely detect it at least a month before it hit us. Then we'd do what humanity always does. Panic. And then nuke it into oblivion. There are very few natural disasters that could destroy humanity at this point. We are a much greater threat to ourselves then nature is.

    • @Tommy 50377 You are greatly overestimating our abilities. All of the nukes on the planet could not have vaporized a meteorite of that size. What it would do is ablate some meters of material from the surface, but that's it. If given enough warning, as in YEARS you might deflect the thing with nukes. Drilling and then nuking would make it worse, imagine not one but now TWO meteorites peppering the planet from 2 angles, further reducing the change of surviving species.

  • I love that they incorporated the concept of colorful dinosaurs they showed us a while ago.

  • ‘Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies.’ The sheer friendliness of that phase made me wish the video would stop and I wouldn’t have to see our feathered buddies die.

  • This was depressing, man, poor creatures… it’s amazing that anything survived such cataclysm, but just imagine how traumatized they were. Good thing fossils exist, because thanks to them, these wonderful creatures are still remembered after all this time

  • Wonderful visual storytelling, thank you! Last year I visited the site of this ancient cataclysm near Merida, Yukatan. It was an amazing experience being there and knowing what took place there so long ago.

    • Wait, you can visit the site of the astroid impact??? If I read that right, then I absolutely am adding that to my bucket list because it sounds like a truly awe inspiring experience.

  • Love the fact that you are introducing the world to the updated knowledge about dinosaurs having feathers. Thank you!!

    • Easily impressed

    • @Urielle ah yes being positive about anything is a sign of being easily pleased. what a cynical cruel world you must live in

    • @Urielle Easily triggered

  • Thank you for keeping curiosity alive. I will always buy your calendars.

  • The last raptor calling to the moon at the end made me weep honestly. I feel like it symbolizes how good things keep dying out in my life.

  • great video. i'm very interested in the species that actually managed to survive this cataclysm, and how they managed to do it

    • croc?

    • ​@Arvidjerodents also

    • Rule of thumb: If on land, it dead automatically. If underwater or underground, prolly dead, if not immediately then by starvation. The survivors were all that. Those who happened to be in a cave, underground, or underwater and was small enough to survive on little food had SOME chance. Including small rat-like mammals and small dinosaurs, which give us all mammals including primates, and ofc birbs.

  • This is still one of the best videos you've ever produced. For some reason i get real emotional, great work!

  • This video is so unbelievably good, I have watched it over fifteen times and still be amazed how visually and (at least for me) emotionally stunning it is. I well up at the end

  • The ending with the cute little bird made me tear up. I hope humanity survives and prospers

    • bro thinks the word is gonna end like next year 💀📸

    • @Tacocatt *world lol

  • Everything was good and well in the Cretaceous Era. Until it wasnt

  • Am I the only one that wanted to cry watching this? Such a masterpiece!

  • Wow. This video was so good. Really amazing to see how it happened all those millions of years ago. Almost like being there and experiencing it. So great. Amazing!

  • Honestly the part that always surprises me is that anything survived the part where debris falling heated the literal air up to oven temperatures that just is cool terrifying and extraordinary all at once

  • The asteroid is a powerful example of both life's terrifying fragility and it's amazing endurance.

  • I am in love with this channel. Because of it, I turned out to adore science and learning and plus everything you make is so interesting and fun to learn

  • Imagine a full kurzgesagt documentary on Netflix. I would love to see this channel grow to that level.

    • That’s a bonkers amazing idea. Great thinking!

    • YES

    • Definetely a good idea, maybe stretch to a partnership with the BBC as well?

    • Maybe it’s already happened, and they’re two years through the ten year production until release...

    • That would be amazing😍

  • i found this channel through tubbo a few months ago and i just have to say, i have fallen in love with it everyone working on these videos is so talented and amazing i love how these vids help me see things from a different angles keep up the great work

  • My heart breaks for these poor beautiful creatures that had this happen to them. How much the Earth would have been better if this had never happened?

