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!!!NEW LAW!!! You have 3 hours to get your money back from an exchange place!
Find the map of Honest exchange places here:
Also our meet up event is here:
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Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš


  • Wow! That's crazy, I have never seen people scammed like this even in South America, hard to believe this is happening in Europe. Always ask the rate before you exchange, great tips.

  • thanks for your information by the way will you please give me the information about the "honest taxi" in prague? .... thanks

  • Keep up the great work guys!!

  • is there not like Consumer Standard people that would come and shut them down? like there's so many documented accounts of them robbing people

  • Nice job, after all those efforts u guys made in the previous videos finally u guys made big success.

  • "Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time". The world becomes better with people like you.

  • Lulz, three years later I stumble upon a channel that describes the exact reasons why I will never again visit Czhechia, and why I spent almost a month in czech jail. Where have you been bfor, mate, oh where. Got scammed by those fўскers, confronted him, some thugs appear out of nowhere, shit get rough. Cops let them go btw. It was me who got charged with assault and battery. Thanks to a old couple of Korean tourist who filmed it all and shared their phone numbers I got dismissed, otherwise I'd be in prison for couple of years. And yet I got deported with no right to enter the country till 2023.

  • If he was offered 2500 for it, then thatd be fine too.

  • thank you!!! behind these people is parasite mentality that plagues this planet this is what you are chipping away!

  • Thank u! I just went to Prag and I loved it! I couldn't see any immigrants and it was so clean! I will go back again!

  • We went on a school trip to prague & it was an absolute mess trying to get a decent exchange rate, so many of the students got ripped off and nobody really knew what a good exchange rate was, so if you found one that offered more than the others you just took it

  • And YET the government or local authority didn't do anything?!?

  • I Love Prague!

  • 6:06 😂😂

  • So: you should have a camera with you every time you go to exchange your money. 😁 I like our politics for the law of giving back the money if they scam you. It was brilliant step. Thumb up for them. 👍


  • Thank you so so much

  • Monzo card will be helpful

  • You are awesome man...jus like will be 1 year since I have been there

  • XD

  • Sorry of hope I can do the same in Hong Kong, but they won't cheat, even the smallest companies, because by law the police had CCTV watching the whole thing, we don't even need to record it, just ask the police.

  • We need someone like u in every town. #respect. True always true.

  • This gangs have cops and other government officials on their payroll. The law not being enforced is a sure sign for widespread corruption.

  • I love you and people like who actually care about the world they live in and happiness of other people. Keep up the good work, thank you very much and I hope this behavior of yours spreads!

  • Remember time in Prague, still owed me 20 fucking euro dollars, do you know how much is that in petro dollars you pig knee eaters

  • Is this the Noisebrothers guy?!

  • ахахаха Егорка популярен теперь))

  • Thank a lot for that you are doing! Dekuji vam moc!!!

  • Why this guy has only 350.000 subscribers?

  • Thank you guys, you indeed make this world a little bit better

  • Guys, please, please do a video about this SCAM restaurant "Ve Stare Radnici" !!! That will serve them right !

  • Pure love to your work!=)

  • watching you for about a year we should also implement this in our country

  • Please go check out in China. A lot of Scammers. I’ve been there and it was a worst trip ever.

  • Good rule of thumb: avoid spending money in a mass tourist place like the plague.

  • So is this a 3 hours foreign currency future and you can got you money back if rates go higher?

  • Great content! can't wait to go back to this beautiful city in the future

  • Nice job

  • Vsadil bych krk na to, že kdybys na tohle neupozorňoval pořád dokola, tak ten zákon nevyjde. Musí to být skvělý pocit, že se ti alespoň něco podařilo změnit.

  • I'm almost inclined to say that there need to be an officially nationally owned state bank to deal with banking and money exchanging. Nationalise the lot.

  • Now for limited time u can call in swat team to raid them as a prank

  • Great thanks for the information. :-)

  • You’re a legend (𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 2nd legend !! 𝙲𝚞𝚣 𝙱𝚃𝚂 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚔𝚗𝚘𝚠-.. :))💗💫) 𝚋𝚢𝚎 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝙻𝙾𝙻 😂 (𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢)

  • Bro! You look like Neil Nitin Mukesh. He is an Indian actor

  • Amazing !! Keep doing you!! 💗💫 SAVE DA WORLD !! ☺️💗💫

  • are tourists too retarded to shop around, compare rates, etc. ? you orion spur humans take the cake...

  • such a beautiful place and then there is this ugly scam built right into a lovely old building, glad this law exists now

  • Fucking arab goat fucker :D

  • I wish every person visiting Prague watches this video before getting ripped.

