The Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP

čas přidán 20. 10. 2019
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[Japanese Prison Break: FOLLOW-UP]
If you clicked on this, I assume you’ve already watched the “The Incredible Japanese Prison Break”, and as it turns out, many of you had some lingering questions that needed answering, like:
- Where did all the dirt go?
- How can anyone break handcuffs with their bare hands?
- Why didn’t anyone see the rust after using the miso soup?
- How can you add three more years to a life sentence?
- What exactly was Shiratori’s initial crime that led to his first arrest?
- What happened to him after being released from prison?
- Was this whole video just an ad, bro?
- And, as a bonus, what’s the next Kento Bento video going to be about?
I answer all these questions in the video.


  • Get Nebula & CuriosityStream for free to watch thousands of documentaries: Use the promo code "KENTOBENTO" to get 31 days free. *Edit: The video mentioned at the end (the Hong Kong & Macau one) is also exclusively on Nebula. This is due to the story being so unnerving that sponsors didn’t want to sponsor it, and CS-tv demonetizing earlier versions of the upload. Official Kento Bento Merch:

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  • Shiratori: HAHÁ I Tricked You

  • he needs a nerf

  • "No, it's not an ad" Proceeds to the longest ad in CS-tv history...

  • What do you expect? If you beat up a guy to confess to a crime he didn't do, it's only logical that he will in order to stop the senseless abuse. It's a great thing we moved away front that stupid kind of interrogation... legally, anyway.

  • Sharito is the best escapist of all time

  • I’ve watched this video like 22 times and it never gets old.

  • Great escapes you know if the guards in the fourth prison were enough very wise absolutely he couldn't escape at all.

  • The handcuff was fake who could ever break the handcuff and free them self

    • Did you watch the video,bro?

  • Is this guy batman

  • Lol the Segway

  • Pause your video and go to this time stamp and jump take your time to see all of these absurd comments <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="477">7:57</a>

  • i'm disappointed that 1% of the people are talking how tragic and sad his life was, 99% are like jokes, like come on, he was false accused and abused from that, i feel bad

  • Guards:even shiratori cant escape this prison Shiratori:hold these handcuffs and observe Guards:wait,what? (Get it?)

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> De-grossified? This is worse than before!

  • What no one asked was, how could he have gotten the soup on that window to loosen them up, while he had iron handcuffs and could only eat like a dog?

  • They really should do a movie about this

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> For example, in the Netherlands a life sentence in prison is actually 18 years.

  • Your video and channel is mentioned on Yoshie Shiratori’s Wikipedia page.

  • That's not the purpose of adding time to life sentences or multiple life sentences. When you are charged with a crime your sentence is based on that one crime. So take multiple murders for example: If you are accused of murdering 6 people, the state prosecutes you for ALL SIX deaths to make sure that you are found guilty of AT LEAST one of them, but let's just say the jury only finds that there is enough evidence to convict you of murder in two cases, and not the other 4. So now you face 2 life sentences. A few years go by and your lawyer finds a loophole of the law where the police mishandled some evidence, your case is thrown out. Now you still have one life sentence to serve. You find out your mom is dying and escape prison to go see her. Later you are caught, and sent back to prison on your life sentence term with 3 years added for the escape. A year goes by and new evidence surfaces that allows for a retrial of your case. You are still found guilty, but on a lesser charge of manslaughter, which carries a lighter sentence which would allow you to get out on time served, except that you still have to serve the time for your escape. Adding time to life sentences and multiple life sentences are a way of insuring that no matter what, you're going to be in prison for a long time.

  • Loved the original video ! I don't get the ad complaints. It's a fully animated free 25mn video. You should include the time and resources it took to create your video to put things in perspective.

  • "For those who take it more seriously - I'd recommend Nebula" That legit made me laugh out loud.

  • Hope you feel better Kento Bento

  • yoshie shiratori is a real guy check in google

  • shiratori: i can break these cuffs officers: you can't break those cuffs shiratori: HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH (breaks cuffs)

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="326">5:26</a> An anime crossover

  • After all of that the daughter wanted nothing to do with Yoshie. :-( Some daughter...

