The Economy Of SWITZERLAND, Unraveling Swiss Economy

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Economy of Switzerland is a post-industrial, highly ‘service-driven’, ‘free-market’ powered by chocolates, cheese, watches and Swiss Banks.

While Swiss people don’t flaunt their wealth, the country is often in the economic news as one of the richest in the world, and with one of the highest GDP per capita of over US $80,000.

With its unique national history and location, Switzerland has earned itself a stellar reputation in International Finance. There is more to Switzerland than luxury watch brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, and premium chocolate brands like LINDT and TOBLERONE.

Whether it comes to the high-value services, OR, trains roaming in the high altitudes carrying tourists, OR, exports of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, OR, its notorious banks protecting your hard-earned or not so hard-earned money, Switzerland, offers TRUST like no other, making itself a financial powerhouse.

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  • Lol work hard yes, but save lot and spend little?! Come on…

  • wish im switzerland citizen

  • There are some things that i didn't now about my country

  • Luegsch wo de stecksch roger

  • german gold

  • 😱😱💯🖕👆 this dude from 🇺🇸🌎 is super unique 👌 everyone is testifying about is great work 💪

  • 😱😱💯🖕👆 this dude from 🇺🇸🌎 is super unique 👌 everyone is testifying about is great work 💪

  • When you said IQ, to what do you refer? Not the racist theory to measure intellectual quotien of different people from different cultures, realities and races, colors? Be careful!

  • Ww2 gold?

  • Switzerland is great country.🇨🇭

  • Here´s a Swiss joke: A man walks into a bank and up to the bank teller. Looking around suspiciously, he leans over to the bankteller and whispers, "I have 5 million US dollars to place on an account at your bank". The bank teller replies, "No need to whisper sir, you should not be ashamed of your poverty."

  • I would politely disagree that Switzerland made an economic decision to stay out of the war. With German, French, and Italian parts, it was a decision of national survival. The choice of one side or the other in the second world war would have led to a crushing civil war tearing the country apart. It would probably not even exist today had it entered the war...

  • Rich ? Just the country not the people living on it. High salary but all is expensive. I am living here, not feeling rich.

  • Interesting fact: it is cheaper to send containers from UK to China than UK to Switzerland:)

  • Switzerland.....YOU should thanks the know why...!

  • 7:37 we actually have to keep our weapons for at least 20 years, 7 year old me got pretty scared when I saw my grandpas rifle in the attic

  • Great Video, im a Swiss Guy. Just know that 80'000 is a very good paycheck in switzerland. Wish i would get that😅

  • because the flag is a huge plus🤔

  • Savers are losers. Look at yields! Old ideas will kill you.

  • Thank you

  • Why? …Toblerone Chocolate is designed with a gap to break off the piece and share with others. Or while hiking 🥾 to have a small energy boost and save for later.

  • Switzerland I can feel the strength Everytime I saw.

  • Swiss is the heaven of bank

  • I live in swiss and I can agree that we do save a lot of money. But I spend it ALOT when going outside the country...

  • Who said they have been wealthy from the start of the 20th century?? Incorrect wording: neutral at war. Correct: Diplomatic at war. ( They haven't been neutral, in fact they have been collaborating with all sides. But a lot of Infos most people don't know about. Well done

  • Romania is much richer country than Switzerland. Romania has Petroleum in its soil otherwise Hitler didnt need Romania to attack the Soviet Union , while Switzerland was neutral . Romania has Gold in the mountain but is stolen in the history by the Romans, Turks, Austro Hungarians , now the Canadians!!!

  • And here you see the hypocrisy of the world. In Switzerland they do their referendums and have a direct democracy system. When South American countries do the same the us cuts off their trading capacity and sinks them into chaos under the excuse that they are dictatorships.

  • Why switzerland is so damn rich? Because we can ... but it's a slowly sinking ship...

  • Neutrality.

  • That seems like a bunch of greedy cowards to me

  • My father told me he put his money on swiss bank about 30 billion dollars before he died how can I get it back.

    • You get his death certificate, your identity card and walk into the bank. Basically, how it works everywhere.

