the grim reaper is coming for you

čas přidán 22. 02. 2021
ALL OF MY SIMS ARE SO OLD (Legacy Challenge #23)
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  • the cursed commode til gen 10 🤙🏻

  • Ok so I love Kayla’s channel but is anyone else frustrated that the series isn’t numbered. Like it’s so difficult to find the next episode but i can’t stop watching them lol

  • I thought it might be to soon me I usually get my sims married on their first date

  • Lucas looks like coraline’s dad but he has blonde hair

  • Imagine being serenaded while taking a pregnancy test

  • Not me watching the nightmare legacy on 1.75x speed or higher. And being totally blown away ever millisecond

  • i could just hear jesse scream when u summoned bonehilda

  • The way you jinxed yourself LOL "I don't want her to age up by accident" *accidentally ages up Skyla*

  • How everyone sees Lucas: Lucas How i See Lucas: Tsukishima

  • You should try the sims medieval 🏰

  • i swear if you dont get rid of that damn toilet!!!!!!!!!!! ill unsub !

  • if my s/o doesnt serenade me while im taking a pregnancy test theyre not it

  • literally in my nightmare legacy challenge i started today i accidentally KILLED a fox bc i didn’t realize that elders count days LEFT in mccc🤧🤧

  • God just get a new toliet

  • I appreciate the vegetarian rant! This always drives me crazy

  • does anyone know how she got the poses in the photo studio?

  • Not so close to leave room for jesus and her dead grandma 😂

  • "Nice, not standing too close, leaving room for Jesus and your dead grandma!" -Lilsimsie 2021

  • I love how chelsey is pregnant and engaged but still had 1D posters in her room, THATS MEEEEEE😂

  • I love Noah so much but who is going to have a affair with father winter and have ✨jingle belle✨

  • Lucas really looks like Coraline's dad tho

  • Avatar the last air bender pack🙏

  • Leaving room for Jesus had me rolling!

  • "Leaving room for Jesus... And grandma..." DEAD! 😭😭😭😭

  • Noah is the inrovert i am lol

  • “i thought i was aging up.. *oh no”*

  • Help! What's the poses panel on the left of the picture? Is that a mod or a feature of a pack I don't own? Can anybody identify what's at ~2:30 of this video?

  • Hey everyone if you want an extra 50 thousand try clicking control button and shift and than c and then type motherlode

  • does anyone else remember when kayla trapped the vampire sim out in the sun so she could die

  • "leaving room for Jesus and also grandma" KILLED ME

  • Kayla's sims making a mess Me: THIS IS THE UNTOLD TRUTH ABOUT THE SIMS

  • What happened with marrying Santa and calling the baby Jingle bell??

  • 14:13 Bonehilda using the computer😂😂😂

  • if you want a lot of money without cheating, buy a garden gnome, he gives you seeds worth 100 simoleons

  • Since when does The Sims 4 have a sedentary lifestyle trait?

  • i am living for this legacy, it's a shame these sims aren't


  • The combusting toilet is a beloved member of the family.

  • Has anyone seen the anime Haikyuu? I ask this because lucas looks and has simliar traits to kei tsukishima.

  • i always steal the food on set oopsie

  • you should build a graveyard to put all of your dead sims in 😳

  • why is there just one blue wallpaper in the bathroom behind the shower?

  • 10:09 Lucas throws the gift that Noah got him on the floor

  • If you keep Chelsea's last name (Belle) than can you get a cat/dog and name it Taco Belle?

  • As an Australian, whenever I hear kayla say "moschino", I hear mosquito 😂

  • "leaving room for Jesus and also Grandma"

  • wait- i haven’t watched much of this legacy yet but- how did kayla make it so the toilet can set on fire? i need this

  • I just watched this entire series in less than 24 hours and now I need answers I need this series to finish i won’t be okay until then

  • "She has to learn the guitar or violence".. Sometimes I love my auditory processing disorder 😂😂

  • You should name one of the next babies Isa... Bell

  • Did anyone else notice Lucas is an adult now? He aged up with the cake and then again when she came out of CAS...if you slow down and pause at 10:11 you can see it says Adult :/

  • I was unsubscribed to you....I would never hit unsubscribe. I’m like “where’s simsie been?”

