The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute

čas přidán 15. 06. 2021
Peek into the past and learn about dinosaurs and other amazing creatures:

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66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.

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    • i genuinely want everything off your shop i love it all!!

    • The Chicxulub asteroid dino extinction is just a theory, it isn't confirmed. I personally don't think an asteroid did that to the dinos.

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  • Ah yes, Titanotaurs (that actually sounds like an epic fantasy monster).

  • I like the Map of evolution

  • RIP to all the dinosaurs who died for us

  • Kurzgesagt i like about posters but you guys have so much knowledge bout earth then why papers? please guys chose a recyclable alternative to paper like stone paper which can be erased even if it is written by pen. i would really like to see kurzgesagt helping earth then making money.

  • Creatures of Sonaria when the new natural disaster updates come:

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  • plot twist: the dinosaurs just invented the worst bomb known which destroyed any evidence of this actually smart species

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  • how does this extinction event impact our world now? as in if the meteor didnt hit

  • 1:43 "it dipped into earth's shadow" - what??? How is it possible?

    • It just touched a area of shadow I can do that

  • سبحان الله

  • @yigithan.kilinc a çeviriler için teşekkürler :)

  • It's your second video (out of ~hundred viewed) I dislike. Because you spend whole timing, banging on oversimplified "asteroid" factor, ignoring dozen of other. Including your own source about new form of plants, that slowly, but drastically changes the food chains: > Perhaps the most important of these events, at least for terrestrial life, was the first appearance of the flowering plants, also called the angiosperms or Anthophyta. First appearing in the Lower Cretaceous around 125 million years ago, the flowering plants first radiated in the middle Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. Or other cyclic/stress factors, that actually made difference combined with asteroid. P.S. "Birds that are direct descendants of dinosaurs" - another over-simplified old theory. Modern studies look at dino-birds as concurrent spices (like Neanderthals vs Homo sapiens) for prehistoric modern-version-of-birds. And dino-birds looks like failed, because they was heavier, less adopted to hunt for small grass-eating mammals and flower-feeding insects.

  • how dou you pronounce your name

  • How is it possible that the quality of their work improved even more?!

  • Space is scary.

  • This video made me love Dinosaurs again!

  • Internet culture is so powerful, some of its slangs made it into a scientific video.

  • "Yeeted into space" is now a scientific term thanks to Kurzgesagt. Now I can say that to my science teacher

  • i dont get was it 65 0r 66 million years ago

  • Bruh this made me feel bad for the dyno's :/

  • Can someone please tell me how the dinosaurs were made extinct but every other animal wasn't.

    • Small mammals and birds found places such as caves to hide and survive and being small didn't need a lot of food to survive the apocalypse meaning they lived once the ash was gone

  • And during this whole event Cockroaches were on picnic 😂

  • 3:07 jupiter once failed his job

  • Нет русских субтитров(

  • black and white hole plushie shows up on screen *Ha, I own that*

  • kurzesagt earth marble

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  • Am I the only one that feels bad for the ( sometimes ) furry, innocent dinosaurs?

  • Moon watching this be like 🌚glad that didn’t hit me

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  • So basically everything changed when the asteroid attacked

  • Then, everything changed when the asteroid attacked

  • God wanted to create new species in order to create new he needs to destroy what he made first

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  • Them dying nutshell: god was just sick of the lizards and just yeeted a rock at earth killing them

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  • The Verden green Dino paradise you describe may be a falsehood.

  • It's crazy that as dramatic as this is the Permian extinction event was far worse. We really are lucky Mammals survived both events.

  • Imagine vibing in the jungle then some rock turns your home into hell

  • i like how he said feathered good to know some people are smart

  • Nice little fairy tale.. they all died in Noah’s flood :)

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    • @MechanicPluto24 and can also be relied upon and tested within the observable boundaries of science

    • @MechanicPluto24 I happen to think so. I believe every word in the Bible is historically accurate and true.

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  • this is our future, the metiorite is humans, debris is atom bomb

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  • I've learned alot of new discoveries and new knowledge thanks to you Kurzgesagt How pleasing to watch and to hear your contents are most specifically and especially that it covered the age and history of the Dinosaurs :)

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  • narrator: The ocean is pushed back for hundreds of kilometers, like when a kid jumps into a puddle. 5 year old me: OOOooooh, (Runs outside to test}

  • 5:25 yep, pieces of earth got 'yeeted' into space that asteroid be like- 'yeet the Earth!' lol

  • It’s not titanitors it’s Titanosaurs 😁

  • 8:15 That hit.

  • What if dinosaurs was demons including all the critters from back then and god destroyed them so we can inhabit it & yeah you get the rest plus how come we’ve never seen this rock or discovered it if it was so big as they say

    • Because it blew up when it hit the Earth, there is a massive crater in the gulf of Mexico fora reason

  • How do you know this happened

  • Asdroids are the only thing is survival that can break bedrock

  • Well, this sure was a dose of existential anxiety. Our own continuity could end in an instant, whenever the path of sufficiently large asteroid happens to intersect with ours. Every now and then, an asteroids skirts by us that we didn't see coming. And even if we do see a dangerous asteroid coming, we lack the technology to reliably deflect one from a collision course. Given the near certainty of an eventual impact, I wonder if any future historians will lament that we might have been able to develop the requisite technology to deflect an impact with just a few years' worth of the money we humans spend on sports teams, militaries, pornography, or whatever. But then again, it's amazing that so many species did make it through, some of them very little changed up to the present. Life finds a way.

  • Feel kinda bad for the dinosaurs

  • bro said yeet thats it im subscribing

  • There is 2 good things that if dinosaurs still lived till today:We get to hear how they really sound like and see if they had feathers. Bad:Animals that live today will be dying out pretty quick and we will have a small chance to survive your whole life.But we need a military to kill them all but the Pterosaurs will attack from above and the Queztal will just scoop things up and swallow their food.We can't really be outside of our houses or even Bunkers so we can survive but when we kill all dinosaurs some of the animals will Be extinct like elephants or Giraffe (Because they are big and yes Dinosaurs will also kill Each other)And we will have a much better life.That is my guess if the Dinosaurs were still alive then we killed them all.

  • in my country normally 30 degrees c

  • everytime i see and read about the extinction of dinosaurs i feel so depressed and sad, they had no idea what was going on. poor babies