The hardest Breath of the Wild challenge just got harder

čas přidán 17. 05. 2021
The hardest Breath of the Wild challenge--Relics of the Past--was just updated and the entire game witnessed a huge difficulty spike. Malice Moblins, Orange-level enemies, and some never before seen content released just for this video. Get ready--it's insanity.
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  • The five hearts are just to boost your confidence because everything kills you in one hit

  • I can’t believe he did this with 0 deaths. That’s crazy

  • I love how the Koroks go “I am completely useless so please leave me alone”

  • Breath of the Wild but Ganon remembered that Link is his biggest threat, and prepared accordingly.

  • Relics of the past patch notes 43: ganon is now unkillable and attacks 4 times a second

    • Relics of the Past_ Patch Notes #75: Playtester beat Ganon in 3 hours. Far to quickly, if you ask me. Adding another one in there. Also, all five now spawn 10 Shock Keese a minute, just to make the player scramble for a bit.

    • @Anonymous patch 455: everytime you hit ganon all of your weapons get deleted and u have to start the game over, and you keep wearing him down until you finally beat him, but once you do you have to do 1000 push-ups and win the presidential election otherwise he'd multiply into 5 other ganons

    • @omegalilbchasspath notes 90484: Game now deletes itself and needs to be rebought at $200 every time you damage Gannon or die. You are also Link inside the game you have to play it in irl and if the game gets deleted more than all gannons health then you get deleted too.

    • @LivelyEngineer EA be like:

  • I love how his reaction to the bridge moblin changed immediately upon seeing what an absolute nightmare it was. “Oh no, there’s a monst- wHAT IS THAT”

  • "How fast can we speedrun this Lynel!?" *dies in two seconds * "See? Speedrun!!"

  • I swear the developers of this mod just love suffering.

  • We GOTTA see thunderblight in relics of the past!

  • “Revali died to him what a loser” Revali: *only dies once without information”

    • well nobody died once to windblight, many players didn't have information about the fight at first, and windblight never requires the shiekah slate to attack back, meaning he could of beat him if he knew how to fly correctly

    • @DDoodles You're right! I never noticed windblight is the only one that doesn't require the sheikah slate in order to beat him

    • @jOsEheRi Gonzalez neither does water blight, you can do everything with a bow, no?

    • @Veraki True

    • @Veraki I did everything for waterblight with a sword because I forgot I could use the slate

  • 6:17 can we just appreciate the fact that the octorock was brave enough to hit a Flower Blight?

    • The only thing powerful enough to challenge the might of Flowerblight: a normal-ass Oktorok

    • Not just *a* Flowerblight. *THE* Flowerblight

    • bro when that happened it had me rolling

  • Imagine something even greater then a “malice” tier, after it would be the “calamity” tier, where the mob in that tier is some rendition of the “blight” forms, but as mobs, as in a bokoblin completely reformed to look like wind/fire/thunder/water blights. Just a thought.

  • This mod was born as the result of a "imagine dying to dark beast Ganon" comment

  • “We have red, silver, blue, black, and gold bokoblins, and then we have…….. hot sauce. And hot sauce do be spicy.” -PointCrow, 2021

    • Which time

    • @bboy e 4:31

  • 24:12 That Bokoblin had to have been put there as a distraction. Why else would you only find a red one in the divine beast?

  • I am literally begging you to do a full playthrough with this mod. Imagine how amazing it would feel to finally beat it

  • I love how the blights are literally the easiest enemies he faces in this mod.

  • It's so funny how the difficulty of the entire mod gets broken in half once you get the ancient shield

  • READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT: To clarify something: The Malice Moblin was designed by me, not Kirby. Also: i don't mod myself. Stop asking me to implement mods. More Malice enemies are in the works!

  • 7:55 PointCrow : Yeah I think she got what she deserved Guardian appears out of nowhere* Karma hits*

  • 24:11 "why is there a bokoblin" last words of the champion Link

    • Katie Speck *link was obliterated by the orbital cannon*

    • literally got shot by a railgun

    • It’s a distraction 😉

    • "Why is there a bokoblin?" *proceeds to get shot*

  • Pointcrow: "touch grass, go outside for once please" Also Pointcrow: "The Penetrator out to get his ass 😏"

  • I just love how you need the weapons more for the base enemies than the actual bosses its frightening.

