The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)

čas přidán 28. 06. 2019
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  • Thank you for making this video! I am a high school history teacher teaching the French Revolution and my students really enjoyed it. Particularly John Owl and his owl impression.

  • Just do civil war

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  • King Louie's death was so inaccurate it took three times before they could actually cut his head off

  • Please do the Indian Freedom

  • Terror with out virtue is meaningless virtue without terror is powerless That quote from Robespirre sums up just how out of touch with reality he was and how much of a tyrant he had become

  • King Louis looses his county to rebellion. *This enrages his father, who punishes him severely.*

  • Breathes Robespierre: TO THE GUIILOTONE Me: If you want to cut my head then why don’t you cut your first Robespierre: Oooohhh Nooo

  • Why does this one not have French subtitles?

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  • This got me a B in my history exam....

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  • Can you do some of Japan’s history I really liked the China one

  • Ridiculous amounts of bloodshed, all to turn a monarchy into a dictatorship lol.

  • Revolutionary: hey Pierre- Robs Pierre: YoU DId nOT SaY My NaME Properly TO tHe guillotine Revolutionary: what if I don’t go? Robs Pierre : umm

  • bruhh my country belgium is right next to france and netherlands come on give us some credit too :D

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  • Really like the revolution once, and WW1/2.

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  • The Marat in his bathtub animation is so spot on , with his twitching eye and temple vein pulsing !

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  • Let's overthrow the palace and cut all head off said Robespierre. Cutting everybody's heads off until someone got mad and cut his head off

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  • 20:35 when my dad goes to pick up milk and never comes back

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  • you went way to harsh on Robespierre, he didn't go that mental. it's his ennemies who made it look that way.

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  • Fun fact about Mary Antoinette: just before she was supposed to be executed, she accidentally stepped on the executioner's foot. just before he let go of the rope, Mary look at him straight in the eye and said:"Je ne l'ai pas fait exprès." I did not do it on purpose.

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