  • At first I thought getting 2 life sentences was that the prisoner's reincarnation will be imprisoned too 💀💀

  • Ur segues are great doe. This one in particular

  • Prison parkour 😂😂 yup thanks for the laugh

  • For some reason, after all this, I'm now craving miso soup, even though I have never tasted it before.

  • Maybe the guy can easily break the handcuff because you said it was an extreme winter, so i thinking that the handcuff was frozing the iron a bit and thats what makes the handcuff weakin. But that is just a theory A HANDCUFF THEORY NOTE: Its not that i didn't believe what the video says, im just saying :v

  • I saw a anime fight scene as a ad right when she said let me show you the alternative ending lol

  • Wish more did Follow-Up vids.

  • The hate to ad transition was too smooth

  • *Damn this would make a good anime*

  • i just relized how did they not see the wirs on the barrel of water missing? wuldint they do inspections?

  • I’m actually quite sick, and - ME: CORONA AH AH AH RUN!!!

    • Wait Corona can hop through screens!? *Starts wiping his computer clean*

  • Person: * opens monopoly box* where tf are my get out of jail cards? Shiratori: hehe

  • Don’t question asian people they may have small wieners but they have incredible super powers

  • Kento bento: I used the ad destroy the ad


  • Telling us how to avoid ads while giving us an ad, he is too powerful HE MUST BE STOPPED


  • why the hell does this shiratori guy somehow sounds like he’s ash lynx

  • Theres a reason why linked cuffs are being replaced with hinges, because they CAN be broken if the guy is strong enough.

  • He never should have gotten 20yrs. !

  • I hate ads

  • DAMN CHARLIE... Why you gotta do that for? Not enough finger biting?

  • Next video: Hello kitty murder Roasted pork bun murder

  • shiratori's stats +1000000000000000 keen +100000000000000000000000000000 strength +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hold my cuffs kento bento's stats +1 sub from me

  • Crazy how Japan celebrates Freedom of a false system.

  • how did he found kobayashi's house

  • Shiratori My Brain: Shiratorizawa

  • omg

  • About the first question, how far deep did he dig? And, how did he get back up (don't just say his "climbing-ability")?

  • burnt and tastes bad

  • how did he dislocate his bones to get through

  • This deserves to be a movie film!

  • did he die

  • Japan are dumb bec they didnt check anything

  • Why do people care about an ad? You can’t just make money off the video itself.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Is he still alive

  • how did he go to jail

  • I only had one question, why did he attempt to steal hospital equipment?

    • Prob cause he needed medical services but couldn't buy it since police were on his tail

  • Japanese

  • HAHAHAHa all u idiots who thought u were so smart

  • I can climb a wall like him and stay up there held by only my arms

  • I was one of the people who said bad things about the ending...but please understand...I don't mind the ad...the video about the escapes was long and detailed...must've taken you months to make and a creator gotta eat...just the SEGWAY was more creative with the transition and you'll be fine...

  • guards: he can’t escape anymore! shiratori: *this isn’t even my final form*

  • *HES SICK*

  • how did the real tadoshi escape?

  • The Guards: No one can escape this prison! Shiratori: hold my Miso soup

    • prisons that dont give soup:how the tables have turned

  • *Mad Respect*

  • here is the thing too, if the guards had not been cruel in his first prison sentence he might have served it since it wasn't to insanely long

  • The cuffs could've been frozen because of the cold, letting him break it easily.

  • People really didn't know that life sentences are still a set amount of years (depending on place years will vary)... unless it's life without parole... In the US it's 30 years or at least in my state This wasn't an issue or mistake in the video, I just feel it kind of relates: Has anyone heard some people don't realize jail and prison mean different things and they aren't interchangeable. You can't go to jail for the rest of your life- You stay there during your trial and ince your sentenced you go to prison if it's longer than a year and day otherwise you go to the work house- this is fir my state in the US, it may differ slightly for each state and certainly country but jail and prison is still different in all countries. Nor can you get arrested and be brought straight to prison- you start in jail and stay there or out on bail until you're sentenced (even if you're on parole, you still go to jail first then get transferred).

  • Actually, 168 people died in the OKC Bombing, so... would that make it 168 consecutive life sentences?!

  • Did the blacksmiths make new handcuffs every time they removed them because hed have to break them