The Massive Chinese Cities You've Never Heard Of... Yet

čas přidán 26. 05. 2021
Shenzhen and Wuhan are household names, but dozens of other Chinese cities are yet to achieve the same notoriety, despite now having enormous populations and playing a huge role in the global economy. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics - Thomas Canton

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Additional footage and images courtesy of Google Earth, Buernai and Shanshan Group.

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  • I love this channel. It has got me and all of my friends interested in construction! After watching this channel I now want to become an architect! Thanks B1M!

    • Repent to Jesus Christ!! “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ H

    • you can help the chinese build on top of the ruins that will be here after they invade.

    • Hazza perhaps you could design a new concentration camp building for the CCP, sorry lol 're-education facility'

    • There are some good. But also some biased bad informed one. The one about China's tallest building in Shanghai was poorly reported and completely NOT true about it's flaws.

    • better not

  • I'm America, the workers that build those buildings make $70k or more per year plus excellent benefits. In China the workers will be lucky to get a meal at the end of their shift. They also still use bamboo to make a lot of their buildings. China is not a success. It's a big version of Dubai. It looks impressive, but that's about it.

  • My Grandma went to China few years ago, and there was a slum town in-front of her hotel and she said she woke up one morning to it of being knocked down overnight and she went out that dyay and came back and were was half a skyscraper there they build so fast.

  • Some western politicians watch your videos and go mad thinking "we need to slow them down"?

  • wheres jhon xina and the wok?

  • I’m always amazed at how many massive major cities that China has that are bigger and more modern than the city I’m from… I’m from NYC.

  • Near the beginning of the video, you actually show a timelapse of Shanghai's Nanjing road, not Foshan.

  • Duh. Foshan is the home town of Bruce Lee. Its where countless Chinese left to venture out. Only westerners have never heard of Foshan.

  • Hahahahaha. No wonder we’ve never heard of them. Empty cities just like the shit in North Korea. WHOOPS!!!!!!!!

  • The real long term question ! What's more important Cities or farms

  • I actually had a English teaching job in Foshan. I took a job in Shanghai instead. I know they have a statue of Bruce Lee there.

  • Good video but the pronunciations are quite off. It's "Faux-shahn" not "Foo-shahn"; "gway-yang" not "goo-yang", for example.

  • I dream to visit China each day, and guess what, let it be a Business trip😉

  • at the beginning of the video I swore I saw a city made on the cities skyline, but then I realized it's real

  • Truth is the Chinese system is designed to be problem-solving, no bullshit just pure problem solving

  • 113 cities with over 1 million people !

  • A !massive blitzriek by CHINESE government to Irradicate and Exterminate Poverty. , keep on Rolling CHINA don't Stop!!

  • Repent to Jesus Christ!!! “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • I come from a small city of 4 million people

  • America has Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos😀😁

  • The best example could be Dongguan

  • Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

    • He's not like other brokers that will start telling you stories and excuses why they trade didn't go well after collecting your money

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    • Seeing alot of success stories, he's must be an honest and trustworthy person for people to say this good about him

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    • Really y'all know him ? I even thought I'm the only one who he has helped walked through the fears and falls of trading

  • 佛山场子比较少,都要去广州找小姐

  • Love that you tried this, not an easy topic to try to capture in 7 minutes. Funny that you had Deyang on that map but not Mianyang btw. Also you could do a video just about Chengdu "the new York of Central China" with a small population of 12 million or Mianyang, a rural scientific and military complex of 6 million. Also got to work on your accent lol.

    • chengdu is chengdu, not disgusting new York of Central China. Chengdu have thousands years history, Don't link it With that barbarian new York city.

  • I just really wish China wasn’t so isolated I mean the communist regime is probably the main reason why China is even United (somewhat) however it just feels so weird not to see millions of Chinese in social media apps and search engines the rest of the world uses

  • This is kind of development u get when u have trade imbalance with almost every country... artificial control of currency and claim half of Indian Ocean to claim explicit fishing right and underwater minerals

  • Our new generation will read about infrastructure development of China

  • For an news channel you should at least take the time to learn how to say the cities names properly. Hurts my ears to hear them mangled like this.

  • 國速盛

  • This is a propaganda video for China.

