The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... First Cleeter Test Fit!

čas přidán 10. 01. 2019
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Yeah... this build is NEXT LEVEL! Big thanks to TRZ Motorsports for building that amazing rear end housing!
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  • Pat Benetar's Heartbreaker in the backround at 13:30 lmao

  • If James wants an F-Body, I know a guy with a 1997 30th anniversary edition Camaro SS that's been sitting for years he'll sell. He'd cut a deal I'm sure if you guys made a project out of it.

  • That ElComino is going to be one Very ,Very Nasty !!!!! Helll Yea

  • Did Troy’s hat say “i💗Cooper” on it?

  • This looks like it out of gta

  • This looks like a Level 3 project! I hope that you will have hearing protection in your Helmet as well as communication facilities to keep you above "ground level" for the foreseeable future.

  • When are we getting an update?! I'm excited to hear more!

  • Sorry to say this but it seems the ones that don't know anything get all the financial support to do projects like this. It's makes the rest of us shake our heads.

  • Too many 30 second commercials.

  • I would have loved to own it before you cut it up. Was a fantastic looking Elco when you picked it up! Hope it works after all of this.

  • Best build ever overdose of FREEDOM!!!! Might be hope for the younger gen just yet.keep up the awesome work

  • Hopefully you have a way to prevent the jet from lighting if you pull a wheelstand since that would negate the 1 degree down position of the jet and send you into orbit. Normal jet cars are thrust only and don’t have to worry about climbing the ring gear.

  • Is this a LS assisted jet car or a jet assisted LS car?

  • 4:24 😂😂😂

  • lexan the floor

  • Pls

  • Quad turbski

  • Mullet the jet caMEANo

  • Please just keep aerodynamics in mind (I'm sure you are) I don't want to see the cleeter go airborn. One hell of the build boys!

  • What ever happened to the bug?

  • i love the jet camino guys. well i love all the things yall build iv always wanted to build a camino myself, after i finish the honda ima try to get one for myself (without the jet lol) good job guys!! keep it up and be safe!!!

  • Dress up like a jet pilot when you race it!

  • PLEASE make the Jet a mnt dew can!!

  • icc 2019

  • My hero has always been Art Arafons (spelling) who was THE pioneer in jet car technology. He also though had close calls and accidents. Be safe.

  • 14:28 please tell you will use this set of wheels, looks gorgeus

  • Hell Camino.. 👍 🇬🇧

  • Grab a fist full of freedom and let it ride

  • This is going to be the coolest hybrid Ive ever seen!!

  • I want front row at the tree when you get it built and bring it to Atlanta.

  • This right here is epic.. hybrid

  • Hopefully it doesn't fall apart when the turbine is on.

  • Maybe take it to a wind tunnel to make sure it doesn't turn into a kite at 200+ mph?

  • Be awesome if the tail gate went up and down like the rear spoiler on a Bugatti : jet on opens the gate jet off closes it

  • Looks badass!

  • It must be nice when your parents are part of the elites because this guy would have been screwed without connections from his family

  • I bet James has a fat hog.

  • Literally just got laid off last week been binge watching your CS-tv channel for like the last week for every horse power need

  • You want to put as little angled sheet metal on the inlet as possible otherwise you will get a lateral load on the car from the wind pushing on the side of your air ram.

  • Low key the jet car project isn't anywhere near as interesting as the turbocharged projects

  • where's the JATO unit on the Impala? Man, I'd like to see another one of those embedded in the side of a cliff

  • you should paint the El Camino Mountain Dew green

  • hope James is still able to balance work and home. Cleetus & Cooper are still single and having fun. James has started a family so he isn't as carefree with his time as he was before. Hope you guys stay a shop family.

  • This car scares me, and I don't have to drive it. Please be careful, I don't want to see any accidents, let alone injuries. That's not what I watch this channel for.

  • Insane...yea cool car dude. Weirdo.

  • I'm far from a pro on race cars, but why the use of a non-collapsible steering column? Even including a full harness keeping you in place, a front end collision could "harpoon" the column into his chest...Just thinking about the safety aspect - no idea what race cars like this typically use.

