The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

čas přidán 5. 12. 2018
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  • The online ones i looked at give between 90 and 180 days for a full refund. The one i ended up getting said they will pick it up for free and donate it for free for me although im sure they get a tax write off for doing that but the one i got is the best ive ever had. A leesa, but a lot of people think its a little to firm. But great for me.

  • Why squats

  • Bought a Zinus mattress on Amazon for 1/4 the price of comparable mattresses. I am not paid by them to say this but it's a goddamn functional mattress and worth the price. I literally fall asleep on it every night and it didn't hurt to buy it.

  • Kathy was annoying

  • As someone working for IKEA and selling mattresses, we had to visit other mattress companies to see how to sell their products and what their products are based on. And I can honestly reply that most mattress companies actually sell overpriced products with ???? features like adam showed in this video. Costumers really believe the salestalk there and that 'the more money you spend the better quality'. This is ABSOLUTELY not always the case. I get so many costumers ranting to me about back problems and they keep defending that they bought a very good quality mattress worth 2000 EUR. Ok, I don't want to sound like I'm advertising, but these people are really surprised that I'm not selling them the priciest one we have, but just a plain, simple 150 EUR mattress that WORKS for their body. You don't always need such extra features to sleep well, but you need to pick a mattress based on your body, not on price. I do give them more expensive options, but I keep telling them that these features are just optional, and you have 90 days to test out the mattress too. I guess the reason between these matresscompanies is because the employees are payed by selling commission instead by hour... We get payed hourly and with normal bonus without being related to a selling quotum. This makes it that our employees are more down-to-earth and honest if a product just isn't that good or if it really is instead of fake-selling-shit.

  • What comfortable queen mattress do you guys recommend under $400? Every mattress I find seems to have mixed reviews and advice would help

  • This shows up in my recommendations while watching videos in bed because I can’t sleep.. On a mattress I Purchased six months ago... all right CS-tv this is not funny.

  • i don't understand, It seems there wasn't anything to ruin about mattress shopping. Is this Loss?

  • huh, sounds kinda like apple

  • I wonder if the purple mattress is the same as the others or if it’s ok

  • "this bottle has incest news" LOL WHAT

  • And this is why we need to start enforcing anti-trust laws.

  • Adam ruins his social respect

  • The more i look at these videos the more i want white genocide

  • no matter what you say, I still have the worst mattress anyone has ever slept on, it's like a marble slab

  • Welp, I'm just gonna sleep on the floor with 40 blankets.

  • Hmmm! That is rather interesting! I’ll still sleep in my bed, but I’m honestly stupefied by how terrible the mattress industry can truly be. Not that it makes much of a difference to THEM, considering that they’ll never change any time soon.

  • Okay, but what about Purple? They don't even use a traditional mattress design, it's that rubber grid thing.

  • I am just picking the cheapest/most comfortable mattress. Problem solved.

  • Its not really that difficult. You just go to a mattress store, try out mattresses and buy your favorite one. Very simple process

  • I like my IKEA mattress, didnt cost too much either

  • That two second spook at the end got me

  • Sounds like there's room for some competition, any one what to start a new mattress company with real prices?

  • As a former mattress company employee: You know that mattress you can buy in a shop for 500 dollars? Yeah, I could buy that right from production for 50 dollars. And that luxury 7 zone massage anti-death pleasure deluxe mattress? I designed that. Yes, me - IT guy with no background in mattress production or science.

  • Adam ruined his diet

  • Lol that blonde is funny, but she kinda looks like crack addict.

  • I swear I've seen this guy on Netflix.

  • Yaa there is another proof about the dumbest nationality on the world.. Yaa you eat just everything asseholes's..

  • Damn it, Adam!

  • This guy just told us the obvious 😂


  • youtube please stop suggesting this to me, thankyou.

  • I've slept on camping pads for the past 4 years. I bought my last one two years ago at costco for $40. It works, and I sleep well every night. I don't know if this is a brag, or just sad. Eh, either way it's the truth.

  • what about inflatable mattresses ?

    • Gaming Casualties I’m pretty certain the same thing applies to inflatable mattresses as well!

  • I got my mattress at sams club. Works fine w a nice pillow topper lol.

  • I was literally thinking to my self. Adam needs to do a mattress episode.. and poof! Here it is.

  • Sleep on a platform bed, on top of a few layers of blankets, memory foam, and eggcrate foam. Build your own bed from commodity parts. Been doing it for years, never regretted it.

  • pause at 2:51 and read what the magazine says -_-

  • Squats've been paying off for busy lady.

  • Online mattresses are far less shady than mattress stores. They just sell 1 mattress, and they don't use deceptive pricing structures or names to hide what you are buying online. Mattress stores will generally advertise all of there mattresses around $2,500 and you have to negotiate the price down to the true price - which is probably around $1,000 - but it's impossible to negotiate when when you have no idea what the real price is. Back in the day, if you wanted a memory foam mattress, your only option was tempurpedic which was around $2,500. (queen sizes) Now you can get a purple for $1,000, a leesa for $835, or a tuft and needle for $595. It makes it possible to compare mattresses from different companies. And also, they usually come with 90 night return policies with no questions asked. And unlike traditional mattress stores, they won't charge you hidden fees to return the mattress. But yea, the online review situation for mattresses is pretty shady and infested. But, you have a much better chance of not getting ripped off compared to mattress stores. BTW: I do not recommend Casper, they are too hard. I returned it and they sent someone to pick it up for free / and gave me a 100% refund. My favorite is loom & leaf. I also would recommend Purple or Leesa.

