The Heart Attack Grill: Restaurant Promotes Harmfully Unhealthy Food | Nightline | ABC News

čas přidán 10. 03. 2011
Yum. The hamburger restaurant with a menu that boasts unhealthy foods. Fatty foods in large portions are bad for you. However in light of this, The Heart Attack Grill uses the potentially harmful nature of it's food a selling point.
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  • Me saltsa einai h me kima?

  • What an idiot, just don’t give Ernie service at the hospitals. Waste of surgical time another can use

  • The hospital look kinda freaks me out the most.

  • By the way, looks aren't everything. Personality is the most important part.

  • I think I would rather just go to Applebee's.

  • " scantily dressed women"...its like they want people to die before they pile on the hospital bills. like ok, you fat, ugly, no one wants you, just come eat yourself to death here...where ladies pretend lard is!

  • 3:59 the laptop isn’t even on

  • Eat up ya filthy fat turds

  • Well atleast that doctor guy is being brutally honest...

  • I live in Arizona and that looks disgusting!!!!!!!

  • Only thing he sugarcoats is the food, absolute savage chad

  • You don’t gotta look at anything else but the thumbnail pic n u know it’s from America

  • Okay, how are you going to have OPEN HEART SURGERY and then continue to do the thing that put you in the OR in the first place? I blame the Heart Attack Grill even less now. They are just doing their jobs. If your doctor is telling you to stop doing the thing that is making you constantly go back to the hospital, and you keep doing it, then the fault lies with you.

  • Ate there one, would never eat there again. All burgers are cooked well done. Much prefer cooked medium. Was like eating a hockey puck. The only thing good about the place is the waitresses.

  • This guys is really on to something! I’m gonna open up a tobacco shop called the emphysema emporiums and give free cigarettes to anyone with lung cancer.

  • Tbh.. I dont see any problem with this at all. Its not the owner's fault that customers keeps on coming to his restaurant and there are only two options here. Its either they eat there or not. Its their choice to make. PERIODT.

  • I gotta try thiss!!

  • This was made 8 years ago. Now news stations are glorifying people like Tess holiday and other plus size people

  • Fat bastards are probably being chopped up and served to the customers after they die. The Hooters concept is such a bizarre side of America, do they just like girls pretending to like them for tips even though it's so obviously fake!?

  • damn those burgers look GOOD

  • People need to STFU. Just about every dessert ever ordered is not healthy for you so do you fucktards plan on banning dessert? His food is NOT your daily diet. This is a rare indulgence which tastes great and thumbs its nose at the PC assholes out to tell everyone how to live their lives.

  • This guy is honest unlike the hypocrites who are trying to put him down. Let the people get what the want. Let them die for what they love. This guy is not forcing anyone to eat anything, he puts it there and people eats it. And let's be honest about these good hearted people who suddenly cares for a person dying, they are just after the money and publicity.

  • I wish I can live a life like this. Die doing what I love, eat.

  • It's not food it's violence. Go vegan.

  • You don’t have to eat you choose to eat it, he’s not responsible for your actions hey I want to lose weight but lemme eat a quadruple burger it’s not my fault it’s The burgers fault

  • I would go to the heart attack grill and eat

  • OMg!!! Killer FOOD.

  • ABC news failed to shame this guy xD what a chad.

  • the spokesperson job must open up quite a bit

  • a perk of his job is when he his on his way to work, people thinking hes a doctor

  • he reminds me of Lou from Hot Tub Time Machine

  • 60 more pounds and i can eat there for free

  • Even though my cardiologist and - uh-humm - my wife told me not to come here...

  • The owner is a OG

  • The thing about this is that it doesn't have to be unhealthy. Go there once a month and enjoy a "single" burger with a small order of fries and regular soda. Whatever happened to eating without being a glutton?

  • Steve carell shaved his head and opened a restaurant?

  • At the end of the day people are free to make that choice to eat like that or not.

  • Jesus christ , he is just selling burgers . Dont fuckn eat 10 burgers a day you wouldnt get obese if your an idiot with no self control then you would , the guy is just selling food like everyone else

  • He was only 29.. jesus🤧thats awful

  • At least he's honest with his shyt

  • Hold on, don’t come for this guy! people have a choice NOBODY! Is forcing none of these folk to eat there!!! We have enough sense to choose a healthier option

  • If anyone appreciates this man for being honest or sending out a message through this extravaganza he doesn't know what honesty is. He's all about the money and attention, and all about himself.

  • McDonald's be like: SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGET

  • Welcome to america 😬😬😬

  • KEEP IT 100

  • “Aren’t you glorifying obesity, which obviously kills ?” I doubt ABC News has that same energy when addressing anyone associated with the “body acceptance” movements, which also glorify obesity 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  • So it’s basically McDonald’s

  • Also, so Ernie had multiple heart surgeries and was in a coma, but still eats quad meat burgers? Damn dude. Burger's still look good tho.

  • 2:16 - they had to announce blair's death over a clip of him looking surprised? Cold blooded. Also, the burgers look good.

  • Come to Miami FLAWDUH!!!

  • Im not surprised this is a place in America

  • Looks yummy asf tho u can’t lie

  • i feel that if you look like you weigh over 250 pounds that they should not allow you into any fast food restaurant..

  • My type of place

  • Yea great marketing scheme. Motivate bad and unhealthy habits to the public and cash in. The same thing they all do. I love it

  • Fat pigs the lot of them, why would anyone eat that much? You know what no one cares about health and fitness anymore but then again my country of Ireland is no better but our problem is sugary foods and drinks mainly with children under 13

  • 3:58 okay....

  • 3:58 Hol up i just got to enter the secret code , to make my laptop turn on

  • God is trying to tell you something Ernie maybe you should listen 👂.....5:15

  • The irony of his statement at 2:11