The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

čas přidán 3. 08. 2018
Four men, an infamous island prison, and one daring plan. But what happened next?
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  • We're shooting our post mortem episode today at 3:45 PM PST, so make sure you head over and watch this week’s episode and leave your questions down below!

    • I did a school report on this topic

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I love your vids they entertain me


    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network jes

    • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network lmao. “They should of just asked to leave”

  • “it was nearly impossible to make it across the current” “the bodies of the men were never found again” *don’t know what to believe*

  • Who doesn't like a good Prison Break.

  • Angel Island Escaping People *Sonic Did It*

  • “They should have just asked to leave.” Cracked me the f up lolll

  • What if they left those items behind in the water to make investigators believe they died, in order to get the heat off of them even more? These guys were already pretty damn brilliant with the rest of their plans. Totally possible.

  • Oh you wanna move? You wanna be with your pals? 😂😂

  • I think there was one survivor that sent the FBI a note that he survived and he like super old now but its all over the internet

  • Imagine the escapees or their kids watching this laughing

  • I imagine a prison called The Rock is just Dwayne Johnson keeping baddies in a pen.

  • is dancing in the moonlight by toploader playing over the inception of the escape bit?? ded

  • I know they were criminals but man I kinda hoped they made it out alive their plan was just too amazing

  • My grandfather, Ira Bowden, worked as the electrician on the island and had the area of the escape in his area of responsibility. He was transferred six months before the breakout took place. He felt that he probably would have seen the work being done if he had not been transferred.

  • This is fake the only way to escape is to get all plane parts and you could only go to the golden gate bridge where pack a punch is at

  • Miss theis guys tried watching the Valentine's Day massacre with the new girl it felt like a grade school presentation it sucked she had no respect to put love into it SMH

  • I've always felt that if they made it, they deserved to be free.

  • Aye fellow Widner’s! 🤘🏼

  • What are the chances that the brothers watched this video? Hahaha

  • they should do a Titanic video

  • Ryan's research is always amazing and impeccable. Gotta say tho, their banter is and what's always been what has drawn and kept me interested. These guys are fuckin hilarious. The way the bounce off one another is gold.

  • I have very delicate southern California skin: People in Texas:😂

  • Allen West: Imma head out

  • Poor Allen, all those holes to no avail.

  • How is it that I have to wake up at 6:15 to go to school and the prisoners don’t have to wake up until seven? unfair!

  • Why do those sunglasses look drawn on though? Hello?

  • 1:09 As a native Bay Area resident that currently lives and works in SF; that quote is mis-attributed, but it's still accurate. The middle of summer in FiDi (the Financial District near the Ferry Building) can be the coldest place due to the winds barreling down the corridors of talk buildings and the shade. It can actually reach the low the middle of SUMMER!

  • this reminds me of purgatory from the arrow so much

  • Bet shane was thinking of el chapo😂

  • You know what’s werid? There have also been Sea Serpent sightings in San Francisco Bay...

  • I don't see "a mile and a quarter" as a mile plus a quarter of a mile. I imagine it as a mile plus a literal quarter's (U.S. currency) length away

  • These guys deserved to break out They worked so damn hard

  • Imagine these guys in Alcatraz

  • Prison break vibes

  • Ive personally swam in the red river its 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit year round its doable to swim in water that cold a bit uncomforable and you do cramp up a but if you can get through the cold you eventually get used to it man

  • What if they survived and someone how got into the FBI through a friend or someone got a game ID and joined the FBI. Then they would have been able to change therios and such.

  • imagine him just thinking ab them floating away on a raft while he’s sitting on his bed cuz he couldn’t break a wall

  • For some reason I read it as Azkaban instead of Alcatraz lmao

  • i NEED a movie about this in my table RN

  • But what happened to Morris? Nothing was ever mentioned about him after the escape. Probably he made it and just kept his head down? I don't know. The brothers got news about them but Morris is quiet...

    • You know something? Sea Serpents were sighted in the SF bay for decades...

  • Am I the only person who thinks the Morris fella looks like Eric William Morris??

  • how were they able to work in the workshop if west couldnt make it through his hole?

  • I saw them they both came to my house

  • You guys should try and figure out the mystery of the “Big grey man”.

  • Idk why I really hope they made it

  • He heard me they were giving a map that shows like a times for the high tide and low tide so they went out in the low tide in my theory is isn't it faked their death to make it look like that they didn't live so they wouldn't be looked for and they really escaped

  • They were aslo letters from "them" but they could have been fake of course

  • Hey guys!

  • Ryan: scientists are weak Also Ryan: is a scientist

  • Shane loook like Zaza In Nba

  • Bad asses

  • This show is just me and the bois over Xbox live

  • God i hate buzzfeed, but im interested in this escape

  • Shane: the coldest WINTER of my life was a SUMMER in San Francisco Me: did you listen to yourself?

  • I am a swimmers and have swam in 54 degree farenheit not a big deal

  • They were the bigest of brains

  • They could be watching this video right now sipping martinis its wild how they could till be alive and well

  • the FBI got a letter from the escapes that their old have cancer and dying but all survived that was never proven the letter was real though


  • 22:40

  • a shark man a shark