The Golden Gate: Building an Impossible Bridge

čas přidán 21. 12. 2016
How San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge was constructed.
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Images courtesy of Associated Press, AFP, Bing, Doug Atkins, Getty Images, Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, Justin Sullivan, Moulin, OFF, Paul Sakuma, Redwood Empire Association, US Geological Survey, US Library of Congress, US National Park Service and Underwood Archives.

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  • Quick question.. the view in the beginning of the video.. with the stairs & people there. What's the view called

  • Why is it that a replacement/alternate bridge is not considered? Are we unable to merely repeat the successes of the past? Incapable of improving on it?... or have we *lost the will* to do so? Engineers will make real only what we dare to dream.

  • The B1M white and blue = 74. Just another Freemason channel. Your not as slick as you thought.

  • Job done by IRONWORKS the best of the best skilled men Local 377 San Francisco & Local 378 Oakland Love to see this type of history and proud of being a second generation Ironworker 👍🏼 💪🏼

  • Bismillah 📿🌹📿

  • My grandfather Joe Braga helped build both the Golden Gate and The Bay Bridge.

  • Da background music was nice what is the title i want to know plz

  • Mackinaw bridge shits on this whimpy little bridge

    • Mudd Whistle, it's not always about size, did your wife not tell you that yet?

  • My first time was 2020 crossing over the bridge it was a happy feeling.

  • Kwaku dmc maame twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe twe entwe bah me nya na enka me pela no pah grime fuo way nim Tae tae

  • Yeah ive been over this bridge. Its only a half a mile long. The real impossible bridge to build was the Mighty Mac. It spans just 4 feet short of 5 miles across the Straits of Mackinaw. The water there is 200 ft deep. There enough cable in that bridge to wrap around the world 6 times. So yeah the Golden Gate Bridge isnt that impressive when it comes to competing with the Mighty Mac.

  • Was just there on that hill in Sausalito overlooking the bridge and the ocean. As my friend said, "it made my heart sing". It's an experience like no other.

  • Mackinaw bridge is greater. "Big Mac" is from Meeeeechigan!

  • Thank you

  • That's why #America is no 1

  • We now know that a Japanese submarine fired likely 3, but definitely 1 torpedo at the GG Bridge during WWII in an attempt to destroy a support tower and collapse the bridge. After the war ended a US Navy base in Alameda, CA was alerted to a Torpedo on Baker Beach by the Park Service and it was discovered intact. The Torpedo was disassembled, rendered inert, and eventually destroyed. Torpedo likely missed due to the strong currents at the mouth of SF Bay and through the golden gate straight.

  • During the Great Depression……Greatest Generation indeed 👏👏👏🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺!!

  • 2:34 you can't be serious! Black with Yellow stripes?! Seriously? Are you blind?

  • one of the worst things you can say to me you cant do this ill show you how how you going to put that lift

  • How did they construct and pour the foundations?

  • 7:46 😳 oh man, that would’ve been a very tragic event…

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  • 8:17 in. LEL 911 was done by America, why would you need to increase security?

  • Arsitektur yang luar biasa

  • Human Engineers? What other types are there?

  • Me thinking about the Mackinac bridge

  • "Alright, we might be ready to move on this thing. If you're ready you'll get a knock on your door any minute"

  • Virgin golden Gate Bridge vs Chad humber Bridge

  • American ingenuity and grit.....what an accomplishment....especially for the time period.

  • that is some bridge that was built

  • Having worked on the bridge I've seen it like few ever will. I've been on top of both towers, the moat areas surrounding the base of the towers as well as in the support foundations on both sides. It remains one of the engineering marvels of our time!!

  • 1937. Same year cannabis made illegal. From San Rafael

  • Sad to see how dirty sf has become

  • Isaiah 48:17

  • Isaiah 48:17

  • and in the top its written "There's no easter eggs here, go away!"

  • Id like to know who goes under water to check the stability of this 80 year old bridge . That's been under salt water for a long time pretty scary. The bay Bridge the one bridge next to it . I hear is held up by old Douglas fur wood .

  • Beautiful💕

  • *the bridge: took millions of dollars, 4 years to build and it was almost impossible to do so. some movie: make it collapse, the audience will love that.

  • I’ve only drove it once or twice and I can see it from my house, just the toll is too expensive

  • being apart of the construction of the new Champlain bridge I can only imagine how proud those workers fell or felt crossing it when it was done.

  • Repent.

