The Electrification of Supercars! (Ferrari 296GTB)

čas přidán 5. 11. 2022
When you can't go fully electric, or your fans will leave you...
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  • It's still fascinating to me that these manufacturers are switching away from real buttons and knobs and dials and go for touch screen interfaces. I haven't met anyone who actually likes it. Reviewers certainly don't. None of them go: "Wow, a real button? I wish it was a touch screen instead!" - it's just... dumb cost-cutting.

  • Wanted to see MKBHD drive the car more. Take us through a corner, describe the feeling of acceleration from a stop. Beautiful car that I will never own, wanted to live through MKBHD but we basically never left the parking lot.

  • This man has created an incredible life for himself. He gets to play with all these toys it's pretty amazing. Very inspiring.

  • "Cars should have physical switches for things that you're going to do more than a few times while driving" -- and this coming from The Tech Reviewer/Enthusiast means a lot.

  • I love how Marques is demonstrating that you don't need a bunch of fancy camera equipment to have a successful CS-tv channel, all you need is your phone camera and several sports cars

  • just wanna say that I am an incredibly tech-averse and pro-old-school person, especially when it comes to cars. And I appreciate your reviews so much because you explain the big shifts in the industry so well + your videos are so fun!!

  • The outside aesthetic is nuts.

  • This Ferrari is proof that the 2nd gen NSX was ahead of it's time. A nearly 600 HP hybrid AWD supercar with a zero to 60 of less then 3 seconds for an original starting price of roughly $160,000. Rumor has it the next NSX will be all electric ;).

  • FYI, in Europe (EU) a lot of major cities charge drivers a penalty for Internal Combustion Vehicles to drive into Traffic Congested areas. This Ferrari and other vehicles you mentioned don't have to pay this fee if they can run on full electric even for a short distance. I also agree with the other comments, it's a Ferrari, Drive it MKBHD!!!

  • The best looking Ferrari since the 430 imo. If hybrids and electric are Ferrari's future, there's not much they're doing wrong. The capacitive touch everything in the interior is the only issue i see

  • a lot of you dont understand that it's a real fight out there to make cars in which the interior doesnt age. If you look at a 2016 car right now, it already looks ancient (from a young person's perspective). So that's the reason for the lack of analog. That's it, and I fully get it.

  • It’ll be interesting to see if exotic manufacturers like Lamborghini and Ferrari will still be able to justify the cost of their cars when electric vehicles from every “normal” manufacturer will be capable of performance figures similar to that of the exotics. The performance playing field will be leveled and the added cost for exotics will just be for interior luxuries and paying for the name of the brand, even more so than now. And paying more for interior materials and a name brand will be even harder to justify for most people when even a KIA or Hyundai electric will give you exhilarating sports car 0-60 acceleration times for 1/10th of the cost, for example.

  • 6:30

  • Surprisingly a lot of people dont get that making things into touchscreens actually cost less than making physical dials or more buttons for your climate controls, etc. Its cheaper to make one display and digitally control everything through software than wiring every single knob and button, much less design and make them. Prime examples are Tesla cars where the interior doesnt seem like a car interior and one giant display to control every single thing. No cost was put into developing a complicated interior, and their successful minimalism 'theme' just encourages cost cutting.

  • Man, this channel is getting really exciting. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

  • Dear MKBHD, your videos are always so well produced.

  • It is amazing to see how much technology came from the F1 series into production vehicles. I just get that claustrophobic feeling in these cars, being 6'4" and not all that flexible it is a car for me to enjoy by looking at it.

  • I may be wrong, but I don’t think the front splitter and side ducts are active aero like mentioned in the video. They only active aero is the rear wing. Active aero implies that the component dynamically responds to changes in circumstances, which I don’t believe the static front splitter and side channels are doing

  • This is hands down one of the best looking care in the history of cars. Ferrari did a great job combing the best of both worlds

  • All cars should have physical buttons in my opinion. I have a Chrysler Voyager and the AC controls are hidden in several menus. So not only do you have to look for the button instead of feeling it, but you also have to switch menus and all. It almost got me and my dad in a wreck. He was changing the AC and looked down, while someone pulled out in front of us. Yeah he should’ve waited to change the temperature, but it wouldn’t be a problem with physical buttons. I hope companies realize that we don’t want every part of the car to be a screen. We want buttons that we can feel and easily access.