The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look

čas přidán 18. 11. 2019
Seth takes a closer look at the President facing three more days of impeachment hearings this week after a second day of damning testimony and yet another conviction of one of his associates.
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The Impeachment Evidence Against Trump Is Overwhelming: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Faked news!

  • The evidence of your stupity is more evedent

  • You would think i type of he would show Any type of humility China would give us the antivirus

  • Trump is acquitted so suck it

    • He will be put on trial when he loses the 2020 election. So better late than never.

  • Idiotic.

  • Its great that Sondland told Trump literally that he was in the capital of Ukraine and Trump needed clarification. "Hello, I'm calling from Austin, where you sent me." "So you're in...Texas?" "......yes....Mr President."

  • Trump is an idiot. I get it. But I am getting sick of the structure of "A Closer Look". It's easy to slap together some 5 second clips about the Repubs messing up their grammer and slipping up their story (which I agree, is a story). But can ya educate us on what's going on? The deeper I get into politics, the less funny this segment gets.

  • Newsflash Trump is going to beat the impeachment case and get re-elected later this year this is a fact.

  • Trumps still president, that’s not gonna change

  • Lots of triggered inbred trump pedophiles in the comments. Seth must have hit a nerve.

  • Trump is a Drunkard

  • Turns out the secret mission was real, they were at least James Bond enough to secretly record the conversation, but sadly our government is so corrupt none of it matters.

  • With evidence against Trump is building, the Republican's will still not impeachment him?

  • trumph thinks he is the leder off nordkorea mikael vasara

  • mikael vasara sppotyfi 007

  • This guy looks like a democrat a fukin freak thay all look like freaks

  • All crooks!!!!!

  • so there is..evidence?

  • Roger Stone reminds me of SAW on his Trike!

  • Even Hitler moved slower at his atrocities than Trump. Be sure to vote!

  • Trump and Guillani smearing the hard earned reputation of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch in and of itself should be an impeachable offense. Many men and women who might want to try to become an ambassador will have second thought after this. Donald and Rudy should be behind bars and the sooner the better.

  • He technically can't tamper with her during court unless she KNOWS about the tweet DURING court. Whoever TOLD her during court is who actually tampered with the witness.

  • Only 3.7milion views? LMAO there are 7bilion people in this world. HAHAHAHAH😂😂😂😂


  • Trump could test his hotels being earthquake proof by just fucking landing in his plane on an airpost 10km away.

  • Trumps associates literally get caught for committing crimes like every weekend And his supporters will just be like "well it's a good thing they caught those crooks, they couldve hurt our president or corrupted him"

  • Conservatives need to grow a freaking backbone and admit they made a mistake. I voted for Trump but when someone fucks up this tremendously you need make sure he pays the consequences as set by the constitution we hold so close. If he gets away with this bc of party affiliation hes setting a very dangerous precedence for someone alot smarter that could do a whole lot more damage.

  • Its all political theater and Democrats wont have a shot till 2024. Even then if they pursue their old ideology Americans are sick of these trespasses on our rights.Americans want their Constitution back Democrats are committed to ending that.

  • Sorry one last thing divide and conquer think about it no one is above the law wake up

  • I'd like to thank you for bringing me the facts unfortunately you're probably not going to like the rest of my comment I don't know how to ask these and make it clear but why is it that people are sitting here laughing I haven't seen anything funny yet I feel like this is not a comedy show and maybe you ought to take another Direction with this and keep following the facts let's be honest here any other citizen America would have to stand trial of course for The Proven crime committed but would have no rights to their office or whatever you want to call it in the meantime I can't for the life of me understand how in the hell this person is still in control of so much power the laws are obvious someone in please explain to me why this person is still in office

  • Oh that's funny. Are the show's numbers going up and before up? Nah, I bet it just keeps improving.

  • Since when has asking for an investigation been a criminal offence? Only in liberal spin land.

    • He literally pulled a Bush and will probably cause a war.

    • When youre the president of the United States using military aid as leverage to force another country to smear your political rival. You Trump apologists are soo freaking retarded. I voted for him but this is completely illegal. Grow a fucking spine and admit when someone fucks up this tremendously they need to face the consequences.