  • 6:25

  • those photos looks so fake man, photoshop, just look closely. 👀

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  • Jesus Christ is king 🙏❤️

  • Turn on closed caption for comedy

  • I guess it wasn’t impossible lol

  • Ho Yea, Golden Bridge, You Know What This Bridge Means For The Goverments, Has The Same Model Of The Doors Of Hell,, Wake-Up People Wake-Up, They Wants To Steal Ours Souls For Lucifer. 😇 Our Celéstial Father Bless Us From That Demons 😇😇😇

  • I remember when it first opened in 37, it was such an amazing history walking on it. Those were the years

    • @Justin Y The Robber u should talk to more old people bro

    • Yeah mate i remember building the colosseum of rome, was a great time

    • How old are you?


  • I hate that the author has a British accent it’s pronounced Marin on Marion.

  • "Then one day he ask me he want to leave because of woman ofcource so i gave him an impossible task that no one can gonna pull off"

  • Most destroyed landmark in movies

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  • Amazing

  • US d best

  • Forth road bridges in Scotland are bigger

  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation!!

  • Check out the Mackinac bridge

  • now it's 2021

  • What’s up with the echoey voiceover this week?

  • 4 years to construct the Golden Gate... today we couldn’t build the same in 40 years, because the Philistine-democrats hate progress and would ambush construction every step of the way... /Lonewolf Liberties

  • When did the Golden gate bridge get painted red?

  • The verrenazo Bridge is longer than this Bridge

  • It's not orange, it's red!

  • I thought you wouldn't mention the workers who got killed, props to that

  • Amazing

  • Sometimes i be going to the golden gate just to smoke sum blunts next to it

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  • i live 40 min from there and only crossed the bridge no more than 10 times. thanks for the documentary. i need to appreciate the golden gate bridge more


  • Well presented.

  • People jump off the Golden Gate but never the Bay Bridge because they don’t wanna wash up in Oakland.

  • 1:01 Jesus, you’re gorgeous. Sigh. Swoon.

  • Great informative video. I love the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Everytime you say bridge I hear British

  • “”Yes” on the California recall today

  • Call me stupid, but, if up to me I'd riffraff fill the entire stretch under or near the bridge and cover with 50 ft of concrete. Once the entire stretch filled I'd drain the bay, fill with good solid fill dirt and develop the entire 300 acres of prime real estate.

  • Famous bridge just because is in United States,

  • My grandpa was in San Francisco when he was in the army in 1946. He told me it takes an entire year to paint the bridge. It amazes me the bridge so big so huge it take that long to paint.

  • There’s no such word as “whilst”

    • Oh no....are you correcting an ENGLISH person about their English? It's a real word, Google it.

  • There is no doubt that BRIDGE was difficult to built with FOGGY & WINDY of San Francisco. Adding BART Bay Area Rapid Transit ( Train system ) would have been AWESOME. IT WOULD HAVE CUT SO MUCH OF ROADWAY TRAFFIC. People would be traveling to MARINE COUNTY across the bridge would have been much EASIER from San Francisco to MARINE COUNTY ( MUIR WOODS ) and MARINE COUNTY to San Francisco. RAFI KITTERY Maine USA

  • Great video! Is it bugging anyone else that he is out of focus?

  • My grandpa did welding on that bridge

  • Great achievement 👏, but I will like to remember all people who died trying to build a better future = this bridge 🌉 ✌

  • I used to visit my girl at her university which was 2 hours away from mez every weekend I would go..... the freeways and the roads that were there before caused so much traffic cuz they were only 1 or 2 lanes with tons of trailers always going through as well, this was about 6 years ago now Just 2 years ago, they fixed all the streets and freeways creating more lanes and safer streets........ My girls graduated 2 years ago 😂 I barely got to enjoy the better route to her place I could imagine the people working before 1929 in San Francisco always taking a ferry 😂😂

  • Idk why CS-tv recommended this at 1 AM while smoking a blunt but I’m all for it.

  • Not that it’s a competition, but the Mackinac Bridge is 5 miles in length, cost 100 million, and had over 100,000 steel cables as the makeup for each main suspension cable

    • The mackinac is also a masterpiece but it doesn't get the clout because of its location and doesn't look as appealing as other famous bridges

  • Please egypt would laugh at your faces build a pyramid then we can talk lol 😆 😀 😄 oh Americans smh 🤦 funny

  • There got to be a memorial by the bridge for those who lost their lives in the creation of this iconic structure.

  • But in 1996 the length was surpassed by the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong that connects Kowloon and Lantau Island towards Hong Kong International Airport and the new Hong Kong - Macau - Zhuhai Bridge.

  • Its too hard to understand this guy with that accent

  • The good old days of La La Land.

  • They have the same bridge in Lisboa


  • 🛤