The Insane Engineering of the A-10 Warthog

čas přidán 23. 05. 2020
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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animation: Eli Prenten
:Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:

Octavium - Robert Ruth
Melted Mind - Max Anson
Cruise Control - Martin Baekkevold
Travellers - Ran the Man
Bloom - Dye O
Beyond Rivers and Dust - Alec Slayne

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  • 11:25 are you fucking high? depleted uranium rounds cost several orders of magnitude more than standard rounds. a single DU round literally costs more than several boxes of standard ammunition of the same caliber.

  • greast video but didnt like the way it slid into an advert for the next video ....didnt need that

  • Now China will copy it

  • I'm an old veteran. And until the day I die, there are 2 sounds I will always love hearing. The sound of BRRRRRRRRRRRRT!!!! And the sound of an F4 Phantom going full tilt boogey on afterburner.

  • The 30mm rounds are supersonic right out of the barrel so the sound will come after the kill.

  • an out dated pile of junk that's only good for banging on defenseless sand people who live in caves. against a modern army, equipped with modern anti air assets, the hog is toast. time to retire this old garbage can.

  • Its cheap and effective, and the ground forces wont let the Air Force moth ball it,,,, again, just drone the damn thing...

  • Why scrap them, just turn them into drones!!!

  • I grew up 8 miles from Grissom AFB in IN. We saw these every day, in pairs, ALL DAY. As a farmer they would target our tractors and do the low swoop attack, scared the shit out of us every time because you dont hear them coming... Did it from the 70's til I think 1992 they closed that base and they went to the Ft Wayne reserve base. We were out on the boat in the local resivour when the entire squadron left, about 32-35 of them flew over, sad day to see them leave....

  • Why tanks were renamed 'motorized coffins' after the first Iraq war

  • The a surgial knife in the hands of a surgeon..the other are chains saws in the hands of a clown!

  • om g!! it'S GOODZILLAAAA!!!

  • Where can I get some depleted Uranium?

  • What an incredible machine. Still can't believe that some wanted to scrape it.

  • Shark or snake?

  • Lmao

  • Depleted uranium is barely radioactive at all.

  • Seems the A-10 will always have a role to play. There is also something to be said for the operators connection to the machinery they operate.

  • The big saved our butts many times.... CSC 2/6 grunt tank killers!

  • How are we going to wrap this aeroplane round that gun? Did it!

  • *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrb*

  • According to an A-10 commander the A-10 will be in service at least until 2024. In Gunsmoke competition at Nellis AFB in 1991, the A-10 took top gun against every other fighter in the inventory in every area, except for high altitude bombing and the F-16 won that.

  • General: aright, now we gotta deal with rusky and for that I got a genius plan Engineer: aright.. what's it? General: how about we made, A TANK and we stick WING into it? Engineer: sir.... U R GENIUS

  • Insane old technology that still works.

  • coronavirus proved humanity is a joke! gods: no offense humans :P

  • *sips drink * what if it had 2 miniguns

  • PTSD from COD death matches when someone got their killstreak

  • With the cost and ease of maintenance, this this is the AK-47 of aircraft

  • I remember reading an article about the Warthog back when I was a teenager sometime during the 80's... seems this plane literally can't be killed... as relevant as ever.

  • The information about the GAU-8 gun is incorrect. The entire weapon is not aligned along the axis of the plane; only the firing barrel is (which is the 9 o'clock position). It is a critical design choice that accounts for the space required for the front landing gear... Additionally, the gun is tilted 2 degrees downward from horizontal to help assuage the thrust-cancelling force of the active weapon. Provide accurate engineering facts if you're going to title your channel 'Real Engineering'..

  • Well in gta this one of best plane to dogfight again griefer lmao

  • "...With a specific type of warfare in mind" *GERMANY*

  • how do we use this hog against israel?

  • B-11😎

  • It's like the B-52, Tu-95, etc - a design that will never really need to be replaced, just tweaked over time.

  • so, basically a Mig

  • The A-10 serves Israel.

  • I just wanna say uranium isn't a health concern because it's mildly radioactive, with a half-life of billions of years, but because it's a heavy metal. When a depleted uranium shell explodes, it may spread particulates into the environment, water supply, or be inhaled. Uranium is highly toxic, and the use of depleted uranium as a material in ammunition will cause unnecessary environmental damage and civilian casualties if steps aren't taken to avoid it.

  • i dont just like it because of it's brrrt... but because it's design just looks so good for some reason. and especially because it has 2 engines... thats the cherry on top

  • july2020 they fly here and the sound of those engines/Jets the whistle of Death from above..Shine on.

  • 9:54 so basically they installed windshield washers, like the ones you find in a car?

  • Well Thanks To CS-tv AutoPlay That I Found That Video Right after a Asmr Video /// At least I Got Tingle's Now: BRRRRRRRRRT

  • A-10 or what we like to call it.. The Democrat KILLER~

  • why the f is every other explaining video always by some ooirish fella telling something over the course of 15-20 minutes that really isn't telling anybody anything new.