  • This is gonna be WILD!!!! I can't wait to see it rip

  • Hell yeah brother you're trending!

  • On CS-tv trending!

  • T-Tops for the Camino Please

  • Nice a 35 minute ad from Toyo halfway through the vidro

  • Trending on CS-tv baby!

  • hell yea it's gonna take a while, you can't grow a mullet overnight 😎

  • HELP a women out and subscribe to my channel 😊♥️

  • Is ANYONE Else wondering how they afford to do all this stuff???

  • congrats on trending that's awesome man keep up the good work!

  • #33 on trending

  • This will be in several movies and you will be compensated greatly as I am from the future so I know

  • Cleeter you’re on trending

  • The EARLCAMINO!!!!

  • I still vote you do a huge funnel from the windshield directly to the jet

  • My video about Audi a4 quattro --

  • I bet this feels totally unreal to you guys! So awesome seeing a project come together like this.

  • Hell yeah brother. Pour some mt. dew in that thing and let er’ RIP!

  • Put it on the dyno!!! FULLLLLLL PULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

  • You made Leroy. Why not name this guy Elroy ? From the jetsons

  • All that money into that car and i bet a guy by the name of donk master could smoke him with regular mechanic work on his car

  • leroy and convert

  • You gotta name it" JETHRO!

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  • I want to bring cleetus and cars to Australia let’s get it sorted email me

  • What is these guys main source of income?

  • If you look at my channel there this guy that eats cereal out of a toilet bowl no joke

  • No El Camino

  • About 40 years back, there was a jet/diesel hybrid truck in Australia known as Waltzing Matilda. Some nut took a big truck and bolted an after burning jet engine onto the back of it. I saw it as a kid at the Royal Easter Show. It was completely mental!

  • Oh shit our boy is trending! The main page isn't ready for all this freedom

  • cant wait to see this thing done

  • You have to get the corvette limo on Phoenix Craigslist, it's the definition of freedom..

  • I'm glad that you guys are this serious about this project, you guys make us laugh way too much to risk it, thank you and keep up the great work

  • Paint that jet like a can of mountain dew. That would be sick

  • yeh boi 24th on trending

  • I absolutely love this project but damn I was hoping you were going to jet power the limo and partly still wish you do! Regardless best of luck with the project!

  • Just don't die sending it on this. You're too awesome.

  • Lol. Cooper is over six feet tall? I knew good ol' Cleeter was tall but i thought Cooper was like 5-9 our something. Idk why I thought that was so funny but the thought of Cooper being that tall is funny to me. Man I really need to make it to one of your events some time this year, I love in Ohio tho so it'll take some advance planning.

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  • Two things 1. Be very safe. People have died to jet cars going to fast. 2. Put a little light on the jet shifter so that when you shift the elco into jet mode, it says "Bald Eagles Engaged." On the outside as well so everybody knows you are ready to kill them at a drag race.

  • When you drink some Bartle Skeet while watching some cleetus McFarland #Mtn Dew

  • add an afterburner

  • I know its early days but i think you should think about the leg length, you don't want your legs to be straight when your fully braced. Just in case there's an impact, bent legs will help your bones not to break.

  • team BARDLE SKEEEEEEET!!!!!!

  • Make the El Camino's Theme song: Danger Zone. And have Nick Savage dress up for an entrance of a life-time

  • Its not the same model or make but it reminds me of the car jump at the end of Hooper with Burt Reynolds.

  • I remember subscribing when I first saw grandma learns how to drive stick in 850 hp corvette haha

  • Trendinggg

  • Who the hell thumbs down this video or any cleetus video!!? Just want you to stay safe brother. I have witnessed jet car crashes at SCR in spokane my home town and I have seen how shit can go sideways in a split second.

  • Hell yeah brother #18 on trending

  • Is that the jalopy?

  • What are you going to do with the goat buggies

  • hey cleetus in the next vid can you ask profab if they will do a tube chassis on my muilbu wagon 1979

  • Nice !