    • You do understand that certain dinosaurs were stalked and eaten by predators, it wasn't a very idyllic environment.


    • that's impossible to say. Butterfly effect. Even small changes make a big difference in the future, so image what a change like THIS does.

    • Godot lol

    • I agree, so sad.

  • даже прослезился в конце...🥺 очень хорошее видео👍

  • I think this science needs to be developed and remembered. So grateful that I live on the perfect Planet. I'm still amazed by the world in the Mesozoic era, what a terrible conflict. Dinosaur life was truly long. It was amazing to know the ancient times on this Earth. I also love this animation. The Asteroid would break through dangerously. I can imagine but can't feel exactly what Earth's climate was like at that time. I grieve with the Dinosaurs who lived hard but they were still able to breathe in irregular degrees. This is what I'm most interested in. I wish I could save the Earth.

  • Something remarkable to remember as you finish this video: not to be cliché, but life found a way. Life continued. After all that, life survived, adapted and persisted.

  • I always took the Meteoroid for granted like "yeah it just killed everything", but I never really understood how scary it would've been.

    • That last scene in Walking With Dinosaurs featuring the Rex pups never fails to break me.

    • Search for footage of Australian bush fires. It’s day time but there’s so much smoke it seems like night time, with everything eerily glowing from the fires light. Imagine that x1000

    • cos u werent there?

    • @The Yellow Light Saber it doesn't take being there to understand how it felt being there, like watching someone be there.

    • @The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer Your comment makes no sense given you just said you couldnt understand how it was being there, my reply was yeh cos you werent bloody around then were you so why would you understand it, no one can until it happens after which um we're dead.

  • What an awesome animation I have watched. It’s a really great job to show the historical events of our planet in an interesting way. We have to emphasize and make a summary to prevent our civilization from dying. We have to stop the wars, defeat hunger, develop our society, and in a one day, when we all will be in a big threat, we will be able to unite our efforts and survive

  • Really well made and illustrated. Well done.

  • I love dinosaurs and now I feel 1000x sadder about how this actually happened:(

  • Man, I wonder if we could survive something like this in our day and age

    • I LOVE SCIENCE. BUT i cant think of a smarter way to spread it then just spam-comment some well-mean Recommendations, tbh. 1 may cirticize me for it, but here you go: Joe Scott, Sci Man Dan, Sci Show, Nile Red, Vertiasium, UpisnotJump and Hbomberguy. And i also wanna mention what many Science-Fans have legit never considered: Science-CS-tvr and Atheist-CS-tvr are kinda blood-related and most didnt noticed. So please also try Prophet of Zod, GMS, Belief It Or Not, Darkmatter and Viced Rhino.

    • @Finden Oh of course, but I wonder what life would be like for those who do survive

    • For sure, vegans won't have the luxury of being vegans.

  • I was just doing some googling about the dinosaurs for a school thing, and I discovered this video. Then I discovered this channel and let me just say, first impressions were high! I love coming back to this video, it’s really interesting!

  • It’s insane anything even survived this, life really does find a way

    • We need a Kurtzgesagt about how things survived

    • Permian be like

    • And this wasn't the worst extinction event. The Great Dying was, and with a name like that, it better be lol 90% of ocean life and 70% of life on land died. The causes aren't super clear since it has no big creator to look at lol. But it's likely a mix of warming temperatures, oceanic anoxia (oxygen depletion), and oceanic acidification. Like 50 some-odd % of all taxonomic families were gone.

    • @Samantha aw you said mine but better :(

    • @CVP Game I liked yours, but just incase others didn't realize there was an extinction at the end of the Permian period.

  • Currently weeping at the idea of how much some of these animals suffered

  • This made me cry just thinking about how afraid those poor animals must have been.

  • Actually, if it landed just a few kilometers further than it's actual crashing site, the water would be more impacted and the dinosaurs might actually survive that scenario.

  • I can only imagine how beautiful the planet would of been back then. Us humans truly are a blight on this world.