  • Hi from a Foshan local

  • No wonder my friend called where she is from - Yanji - a small town - population a mere 700,000 plus.

  • I know Foshan bcs of Ip Man!

  • Provinsi di China yg ukuran kecil kemajuannya setara Jakarta ...sedangkan desa di China kemajuannya setara provinsi di Indonesia selain Jakarta... Dari sini kita bisa melihat begitu tertinggalnya Indonesia bagai langit dan bumi kalau dgn China....

  • China must have to take care of the projects assigned with Pakistan. It's been a long and Pakistan really love his neighbors. Mr shi is makes the china in good economy ,,✌️

  • Minimum wage laws took this growth from US to China

    • soo you want to enslave labour with unlivable wage?

  • And soon they'll be empty like so many other new Chinese cities. The consequences of the one-child policy will soon come home to roost. China has a HUGE demographic problem the will take no less than 2 generations to overcome.

  • Those who think that China has only developed for 30-40 years are wrong. In fact, China has developed for 70 years. In the first 30 years, China built more than 50000 reservoirs, established and developed almost all industrial sectors, and raised the literacy rate of young people to 95%. Today's achievements can only be achieved by making wedding clothes for the next 40 years in the first 30 years.

    • How is Evergrande group downfall affecting real-life china? Is it as bad as the internet makes out to be or has no effect at all?

  • All made with the white man's technology. While we become 3rd world.

    • white man technology? your scientist and NASA are all immigrants. the sad truth is USA is trying to hire smart immigrant to compete with China.

  • It sucks. so congested. difficult to breath. 😨

    • The countryside in China is very beautiful now, much cleaner than ten years ago, and life is very good.

    • Yes, China has 1.4 billion people. I am Chinese and I feel that the city is very crowded. So i live in the countryside

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  • Lol what a pathetic video, I’ve heard of all.

  • I badly want to become an in the future 😅 that's why I'm watching this kind of videos

  • China Rocks

    • yeah cause concentratio camps , censoring , a really poor human rights records rocks.

  • It's Foshan not Fushan. You'd think you guys could at least read the cities' names properly

  • This is what happens when the capitalists don't hoard all the wealth and don't waste billions on defense spending

  • Fertile land sacrificed for urban development... Going to be China's biggest mistake.

  • Foshan is pinyin and the sound of "fo" is similar to round o in "bot" but a little bit longer, not fooshan

  • at 0:42 on the lower right side of the video there is a building that looks like the star trek insignia, anybody knows where that is?

  • Nice video

  • This kind of things are happening when the government is working properly for the people not only for them self 👏👍

  • who downvotes this video ? its not opinion or political based

  • I was in Jinan last year. The city is very green and very historic. Very beautiful Daming Lake.

  • Having lived in Jinan for a few years, I would like to say it is NOT a green city. It's gray and polluted, the population is mostly composed of plastic bags .

  • If they keep going at this rate....they will be running out of land in 100 years

  • Show this to our DO NOTHING Congress where so-called “senators” and “representatives of their states” where they do NOTHING but collect a paycheck for about a 1/2 of year of work! 😡. China will soon over come us on EVERYTHING….thanks to our worthless bitching and moaning about stupid issues instead of helping to solve our problems! 😡

  • And today September 2021 it’s all coming down ,,,,,,,,

  • It’s thrilling how fast humankind is developing recently. Can’t wait to see how the world will look like in a few decades. I’m very optimistic we will sort out most of our problems and do something amazing.

  • Beautiful city and unique building

  • I read if china has 1.300 metro city and 2.000 small city

  • Lived next to the lotus stadium

  • Then I saw the thumbnail I tought that he used a cities skylines screenshot…

  • Foshan is very famous for its no-shadow feet.

  • "it was home to just 758k people, and is now almost the same size as Hong Kong" yeah but... that doesn't really tell me anything? I'd have to lookup the population of Hong Kong now. I saw a flash of the counter at 7.4M, but I don't know if that's just visuals or actually meaningful.

  • plant more green trees and plants in cities for greenary wuth buildings.

  • Repent Jesus is calling you guys to repentance

  • Would have loved a crane at that time

  • One note, doesnt athens approach 4.5 million? I mean if you only take the inner city i guess it is less than 3.3 like the guy in the video said but i am pretty sure it is quite urbanised up to 4.5 million.

