The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

čas přidán 14. 04. 2019
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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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  • To support Kurzgesagt and learn more about Brilliant, go to and sign up for free. The first 688 people that go to that link will get 20% off the annual Premium subscription.

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  • The most dangerous stuff in the universe? An idiot with a platform to reach millions.

  • You know what strange matter looks like? That’s right, the portals from rick and morty. Rick is slinging strange matter across dimensions

  • If a neutron stars is as the early universe was, wouldn't strangelets have been present from the beginning?

  • Why are black holes the answer to all of our universes problems?

  • Please... Indonesian subtitle

  • Please... Indonesian subtitle

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  • single atom of strangelet hit a human, poof Zombie Apocalypse

  • @kurzgesagt tried to put donald trump as a bird at 5:52 ,the red one in this video😂😂

  • If this strange matter already exists inside a neutron star and has properties which changes matter I don't understand why there exists a neutron star instead of only strange stars. Wouldn't the strange matter convert regular neutron star matter into strange matter?

  • Do you believe in god?

  • Strange Matter: Normal Matter: wow you're so cool I wanna be just like you

  • Are these theory's

  • Well, I for one am excited for the heat death of the universe to instead be a zombie like plague of strange matter infecting everything and forming some kind of stable state universe.

  • what the fuck

  • If I understand correctly, though ("if" being the operative word here, as I haven't studied this in detail), strange quarks eventually decay to up quarks and W bosons. So wouldn't strangelets eventually just decay into stable hadrons over time? Or are they so "stable" that even the strange quark component is unable to decay?


  • SCP-XXXX class: apollyon Description: strange bEan

  • I guess you could say there are 2k _strange_ people out there

  • That sounds like a sci-fi horror story. Also Brilliant is too expensive.

  • Man science really reads like a bad fanfiction sometimes.

  • Dude, imagine if there was a god-like civilization controlling our universe and black holes are just things made by them to ‘dispose’ of any strange matter out there to prevent it from contaminating everything...

  • Does this mean our universe could be in a neutron star?

  • Fuckin wierdos

  • Except that almost all evidence points to strange matter not existing. If it did, strange stars would be almost the rule for neutron stars, not the exception.

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  • this was on my mix tape for some reason... why would youtube thing this is a song.

  • Dark matter, Anti matter, Exotic matter, and now strange matter?

  • Strange quarks decay into up and down quarks we are safe

  • The little bird scream at 7:12 !!! It's so cute!

  • If strange matter is so perfect then wouldnt letting it infect everything bring the universe to peace? 🤔 Im down, come here

  • Who else misses the human animation over the bird animations? No hate whatsoever. This videos always blow me away.

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  • This was not the source of human destruction I was expecting.

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  • I think Kurzgesagt made it their life goal to make us as miserable as possible before dying.

  • What happens if a strangelet hit a human?

  • Strange matter is dangerous for our comrades. We have to do a small deportation (of strange matter) to Siberia.

  • So what I am hearing is that strangelets make for excellent exterminatus weapons.

  • So.... is this how the zombie apocalypse would appear from?😂

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  • “Neutron stars the the densest things that are not black holes.” I dunno, I know some people who are pretty dense

  • Like Phazon!

  • I'd like to suggest a video topic: Bose-Einsteinium condensate

  • A new way to destroy the universe! Wonderful!

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  • Wow! I am surprised that you found a topic on astrophysics and nuclear physics that i never hesrd before!!! I knew the video was good even before i watched it but now i am even more amazed! Thank you little birds! Thank you very much!

  • Emus?

  • If this COULD happen, it likely already would have...

  • Strange Matter: -Can't infect things -Part of hypertheorethical Quark Stars -Being Part of an Quark Star is absolutely amazing Plz make an Video about Quark Stars ;-;

  • In german: Seltsame materie

  • Phazon

  • Hi. Oh sorry for my bad english ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • yeah you REALLY simplified it ! it's not a problem but , yeah ...

  • Kursdezagt: The scientists thinking about the cause of neutron stars and strange matter today may be setting up humans for a future beyond our wildest imaginations. Or, maybe not. Time will tell. Me: I CAN'T WAIT 100 YEARS!

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  • This is way too far. This is complete speculation. There is no evidence supporting any of this. It is only theoretical models that attempt to explain a few experimental results. I don't think this is the type of thing that Kurzgesagt should be presenting.

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  • I am Locutus of Strange Matter. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile but amusing.