  • I love how Kurzgesagt animated the dinosaurs with colourful feathers instead of scaly monsters which I think is more accurate to what the dinosaurs actually looked like, a lot like giant birds

    • I'm always gonna imagine them as big scaly dragons lol, not giant chickens, just ruins the vibe

    • @Mcbignuts 2000 Fair enough, it is more fun to imagine them as as scaly monsters

  • I like how Kurzgesagt actually shows the dinosaurs accurate to their time period, instead of putting a stegosaurus with a Tyrannosaurus

  • Since I heard about the heat burst that likely took out the dinosaurs worldwide, I've been imagining the little rodent-like mammals hiding under ground and the birds flying above the heat wave. Probably some amphibians dove under water too.

  • What a magnificent depiction of Earth's history. Trully beautiful.

  • omg, i can't imagine how terrified and isolated the earth was when the asteroid reached the earth and completely ruined 75% species in existence back then ( and some horrified natural disaters). btw, your animation is incredible!

    • I'm glad we ate making all this asteroid stopping technology, because who knows if another asteroid is floating around, ready to destroy us.

  • Still amazing that such a dramatic apocalyptic event still couldn't wipe out life on Earth and life still found a way

  • Some of the debris launched into the sky was pieces of dinosaur. I like to think that some of those pieces achieved escape velocity, so there are burnt, freeze-dried dinosaur chunks floating around out in space.

  • This is the first time this struck me as a tragedy rather than a data point.

    • I got that same impression. I found myself actually feeling bad for the dinos 🥺

    • or an Independence Day fireworks show

    • Watching this channel mostly makes me feel sad and really really paranoid

    • Well when you go into the extinct species category it should make you feel like a nihilist. But without these events who knows if we would even be here. Thank the Lord.

    • An event like this could happen again, the difference is we would know it was coming months, if not years, before it happened, and we could potentially prepare for it. I imaging if something similar happened again humans would probably survive, and if we didn't use technology to save us we would surface as a far more primitive version of ourselves.

  • i feel really sad for all the dinosaurs that died :(

  • If someone hasnt commented this yet, or youve already done it Could you guys do a video on what it would be like if the dinosaurs did survive or the astroid didnt come? your guyses channel makes my day i appreciate and love all the work you guys do

  • This makes me feel quite sad... the end of a cycle was so brutal... imagine if there was a dynosaur civilization, just a small one of inteligent species gathered in groups, that had very little impact on the environment, they lived in harmony and as one part of the ecosystem, they raised reptile mounts like we do with horses, they had livestocks, cattle, pets,... all were reptiles and dynosaurs. And everything just ended, on that fateful day, just like that.

    • yeah man. same with the ice age megafauna, they got wiped out by the same type of event that the dinosaurs did

  • Can you imagine the kind of legends and folklore that a sentient race would have if they remembered an event like this? This one impact basically created 5 different elementally-themed apocalypses, you could definitely make a religion out of this

  • You guys explained this so well. Curiosity satisfied.

  • "A lot of the debris yeeted into space" ah yes, very professional science talk

  • I had a dream of an asteroid like this hitting the earth the other night. It was absolutely terrifying

  • If you like heavy music, The Ocean (Collective) uses themes like ocean depth and time periods/extinction level events to craft really awesome music. They’re one of my fav bands.

  • I think the most interesting implication is that as we look for Earth-like planets in the universe, our own history would say that the likeliest outcome is that those planets are full of dinosaurs, not human-like intelligent species. Of course that may change depending on how likely you also consider asteroids like this to be.

    • @Jammie! right, my comment is that Earth’s natural progression was clearly towards large non-intelligent life forms, and only have us due to an asteroid strike. Thus, other earth-like planets would be more likely to have dinosaur-like organisms (depending on how likely a similarly timed, similarly sized asteroid is on any given planet)

  • these videos always make me wish i had a tardis so i could just see exactly what life was like back then, see these events take place

  • I really do hope that we are able to recreate dinosaurrs in the future. ❤️🦖

  • Someday there will be a "Day Humanity Died - Minute By Minute" lovingly narrated by sentient birds

    • Don’t believe the Government’s lies. Birds aren’t real

    • @Unknown e

    • @jan Melantu I thought penguins ain't real

    • JustDerp 54 Sapient is indeed a word, and it is indeed the proper term to use in this context.

