The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft

čas přidán 3. 10. 2020
The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft. In this hour long documentary I give an overview of the complete story of Minecraft legend and CS-tvr Technoblade. I will cover everything from the MrBeast $100K Dream VS Technoblade duel, to Minecraft Championship, SMP Earth, Minecraft Monday, The Great Potato War, Minecraft Ultimate and even the Bedwars Winstreak World Record!! This Minecraft Documentary is the first in a line of new content I want to post. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya and friend Konner for helping with sections of the script!!
Twitter: evanmcgaming
Instagram: evanmcgaming
Intro: (00:00)
The Origin of Techno: (00:36)
Hardcore With a Steering Wheel: (02:54)
Bedwars Winstreak Record: (03:51)
Minecraft Monday: (08:05)
Hypixel Skyblock: (16:22)
The Great Potato War: (17:46)
SMP Earth: (24:13)
Minecraft Championship 1-4: (27:51)
Dream Rivalry Begins: (34:57)
Dream VS Techno MCC: (36:40)
Minecraft Ultimate: (43:09)
Final Events Set in Motion: (46:05)
Dream and Techno MCC: (47:00)
100K Duel Announced: (52:16)
Dream VS Techno Duel: (54:16)
The End: (58:32)
00: 00: • Minecraft OST - Pigste...
00: 36: • Alleyways (Instrumental)
02: 54: • This Is Our Land
03: 51: • Video
• Halo Legends OST - Hig...
08: 05: • Covenant Dance Extended
• This Is Our Land
• One Final Effort
16: 22: • TheFatRat - Afterlife ...
17: 46: • Farthest Outpost
• TheFatRat - Origin Rep...
• GarageBand Audio #49 |...
24: 13: • Halo
• Video
27: 51: • Yeti Set Go!
• Video
• Shoot 'em Down
34: 57: • This Is Our Land
36: 40: • Pipeline Pursuit
• Video
43: 09: • Finish the Fight
46: 05: • TheFatRat - Elevate (D...
47: 00: • One Final Effort
• Halo 3 Three Gates
52: 16: • Halo Legends OST - Hig...
54: 16: • Hexagon Force
• Patricia Taxxon - Wave...
58: 32: • Halo Legends OST - Hig...
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  • Cancer can never take away the memories. Long live the King of Minecraft.

    • :O

    • Rest. In. Peace. King 👑

    • That is going to be awesome

    • Yep

    • Pog Champ. (:

  • If Techno knew that everyone was crying right now, he'd say "Cheer up, nerds." Techno was strong till his last breath, so let's be strong for him by remembering all the happy moments we had. Rest In Peace, Techno

    • Amen

    • "Godspeed, you magnificent bastard"

    • im confused what the hell happened

    • ​@imDan Technoblade died due to cancer...

  • It’s not fair, he died so young, atleast he was able to make a name of himself with his 23 years of life. Rest In Peace Technoblade, you will be gone but not forgotten.

  • "And I don't think he's quitting anytime soon" hit me so hard bro. Rest in peace technoblade.

    • I mean, technically he didn't QUIT perse, Fate just hsd other, CRUELER ideas.

    • @Captain Cosmos thanks now im even more sad

    • scheduled uploads?

    • Bro it hit me hard too

    • @Captain Cosmos At least he kept his promise. He didn’t stop uploading until he died…

  • "A Legend doesn't die when they lose their life, They die when they are forgotten." Rest in peace Techno!

  • one of my favorite things about techno is he wasn't just sweaty about pvp. he was sweaty about EVERYTHING. my favorite videos of his aren't of him fighting players, they're the potato war, or him demolishing his friends in party games, (or honestly just of him just hanging out with said friends) It made me so happy to just see him dedicate hours to days to months of his time on being the best at the most trivial things. It was really fun

    • It really was. Techno always played for the fun and giggles until provoked.. and then he pulled out the art of war, you know it was over from that point onward.

  • The “and I don’t think he’s quitting anytime soon” broke me, rip techno, we’ll always remember you

    • I was almost crying. funny to think that he is probably laughing at us for taking this so seriously though

    • he hasn't quit, he's just beating god instead of strangers in pvp

  • Rest in peace my king, techno blade never dies... Not ever in our hearts.

  • Heroes may be remembered, but legends never die.

  • Rest in peace Technoblade. You’ll always live on in our hearts.