  • wdym no cheap labor, every albanian citizen and their family goes to Switzerland

  • Small rich countries like switzerland, singapore, dubai etc would be in big trouble comes world war 3 which would be a nuclear warfare.

  • Because they don't put their military and their corporations on taxpayer-funded welfare.

  • It all starts in Switzerland & ends somewhere else. The biggest game players on earth. So much more to this place than we realise.

  • If an individual behaves like Swiss one likely to b rich.

  • The wealthiest farmers I've seen were there and why not? These are the people that provide our food.

  • ww3 starts stwitzerland joins in spectator mode

  • I am not unconvinced that some wealth found its way there by a Templar or Templars on the run. They were quite familiar with the people, their ethic, the terrain, and its inaccessibility and were known to value that in that location and others. The Templars were the first international bankers in European history.

  • i love switzerland

  • Because they charge crooks, despots and crooked governments a fortune to hide their stolen money, if they get lucky the real owner never comes back for the money and no one else knows about it, they are a parasite society.

    • Literally every bank does that. Seems like your issues is less with Switzerland and more with banks.

  • The only gold they have belonged to the Irish is. Kerry gold. Butter. It's the only Irish advert I saw. In Switzerland. I would of loved to see when the boxes were opened in the bank vault. 😎

  • The philippines whole gold reserve was deposited in switzerland by then president marcos during martial law ..

  • #switzerland is a #criminal country, with reference to the theory of Morality. They store bad earned (not taxed) money of rich people and fueling the problem of "unequal wealth" among citizens of the world...

  • Crime bank of the world!

  • The late president of the philippines Ferdinand Marcos he invest his tons of Gold bars to Swiss Bank.

  • Because they have money

  • By corrupt People in the world,🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • In switzerland we call it: schaffe schaffe hüsli baue

  • What does Switzeland and Sweden have in commen? The way they spelled moral during WWII. Massive sums from Germany ended up in Swiss banks through Sweden.

  • Why is Switzerland so rich? Cause they didn’t join the EU

  • Здравейте уважаеми колеги няма да работя финансов брокер стига толкова приятен ден на всички

  • Because thats where Criminals park their A$$ET.

  • I live in Switzerland. Quite an accurate assessment. Thanks!

  • You have a rong map at the beginning. Kosovo is a Republic that doesn't have to do with Serbia. At this video it looks like Kosovo does not exist.

  • I live in switzerland and its true work hard spend little and save a lot. Im 25 and about to buy a house alone 😎

    • Yeah, my dad worked there every week for many years and returned to the uk only on weekends. I believe he did it to get more money as he later converted it into pounds. It’s such a beautiful country and it’s just such a great place to be in.

    • What field do you work in? I have plans to move there in 2 years. Appreciate a response. Have a great day 👍

  • I'm not impressed by the Swiz motto. Its a selfish motto because they only want to spend less & save a lot so when they die, no one benefited in their money because it is hidden in the Swizz Bank.But I like the trust they providing. But God's motto is the best:"Work Hard, Spend for the needs of the poor people & Let God provide for your own needs"

  • WEF😅

  • Q: why is Switzerland so rich? A: women couldn't vote before 1975.

  • Putting it simply by safe keeping stolen, looted money from all over the world and utilizing the stolen money for the their development and that too without paying a cent !!!

  • Ditto Singapore. Known as the Switzerland of Asia. A highly educated, skilled and high-saving population driving a financial services-oriented, resource-poor economy. Except THAT version of democracy is "guided" by an authoritative government.

  • can't realy agree with some things, for example, the swisspeople have very high average dept so.... not realy that much into saving.... also, while the banking industrie is big, it ain't that big, if you'd say the finance sectore (inculding insurance and simliare branches) as a whole, maybe i would agree but there are lot of other sectores that influence gdp. when it comes to manufaturing there also are a lot of high precision products that are beeing produced, such as sensores and used all over the world. switzerlands wealth also didn't start with ww2, switzerland was one of the first nations that went through the industrialisation, just after gb. switzerland also had a fuckton of luck which you just ignore.

  • you forgot Roger Federer!