  • A jagged signature of a jagged man all sharp knife like signature up down very much jagged edges and hard lines they say u can tell a lot about a person from there handwriting insert pixx take here but seriously very angry signature 🤣🤣❤✌☝️👋

    • because he's forgetting to sharpen his crayons.

  • It's like a poor person being allowed to go into a bank and carry out as much money as possible seriously it's pure pillaging people's money and charges people who want in on the scam wow wow wow so sad 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤢🤮❤✌☝️👋

  • "Everything Trump Touches Dies"---Book by GOP strategist on superpac to throw him out.

  • Thats what happens when one who watches too much tv becomes a president

  • "This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked." -Donald Trump *MAY 17, 2017* How did it take this long to finally get him? The man thought we busted him almost 3 years ago!!

  • Hello guilty white liberals !

  • U.S.Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is a true blue American hero who I believe has earned her place as an American patriot. I will stand with Marie Yovanovitch always.

  • I want to pretend that I was the one who stole Gyms jacket too. Do papers still pay for those sort of stories?

  • The president of the Ukraine did not back these slanderous statements

    • President Zelensky: “I don’t want us to look like beggars. But you have to understand. We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness." President Zelensky's administration: "Zelensky “did not want to be used as an instrument in a U.S. reelection campaign.” " -US Aid was signed by Congress AND Trump but was halted after Trump saw the aid announcement and began asking questions about Ukraine. --Sondland (donated $1million to trump to get ambassadorship) was instructed by Trump to go to Ukraine and tell them in two separate meetings on July 10th that the White House meetings that Ukraine was requesting (to question withholding of aid) were contingent on Ukraine announcing investigations. ---Then in a "perfect" call, Zelensky asks why the aid has been withheld. Trump replies, saying the aid could go through but "I would like you to do us a favor though." Making the aid, (that he already allocated to them) contingent on Ukraine investigations. Zelensky said he didn't want to be a part of his reelection scheme. And incase Trump is reelected, Zelenksy doesn't want to spurn the president of his biggest alliance country. So Zelenksy won't speak out now, we can only see what he did and said when it was happening. THAT IS A CRIME. And a shitty thing to do.

  • To get Trump impeached they actually threatened congress woman one, how many more ?

    • The dude blew up a bus full of civilians and no one batted an eye... He personally approved an operation that everyone else disapproved of multiple times. Obama kept pocket vetoing the operation. Trump personally approves it... 14 civilians dead, including an American Soldier and an 8year old American girl. Trump committed war crimes in YEMEN and no one talks about it because of all the other crimes. And you're talking about threatening someone who you can't even name...

  • Ask congress how many were threatened on their vote against Trump

  • Actually everything coming up on the Ukraine is eight years of the Obama administration laundering money stolen from the United States tax payers

    • Dump stared at an eclipse, despite multiple shouted warnings from the secret service... If THAT wasn't a deal breaker for you, YOU are a bigger moron than he is.

    • Why? Why do you keep posting vague speculations that have ZERO supporting evidence, ZERO credibility and ZERO relevance....? You mad bro?

  • Trumpety dumpety holds his head so high in the air so the flab under his chin looks less evident. He can hold his head to the sky, it would not matter. He is ,in my opinion , an old fart that hopes he looks 20. Sorry nothing he could ever do. ICK !!!!

  • Spot on Seth!!! Keep it coming!!!!!!

  • Sloth Mayers is just slow, he can't compute truth from fiction.

    • how so? he's playing clips from Trumps buddies going to prison

  • He cares more about gossipping about democratic celebrities and ambassadors than actually cooperating with russia. He's a gossipping school girl. And didn't intentionally commit impeachable offenses he's just too stupid to know what is or isn't a bad thing to do.

    • You must be stupid if you think he broke the law. There is no evidence to show that he broke the law. Where are the witnesses? Oh, that's right they recanted. Trump's staff obstructed the investigation, oh no, Trump's staff isn't obligated to testify so not really obstruction. Come one admit it. You got caught up in the mob mentality.

