The Hype of Into The Spider-Verse

čas přidán 21. 12. 2018
Into The Spider-Verse Explained in 7 Minutes
let me explain:
-the second best Spider-Man movie of All Time
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Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
Directors: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey
Writers: Phil Lord (screenplay by), Rodney Rothman (screenplay by)
Stars: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld
#IntoTheSpiderVerse #Spiderman
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  • Black post-molone 3:39

  • Peter parker would wear new balence

  • Black post Malone

  • ”Dad?”

  • Fuk miles scum don't help spiderman being murdered ugly peabrained slave ape

  • Legit thought of Batman Beyond when I watched this. If they ever do a Batman Beyond animated movie, I hope it’s as good as this movie

  • My Spider-Man is Puerto Rican 💕🇵🇷💕

  • My favorite Spider-Man movies: 1. Homecoming 2. Spider-Man 3 3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 4. Spider-Man 5. The Amazing Spider-Man 6. Spider-Man 2 Yet I still love all 6 of these movies. Oh I haven’t seen the new one yet so I haven’t ranked it.

  • I think Spider-Man Far From Home will be one of the best Spider-Man movies

  • Tom will always be the only Peter Parker that matters!!!!!

  • As much as I fucking love Spider-Man 2 (still the best villain in a comic book movie in my opinion), Spider-Verse just barely edges it out for me. Spider-Verse is just such a massive love letter to all of Spider-dom, and it may be the most visually beautiful movie I've ever seen. It seriously looked like a comic book come to life. The closest it came before this was, coincidentally, Spider-Man 2.

  • "bc we know Tony is bound to have a kid soon and RETIRE to be a dad...." 💔

  • Thank God I'm not the only person who thinks juice WRLD sounds like Post Malone! Thank you

  • I'm made hype he liked this spider man because I'm in love wit it

  • Overrated cartoon trash

  • Am I the only one who thought this movie was slightly overrated I mean dont get me wrong I love it but

  • Best Spider-Man movie ever

  • 3:38

  • So your just gonna tell us the plot? Brilliant video dude.

  • Spiderman 2 was crap. Sorry.

  • Haven't seen it yet but thank you

  • I gave the movie 10/10 on IMDB.

  • I saw this movie really late because I thought it was just a cartoon recreation. I heard really good reviews like “no it will really surprise you!” So i saw it in January. It is now my favorite movie.

  • 3:41 you can see Gwens goddamn teal ballerina shoes in the background- the genius bastards

  • Daredevil’s Kingpin is a lot more three-dimensional, but overall, I’d rather watch Spider-Verse, hands down (but I do love Daredevil).

  • Technically there’s 4 Peter Parkers...

  • And then the movie was the best spider man movie ever.

  • Spiderman & Michael Meyers should become best bros' cause' they both have had so many reboots & bastardizations of their original character arcs\storylines that they now probably suffer from crippling studio-meddling induced cases of Multiple Personality Disorder. The next movie can be a coming of age story set in entirely in a therapists office.

  • Spider-Man 2 is 6/10. It works hard to call back to SM1 with Toby as well as set up for the next one. I hate it. Meanwhile Spiderverse, although it will be followed with a sequel by popular demand, it stands alone.

  • Sooooooo... This might sound a bit farfetched... But did they luke skywalker(late) Peter Parker.. 😅

  • love this movie. the animation was amazing and the soundtrack is dope

  • What’s next “peppa pig: into the pig verse”?

  • Peter B Parker wears sweat pants because his pants were shredded. Not because he's fat. Doesn't even make sense. Spiderman is known for wearing spandex. His pants were damaged when he "arrived" in Miles' Universe. As seen in his monologue exposition.

  • Batman Beyond is FIRE!! My favorite Batman.

  • Toby will always be the only Spiderman for me ❤️

  • I think they kept Gwen vague bc she’s probably who they’re considering the most as the center of the sequel

  • I hated this movie it just had random plot twist and most of the characters were barely in it

  • Great breakdown! 😁👍🏼🍀

  • Batman Beyond is great: Agreed Spider-Man Noir is the funniest Spider-Man: Agreed Enter the Spiderverse lived up to the hype: Agreed Spider-Man 2 is the best in the franchise: STRONGLY DISAGREE!!!! ARE YOU INSANE?? Dead. 💀

  • It definitely wasn’t a bad film but really it wasn’t for me. I only watched it because of the hype. I think I’m getting too old for these things now. Maybe I just don’t have the attention span anymore... I don’t want to knock anyone for liking it though

  • wait. People like The Amazing Spider-man?