  • jewish gold 🙂

  • Hitler bucks

  • Keeper of the stolen money and gold

  • They steal everything from third world countries like Afghanistan

  • The real owner of the gold probably ferdinand marcos it is written on the history a maharlikan guy named marcos who has the ww2 golds and the rest of the worlds gold whp decided to put it on the bank in the U.S banks . Swiss bank and many other countries and it was called world's gold I guess thats why U.S booms econimically because of the gold ... y but marcos gold is real and it was in the written in the history

  • as a swiss myself this was very educational

  • Actually the most reasonable explaination on how Switzerland is wealth is more about how to consider thing simple: -As a gorvenment, we SHOULD NOT let our young teenager or man involves in war, because after all, there are only 2 reasons to join a war: you are defending country, which is not the case of Switzeland, or you want to gain benefit from a war, which is the side of German and Italy. However, trying to debate that Switzerland is moral or not is quite off the topic, for example, in a war, you need to sacrifice 10000 man to win a decisive winning may be better than we group together 20000 man, go for a final battle like Movie and then die all. - As an growth education system, Switzeland truly CARES about learners, when they open school, they open classes, they are very simple: I teach them and this is my job to help them learn better. It is totally different in almost every other country when education is a CHORE, an EDUCATION DEMAND, or rather IMPROVE THE NUMBER OF blablabla to blablabla in the next 5 years,...that why in America, or in Asia, aspecially Asia, students are flood in homework without a real reason for it, I mean hey, "I need pratical knowledge to help my life better rather than learn about Theorical in Chemistry just to turn out after 5 years it will be outdated. And more over, you give me homework TOO MUCH that I spent my whole night to finish it, so it'd better I will lend answear from other friends to finish homework faster." In conclusion, other government think that the more you pressure the learning process, the better the students are, and they try to show evidence from INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION like International Olympic Math or Chemitry, or Geography. Oh god, those number and score can't represent the true knowledge of the whole country. They are represent only the person who took that competition!

  • Check the Karen Hudes revealed..whistle blower of worldbank

  • You telling nobody to claim it? Philippines is waving....

  • We r proud of switzerland , there system is so good , that everyone can afford everything n not like other countries people r dying for food , i am proud that i am in swizerland .Love u swiss

    • there are still a'lot of people that can't afford food here in switzerland. So that " everyone can afford everything" ? this aint it dude

  • 🌐 Why is everything about to... change💛

  • Citizens spend little? How is it good for economic growth?

  • inaccurate and very oversimplified. take it with a pretty large grain of salt 😉


  • becouse 200mitric tons of gold from philipines

  • And there Is prove

  • The cuntrys got ther gold back

  • There Is no such gap in Toblerone

  • Nazi gold, duh.

  • Because all the citizens are that tight they wake up in the middle of the night to see if they have lost any sleep 💤.

  • Marcos gold is 👋

  • Cause it support all the fk corruption of the world. Fk promoting corruption to go rich. Fk useless country.

  • Because the haven taken money fro:the worst of the worst since forever and continue to do it. All dirty money in the world has went through Swiss at one point

  • Thanks to corrupt politicians

  • The reality is the are ruing peoples lifes

  • you made a good video, I have landscapes of switzerland on my channel, if you are not too lazy to look

  • Anyways it's not hard earned money 🙄

  • I like the word Switzerland will protect your hard earned and not hard earned money. That’s why the Marcos have Swiss bank account. Money that not earned not hard but very easy lol

  • Because of Marcos Swiss Bank account lol

  • Great video!!!

  • People in Switzerland wont speak English......for me they are not friendly....been there for 3 year' own country may be cheap but I'm happy with my people

  • Wow that's the population size of London.

  • Toblerone

  • The political system is the main reason for stability. We never get runned by one party, they always have to work together, that makes it much more reliable. If we would swap every 4 to 8 years nobody would trust our word. A deal done with a Swiss is reliable for all times. And the fact that we didn't spend more money than taxes comming in the last decades (except for the covid Lockdown) helps also now and in the future. Americans are used to spending money before it's even earned 🤯 That goes for the citizens as well as for the government.

  • you didnt reply to any comment..🤣🤣

  • The Swiss launder insane amounts of money for the cartels ....

  • Very interesting and informative on this subject of Switzerland's economy.