  • One Word: Ikea ❤️

  • My last mattress was bought at Ikea. Only about $120 for a foam mattress and it was perfectly fine. Came rolled up, easy to carry, and all I had to do was unwrap and it was good to go. Firm but still comfy to sleep on. I did look in mattress stores before and it was a complete nightmare.

  • Presents problems; doesn't provide solutions....or suggestions at the very least!

  • a metrosexual version of Lester Crest from GTA 5 explains matresses

  • sleep like the dead is a great mattress review site that isn't made by the manufacturers

    • Ooooo really? But how do you know that it's honest, pal?

  • There's also the unsettlingly plausible theory that many mattress stores are money laundering schemes to worry about too.

  • who orders a mattress online?

  • I can't stand his haircut tbh

  • This show exists to make me mad about things I didn’t realize I should be mad about

  • Watching this while lying down in my bed

  • I am too broke to buy a new mattress anyways stuck with shitty old lumpy mattresses.

  • He should do one on glasses.

  • I thought it said “Adam Ruins Mistresses”

  • lowkey just a casper ad

  • what about the heavenly mattresses from Westin Hotels? they are cheap and feel great

  • Interdimensional ruination! Comedy, mattress sales and five minutes of my time ruined simultaneously!

  • I wanna try out some of those mattresses with Cathy.

  • Isn’t that the lady from insatiable

  • I'm watching this as I'm laying in bed on my 1000 dollar mattress that I hate and now I'm depressed.

  • plus there are tons of dangerous chemicals in lots of those beds, memory foam included. Perhaps the healthiest beds are japanese futons or a tatami mat.

  • I'll make this easy for those of you shopping for the mattress. If you're a big guy and/or like a firm mattress, Zinus memory foam tea tree 12" mattress has been godly 3x for me. Twin, Queen, and Full (albeit the full/twin were the best). Cheap as all-u-can-eat. On Amazon. And I have nothing to gain making this post. 150 bucks for a good memory foam? Do it.

  • Wish I seen this earlier.

  • I've never bought a mattress, I always find them at the side of the road or they are given to me

  • Where's the humour? This was just like a regular segment from the show with the same lame dad jokes.

  • Lol I already knew the whole comparing prices thing that's why we bought my mattress from a local company of people we actually know 😂😂 it was pretty cheap

  • Nibba le me injoy something

  • I bought an Emoor traditional Japanese shikibuton for $150 a year ago. Best sleep I've ever had in my life. On top of that, I can just fold it up and put it away when I'm done. No more huge space dedicated to sleeping.

  • The floor exist for a reason I guess

  • nightmares every where🤤 emoji movie Fandom adam doesn't ruin bee movie everything like if you agree comments same idea comments fandom emoji movie bee movie

  • That haircut has to go. I get it adds 4 inches to his height, but geez...

  • So...2.2K dislikes. You don't suppose they came from bots hired by THE MATTRESS INDUSTRY, do you? Nah...just a crazy idea. P.S. For really great furniture deals, try Sofa King. Their prices, service and selection are....Sofa King Awesome! (I know...that joke is older than all the commenters put together. I don't care.)

  • why buy a mattress...when you have a sofa

  • Adam are you okay.

  • Check out Amazon.

  • 2:13 omg does anyone remember the temperpedic commercial with the lady jumping on the bed beside the wine glass?? Was it really just glued on?

  • Sams you buy your mattress at Sams. They cost like $400-$500 instead of the $2K+ BS

  • instead of buying a mattress for 1000$ buy a crash mat (the safety mat that stunt men use to fall on) for 100$. Not only is it cheaper and just as comfy, but in the scenario of a fire you can throw it out the window to fall on and it would protect you way better than a mattress.

  • FUTTON rocks

  • Just invest in a tatami mattress or make one yourself. It's not impossible, surely.

  • Capitalism: we won't admit it might be flawed.

  • i dont like this guy

  • What about sleep number?


  • Who really cares

  • Thanks, I hate it. I still have zero insight in to how to actually buy something that doesn't suck. I want my five minutes back.

  • Why is Freddie Mercury selling mattresses

  • Adam ruins lots of mattresses, as he cries and sucks his thumb while he pees himself every night.

  • BIG GOVT RUINED AMERICAS MATTRESS INDUSTRY!!!!! *takes off boomer glasses* aw shit... Sorry folks

  • Purple Mattress

  • Buy a mattress from Costco

  • Do what I do, buy about 20 pillows of your preferred firmness and lay them all out on the floor when you're ready for bed..Its Cheap, Quick,Easy and takes up less space..It actually feels better than a mattress (I promise I don't work for a pillow company)

  • subscribe to tseries

  • Freddie Mercury? Just me?

  • IKEA...

  • I sell mattresses at JCPenney, you have just helped me make more sales 😂

  • wow you didn't mention that mattress stores dont even give you the mattress until two months after youve bought it

  • Carpet is identical. The padding is even from Leggett and Platt

  • He didn;t talk about how there are 10 mattress firms on the same street

  • Just buy 500 pillows

  • We represent many companies. We rule.