The Hype of Into The Spider-Verse

čas přidán 21. 12. 2018
Into The Spider-Verse Explained in 7 Minutes
let me explain:
-the second best Spider-Man movie of All Time
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Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
Directors: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey
Writers: Phil Lord (screenplay by), Rodney Rothman (screenplay by)
Stars: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld
#IntoTheSpiderVerse #Spiderman
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  • Yeah this one is definitely one of the best Spiderman movie, gotta rewatch the original trilogy to rank them properly tho since it's been a while I watched them

  • homecoming is still number 1. it is a weird thing to say but the soundtrack was one of the worst I ever had to endure, while the score was good, especially during the action scenes. btw this video must set a new record for easter eggs. good stuff sir

  • Whoooooa He stole that guys pizza!

  • Musical references: 3?

  • For me Spiderman 2 was the best Spidey film a masterpiece that never would be beat...........UNTIL NOW, sorry but there is no contest, Spider-Verse beat it finally, I never enjoy so much watch Spiderman in a film like with this film, already watch it 3 times and looking to see it again.....and FU Andrew Garfield movies weren't great but they arent garbage as many claim.

  • Not gonna lie. I watch your stuff so I don’t have to watch the full movies. 😂 Going to pause this and go watch the spider-verse movie. Also gotta side with Silent Bob on this one. Toby was a good Peter Parker, but he didn’t fit the Spider-Man from my childhood. Too old, too serious and not quippy enough for my tastes. Almost felt like they were channeling Batman. 🤷‍♀️

  • He referenced famous Dave’s I’m subscribing

  • aw man I loved homecoming

  • Too think this is made by emoji movie guys

  • 10 out of fucking 10

  • I do like spider Man 2 is very good. 😂

  • Better than Spiderman 2.


  • Still cant believe that the same people that made the emoji movie made one of the greatest spider man movies. 😱 🤯

  • That king pin guy was wide as hell

  • Its fire

  • You know not to to say it’s horrible but I like it but I still think DC animations are still better

  • DUDE WTH I legit thought you died! I've been waiting for an upload to your "The AtZ Show" channel for months! thank god I stumbled upon this channel somehow haha!

  • I like more Mile's origins from the PS4 Spiderman game


  • Andrews Spider-Man was.... bad lol

  • I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t like this movie

  • 5:14 if I’m not mistaken peter becomes lizard in Gwen’s universe.

  • To me I was mostly hyped because we were finally gonna see the other spiderverse dimensions on the big screen and characters like miles, and spidergwen that have been some of my favorite spider characters for a long time are finally getting mainstream attention. If you guys don’t know the spiderverse story it’s really worth checking out, they even made the spiderverse arc in the ultimate Spider-Man.

  • I fucking hate people like you the Sam rani trilogy has 3 movies Garfield was lucky to get 2 but Tom Holland has only had 1 stand alone movie when far from home comes out and then the next movie which could be anything at this rate maybe the spider verse will get introduced to the mcu but just now you can’t say which spider-man movies were the best until they are done Tom Holland spent 4 hours of that as Spider-Man on out screens and in everyone else’s opinion he’s the best one so let me explain this your opinion is irrelevant

  • 1:48 “the Spider-man in our world” when did our world get a Spider-man? ‘Because Anderson Cooper hasn’t mentioned that.

  • I feel like this vid was a bit rushed, and some statements was misinterpreted. Peter wore sweat pants because his bottom part of the suit was burned out from traveling to mile’s dimension. Spider-Gwen backstory wasn’t necessarily important except her isolating from everyone because she had to fight her universe peter parker, but he died in the process until miles open her up and became close friends with her. Peter B. Parker’s interaction with miles became a father and son relationship as the movie progresses with miles being in the corner from the spider people doubting his potential while peter stood by his side telling them he does have what it takes to don the mask. Peni, Noir, and Spider-Ham are mostly for comedic effect except some scenes that shown how deep this goes for them too. There are a lot of hidden secrets within the movie that needs to be watched multiple times to get it, like the number 42, how Spider-Gwen was obvious before her introduction, art style references, spider-man advanced suit from the ps4 game, and etc. It’s a great movie and i’ve watched it twice and it reignited my inner kid that loved spider-man since the sam raimi movies. 👍🏼

  • My baby Peni Parker topped off the movie tbh. I watched it mostly bc of her and i loved all the characters

  • Best Spiderman ever ! Period

  • Loved this movie so much

  • Like When you heard Black Post Molone You lost it😂

  • There is no such thing as a black version of a white rapper. Post Malone is the black somebody.