  • Miles Morales is the only spider man with two parents

  • The movie is just TOO GOOD honestly! I'm sure everyone went in with their expectations far lower than what the movie delivered! My favorite 2018 movie, hands down!

  • *Grabs Shoulder* Hey

  • I like miles wasn't the onoy character they focused on. It was about all them. Mainly 3 but still.

  • Was this scene at 4:27 in the movie?

  • You are hilarious. I love this vid.

  • Thank you for those musical theater references! Really wasn't expecting it.

  • Spiderman 2 isnt that good

  • F

  • thats f'd up for u to call Juice WRLD black post malone.. smh

  • Yeah the emphasis on shoes really bugged me. I’m more of a brogue man myself. Or rather in my personal opinion, any shoe that isn’t a dress shoe has no place outside their specialised fields.

  • Watched this in the movies today for the 2nd time

  • The hype got much much bigger AFTER it came out, because it was that good.

  • Should've had a spoiler warning

  • I didn’t even notice the Stephen curry one💀😭😂😂

  • I was 14 when Spider-Man 2 released (2004). I'm from flippin Queens, NY! Spider-Verse is THE BEST SPIDERMAN MOVIE!

  • What the fuck do you mean black post malone

  • This is the greatest comicbook movie since the dark knight!!!

  • You’re trash

  • ... Did you just say that the Amazing Spiderman movies were good? Or did I mishear that?

  • I heard you say “lllliiiittteeennn” 8 million times

  • I hated all the spiderman movies. Except Homecoming. Spider verse then Homecoming. All the others trash

  • This movie can make you go from happy, to sad, to happy, to happy-sad, to sad-happy, to happy, to depressed because of the farewell message to Stan Lee during the credits.

  • I hate you.

  • This movie was great and I didn’t know the voice of peter until I looked up the cast and then I saw new girl

  • But remember if Peter has kids with MJ isnt his radioactive sperm going to give her cancer if its accurate to the comics

  • Famous Dave’s!!!!

  • “Looking like a father of 4 with no kids” 😂

  • Juice wrld= Black post Malone

  • It's a great movie. Awesome? I'd say so. Anything interesting or clever? Not really. Original? No. Impressive? Very.

  • I was expecting something in tje comments about black post malome

  • I couldn't watch it 😞

  • There’s three. Spider man noir is Peter Parker

  • Garfield’s movies were trash! Who liked that garbage?

  • Evan Hansen 7s lmaoo

  • Should I watch it

  • Noooo stepphhhh

  • Three Peter Parkers in this movie, if you count Noir.

  • It withstood the hype...and it got an Oscar.

  • I’m one of those 3 people

  • Best super hero movie I ever watched

  • Tobey spider man sucks Tom Holland forever ever

  • Just wait I’ll be right here telling you I told you so when you’re proven wrong because the press wants to replace peter with miles for diversity 🍿 🛋 👀 oh look the oscars did it for me 😡 i am happy it won though Thank you for saying spider Gwen instead of spider woman Also why can’t spider noir get more love?

  • This movie was fucking amazing

  • Im glad the older chubbier peter parker became the mentor unlike so many people. It felt more challenging and peter b. was very relatable.

  • I need to quit instagram,a bunch of people said it was overrated, some said it was shit... this movie was objectively great! They created a new style, the dialogue was great, casting was awesome, story was emotional and promising and when miles finally gets his own costume to save peter it was earned, not forced. If u think its bad, then u probably never liked spiderman in the first place.

  • i loved the movie =)

  • Am I seriously the only one that likes Homecoming?

  • You know my boi hightop

  • 0:12 You kidding me? Everyone loved the 2000's trilogy, hated Garfield's movies and liked Homecoming

  • DAMNIT WHY DID I WATCH THIS. I just spoiled it for myself and I haven't even seen it.

  • ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►

  • Into the spiderverse is the best super hero movie of all time. Change my mind.

  • Okay so they filmed a black spiderman, they filmed abound spiderman (with a series), and even an adult spiderman. So can someone explain to me why there isn't a film or at least a TV show for Peter's daughter Mayday Parker aka Spidergirl!?

  • Spider man into the spider verse won a oscar for best animated feature an award well deserved

  • Stephen Curry playing golf 🤣

  • Aldi Cinnamon Squares tastes better than CTC! 😏

  • Wait gwen became villain in her univers whattt

  • Spoiler for the doctor! Duuuuuude lol