  • I love how someone in the chat just says out of pocket, “Sir we’ve been trying to reach you about your Epona’s extended warranty”

  • 5:19 "demand just isn't there" Bokoblin: Ya that's real nice buddy but my people are in high demand of hylian meat.

  • Am I the only one that died laughing when link got trashed by that moblin at 9:57?

  • I'm so glad this chaos got turned into a video. I cannot wait for the rest of the divine beasts and the absolute hell that was the final boss fight.

  • I love how Magda has a running animation. In what circumstance other than the mod do enemies get there?

    • You underestimate the lengths people are willing to go to

  • Wow, I didn't expect the Divine Beast bosses to be so weak. Maybe when you go into the boss Gauntlet they'll be a lot stronger

  • "Okay, how fast can we beat this Red Lynel?" - The last words of a man whose confidence touched the sun

  • At every turn its just "IS THAT THE GRIM REAPER."

  • I just love the "sir weve been trying to reach you conerning your epona's warrenty" at 10:38

  • We all knew the second he got OP stuff at the beginning that the mod was gonna be difficult Also, the guidance stone threw me for a loop

  • I think it'd be really interesting that if instead of upgrades being two spirit orbs all the time, it was random. For example, one time you buy a heart container for two spirit orbs, the next time ten spirit orbs, the next time it's normal again and it's just four spirit orbs.

  • 8:00 "i think she got what she deserves" Karma: 3-5 guardians at once, kill

  • 9:42 love how they predicted Malice Moblins

  • I love how Link backflips 3 times and breaks his spinal chord in 9:56

  • Even though pointcrow wasn't a FAN of that shrine, he BLEW through it with ease.

  • Imma say it, this needs to be a WHOLE series

  • I can’t believe he did this with 0 deaths. Truly remarkable

  • I actually just noticed that eric flipped off the guardian that shot him from the grave after he killed it.

  • You never fail to make me laugh even on the worst days 🤣 your amazing

  • 6:23 that surprise attack got me laughing

  • "He's alive, that's AWESOME !!" *Proceeds to instantly delete bokoblin*

  • I wonder. Are there unique compendium entries for the new enemies an weapons? That’d be cool

  • This game is the embodiment of a game you used to like but there's that one level you can never beat

  • Why are we here, just to suffer? -Link, 100 years after the Calamity, circa disputed timeline

  • His face when there was 4 guardians in ruta was priceless🤣🤣🤣

  • The Korok After Giving The Seed: I am completely useless in Relics Of The Past, so please leave me alone.

  • Eric: I wanna be a dilf Revali: If so, you’re going to want to find yourself a map.

  • 21:29 “But I also wanna be a DILF” “If so, then the first thing you’ll want to do is find yourself a map”

    • The first step in becoming a dilf: m a p

    • Don’t we all

    • uhhhh

    • then he goes "oh god, you can see the changes already" 🤣

  • Man point crow vids never get old 🤣

  • This is so damn epic, well done and thanks so much to the creators! Flower Blight had me rolling. Reminds me of those crazy hard super Mario maker levels with the traps and insta deaths haha.

  • you got to love how he is just so funny all the time

  • 9:05 "Dude this is WILD" Yes: Wild, Breath Of

  • The different enemy types probably the closest we can get to Botw 2 at the moment

  • I did not expect this mod to have such a high quality. I was afraid that it would just be enemy spam.

  • 4:43 The death screen popped up way faster then usual

  • Normal people, getting overpowered gear in the begining: "Oh Nice!" CS-tvrs: " Oh NO!!"

  • The yiga swordsman using a edge of duality still has a yiga swordsman’s ai so when it does random attacks it’s trying to do an air slash like he’s using a wind cleaver

  • Point crow: When they give u some OP stuff in the beginning... Game: RuStY cLaYmOrE

    • pretty op considering that your very first weapon in the base game is a damn STICK

    • i mean theoretically you can just get the claymore to an octorok and it turns out to be a royal claymore-

  • 14:41 sounds like something one of the Blight Ganons would say after you head straight to the castle

    • (Aggressive head twitching)

  • 6:23 “Hey batta batta batta...” “I GOT HIM DAVE” That Lizalfos animation XD

  • I love how at 9:54 chat was just as surprised at the Moblin as Eric

  • “What was the most difficult part of vah medoh?” *getting the map*

  • "Your dying oh well, it happens to everyone" is one of the best things I've ever heard

  • Someone: beats this Me: can’t even beat the lynel at the beginning of the normal game Edit: Yo still can’t beat it.