  • "evan hansennsevens"omg I live all the musical references and also this movie

  • What is wrong with your brain! This film is still in theaters and you’ve got spoilers and zero warning.

    • I Identify as a Dragon It’s common courtesy. Even RedLetterMedia includes spoiler warnings and there act is being rampant assholes.

    • +ScaryMason Yeah because people who dont know the channel assume it's like any other "trailer" Why would a person be actively looking into videos for a movie they dont want to be spoiled over?

    • I Identify as a Dragon based on this video’s title a viewer could expect it to be about the heaps of praise and scant criticisms of the movie. Instead, Rotten Tomatoes is mentioned once and I stand by my anger about spoilers. The Prowler’s secret identity is a dramatic reveal but LME just blows past it like nothing. Even the Honest Trailer for Unbreakable had a spoiler warning.

    • +ScaryMason You watched this video 3 times and the movie and you blame him for spoilers? Dude no one goes actively looking for this content when they want to watch the movie w/o spoilers

    • I Identify as a Dragon Now I have seen this video 3 times and I didn’t like it to begin with. Don’t correct me with incorrect information.

  • Stephen Curry actually plays golf irl tho

  • Lowkey just advertised kissland pt2 4:13 KISSLND.??

  • In the beginning of the video you sound like mordiki from regular show

  • When did it say Gwen’s universe Peter was a villain? In the movie it looked more like the roles had just reversed and he dies instead of her like it originally was.

  • 1:Spiderverse 2:homecoming 3:Spider-Man 2 4 every other one

  • Not gonna lie I almost cried during that movie

  • We said this about every new Spiderman movie that comes out.

  • the hype is real, seen the movie 4 times, (twice in theatres) and loved all 4 times, but it still doesn't beat Spider-man 2 but it's really close behind.

  • Yeah I’m one of the people that don’t like Toby and do like Andrew so...hi...

  • This may be my fav Spider-Man movie. I think so. I’m still processing lol

  • Marvel wrote this.

  • I watched it it is 9.83/10

  • Nice video, honestly. But I just wanted to let you know that Spider-Man Noir is also Peter.

  • Looking like a father of four, with no kids

  • Only fans of Spider-Man don’t like Tobey. Because he was terrible.

  • I haven't enjoyed a movie this much since mother fvkin Lego Movie

  • Thank you! Spider-Man 2 is still the king of Spider-Man movies

  • With having children comes great responsibility.

  • I’m going to say something controversial I found into the spider verse was too kiddy and dull that it was unfortunately unenjoyable

  • You forgot... Hey

  • I crack up every time I see Peter Parker desperately trying to finish off that one slice of pizza.

  • My favourite spider man movie is spider man homecoming

  • nice random Spoilers at 3:17+ ty

  • this was a sweet ass flick... i loved the T. M. films, skipped the A. S. M. ones but loved the Avengers S. M... all in all, spider verse said to hell with what you like, we will make a spider man you will like, for all races or genders and you can watch that too... nothing wrong with that... i fucking cried in S.M.M.-V....

  • This is my favorite movie atm haha

  • Ummm... I forgot this vid had spoilers Somehow...