  • Greatest player in the history of the internet ❤ Amazing ballance of skill, commitment and self-awareness. He held a mirror up to the world, and he made us laugh at ourselves while we laughed at him. Truly, the best thing that ever happened to all us orphans.

  • No one’s dead when they die, there only dead when the are forgotten. Technoblade will truly never die. Rest easy Alex

  • After my mom died from cancer 3 years ago I started watching techno blades channel more and more often and it always gave me the heart to keep moving forward when he passed away from cancer a little bit less than a year ago it caught me off guard and made me really sad so seeing this video and knowing that he came so far is enough to keep me moving forward even now techno blade if you up there somewhere watching me from above I want you to know that you're my biggest hero thank you for everything you've done and we will continue your legacy,....LONG LIVE THE KING 👑

    • the king is dead :(. Long live the king!

    • I am sorry for your loss :(

    • I’m sorry for your lost but make sure your your always looking towards tomorrow


    • sorry for your loss bud

  • It’s extremely unfair that people like him had to go through such hardships. He deserved the world.

    • Techno never Dies, he is on a better place

    • He got peace, no more unjustified pain

    • It's good, now that we know he's happy in heaven.

    • @Orange planning on taking Alllll The potatoes from god

    • @TheRedheadRedneck not stealing but being given them willingly

  • This was an incredible video, and it really helps put into perspective how much this man accomplished in such short time. His dedication was nothing but admirable, and he will always remain a legend.

  • Every year around this time I rewatch this video and a bunch of technos videos. I'm sure he is even now, devising strategies to beat God at ridiculous challenges

  • It’s crazy to be back watching this video now after his passing. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Legacy of Technoblade video. I know that, if anyone can do justice to his legacy and legend, it’ll be you. RIP Techno, the legend and king of MC.😢

  • watching this video in 2020: "His story is so epic!" rewatching in 2022: *intense sobbing" rest in peace...king

  • And so, the legend will forever continue. Legends may pass, but never die.

  • RIP Techno, you have done well, and gave a show to many. You will be missed by many

  • The king never gave up he will be in our heart for a eternity Rest in peace Technoblade

  • Rest in peace techno, you will be missed.

  • I wish that the legend could have lived longer , his videos were my life and the only thing that made me happy . Gone too soon Rest In Peace , Technoblade

  • After the news from a few days ago, I had to come back to this video. Techno came a long way in his life but cancer had to end it too soon. Techno, you and your skills, videos, personality, who you were as a person will always live on in our hearts. Techno never truly dies 🐷

  • This hurts to watch now that our king is gone. But nothing ever lasts forever, and we are just glad enough to have shared this journey with techno. Just hold strong guys, and don't forget our king.

    • It's sad but be happy you experienced him making content.

    • I will

    • He speedran life. We only deserved techno for those many minutes, after that his work has been done and now he shall spectate all us nerds from the realm above

    • It still doesn't feel real, I can't imagine a world without techno's up-beat funny videos. Rest easy King, I grew up with this man as a main source of entertainment. Techno fought hard, let's not forget him.

    • @Dogfish we will never forget him. If you have kids, show them his videos. We’ll carry on his legacy through future generations

  • may the legend rest in internal peace and may all remember him the way he was

  • Rest easy King, you’ll always be remembered as the king of minecraft. This man created more of a career for himself in 23 years than most people could create in their entire life and he went down a legend.

  • Rest easy, heroes are always remembered, and legends will never die.

  • we’ll miss you techno love your video and your personality and I literally almost cried when I heard the news

  • Rest in peace, may techno rest easy on the wings of eternity. TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES

  • The fact that the history of Minecraft and its Players is being kept this accurately is why The Internet is Undefeated.

    • it's only the large dogshit at pvp ones though, the pvp community is much smaller and not as known.

    • pvp community Is dead people enjoy green men now lol Imagine putting dream or techno against danteh yiikes

    • @Sugondese nuts u clearly don't know anything abt the pvp com if u think danteh would be good nowadays. also he doesn't play on alts lmfao I talked to him a week ago

  • Rest in Peace, Techno. May this world never forget you

  • Man Rewatching this thing is really making me want to cry especially after what happened Rest in Peace Technoblade a True Legend He will live firever in our hearts as technoblade never dies.

  • RIP Technoblade, you’ll never die in our hearts. Thank you Evan for this video

  • I hadn't ever watched a Technoblade video until the last couple days, but I had to look into him, no one had anything bad to say about him and all the comments were positive through and through. Technoblade is a legend.

  • Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Techno is a minecraft legend and he will always live on in the recounting of his epic deeds.

  • This video hits way harder now, technoblade was one of if not the best we had. Techno you will always be missed and your accomplishments will never be forgotten.

    • Yes but Remer he is destroying God and his great grandma in heaven minecraft

    • Yes. The title brings a whole lot more meaning to him being the King of Minecraft

    • @Thomas Berrry destroying God wtf?

    • @triqed it's a reference to something in the DreamSMP

  • It hurts watching this video and learning that his journey is actually over. A new journey will arise for him. Fly higher than heaven technoblade

    • As much as I'd like that to be true, it's not, and everyone knows it, that's why it hurts. F*** cancer.

  • Watching this to see how great the legend was.... Thank you Technoblade you were a true legend soar high and overthrow god!!!!

  • the king has fallen but the memories he made will not be forgotten

  • Almost a year without techno it was hard and nostalgic to watch this but it was such a emotional roller coaster farming potato’s in heaven he still won’t be forgotten

  • Rest in peace Techno. Some of my worst days, you helped me... Thank you for your service!

  • my little brother was so addicted to watching technoblade that when my mom gave him a bacon for breakfast he went full dramatic and start shouting sun tzu quote

  • This hits hard. Really hard. Our king may Rest In Peace. We will all remember techno as the best Minecraft player, or at least I will.

  • This man did all of this in the life of his that was cut much too short. I am devastated that we are not able to see what he would’ve done in the future. Technoblade is more than a legend. He will always stay in the hearts of the millions of people he touched with his personality. Technoblade NEVER dies.

  • Legends never die in our hearts

  • I still think to this dam one of my fav techno moments was by far the buildmart masterpiece cuz it just explains to everyone who he is in that 10 min span. Still miss him but man did he turn out some great content

  • Can’t believe he’s gone and lets be honest he’d still be the best today if he was still alive and he will never be forgotten by the Minecraft community and legends never die they fly high and look down on us RIP the king of Minecraft he will be missed ❤️

    • only for a couple years and then everyone else is also dead.

  • Techno is so good at Minecraft that the only person that could beat his win streak was himself

    • The problem with being faster than light is being faster than light

    • Uhhh obviously Shaggy could beat his record with less than 1% of his power.

    • @Benjamin Schwartz that meme is dead

    • @yThunderBoy and you’re using a yandere dev meme that’s been dead for months for your pfp

  • The Greatest Of All Time. Rest in Peace King.

  • Thank god you made this for us, technoblades memory can use this as a good backbone for all of us.

  • This is the video that made me really interested in Techno. My siblings were really into the dream smp and Ranboo caught my eye in terms of character, and I went down a rabbit hole one night until I saw techno in a few videos. This one popped up in the recommended, and the rest is history. I miss Technoblade.

  • Rest in Peace Techno Blade your Legacy Will Live on …

  • Rest In Peace, techno never dies, for may he live on in our hearts

  • A true Minecraft king, I'm really gonna miss him. He really helped a lot of people, blood for the blood god

  • Rest in peace techno blade we lost a true legend

  • Been bingeing all of his videos. Rest easy King! “TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES” 🐷👑

  • Rest in peace king, you won’t be forgotten

  • This video brings back great memories. Rip Technoblade

  • May this legend rest in peace. Don't be sad they are gone. Be happy they were here.

  • "Technoblade never dies." -Alex Rest in peace, you've done a lot in life and we will all miss you. we will always remember you, and always adore you, you were an amazing person and I hope you'll have a great time up there :).... Goodbye, Technoblade...💔

  • He stayed strong till the end and we should to for his memory. Long live the King! Techno Never Dies!!!

  • A pure legend. Rest in peace techno

  • I miss techno, he was a beacon to us all…… long live the legend of the true king of Minecraft, his legend will live on forever through the community that saw his rise and remembers.

  • We will always remember this legend in our memories and our hearts

  • RIP Techno; we will always love you

  • Rest In Peace Techno 🐷 We lost the best Minecraft CS-tvr in history. Glad to be his subscriber 🐐 #FCANCER

    • technoblade never dies he lives on with us forever

    • He's not gone, he's just stopping the last government, the kingdom of god. Blood for the blood god. #technobladeneverdies

    • @JustanF1fan skulls for the skull throne.......and the video was uploaded 10 minutes after I woke up and had to go to school I was not motivated today in school

    • Proud to be a subscriber to techno too

    • Techno was a legend that we will never forget and will live in our hearts for eternity,rest In peace legend,#Technobladeneverdies

  • This is probably the best way to learn about technoblade if you didn’t know who he was before he died. Rest In Peace king, your legacy is sealed in the book of legends

  • Man I have watched this video so many times and it feels so weird and emotional watching it after what happened.