  • All those cities, and no culture. Thats why we don't hear of them, not size.

  • China is the number 1 superpower.

  • Very good channel., this is video by myself in China, welcome to view.

  • Chongqing, in fact, is the biggest city in China in term of population, which tons of people haven't known about

  • come on man! for real? u gotta mention Chongqing and Suzhou, too!

  • i heard china is quite literally falling apart, because the building aren’t built right. you could live in a penthouse and drive a Lambo but you can’t flush your toilet because it’ll put too much strain on the buildings pipes

  • Imagine all that hard work and study behind this miracle. This did not come from handouts and perpetual transfers...

  • It's all bullshit. Somewhere in the forties, due to climate change, caused by 'so-called' development, society as a whole, will fall.

  • It's ok I'm sick of hearing about it. Thanks.

  • Too bad EVERYTHING they "build" anymore , collapses in less than 20 years !

    • Jajaja nope Data dont shows that

  • 6:48 Which city is that? it so beautiful

  • When they think about Kunming: 🌺🌼🌹🌻🌸🥀💮🌷 What it's really like: ✨6M people✨

  • This topic perfectly represents how hypocrisy and double standards are still very much in effect

  • 4:55 Nice cameo.

  • This is what happens when a government is more concerned with home and country than foreign affairs.

  • I thought it was 1Billion views and clicked

  • Man I want to travel to China to see these amazing wonders and experience their culture but I’ve always been afraid I won’t come back because of the tensions between Washington and Beijing.

    • @FDR what he said is that you don’t need to worry.China is totally different with what western medias told you.a lot of American lived in China actually.and i think you should go to China to see the world by yourself and you will find how ridiculous the medias are.and…….i encourage you go to XinJiang to see so-called “genocide and camp”😂

    • @FDR it’s so interesting that America medias picture China as a dangerous enemy, Chinese people can tell the tension between the two countries, but we think it’s more like an economy problem , so we’re facing a Cold War atm. But I really don’t think it will bring you any troubles if you want yo travel in China. Welcome to China after the pandemic 💕

    • @FDR Many Americans travel and living in China. Two nucler powers fall in war? Forget of it.

    • @Oliver Feng What do you mean? The government and media in the U.S is always like “China is the enemy and soon we will be going to war against them!” I’m not lying either, all the way from CNN to Fox News. I want to go but I’m afraid something would happen.

    • I only can say you thought too much

  • China isnt emerging its already a superower

  • No wonder US and its allies suddenly got interested in waging war with China. China's infrastructure aren't designed to withstand an all out war, is designed to support a growing population. The last thing US wanted is a non white nation grew more prosperous then them.

    • Or maybe it’s because China is an authoritarian dictatorship that is exerting influence worldwide

  • China. Goated in ancient times. goated in modern times. theres a reason why it's called the middle kingdom.

  • 6:48 which city is this ?

  • Overpopulated and crowded …. No thanks

  • Funny- I live near Foshan and just got back from Guiyang on travel. Next week I will go to Ningbo and Wuxi on business trip. I am always amazed at China's grandiose development that changes by the month. Places that I visited half a year ago look quite different, never mind if it takes you years between visits. Amazing channel B1M!

  • As long there no war world 3 in the picture than all of these tall buildings will stand tall.

  • Its not impressing. I want to leave this planet

  • Welcome to “Learning about Chinese cities set to epic trap beats” with The B1M

  • funny story, while living in Shanghai i went with family to visit relatives in other city ,it was 3-400km trip, they didn t bother more than: it s a small city,not sure name,3rd tier city in China. on the end city has 5mil people,looks quite ok. my country has 4mil

  • Every city in China is big as or bigger than Los Angeles LOL

  • And my country only has one city with a population of over one million lol.

  • If it wasn’t for the Chinese government, I would think China was a really cool country.

    • funny,Chinese government,that's the reason China be so Cool!

    • right. i was wanting to learn mandarin but like... i dont know. its only getting worse and worse.

  • I'm from India and my Hometown has population of almost 6.2 million, considered tier 2 city.

  • Thanks!