The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel

čas přidán 22. 11. 2022


  • Totally amazing. As a retired engineer, I wish I could have worked on a project such as this. This is astonishing.

  • We love our neighbors, be it Sweden, Norway, or Germany. :)

  • This is a love letter to engineering. I never thought I would experience this on CS-tv of all places. Great quality work going on at this channel. Keep up the good work!

  • I love the enthusiasm of the engineers responsible for the build. ❤️

  • I still remember the first time my family took the Öresundsbron instead of the ferry. We went to Germany from Sweden atleast two times a year for vacation and I always looked forward to the ferries. Even as a ferry lover I was in awe the first time we drove onto the new bridge. It was massive, looked beautiful and as a kid, my mind went wild trying to figure out how the under water tunnel was made. I had a very similar feeling of awe when I took the train over the bridge the first time even though I was a teen by then. It's been a joy seeing the man made islands flora expand and see how much easier many peoples lifes has become. This new project will come with good, bad and neutral consequences and although some can be foreseen, many simply can't be. I still belive this project will end up helping more than it's harming and I can't wait for the awe I will feel the first time I travel through this mindblowing feat of engineering.

  • Fred, your production quality has gone skyward. The way that you tell stories is as marvellous as the stories themselves. I really appreciate the effort that you and your team are putting into these recent documentaries! They are truly deserving of that classification. All the best to you & everyone.

  • Great work on this video - clearly a ton of effort went into making it, from the research, video editing, logistics of getting on the sites, interviewing people and exceptional writing as always. Keep up the great work B1M! Thank you.

  • This video was great and comprehensive, but I also loved the bits of personality and fun transitions. This channel just gets better and better!

  • Fascinating! I first heard of immersed tube tunnels over 30 years ago when they crossed a river in North Wales UK to avoid a bottleneck in the medieval town of Conwy. it was only 1 km long but the first in UK. This is a bit more ambitious. I have total respect for the designers and engineers.

  • Things like this give you a little more faith in humanity in times like these.. Kudos to all people working on this engineering marvel!

  • Great video. Well-researched, balanced views, well produced and narrated. Newsworthy and educational. I enjoyed it and vowed at a relatively young 62 to live long enough to drive through it when it is finished lol. My father was an engineer and he would have loved and admired this project. Great job thank you.

  • Great video! First time watching one of your videos but instant subscriber. Good level of detail where it counts and good to see the environmental / social impact of big infrastructure being discussed. I think in this case, it'll have a positive social / environmental impact.

  • It’s kind of Amazing to think that you’ve gone from doing little tutorials and sales pitches for BIM software to discussing construction projects to now basically a full fledge BBC/National Geographic quality shows. Bravo!🎉

  • Wow, what a video. I had no idea I was gonna be captivated for half an hour watching a video on a tunnel. Very well presented!

  • First of all B1M really has gone long way. Amazing video! Second I remember reading about this project on Finnish science magazine 20 years ago as this pie in the sky thing. How in earth I had not heard this is really now happening with our lovely neighboring countries. Amazing!

  • Fascinating. This is a very interesting project and I would love to keep up with it as it progress. I hope you go back and visit during construction and after completion. Long bridges always make me nervous when crossing. The 7 mile bridge in the Florida Keys and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (17.6 miles with two 1 mile tunnels) are both unnerving. Being in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay almost 9 miles from shore made got me.

  • It would be pretty great to see this and via Carpathia finished or maybe connected as a loop through Norway or Sweden and Finland and then at the south

  • shows how magnificent the long present uk - europe tunnel actually is. maybe less challenging but in terms of impact even more, cause there was no detour available, only ships.

  • You must feel very lucky to be able to view these projects, while still under construction.

  • These projeects are always going to go ahead. The best we can ask is that the companies and countries that need them give due consideration to the environment and act on promise to restore to thebest possible standard any disruption they cause through construction and use.