  • So much cognitive dissonance from the left, it's astounding.


  • I don't care it still sounds ridiculous having to use the adjective "tweet" when describing use of media to communicate.

    • tweet is either a noun or a verb hahaha it is not an adjective... but you surely thought it sounds smart

    • @Valerie Mac Fair. . Well, it's always a tweet storm with this POSotus. But, yes, Tyler Keller needs to review the parts of speech.

    • Verb?

  • I don't know, I thought Roger Stones get-up wasn't bad, considering the occasion. Don't get me wrong. He reminds me of the slug aliens from the movie Slither, the rest of the time. But he knew what he was doing when he chose his outfit. He knew people would talk about it.

    • Meh, I think he looks like hes ready to go to the worlds most wonky ass funeral. And I mean....Seeing how fast Trump and his Supporters in office are plummeting and killing their careers, Seems like he was well prepared for the event.

  • Rudy Giuliani in Drag Smooching Donald Trump

  • ...DINGO!

  • I think if he doesn't get impeached the Country is in worse trouble than we thought. You know when Trump is lying, His mouth opens!

  • Won't be surprised if mitt Romney comes out to defend Trump. I want to give Whatever Trump is giving to republicans, to all my ex girlfriends.

  • Trump was the fall man for the republicans from the beginning, They needed someone willing to act in ways only trump could. I believe he's achieved everything he has set out to do, now its time for his replacement to come in as the savior, but only to be the real devil in disguise.

  • Why are you leaving out every president for the last 20 years? You guys ready for another Trump term, I'm not for it but with the power we give the government it's inevitable.

  • Monopoly guy? 😉😜

  • Just DUMP this "GOLDEN SHOWER" PEE-PEE prez trump-TURD and FLUSH 3 times!

    • Trump says we have to flush 10-15 times...🤪..because we don't have any water pressure in the States remember..the whole country can't even wash it's hands apparently...tsk tsk..hehe😉

  • You can't make this crap up.

  • Trump virtually presented Adam Schiff and the democrats all his incriminating evidence to them on a silver platter, he could have said, "I committed another stream of crimes go ahead and arrest me now?"

  • And yet no crime was mentioned by any libs are insane

    • bad bob you smoke crack? Is that what you smoke? Crack?

  • I didn't know ambassadorships were for sale. Really. Trump needs unqualified personnel around him, cause He doesn't want to look inept.

  • Jim Jordan THINKS everyone's deaf. CAN he YELL ANY LOUDER.

  • Stop saying "been convicted of OR pled guilty" A guilty plea IS a conviction!

  • I thought thought the name of the place was pronounced “key-ev.”

    • Amber Kelly ok thanks!

    • bbsy1 You are correct don’t worry. He kept saying it wrong. He’s not even saying it like they do in the Ukraine , he’s just saying it wrong.

  • People actually think that he will get impeached? Lmao.

  • #25the45

  • I should have made the t-shirts with #25the45, would have made so good

  • I can't wait for this impeachment to flop so I can come back and lol on all of your videos. #TRUMP2020 #MAGA #KEEPAMERICAGREAT

  • You're an actual joke. I hope Congress sues you as well.

  • They need to haul Trump and Pense out in handcuffs. They cheated and committed treason to get elected. As far as I'm concerned, Trump is not a legal sitting president, but rather a criminal squatting in the White House.

  • Donald Trump is for Donald Trump not MAGA

  • In 3 words, name one offense. Next, using 3 more words, name one more offense. Can't??? Do you even know what an "offense" is? NO? Gee.

  • Whats scary is that the ultra-evangelist Mike Pence is possibly your replacement president. Have fun with that ride Americans....oh wait, I'm on this planet too. Damn!

  • Six criminals convicted of no crime but of "lying" during interrogation in which they were not charged with a crime. FBI only does this to Republicans. Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Democrats exonerated before investigation. Super funny. Stay tuned December 9 when the serious felonies are announced.

  • 2:12 They look like Troll Dolls.

  • Meanwhile, Trump is just sitting here like...LOL