  • I feel like i wanna go to prague to get scammed, part of the tourism experience

  • I'm heading to Prague in May and I'm worried my long hair, as a man, will cause the locals to point and laugh at me. Is this fear well founded and I should shave my head or will I be welcomed in your country?

  • Europe’s a shit hole now stay away it’s not worth it. To many gypsys

  • My dude does more for Prague then the cops

  • All of those scamers were foreigners? First guy was some soviet degenerat and second was some armenian or albanian too...

  • Been following this for a while now... Glad that something has been written into law.. You have done an amazing thing for the tourist industry in your country.....

  • Fuck that shit.

  • why would anyone want to visit prague if its just full of scammers

  • Good on you and the government!

  • What about exchange offices of České dráhy (ČD Směnárny). Do you recommend it?

  • The golden rule in these situations is *never give your money if the exchange rate isn't written big and clearly* somewhere in the place. Most likely they're scamming.

  • Well I was in Prague in December and honestly I was able to pay with Euros everywhere. So there was no need to change it to Czech Crowns

  • 6:03 the angriest man alive in the world at that moment

  • Bah... just exchange money in your home country, before departing... and then look for a fucking bank, in the morning... come on!

  • Undercover cops should go there once in a while and then arrest them for robbery if they give the wrong amount and not want to give it back.

  • I didn't exchange anything in Prague because i knew they are scammers, even the people are very rude and act very selfish. The youngers were nice tho, i was surprised to get more help from 15-20 year olds than over 40s ... they were acting like shitheads

  • Your a true patriot doing this for your country, this is how someone helps his country not only tourists on this case🤙good job wish alot of other european capital cities have someone like u

  • You rule, dude. Great work.

  • Skvělý nápad a zpracování. Vaše tvorba je opravdu skvělá. Just saying... 🙂

  • 52 money exchangers disliked the video

  • I almost wanna go to Prague now only to stand outside there :P Trying to learn the language on duolingo, but man it's difficult..

  • You honestly need to run for mayor or city council. The camera is a great tool here in the CZ. It's time the corruption of the past is demolished. Far to many expats and tourists get ripped off in this city due to assholes like this. The Czech government has allowed this non-sense for far too long. Prague is now an international destination, it would be nice if it would start cleaning it's act up like a first world country. I really wish we could have seen the first Russian speaking asshole, these guys need to be publicly shamed.

  • Surprised these business can continue to stay open. Good on you for exposing these bastards!

  • You is fantastic man! Thank you and big respect for your work! Dangerous work! You rules!

  • This make me happy

  • Na Češku si vaše videa užívám možná až moc. :D Popravdě i pro mě je překvapující jak moc se snaží turisty okrádat...

  • Lol, how stupid must one be not to do research before exchanging money?

  • Great job :)

  • 51 of there employees don't like this xD

  • sub

  • 5:59 If this isn't going to be turned into a meme, I will be very disappointed...

  • Thanks for the info! you have a new sub ! keep up the good work


  • dude, this is so awsome

  • Where can we get the phone number for Czech police and what do you tell them. Because pointing out to the teller that there breaking the law may not work or some people might really be easily pressured into exchanging.

  • Will the police enforce that law if you call then for help? A law is only as good as its enforcement.

  • I was always taught to go to a bank to exchange money, but in India you have have to go to one of the exchange brokers. And outside the street there will be at least three different guys offering you better rates before you get to the broker. It was sketchy as hell, but the rate on the street was better than the broker. Even the hotel guy said the street brokers had better rates. It was the opposite of what I learned, and confused me for a day... "Did I get ripped off or not?" In the end I did get a good rate.

  • Just join the Euro, it would make prague even more popular with tourists BTW, I really would like to come to prague. Could you be my guide, that would be awesome :P (i'd like to help you catch scammers in return :P)

  • By doing small things like that, you are helping the tourism in Prague, making more people keep/have a job, that decreases violence and poverty and make the world a better place, I am not even in Europe, but I hope people can understand the greatness of what you do and understand that behind all our actions there's always a reaction, thank you very much.

  • Great video and you have b^^^s of steel:)

  • Amazing!

  • All These scammers in every country have something in common.

  • Damn, I've never seen you so happy on CS-tv videos 😂

  • Czech republic is a third world country.

  • We’ll be there!!! Wooo

  • Bad ass!!

  • aMERICAN GUY IS a fucking cuck pussy, he should have pushed it.

  • Why everyone is so ugly?

  • Use crypto to avoid this mess.

  • Thank you Chech guy

  • Man this this channel is so useful. Just thank you for what you're doing.