The Internet's Most Absurd Lies

čas přidán 14. 08. 2021
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This week: we take a trip down memory lane and talk about some people lying on the internet. Enjoy!






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comment "i am typing this with egg"


  • when did weird al start to parody political content?

  • i’m here for the shifting slander

  • 1:27 that really got me

  • Is your moustache a joke?

  • The lye jokes were what made me subscribe

  • Is it shifting or your imagination? Like I get it. It's you so would know how they act, but I hear about it and it sounds like imagination.

  • Ok this is the first I've heard of shifting. It sounds a lot like tulpas. Even if it seems super real to them, you know that you're essentially just hypnotizing yourself

  • shifting = living out fanfiction in your imagination

  • I cried laughing at the my dad latched onto my nech like a vampire omg LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • This is my favorite series thank you so much ily

  • I am typing this with egg 🥚

  • I swear it's not allowed to ask if you're vaccinated to be let in somewhere... at least in Illinois

  • i dont wanna ruin your world perception, but im 99.9% sure alex is female

  • Art Attack raised me

  • Shifting is literally just daydreaming ,,you're just imagining being somewhere else

  • 14:26 lol this reminds me of Jake and Amir

  • I didn’t get the vaccine because I don’t like needles

    • @Schmuckle you telling me that it makes you like meddles?

    • @4 feet Productions yeah, cause you didn’t take the vaccine

    • @Cam Witkos they can die.

    • Yeah instead just put everyone u know in danger because pokey poke scawy

  • The egg works when you're touching it because electricity flows between you and the screen via the egg. If you drop the egg, there is no source of electric current and thus it doesn't work.

  • "i am typing this with egg"

  • there r ppl that talk ind entail abt their experiences n dedicate accts to teaching others how to shift. the hogwarts letter thing is something ppl pay n it was a trend to play it off as an actual acceptance letter

  • “What’s up pranksters, we’re gonna gentrify your neighborhood. As a Goof!”

  • The egg thing is all about conductivity. It's why you cant use a normal pen as a stylus. The egg had to bridge from finger to phone...saliva might do something theoretically, but You would need to test that a few times to be sure

  • Neil Buchanan plays guitar in a metal band you know....fact!

  • I did some research it’s the opposite of murder. Scientists in Japan and Australia are doing research to create a synthetic form of tissue repair, essentially. they think it can mimic biological processes within the body. So restorative/evolutionary purposes. Sounds cool actually but it’s NOT in vaccines

  • Bro what’s the ip to hogwarts bro I’m bout to shift over. Oh damn your server is full fucc bro.

  • Poor Kurtis, so afraid of the shifting community that he has to semi entertain the idea of shifting so he isn't jumped by angry harry potter nerds

  • Calling Jake a rejected batman villain explains him perfectly

  • The egg shit hilarious but bro tone down the political shit

  • So as someone who is under 30 and healthy, I’d rather not take the vaccine so I know if I have symptoms so as not to spread the virus to others. Pretty simple man. Vaccine = lowered symptoms in someone who already may have light symptoms and going around spreading Willy-nilly. No vaccine = knowing immediately when I have symptoms so I can stay away from others. I really really don’t mind taking one for the team so that I don’t spread something to others, so seriously please stop with the nonsense and engage in some critical thinking. Damn man I though I had a new channel to subscribe to and enjoy :/

    • If your argument was based on medical advice, then medical professionals would be saying it. They aren't. So it's not. Do whatever you want man, you're entitled to make bad or dangerous decisions if you want. But don't pretend there is medical evidence for your dumbfuckery.

    • @rgoodwyn Well said

    • This is complete nonsense. You are way more likely to catch it with or without symptoms if you refuse the vaccine. If you don't want to do the rational thing that's fine but don't pretend it is based on any sort of science or logic. You are just selfish and ignorant. haha and you are trying to cancel him because you disagree with him? Try not to be so sensitive. It's a rough world.

  • Kurtis I finally tried shifting and you are not going to believe the results I got dude I fell asleep.

  • what exactly makes you think alex is a guy, wouldn't it make more sense it's a girl? i mean, just asking. cause girls cheat too lol

    • Probably because the name Alex is used literally more than 1000% more for men than women? Why would it make "more" sense?

  • President of Brazil (Bolsonaro) said in an interview that got the vaccine would turn into alligators 🐊

  • This shifting thing reminds me of my third grade friend who told me if he ran fast enough he would turn into a tiger. But that was third grade.

  • Shifting is real but not in "I shift to other realities" but as "I dissociate so hard, that daydreaming becomes lucid dreaming". Dissociation is really harmfull and a bad coping mechanism, that said, it is better than suicide. If you can, seek medical help asap Signed, a person with maladaptive daydreaming

  • You know what else they called a conspiracy theory? Joe Biden’s green screen incident look it up

    • what in the world are you guys rambling about

    • @Savannah S. I work in Oil and Gas so forgive me for not weeping because oil prices went back to a decent amount. You should keep spreading the truth though sister! I hope you are taking steps to protect yourself from space lasers and lizard people. Some folks don't take them seriously!