    • It's all about dodging.

    • James is right, let them come to you, then dodge the attacks. Make use of the flurry rushes to do lots of damage. Good luck.

    • @TheNocturneMoon yeah dude I’m just really bad.

    • @MeatSticks you must be really bad if you're really bad

    • @Apocalypse I really am.😎

  • Ah yes, my favourite weapon, the royal guards shield

  • I just knew as soon as he said, “oh it’s just the red Lynel, let’s speed run it,” He was going to die 11:10

  • The fact that the easiest things to kill in this are the blights speaks volumes

  • Always love this content. Immediately lights up my day!

  • love your channel man so much entertainment :) especially love your botw and totk content

  • Eric just goes hard, every single time without fail.

  • Next Stream: going outside: hardest real life mod.

  • Literally discovered your channel like an hour ago and now I'm addicted

  • The man has the same amazing energy every day. If it wasn’t for the clothing change, I wouldn’t be able to tell it was separate days!

  • 17:52 This legit looks like a final fantasy instant death attack

  • This stream was super fun to watch, I still get super concerned whenever he makes bets outta nothin

  • I would love to see him complete the game like this

  • 15:30 The spikes are there in the base game, but yeah they did remove the terminal, which is evil.

  • Love your videos!! Youre doing a great job

  • That moment when a speed runner can beat relic of the past quicker than you can beat breath of the wild casually.

  • “This is the worst shrine” Do you not remember the god damn GYRO shrines???

    • Those things were so bad I only used them to get some loot and then I leave.

    • I remember the one with the torch cube you had to light up while dodging water. I just used fire arrows instead bc no. not doing that.

    • How bout tryin to figure out twin memories with out google

    • What about the golf-like shrines?

    • @Sam those were actually pretty fun

  • Botw and Botw mods are awesome, please keep up the great content

  • I want an enemy in breath of the wild 2, where if it sees you, it will never stop trying to get you, no matter how far you run, no amount of fast traveling will let you get away. You have to kill it, or it kills you there’s no in between.

  • Guardian: My last final words/actions Pointcrow: OH YOU THOUGHT YOU THOUGHT **pulls out the middle finger and flips the gaurdian off** TS: 23:50

  • Imagine this mod... But with an unskippable Blood Moon every night.

    • Wait aren't all blood moons unskipable

    • unplayable

    • And in master mode

    • @insert name here idk for mods, but in OG you can skip Regular Blood Moons by going into Shrines. But this just increases the chances of Panic Blood Moons which can happen at any time if the game thinks too much stuff needs to be reset

    • don’t give them ideas

  • 13:00 *Smile slowly fades as he sees there's no guidance stone*

  • 3:07 "i am completely useless, please leave me alone" RELATABLE Edit: Crow noticed it like 5 hours later LMAO

  • I love how his first thought for the boko was hot sauce.

  • I like how this mod is actually logical. Logically thinking, Link won't wake up to easy-peasy Great Plateau, slightly sprinkled with red/blu bokos, and overall relatively rare Guardian threat. It'd be more like in this mod - Ganon and his minions would have had 100 years to prepare, pilfer ancient Guardian storages, infect more Guardians and make them stronger with Malice power, etc etc. It kind of balances itself tho, as most enemies drop their weapons, so the fight is way more harder, but still doable. This is the, like, true atmosphere of calamity and hell on Hyrule.

  • Imagine this, but with master mode 😳

  • 21:03 you basically only need to hit the orange ones once or thrice then boom you're done

  • your awesome pointcrow, keep up the good work!!

  • 21:27 crow: I want to be a DILF Me: you will always be one in my heart

  • This will probably get buried and it's so insignificant to point out but I like how they changed the running attack animation from a sweep to a thrust it looks so much better

  • Every time I think master mode is hard I have to remember this

  • I love how at 3:07 the korok says "I am completely useless in Relics of the Past, so leave my alone please."

  • These BOTW mods are getting better and better!