  • Rip techno his legacy and memory's will forever stay with us❤

  • Technoblade never dies as long as he is in our hearts and memory

  • even with 23 years of life, he still made everyone in a HUGE community call him, a legend. rest in peace technoblade.

  • I just spent 59 minutes learning about Technoblade. And I don't regret it.

  • Wow, he grown a lot, this is also one of the first times I watched a full almost 1 hour long video. This is awesome.

  • I just want to say, I really liked this story, it was very well told, and gave a more complete picture of Technoblade's career. I thought highly of him when I started watching his videos, I thought he was very funny and adventurous. It was nice to see a more human face though, with its ups and downs. It makes his victories even more memorable for it.😹

  • I remember watching this video on a really small channel that was so good I thought, "Damm, this is really good storytelling" and now, 2 years later it has 15 million views. I remember watching this video when it only had 37 thousand views, and now look at it. Technoblade can never be forgotten, and its because of people like Evan, so work so hard to preserve his legacy. Thank you. I dont know if my comment is still there, but good job.

  • R.I.P to the greatest Minecraft player that ever lived. we can only imagine what more he could have done if he was still with us.

  • From legend to merely a legacy Technoblade still dominates the world RIP King

  • You were a legend, Technoblade. I hope you're in a better place now.

  • Rest In Peace, King TechnoBlade, Techno is not dead,he is dead when he is forgotten

  • "They say you die twice, once when you leave this earth, and the last time someone says your name" rip techno you will never be forgotten.

  • He will always and forever be the best minecraft player. He was and still is a true legend. He will be missed. RIP

  • This made me tear up a bit, Technoblade never dies

  • Techno was the best he will never die in our hearts

  • It's not even his gameplay that's entertaining, it's his sense of humor lol.

    • Trueeeee

    • I love his **English major** insults

    • I know right!!!! Like, when he played bedwars his gameplay was top notch, but his very tired tone with that sense of humor really carrier him hard, even when he uploaded once every month

    • Yes

    • Technoblade not only has years of experience,but had the strongest will to do so many things He WILL remain the legendary,maybe even Mythical Minecraft player Even tho Dream is one of the biggest growing talents, Techno is still the best Change my mind ok some of you may have other favourites but Techno amazed me a lot lol

  • Rest in peace my king, techno blade never dies... Not ever in our hearts we miss u

  • Techno NEVER DIES..... Especially in our hearts. Rest in peace.

  • RIP Legend, you'll live on in our memories 🤍

  • RIP techno you will never be forgotten-technoblade never dies

  • Seeing this again after what Techno announced a few days ago makes me remember how far he’s come and how he will get through cancer. Techno never dies, Technosupport 🐷

    • #Technosupport

    • Of course! Just trying to be on the positive side. :)

    • He probably will he have easly survivable cancer with like 80 or 90% of surviving by easly i mean no quite deadly like some others

    • Yep #Technosupport

    • Never give up after all

  • “And I don’t think he’s stopping anytime soon” 😭 Rest In Peace to the King of Minecraft

  • Not the Legend we deserved. The legend we needed. Keep riping in heaven Techno. Your an angel now.

  • Rest in Peace. Technoblade, You Will Be Remembered. Always.

  • Techno really is the king of Minecraft, and I can't help thinking about the fact he won't be in another MCC. Rest in Peace Techno.

  • “One can save millions, Yet sometimes, Millions can’t save one.” Fly High King, Rest In Peace Legend, Technoblade Never Dies.❤

  • I'm here to watch this again to be reminded of how amazing techno was. R.I.P Alex/techno although you have left this world, we, your fans, will always remember you and the legacy you have built, so one day when we get old and have kids, we can tell them stories about how you made our childhood great. "TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES"

  • This video hits different now that he's gone REST EASY NOW MY KING TECHNO YOU WILL NEVER DIE IN OUR HEARTS

  • Rest in peace, and shall you remain in all our hearts.

  • Transcended the physical world, but he tasted the mountain top first. A true legend

  • Rewatching this so that I never forget how much of a legend this many was