    • @rgoodwyn And gas prices didn't skyrocket and all the people who died in Afghanistan did so for a purpose and Biden's name doesn't mean "Alas, judgement" in Hebrew

    • They also said we landed on the moon! Nonsense.

    • Exactly! They also said Ted Cruz was not the Zodiac killer and that the secret affair between Trump and Hillary was all made up. When will the sheeple wake up?

  • Good god that's an awful looking scrambled egg😂😂

  • A literal egg typed this comment

  • I was watching this video on the bus and OMG, the guy sitting next to me (blond hair 18 y/o) legit took my shoe off and ate it. Obviously being a black belt taikwondo I punched him and he regurgitated it WHOLE. He looked at me like I am some kind of angel lol and now we’ve been together for 3 years.

  • The whole shifting thing is imagination it is not magic and that is it

  • Your hair and moustache makes you look like Billy from stranger things

  • Accepts people's made up gender bullshit but can't accept kids having vivid imaginations? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Imaginations?!!! How can you be so ignorant? Shifting actually transports you where you want to go. Perhaps one day you will wake up and stop saying things like this.

  • mannnn cmon kurtis you gotta just let a reference sit sometimes!!! it is okay you don't need to explain it!!!

  • The irony of your rant about personal choice while you’re eating animal products in the same video is just surreal.

  • Even if they were putting artificial intelligence graphene oxide into the vaccine- how does that translate into drones? Don’t they work like a hivemind- the opposite of artificial intelligence? Kinda a nitpick but like… you’re making it up! You can say anything and you say something that can be disproved with the thing you said

  • lmao wait so, I remember art attack but I just realised, they named a kids art show as a play in words if heart attack, it's funny and it shouldn't be

  • The snapping glue incident sounds like something straight out of CS-tv Kids

  • I like to source: inspect element : edit : screenshot : post and troll

  • You were like, I podcast with this person, this person, or this person...and I was like...who? Seemed like a satire on unknown celebrity guests hahaha

  • 10:23 👹FOR MONEY 👹

  • y’all should check out Sarah Z’s video on this topic, called “tumblr’s fakest story”. its fucking crazy, some fake stories are so much crazier than you’d think

  • harry potter fans are just millenials lmao

    • The whole shifting thing just seems extremely unhealthy… as someone who in the past has used similar mechanisms to cope with anxiety and depression, I know that constantly relying on imagining yourself in better worlds or situations, than what you’re currently in, will only do you more harm than good in the long run.

  • I am typing this with a egg

  • This is completely unrelated but my seventh grade science teacher had a bunch of disease and virus plushies hanging from her ceiling, and there were two herpes plushies blushing. I didn’t realize it until I had to go back to that school. Why.

  • I actually went to hogwarts once. It all started when i was getting my drone vaccine and my egg fell out of my mouth while getting nutter butter. Then, a lady flew into me with a shopping cart so hard it sent me to Hogwarts. Then everyone clapped.

    • Wow dude i did too whats the chance

  • jake is lieing all day every day but i believe the egg thing tbh

  • I have the same pan, let's goooooooo

  • Where is my extra getting?

  • Out of about 2.5 million people who saw this video, only 200 thousand could like it with an egg

  • You look kinda like Weird Al Yankovic in the 80s now:)

  • So if the whole point of the thing is shifting into another dimension, then how did she get her hogwarts letter in this one

  • 6:27 That sounds like I horror film . . . I don't feel embarassed to admit I wanna watch that horror film-

  • Shifting is just themed lucid dreaming. So yes it can work. It does feel real and you cans do whatever you want in there but it’s literally just a lucid dream.

  • Thank you

  • Elf bussy

  • i thought alex was a girl

  • one thing that disproves shifting is the fact that in your “dr” the characters are customised to your tastes. An example: I saw a tik tok of two girls arguing because when they “shifted” to MHA one of them said that kiribaku was cannon and another said that bakudeku was cannon. Since your just dreaming or maybe lucid dreaming everything is customised to your views. (I’m not a MHA stan its just a very popular “shifting” place)

  • Video idea: you try shifting for a week

  • Shifting is literally maladaptive daydreaming. I have it, it's a blessing and a curse. It's nice to have an escape from the real world, but it makes it hard to focus on anything, because I'll just stop paying attention to whatever I'm doing and drift off

    • Actually, Kurtis, shifting is really real, I was able to shift myself into reality where I was an egg that fell on Jake's phone, so it was me, I liked the tweet.

  • the shifting thing is so true. i’m super spiritual and all and i think maybe it’s possible but it’s more like you’re dreaming i think. I’m not entirely sure how it works but it’s weird. To me at least- someone who is, again, very spiritual. I don’t know it just seems wack. But i mean i know it can help people cope with whatever they’re going through so be my guest, but yk. Side note also, can someone explain how it works? because i’ve tried it and it never worked for me.

