The Manliest Laptop Ever - Dell Rugged Extreme Review

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
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The Dell Rugged Extreme is basically indestructible, but why would anyone need that?
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    • @Corey Stuber but they are! at least iphones are

    • Funny that dells calls it rugged since Toughbook has been calling their laptop that for many years. I believe I first saw it call rugged over 12 years ago. By the way their 14" toughbook 54 lite is only 1500

    • Linus Tech Tips got a ridge wallet. And I love it.

    • nice reference, Love those guys

    • @Max Painnope

  • Lmao the keyboard backlight has rgb

  • a copy from ACER

  • "You can literally stand on it and its not going to care" Boogie2988:

  • I've always thought these were the coolest things humans ever invented. 2nd place goes to Nextel's "on the site" walkie-talkie phones. That being said the outdoors terrify me.

  • shoot it

  • WW2 Generals wished they had this.

  • 4:55 "Hello, Dell customer care. How may I help you?" "Hi, this is Mark Watney..."

  • what about painting it pink and watching some sweet yuri hentai on it

  • I can't understand why you guys degrade or deliberately underrate a product by telling us gameplay performance and saying "Can't do any colour accurate work". This product is not designed to do all those things.

  • this is literally the "go play outside" joke

  • Obviously the one most popular application of a laptop like this would be the military, but maybe that's just a no-brainer

  • Set one of these up the other day. If you like early 1990s LCD displays and mushy crap keyboards. Yep buy one.

  • i want to be a paleontologist and that laptop would be great on a expedition so you wouldn't have to worry about sand on your laptop or dropping it and break the thing with all your data

  • this was such an ad

  • The Laptop's Toughness will Be smashed because every technology is not Plainrock124 proof.

  • Man! He's becoming a much better and more comfortable host for these vids. Happy to see him

  • sooo.... i saw the pricetag... good bye...

  • Ive seen some of them onboard when ive been deployed, got to hit one with a hammer to test it so that was fun lol

  • This is what the troops carry with them when they go to Afghanistan

  • So I know this computer is water proof, dust proof, tornado proof, alrin proof, nuclear strike proof, ect but who even needs a laptop in such conditions???


  • “I would take water resistance over a 2080” Weak pleb

  • The intro reminded me of adult swings watch our streams

  • 5:04 Hello from Seattle...................

  • This laptop is nowhere near as tough as a nokia 3310

  • nuclear codes inside.

  • I don't know why, but I suddenly feel attacked after that ridge wallet Segway about all of the gift cards and hotel keys still in my wallet. 😃

  • ----- /!\ Alert /!\ ----- Tactical Nuke Inbound

  • look like a computer that a scientist would use

  • Finally something child proof.

  • The manliest laptop is a laptop I can kill a bear with, repair my car, protect myself from my wife and play Crysis 3 in 4k and over 120fps with.

  • Now let's wait for a laptop that is as rugged as the US president's plane

  • Look at those thicc bezels

  • Dude! You're getting a Dell!

  • i need this

  • i need this

  • To be honest I would totally carry around a laptop like that. Just looks unique and awesome!

  • I came here hoping that they would try and break it

  • skate on it

  • That laptop screams "I'm a warehouse worker, construction worker, greasy mechanic, or safari jeep person". lol

  • 0:58

  • I thought the start was an ad that’s not manly

  • A cheap crappy copy of Panasonic laptop lol

  • Judging where we're heading, a post-apocalyptic world, this laptop is for me.

  • Cause you need to call in a predator strike to a noob, while also calling in predator strikes on noobs

  • Good job Alex

  • I think these laptops are aimed for the military

  • Found out something new, the RGB keyboard function FN +C. Our company just bought like a few dozen of them to replace their aging Panasonic CF-19 MKIII-IV. Quite a upgrade. I work as a geologist and we this laptop for logging on a drill rig in the Australian Outback desert where it often tempt get to 45+ celsius, in dusty and in rainy condition on the back of a tray-back ute so any lesser laptop just wouldn't really last. The best upgrade over the CF-19 and my own personal CF-31 MkIV is the bigger screen size, all day battery life, faster system, and much better screen colour accuracy (in order of importance). I only gripe at the moment is its system reliability across the board, some of program esp. the database ones on some of the machines (which use the same image) keep crashing and some have WIFI issues so being in use for a less a year and having stability issues on at least 10-15+% (that I know of) of the machines its lucky we have numerous backup machine we can swap out, but If i brought this as my one and only lap and paid this much money I'll be pissed. Last thing you want in the middle of no-where is unreliable equipment, I don't remember having these issues on the old Panasonic toughbooks. Also their spring latch locking mechanism over the ports I'm pretty sure won't last years. I'm started to finding it hard close the RHS covers, you really have to pushy hard and hopefully the latch connect. To me that's a design flaw, hopefully they can be easily replaced when worn.

    • nice tip, can i ask you a question? i heared that rugged laptops make loud fan noise for its protective cover design. Does it really make annoying fan sound? I wanna buy dell 5240 rugged for distorted preference but i don't want a noisy laptop. If you have ever used your rugged laptop in office, i wanna know your opinion about this fan noise.

  • Takes the laptop into the forest Windows: CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED

  • I just found out that my touchpad is capacitive!

  • Theif: *shoots* Me: Laptop

  • I'm sorry, but every laptop I've ever owned wound up broken in some way, including the two I use now. It's made for me.

  • crying openly to the Iron Giant. Manly AF

  • Why do none of these rugged laptops use a trackpoint?

  • too expensive. just buy multiple normal laptops instead and replace when broken

  • Would love this for midi sequencing duties in a live setting. It costs more than my entire setup thought.

  • This thing looks like it can double as a bulletproof vest in Afghanistan, while being used to steer an atomic missile that will fall in North Korea remotely

  • can we get someone with more testosterone to shoot this "manly laptop" video

  • Someone list the price

  • It Isn't Thick It's *_T H I C C_*

  • The smartcard reader tells you the default user of it

  • That intro tho...

  • i thought it was pewdiepie in the thumbnail

  • 5 grand? I'd rather buy 5 apple stands, thank you

  • I do like my laptops thicc

  • Linus: Is ur wallet filled with useless things? Me: It is filled with nothing

  • my hinges broke on my laptop, again! I can only get a couple of years out of my cheap laptops. Maybe I should consider something like this!

  • 00:58 Hahaha

  • This fella shoots drugs lol. Look at those god damn Track marks boy

  • Since a Macbook is too fragile for me... Thinkpads did it for me mostly. But this seems surprisingly reasonanble...

  • If it can play dota 2 and some indie games, it's powerful enough for me and its exetremely.durable.

  • He looks like pewdiepie

  • I support a small fleet of these at work. They are hit or miss in the quality department. Most tend to have Drive and motherboard issues requiring an onsite tech to replace components or shipping back to the service center. I'm disappointed with Dell. These are Dell's Premium Product that we pay about $2500+ per machine and they have awful QC. I won't even get started on the buggy docking stations. If my company would allow us to go to a different manufacturer, I would drop Dell in a quick minute.

  • If it's ATEX approved. They'll have a market. At my dad's job they recently all got an iPhone 11. The field operators had to have a ATEX zone 2 case for it. Thing costs almost as much as the phone itself.

  • bro, this laptop is for military use wtf

  • dammn bruh you *THICC*

  • Betting it can't stand usb killer

  • We just started getting these issued in the army

  • This is what you use to call down that 25 killstreak airstrike