The ENTIRE History of Fortnite: Animated!

čas přidán 25. 11. 2022
This is the ENTIRE History of Fortnite: Animated!
I wanted to make this to show my appreciation to the game that's given me so much. Enjoy!
🌟Thanks to our BRAND NEW ONImation Team!🌟
Meagan Clark ( Production Manager ) - / meaganclark
Abnormal Chaos ( Storyboard LEAD / Character Design ) -
Laddi ( Storyboard Artist ) - / theladdi
Michael Azar ( Storyboard Artist ) -
Bradlee McDaniel ( Storyboard Artist ) -
MissRiah ( Animation LEAD / Character Design ) -
Claire Anzalone ( Animator ) -
Mark Dowell ( Animator ) - / lemurcakes
Motiny ( Animator ) -
Joe Hurley ( Animator ) -
MeggKloy ( Animator ) - / meggkloy
Diana Maria [MilkyMichii] ( Background Art LEAD ) - milkymichii...
NuNu91011 ( Background Artist ) -
Tricia Moreno ( Background Artist ) -
McKayla Krygier ( Background Artist ) - / cantaloafer
Written by: Grayson Bewley
Edited by David Seeber
Edited by Brianna Legra
Creative Director: Jack Melaschenko
/ jackmelaschenko
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This video covers the entire history of Fortnite from the launch of the battle royale to the end of Chapter 3. Maybe we'll have to make a second part for Fortnite Chapter 4. I tried to fit everything I could in this video without making it 3 hours, so some things were left out!
This video was inspired by Top5Gaming's Entire History of Fortnite Battle Royale, Bill Wurtz' Entire History of the world, i guess and SunnyV2's the entire History of Fortnite, i guess
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  • Respect to the people that animated all of this.

  • The amount of dedication… over a years work just so Sypher could bring this to life ❤

  • This was really well animated. The people that animated this did a great job

  • It’s insane how much this game grew. Even tho I was never a fan of the game I still remember a few things here and there about the games past because videos of my favorite CS-tvrs playing Fortnite spread like wildfire. Not only this, it was what my friends talked about like half the time. So this made me watch even more videos about it just to understand the hype.

  • Incredible. The work put into this video shows itself brilliantly. Beautiful video.

  • Man the last few seconds hit differently😢 but mad respect for the people who edited this!! Amazing skills and so many memories came back cus of one video!

  • I don’t play but I’m always blown away by this game, it’s evolution, and its community. Long Live Fornite!

  • At this point I don't know if its just me, but the nostalgia hits so hard it almost hurts. Sypher has done such a good job at bringing back all the memories and representing the old and current Fortnite community. This was just amazing to watch.

  • Even though some parts of the video weren't exactly on point, the animation was insane and this was a really really good video! Keep up the good work!

  • Sypher's commitment is unimaginable, this man changed the way i look at Fortnite ❤🙏

  • I absolutely love this Sypher, you have to do more of these animated videos

  • i love the streamers reactions they seem so genuine and real

  • Thanks for your hard work. Enjoy every second of it, well done.

  • Your animated videos are incredible.

  • I’d love to see an updated version of this animation.

  • Amazing! I'd love to contribute voice over work for these animations.

  • Whets different about Fortnite than other games is that the story never stops. Most games you just complete a few missions and the game is over and you have to wait years for a sequel to release. Fortnite's story does not stop and that is what makes it unique to other games.

  • dude this video felt like a whole movie. It's crazy to think how much a video game can affect you and thinking back, I don't regret anything about it. Thx sypher from bringing back memories that were put away so long ago.

  • The whole first 10 minutes gave me goosebumps, I’ve played since it came out pretty much and it’s just so nostalgic

  • This was a great animated trip down memory lane, thanks for the video sypher!