    • Yes

  • I'd love to see you guys make a botanical journal of some sort to keep pressed plants and such in.

  • watching the animations of the dinosaurs dying and struggling and crying out actually made me feel emotional

  • Dinasours are such strong creatures, they fought the asteroid, but unfortunately, most of them died.

  • This is my fave video ever. It perfectly captures the beauty and horror of life.

  • Fun fact: Popular dinosaurs like Stegasauras and Brontosauras did NOT exist together with T-Rex and Triceratops. The first two went extinct in the previous mass extinction event. So when you see a Stegasauras fight a Trex in popular culture it could never have happened.

  • I've seen/read the same dinosaur story for more than a thousand times now. But Kurzgesagt's story telling is on another level! Kudos

  • Here I am at 12:20am on a Friday watching all I can about dinosaurs. What a time to be alive

  • Imagine having to live in that era, we would most likely think that it's the end- no life is gonna be continue to live on with that harsh conditions. But, once again nature has proved us wrong, a new life will always emerge once an old one dies out.

  • Still amazing that some animals and plants survived this apocalypse level destruction. I feel like only bacteria would have been able to survive this.

  • I love your space pins. I have them on my most recent art supply bags everywhere I go and show them off. The black hole, sad brown dwarf, the alien squid, and the death star ball split by colorful spaghetti lol. Amazing designing.

  • The animation and color palette used are impeccable. Perfect.

  • That asteroid had the best stone to bird killing ratio. This takes kill two birds with one stone to a whole new level

  • How any living thing survived is still astonishing

  • 'Some of the debris yeeted into space.' This line always gets me.

  • The fact that this hasn't happened again is amazing to me. Thank God

  • the fact that yet after all this happend and thousands of yaers later, life not only managed to find away to spread again, but to create us too, is one of the most consoling ideas that come to my mind every time i hit a low from how dark we are turning our lives and this planet

  • Imagine years in the future when humans go extinct and there’s a new species that goes and finds out remains cycle of life

  • The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was more than likely the highest ratio of birds ever killed by one stone

    • Underrated

    • i'll screen shot this comment for the day I become a dad

    • Whoever launched that asteroid probably got an achievement for this.

    • this comment started off boring, but ended great. 10/10.

    • r/technicallythetruth

  • No words to describe this it's just so amazing!

  • You guys should give whoever does your music a raise They are absolutely tearing it up

    • he made his own music

  • Just imagine that every single planet in the universe has it's own story of creation

  • Mais algum Br por aqui que também ama dinossauros?😅❤🦕

  • This is the fourth or fifth time I watch this video. Our lives are made of fragile continuity. One second ahead and it's all changed forever, so, love the ones who love you and care over them too.

  • This makes me so unbelievably sad, thinking of how terrifying that must have been

    • just seing a giant rock fall and create a ball of death must be crazy and being a dinosaur not understanding anything but then again you have the best selfie

    • @Lol Kid then send it last minute to your buddy on the international space station.

    • @The Inkslicer yes he will like to see me right before death

    • OOGA BOOOGA BIG LIGHT! hm?? unga bunga? dinosaur noise why it getting bigg- fucking dies

    • @Grilled monkey it would be more like this: rawr rawr(dinosaur noises) *combusts into flames*

  • The the quality of these videos... the animation, the sound... Perfection 😐👌

  • Some dinosaurs did survive, so it wasn't goodbye forever. The dinosaurs that survived were the smaller, feathered two-legged carnivores - they later evolved into what we now know as the modern bird. Chickens, eagles, cranes, crows and all other birds out there, are the direct descendants of the surviving dinosaurs.