  • Why in the heck are your sims peeing fire? I've never seen this in my game. Can someone explain?

  • Never change out the toilet. This series wouldn't be the same without the iconic fiery toilet.

  • 10:09 did he threw away the present Noah gave him?????? 😡

  • the toilet joke is getting old it’s time to sell it 💌

  • I swear you always give your videos the best titles lol

  • They can own a family haunted theme restaurant together and what’s his name can be a paranormal investigator

  • Kayla, just delete the toilet or fire. There’s probably something in the bathroom causing it. Also watch the sims pee and it won’t happen I think. Get a new toilet pleeease

  • I remember the day where belles birthday was forgotten, it was like yesterday. Wait it prob was Because were on short life span

  • what if noah and chelsies husband have an afair?

  • ......if you age them up so fast....maybe no careers

  • That bathroom is cursed by fire piss. This is the point you need to bulldoze that whole bathroom & start fresh.

  • Maybe Noah is a medium because he's always seeing the ghost of all the animals that were turned into burgers

  • 0:26

  • Hi little simsie I just wanted to say my 9 year old and 6 year old built at wedding for Chelsea and Lucas to get married in it was it was inspired by you also it's on the gallery so I hope you can find it if not it's okay

  • How does she move her camera like that?

  • uhm WHY does that toilet keep catching fire?

  • Love how the only birthday the Belle hasn't prematurely aged up on is her last.

  • Kayla: I hope they don’t get divorced *y’all Kayla forgot she controls the game*

  • I never want this to end I’m so sorry simsie nightmare legacy challenge forever

  • Gosh, I hate that toilet already lol

  • 1,2. The reaper's coming for you

  • Am i the only one who completely forgot about dylan lemmons?

  • I love this lp. I started my own legacy challenge when the first video of this came out and I'm on gen 7 right now! I dont always have much time to play but I always make time to watch kayla everyday. ❤


  • Kayla: She's on fire! Why does this keep happening?!? Also Kayla: I could get rid to the toilet, but I'm not gonna.

  • maybe jez/jezzy for another bell? and they have the serial romantic aspiration?

  • that’s not lucas that’s tsukishima from haikyuu

  • this is what i want to do is torcher my sims ! like greystillplays '''''''' here on youtube ! lol the reaper is your friend !

  • chelsea needs to be the heir to this challenge!

  • i love this lp

  • delete that dang toilet already!!!

  • Please God, when I get a boyfriend, remind me to not stand to close to him while taking pictures so I can leave room for Jesus and for my dead grandma 🙏🏼

  • LEAVING ROOM FOR JESUS AND ALSO FOR GRANDMA HAHAHAA I'm literally sitting here chuckling

  • "Leaving room for Jesus and leaving room for Grandma" - love it!

  • "Leaving room for Jesus" Do you know the noise I wheezed

  • Why no one is talking about the fact that Belle finally got a birthday cake


  • gods sims is my favorite game

  • Simsie, please get rid of that toilet or just put in an insect farm so it stops going on fire 😂😂 the stress is real

  • This was like an episode of “The Good Life” and we just found out it’s really the bad place.....

  • Thank you for finally being upfront that you're never replacing that toilet. But maybe act a little less "oh no, why is this happening?" Madness XD

  • Imagine missing one‘d be doomed

  • Here's a simple solution to the fire pee problem: Just get a new toilet...

  • Can u plz buy a new toilet...

  • guys can u check my channel pretty please 🥺

  • The day after 12:12pm I get the notification , way to fail me YT. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • another gen without Jingle Bell from daddy Winter 😫😫😫

  • 21 hours after you posted I received the note. Sorry I am late... But the title.. Omg I almost peed my panties 😰 Like your shows thank you for being so dedicated!