  • what i do think is happening with shifting is that they're just lucid dreaming, controlling their dreams with all those scripts and stuff

  • The gag is the Alex situation lie happened to me ...the guy literally said it was his sister as a prank for me lol later found out he made out with some girl n I was just glad it wasn't incest 🙃🙃🙃

  • nah cuz like deadass i was at lunch a couple weeks ago and i was joking around with my friend talking abt how gross school food is so clearly joking i was like “wow i wonder if this has a microchip like the vaccine” clearly joking this new girl next to me was like “omg finally someone else thinks the vaccine has the microchip” and deadass it was so awkward having to explain to her that i was joking bc she was like “ no there are studies saying it had the microchip” like girl tf?

  • Shifting is just intense daydreaming and meditation. Maybe a little bit of weed in there. Call it as it is, rather than giving it a name and making it into an unhealthy thing. The more you lie, the more your brain thinks those lies are real and now we're just left with a delusional person.

    • Idk who’s gonna tell the shifting community that shifting is just a fancy word for trained dreaming. And shift planning if just manifesting what you want to dream about. Hogwarts isn’t real so it’s not another reality either

  • PREACH to Kurtis for talking about using shifting as an escapism. It's awful. And again, the shiftoker Kurtis comes across are just...not it... Go check Cshitposts or someone of that nature!

  • 22:29 cuz she isnt 11 years old

  • as someone who shifts, i fully agree with you on the Hogwarts thing 🙁

  • me, not really listening to the podcast promo, not really a podcast person: -_- kurtis: even the da vinki twins me: !!! : O

  • Wheres my extra greeting?🥺

    • Does the girl who got her Hogwarts letter not realize that’s supposed to happen when you’re 11? If your so obsessed with the series to the point you’ve convinced yourself it’s real, you’d think you’d remember such a prominent point.

  • "shifting" is straight up just lucid dreaming

  • Shifting honestly just sounds like glorified lucid dreaming

  • You know what's killing our society? Blindly trusting the government and big Pharma who just two years ago we all agreed needed a massive upheaval but now big Pharma is our friend right? The same people that made baby powder that gave people cancer(facts!) or the same ones that put out Oxycontin knowing very well how addictive and deadly it is?(Facts!) Those people? The same ones that made these damn vaccines? Oxy was FDA approved too, that makes it safe right? Don't make a damn video that's supposed to be light-hearted and then shit on people who have different opinions than you about the vaccine. This high-and-mighty attitude makes me want to crawl through my screen and beat you. Not trusting our government and these massive companies that for decades willingly put out products they know they'll get sued for... yup im the idiot. I think I'll stick with not changing my genetic code on trust. You have the vaccine so your all good right? Then fuck off about what anyone else is doing. The only people I know that have even got covid have the vaccine! I'm not unsubscribing because of your opinion I'm unsubscribing because you're being a disrespectful asshole and acting like you know more than the rest of us when I'm pretty confident you're just a CS-tvr and not a fucking scientist. I'll stick to questioning everything, if that makes me dumb then cool. I guess we'll all see won't we? When the next vaccine comes and the cycle starts all over again let's see how willing you are to get it.

  • The bit about the drones is my new favorite thing. r/Unexpected

  • I’m typing this with an egg 😛😛😛😛🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜😜

  • 10:30 r/thathappened

  • Seems like you have something against me.....

  • The only time I feel drawn to shifting is when my mental health is at a low. Take that as you will.

    • The whole shifting thing just sounds like dissociation tbh, speaking as someone with DID whose daily dissociation levels are on par with drugs that I get for free from my brain

  • I am typing this with egg

  • try shifting sir

  • Bro isn't shifting just daydreaming with extra steps


  • Uh “shifting” is just using your imagination do other people not just see pictures in their head like tjay

  • Yo the lid is on that salt how tf that much come out

  • shifting is just extreme maladaptive daydreaming

  • Also those shifters literally fell asleep had a cool dream, and woke up and cried cuz they wanna go back to sleep and back to that dream

  • 22:03 If hogwarts was real, it would be a secondary school in Britain, yano where during your first year you’re eleven and all the characters in Harry Potter get their letters when they were eleven. And all I’m saying is that this girl is clearly not fresh outta primary school.

  • Idk why people even try this stuff. This girl I know, her ex bf, said he can take shots of everclear and be fine but beer gets him drunk. 0 sense. If youre getting drunk off something 4-5% alcohol, how are you not getting drunk off something that's basically pure alcohol? You just sound like a loser and nobody cares

  • kurtis this is one of your best videos istg

  • You look like the guy from Hall and Oates. Idk which is which but mustache man which black mullet

  • kurtis has the best opinions. everyone, be like kurtis

  • kurtis looks like the grinch in the thumbnail, im sorry.