  • they announced the a-10 getting retired so many times just to backtrack after doing so. they want something fancy and new becouse military but the realty is not even the f-35 replaces its role.

  • F-35 and F-16: I am more useful! A-10: **laughs in brrt**

  • honestly one of the best and most informing videos I've ever watched on yt keep up the amazing job

  • A 10 go brrrrrtttttt

  • When comparing the A-10 to the F-16 and the F-35 you forgot to mention the loitering time in the target area. AFIK the A-10 beats them both.

  • You should spend some time studying the history of Ireland and how it relates to your imperial neighbor across the Irish sea rather than licking the boots of yankee gringos and extolling the virtues of their machines of death, warplanes that use depleted Uranium ammunition, the use of which is considered a war crime. Ireland is a nation that has fought for almost 1,000 years for peace and sovereignty, it is a nation of peace, so why do you now hold up the A-10, a machine that has brought untold death and misery to countless thousands of people, as marvel of engineering? Shame on you!

    • boohoo! the IRA sided with Hitler because of the shitty treatment by the ENGLAND , not the U.S. Leftist crybabies view every action taken by the US against communist/Marxist terrorism as "aggression " when the Soviet Union and Red Chinese backed movements murdered 3 x more people than the Nazis (National Socialists) did and well over 20 x the number of people killed by American forces .

  • Shouldn't it have said that the firing barrel of the gun is mounted on the centerline of the plane? They state the gun itself is centerline, and show that in the graphic, but visually, the barrel assembly as a whole is offset so that the firing barrel is centerline.

  • Came here for BRRRRRRTT. Was not disappointed.

  • Oh Yes Germany wants the protection BUT doesnt want to fund it, even buuilds a pipeline to Russia secretly to buy their gas and oil ...Give Me A Break

  • The internet's favorite plane

  • Comparing F-16 and F-35 to A-10 is like chalk and Cheese. The F planes are hit and run out of sight where as A-10 is to be seen and heard if you are not killed and imprinting lasting psychological damage of that rattling fart.

  • Great. Thanks.

  • It's time to pull out of Germany completely. Germany is not a friend of the U.S. and does everything it can to undermine the country protecting them for free. It's time to leave.

  • America has become the most evil country in the history of this planet followed closely by UK and Israel.

    • I disagree. America has made some BIG mistakes, but it has good intentions. Always.

  • After NATO use of depleted uranium in Kosovo radio-activity in Europe jumped 70 times or 700%!!!

  • Literally shooting cancer at its enemies.

  • I do so love this plane, it has one main purpose and it does it excellently. The US seems to have forgotten that in a real war, maintaining and replacing equipment is the most important thing, as well as simplicity of use. You cannot fix or replace a F35 quickly and easily.

  • කියලා වෙනත් ආකාරයකින් නිසා ඔහු හිනා

  • I don't know what you folks are doing with the obit pages, but it reminds me of Dr. McCoy saying, "I know about engineers. They love to change things." Because, in the mind of an engineer, and especially a software engineer, any change at all is an "improvement," even if it makes more work for everyone involved.

  • Heinkel He 162

  • A-10 ist everything you said,sir, except for cheap! That thing burns $15K per hour.

  • Using words like 'insane' to describe something demonstrates a lack of ability to appropriately express oneself. Such words were developed by illogical women & the left. A suggested word is 'fascinating'. Just saying.

  • F----ing awesome video. I hope they don't retire this beautiful useful plane.

  • Why would you name something that flies after a piggy?

  • The A-10 will be getting new wings so it may continue its active duty well into the mid 21st century.

  • “now i understand why they called it the flying tank”

  • That gun is NOT center is slightly left of center line.

  • The Lightning Bolt? They just changed the name from Thunderbolt for your video? Wow...

  • These videos are like watered down modern marvels.

  • Why did he call it the Lightning Bolt at the start of the video?

  • Why can't they get somebody without an accent to narrate this video? If would have been much less distracting.

  • haha dude you made a video, and you named the thing wrong. it's not an A10 lightningbolt. It's an A10 ThunderBolt 2.

  • WTF? At least get the NAME right, it is the THUNDERbolt II, NOT the "Lightningbolt." Pretty darn funny.

    • Engines are TF-34, NOT "T-34"

    • Also the diagram when discussing the gun being on the centerline is wrong. The gun is actually mounted offset, so the barrel that the projectile is leaving is on the centerline. This is clearly seen in nose on shots.

  • Warthog is so American.

  • And hardly anyone knows that this aircraft is based on an old German design by the Junkers company. The jet-powered Junkers fighter plane was designed in mid-1941 by the Dessau development department as the successor to the Henschel Hs-129.

  • Aiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiii! Why my men ded?? >.< Oh, shi-