The Dobre Brothers Drop 100K On Jewelry!

čas přidán 16. 08. 2019
The four brothers Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius from Gaithersburg, Maryland have gained a global following with their backflips, dance moves, comedy and more! They are currently on tour right now in the United States! During their stop in Atlanta, they ended up dropping a bag. Check out the Dobre Brothers and see what all they got!
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  • Ils sont quand même pitié sans être méchant, un claque et y'a plus personne 😂

  • Would jugg tf out these dumbass kids with all this Guap in they bags

  • Don’t lie who watching the video while reading the comments I’m happy for the next 50 subs and I am at 15 So let’s get it up to 70 😀😀😀😀

  • Who tf are these guys?

  • You are the best people in the world

  • These guys are certified idiots

  • 0:43 that clap was harder than My future💀

  • So what exactly are these guys famous for apart from being spoilt rich kids

  • They brought Thomas Jefferson. Icebox says how annoying it is when people bring in a bunch of small bills. All they are doing is just showing off. Stupid

  • Why do they pay with cash ?

  • They feel like they are the man but as soon one rapper walks in they act normal

  • weird looking dudes wasting 100k on a few minerals, wtf happend to this world

  • Change the title to bunch of tik tok eboys with to much money go shopping

  • who else has never heard of them know

  • These losers act like money isnt a thing g there please lol

  • Funny how they are trying to act so cool and chill, and then you look at there CS-tv

  • They were drinking crapisun

  • “You got a counter” naw we just run one of the most popular jewelers but naw we don’t have a counter

  • these white boys tryna seem hood or some fuck is they on ?

  • Random Whitebois Tryna Act like black rappers for 10 minutes straight

  • Just know some of you guys get these guys that money

  • How r these kids relevant

  • There's the rich gang

  • All I have to say is omg sad

  • "Duffle bag full of 10's,, I let her spend my hunnerds" 🤣🤣

  • Did anybody notice that darius has a Bryant 24 shirt R.I.P Kobe Bryant Like if you miss him

  • *Cringe brothers*

  • The black culture effect!!

  • Icebox take this shit down it was hard to even watch lol

  • Cringed myself out of this video

  • They lame asf

  • I’m not hating on them but they wanna be black so bad

  • Lucas&marcus feels cried inside..

  • Bang on the coke!

  • Y’all wana by an 1/8 for a hunndo? I swear bruh straight gas..... looking headasses

  • Please dont tell me these niggas r tik tokers

  • RIP Kobe Bryant 🏀 24 🙏

  • nigga shoes loud as heelll

  • 10:14 watch the whiteboy with the yellow LV bag his fistbump gets left hanging back to back 💀 😂

  • Darius’ jersey ... 😢🕊

  • these guys are gonna get robbed or stabbed one day and I’ll actually be happy cause there so fucking annoying, there spoilt rich cunts who have everything done for them and eventually there gonna get stomped on

  • Gotta rspct him 4 wearing d Kobe jers?

  • I only have a silver chain 😱

  • these white boys think they cool 😂 do you guys regret making these no body’s famous 😭

  • Ik I ain’t seen Yung joc😂😂😂

  • Bryabt t shirt make me cry

  • Crystal is the boys best friend

  • If I had that much money I wouldn’t buy jewelry

  • Who these fools

  • I ❤️ life and that we are not in a bad way for you but werae

  • Kobe

  • He is wearing a kobe jersey r.i.p 🙏

  • Remember when the other two brothers had real jobs

  • 9:39 that look tho

  • Ay!

  • The GOATS

  • The who brothers?

  • Ăștia is români🇷🇴 dobre

  • If I were them I will give to a charity

  • They took 20 and 10s to fill the bag