The Lo Res Car Is a Truly Insane Vehicle -- and I Drove It!

čas přidán 9. 09. 2021


The Lo Res Car is really, really strange -- and today I'm reviewing it. Check out one of the strangest cars I've ever reviewed, and enjoy a thorough tour of the quirks and features of the Lo Res Car. I'm also DRIVING the Lo Res Car to let you know what it's like behind the wheel.


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  • It needs a polish

  • Reminds me of a old hotwheels I had

  • Downgraded Cybertruck

  • tttthhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHISSSSSS!!!! is the Unity Asset Glitch car.

  • You should try the Antro Solo.

  • Lo Res car exists Elon Musk: reduce the polygons on the cyber truck.

  • Looks like it's gonna tip over

  • um won't you run out of oxygen and what if it get hot outside

  • I want this so bad.

  • If these guys partnered with Ariel Atom, they could have an insane vehicle.

  • Sell this to Elon Musk. Wait... or did you buy it from him?

  • Driving Manny Khoshbin's desk

  • How many times you gonna say low res

  • The Rimac just chilling

  • In the game development we call this low polly model.

  • This guy deserves an award for how good he is at pointing out the obvious.

  • Saints Row 3 about to be real

  • Its hideous. Looks like a 12 year old's drawing came to life. Not to mention how disgusting it is inside, not once did these people think of cleaning the musty ass cheese stains in it. Could name 100 cars that doesn't shake and drive as horribly as this off-brand batmobile🤦‍♂. Sounds like a little toy remote car driving around in the kitchen. I do not care if it "looks cool", the car is a literal piece of garbage. No way in hell will anyone with an actual functional mind buy this😂. Literally any other car>this cheap wannabe alien spaceship

  • Thats not a car.

  • Sickest golf cart on the course

  • I spent the first minutes trying to understand where the front was. Not successful.

  • No

  • You need to review that Saturn Vue parked in the driveway where you kept turning the Lo Res Car around. It's definitely a quirky car.

  • Thats a fancy go-kart

  • It's so freaking weird. I want one.

  • It’s simply a long go kart on steroids

  • Only one album that should be playing while riding in that: Presence

  • Is this Tesla's roof flew off a Tesla Cybertruck.

  • Looks like a late 90’s electric pencil sharpener… and he’s going to review it 😳🤣

  • Love the design tho

  • You could easily deceive anyone as this being a UFO recovered from Area 51

  • If this is where car design is going I'm sticking with my 80s vehicles

  • Why would anybody invest this piece of giant shit?

  • Man woke up and decided to whip the polygon

  • it makes the cybertruck look like a daily car

  • Future car with wheels???No shit!! Where is the em-drive turbine motor?? This must break the speed of light!!! This is an box of rats , a rats nest!!!Hahahahahaha

  • So it's bizarre right?


  • I feel like the car was trying to shut him up when the top was closing

  • This car was in Golden Eye 64. 😂

  • When is WhistlinDiesel going to give this thing a spin?

  • Doug score for this video is obviously watchable but sort of somewhat isn't, therefore giving it a total daily score of Bizzare out of Fifty.

    • haha luv u doug continue the great content

  • Why?

  • Kight Rider 2021

  • THIS is the tesla cybertruck...

  • Doug I think that number that's stuck at 200 and something is the hour meter.

  • That thing just look like a whole bunch of foolishness!

  • 😂😂😂 this car makes cyber truck Tesla look REALLY amazing😂😂👍👍

  • the lo resolution car

  • It seems to have more in common with the original Lancia Stratos concept car than the Contach ...take a shot everytime he says "Lo Res Car".

  • This is so cool 😎

  • Looks just like Braniac's space ship from smallville.

  • This is one of the weirdest strangest car I have ever seen.

  • The joy on Dougs face says it all!!!

  • Bruh Elon musk started all this... pretty soon people might start driving squares and triangles.

  • This makes me think it has tank tracks

  • so stupid a 5 yr old can build it

  • Have a crash how would you get out🤷🏾‍♂️

  • 😂Expert minus a red/blue trackball🖲

  • Soo it's a potato?

  • Doug is the "would ya just look at it" guy

  • Can it fly no? Gtfo then

  • I saw this at the Petersen museum and really enjoyed this out-of-this-world review. Thanks!

  • ‘ Unless if it can time travel to the past and fly and go around the planet earth in less than 15 minutes and go over 55,000 FT and go under the deepest part of the ocean then it’s ok with me 👍😂 - I’ll buy three then

  • If only it could fly.

  • This is what happens when you walk too far away from your car

  • The design lends techniques to an Aptera or Riley XR3 clone EV that bolts together at home; a few flat panels and just add our choice of power trains No doors to seal or hinge !!

  • is Doug the son of Jay Leno?

  • You doing the geometry dash

  • The car isn't loading for me

  • cybertruck is better than this

  • It looks like a Lamborghini's hitbox

  • Should had just called it The Alien Car! Am I right👽??

  • how that car is street legal lol?

  • People drive by and go home gonna be like "you wont believe what i saw"

  • Its a go cart with a lid

  • This is a baby cybertruck

  • I rather walk

  • For anyone that doesn't get it - Lo Res is a short for 'Low Resolution' car, which is something taken from a graphical 3D design where you would have very few amount of details(poligons) on an object.

  • Looks like a dining table

  • It’s looks like a computer mouse

  • How long does it take to rez ??? Hahaha

  • This is the most Hideous thing ive ever seen

  • BTTF2085: the LoRez time machine

  • its a electric go cart with a stupid shell over it, and poorly designed

  • Inspired by cyberpunk 2077

  • Looks like a broken arrowhead thats been polished

  • Thank god for the mute button , I'm just watching for the reactions of other ppl to this car

  • electric e simplu, are un motor electric brushles, 1 controler, si un acumulator pe 48 volti nominali, full 54.7 volti, dar masina este facuta foarte ieftin o mizerie cu butoane prea simpla , nu are nici macar un display de calitate nu are nimica,o mizerie.

  • 48volti nominal ,full it 54.7 volti, 40 volti =00 . the dor it functional ha ha ha .... :)... it is 12 volti.

  • Lenovo mouse

  • There is go kart underneath

  • new freezer

  • Cut his hands off he couldn’t talk

  • Doug: “This is the worlds largest piece of Shungite.. and today I’m going to drive it!”

  • I just subscribed and then I unsubscribed in just a few mins because of how many ads are in a single video!!

  • So an electric kart with a weird chassis xd

  • so the guy built it in his barn? coool? would have been cooler on a bike frame.

  • So how can you drive this car on a road that has big bumpers