The electrified wingsuit. Episode 1. | #NEXTGen 2020.

čas přidán 6. 11. 2020
A jump into the unknown. The point of no return. Wingsuit pilot Peter Salzmann does what no other human has ever done before, and sets a new level for flying. After three years of intensive research and countless tests in partnership with BMW i, a dream is coming true at last.
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Salzmann, wingsuit pilot and flying pioneer, is gliding above a blue sky, launching his electrified wingsuit into open air as the first human ever to do so - and breaking the boundaries of human flight forever. Not only does a sport get redefined in this special collaboration with BMW i, but you also get an insight into the new era of e-mobility.
"When you’re base-jumping, the jump itself - the point of no return - is the most intense moment," Salzmann says. Words to live by - especially from the man who has made a whole career out of doing the impossible. "You have to jump at the exact right angle - and then freefall for several seconds before you begin gliding.” It’s an almost inconceivable challenge, physically and mentally.
In the end, this is what it’s really all about if you want to rewrite history: overcoming what no one has overcome before - and finding the right path forward from your own points of no return.
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  • everyone : we want to fly like iron man! BMW: hand me my helicopter...

  • As if everyman is suddenly going to rush out now and start leaping off peaks. If I was going to do that I'd have done it by now with existing tech. BMW need to spend their money making cars that are waaay more reliable and cheaper to service than they are now. Right now they are neither, and full of tech for its own sake that is just a distraction and/or doesn't actually contribute to driving safety or pleasure. Some room in them would be nice to have, too....oh! and a ride that doesn't feel like sitting on a barn door being dragged across a stubble-field.

  • I do have some questions: Do we fly in squadrons with friends to the store? Are there different armaments for the heavy vs. scout vs. heals vs. dps in the group? Is there a larger carrier suit for parents to launch little baby flyers?

  • BMW: Whats YOUR reason not to change? You're the dinos not us ;). An electric 2000 kg SUV is not a change, but pure supidity in terms of effectiveness. Please rethink future mobility and don't wind us up any longer. #carisover

  • Que maravilla ver esto. El avance de la humanidad es impresionante. Ahora a conquistar los cielos; dar un paseo allí, como si de caminar por el parque se tratase.

  • Does it use Hayes brakes?

  • Wylie Coyote must be ordering one now.

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  • ok ok ok first we had the man with the jet engine suit. NOW we have these electric wing suits. WOW! technology is really taking off, this is awesome.

  • According to FAA rules would this person would require a pilots license?

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  • It didn't do anything special at all.

  • That wasn't flying, it was falling with style.

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  • Doing fpv quadcopter hobby right now. I think this will be my next hobby! Question is, how much and how to learn flying in wingsuit first!

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  • Why it is not wear as backpack

  • If it work 1 minute , need use him instead of parashute !

  • I heard that flying with wingsuit for more than 2 minutes is a bit painful ( for arms because of air pressure). Do you know something about it?

  • No indicators on the wingsuit. Confirmed: BMW.

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  • For hundreds of years, man dreamed of being able to fly. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it.

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  • Now do it without that electric fan gimmick to show the difference.

  • Imagine if the thrust will be higher than 65 N. The full-powered-on time can last for more than 15 mins.

  • Please start making those engines and selling them to the public 😂. I need that for wingsuiting!


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  • Hmm, smells like fishy marketing to me. Looks great, but modern wingsuits can gain altitude by flaring in this way without thrust. So I'm curious to know how much extra lift the two electric motors give the suit. Hope to be proven wrong however.

  • It reminds me the wing cap in mario 64 xD

  • Couple of reasons... I get 450 mile range in my Mazda6, and when I run low, I can fill up in five minutes virtually anywhere, and go another 450 miles. So, range between charges, and time to fill up to 100% need to be perfected. They are a long way off at the moment, and need a totally new type of battery to achieve nirvana

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  • Amazing. The batteries lasted all of 30 seconds.

  • Is there a video of a long leveled flight with batteries? For the angle of attack seen on the video and the burbles on smoke it just seems like a long ass flare, nothing new for the wingsuit community.

  • I love my BMW

  • Why do videos like this always have the shittiest "music?"

  • That was... SUPERGAY. I expected something totally different. That little "turbine" thing is completely worthless. It's not even affixed in any kind of sturdy way to the body. JOKE.

  • song?

  • The way this video was edited made me want to 🤮. Would be great to get more than 1 second of a single shot to really see how these things fly.

    • sorry it's a bmw it kept breaking down had to go back to dealership between shots

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  • Hopefully their wing suit motor is of better quality & reliability then their automobiles...

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  • *What's* your reason not to get copywriters who know basic grammar? :)

  • So BMW added a couple of electric fans to the stylish falling suit to make it last like 3 seconds more... ok.

    • @uiji ok you win and i'm not making any sense lol. Claims 1:5 when in reality it's 1:2 and blames it on GPS accuracy and tailwinds. lol

    • @Miro Hristov thats not how logic works mate, do you even understand how wingsuits work? At the beginning of a flight you need to spend time descending so that the suit can inflate from the vents that fill the rib structure, once its inflated you gain lift, much of the video was spent turning which is not included in the glide ratio. Sure the average glide video in the entire video is 2.2, that doesn't mean the sustained glide ratio is 2.2, the sustained glide ratio js much higher as you can see he stayed 3-4.5 glide ratio for prolonged periods of time sustained. If it wasn't sustained glides you would see glide ratio dramatically drop below 1 at some point as speed is lost. I hope you never become an engineer.

    • @Miro Hristov here is some content that you can educate yourself on, this is not recent at all, this video is a couple years old but was reuploaded, current wingsuits can get even higher flares and better glides, 4-5 is conservative estimates btw, I've seen flysights around 6:1 or even 7:1 glide ratio on gps data but its hard to get accurate readings sometimes like that because you have to account for tailwinds and crosswinds. Definitely higher than it equal to 4:1 glide ratio for the newest and best wingsuits.

    • @uiji someone doesnt know how to calc glide ratio. He dropped down 1496 meters and traveled 3300 meters. 3300÷1496 = 2.2... Have a nice day!

    • @Miro Hristov here you go for proof, this is with a wingsuit with relatively short wings and from 3 years ago so the glide ratio is not the best but it still manages 3 glide ratio sustained very well and this is at low altitude as well where its harder to have lift, at higher altitudes glide ratio is even higher.

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