  • Okay, Imma stop you right there. If there was a life-action character in this, it would have ruined everything. Even considering some of the characters had their unique styles in the movie, it still looked organic and balanced. You can't blend one life-action character into a whole world of animation, especially with this new-gen type of it, when it's deliberately less similar to real-life movement. That would have sucked, ruining the whole vibe of the picture. Yes, yes, I'm one of these "critics", thank you very much. For the love of god, I can't see anything great about the movies with Tobey or Andrew. Maguire's Spidey was a whiney w/itch and Garfield looked like he's just been kidnapped from his home planet and put onto a movie set (well, at least he was somewhat witty with the mask on. sometimes). (As the vid poked fun at what it called "critics", I thought I'm in my right to express my opinion on the matter). Maybe the times have changed. Maybe it was great back in the day and people still love it because nostalgia. But that still doesn't explain how SM 2 can be better than Spider-Verse. This last one is one of the best movies I've ever seen, even without any connection to the Spider-Man fandom. I mean, tastes differ and all, but I've already seen a couple of people here on YT with this same opinion. And I just can't get it. Can somebody please calmly explain to me what's so good about Raimi's trillogy? Or, I guess, the second part of it, as according to everyone the first part is meh, and nobody can handle the amount of lies that calling the third part at least decent would require. Because these movies (the trilogy and ASM 1&2) literally had me thinking Spider-Man was the lamest superhero ever. For years.

  • Garfield

  • [spoiler] I remember watching a spiderman episode with some random black spiderdude in an alternate universe. So the peter parker that died in this movie wasnt the one that died in infinity war?

  • Bruh that's spider man 2099 in the post credits scene and they almost made Tobys spider man the spider man that was from the other universe or the one that dies not sure which one but they considered it

  • Do replicas but please point out the fact that keanu reaves some how not only survives the crash but his phone also some how did too yet the others didn't lol

  • Can’t wait for Squeal 😂 but with Spider-Man (Mexican) Miguel

  • not sure if it was just me... but every time the prowler close it made this scary noise and it freaked me the fuck out really added to the movie.

    • Totally agree. The score added so many extra layers to the movie. Huge props to Daniel Pemberton.

  • i rly liked it, watched it a couple days ago. combo price.

  • I saw it today with my squad. Sorry for saying squad and being cringey but we do everything together. It was really good! I literally got home from this less than an hour ago.

  • Bruh what pissed me off the most is that JB didn’t bring back the Chicago’s instead they made a fucking new shoe that would have been really nice but they added the circles on them shits.

  • Am I the only one that didn’t enjoy Spider-Man 2 as much as other people, it’s a good movie but I like homecoming a lot more.

  • How do u not know who Spiderman 2099 is

  • Didn’t penny come first in the comics? Or did the big hero 6 comics come out before the penny Parker comics.... I have no idea

  • All of these spider men are real comic book characters boy

  • From dusk till shaun.... I want to see that!

  • The movie is amazing in my opinion but THOSE MILES' SONY HEADPHONES AAAAAHHHH

  • I don't wanna spoil the after credits but I was wondering why they didn't add the other spider-man?

  • Ok this is the best spider man movie now. I rewatched the toby mcguire movies and my god they are the most of their time of their time movies I have ever seen.

  • This is 10/10

  • Movie was great but the soundtrack could have been better

  • This movie is *amazing.* I'll leave now

  • Why did Miles have a comic of Spider-Man with Peter Parker but before nobody knew that Peter Parker was Spider-Man?

  • Miles is the kid from cloud with a chance of meat balls

  • I cried like 3 different times in the theater, can’t say I was surprised because of all the hype.

  • Why’d you say everyone but like three people liked Andrew Garfield bro he was the worst Spider-Man of them all

  • *roblox, lookin like a roblox character

  • "That's all folks" "Is it even legal to say that?"

  • I get you, I respect you holding on to Spiderman 2, but this is now my favorite Spider-man film.

  • Listen....

  • pUhlease tell me I’m not the only person who saw how the portrayal of doc oc felt exactly like Entrapta in new she-ra no tea no shade to either thoooo

  • Into the spider-verse was made by the same people who made the emoji movie

  • From Dusk till Shaun is my favorite joke.

  • Probably my favorite movie of the year, just an incredible film.

  • You summed it up

  • “That’s all folks!” “.... Is he allowed to say that legally?”

  • Picaboo was the original name of snap chat. That’s why they call it that in the movie.

  • Stephen Curry playing golf lmao


  • It honestly had no business being so good, I was Shooketh