The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

čas přidán 25. 07. 2018
Part one.
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  • the two first chef are like two kids trying to play cook in the kitchen.

  • Since when is Sarma greek?

  • 13:22 Me: i am really sure people would rather die starving than taste your food.

  • These redtaurants are so horrible that they seem fake

  • How is he not dead either from food poisoning or one of the chefs or owners murdering him

  • The Greek salad thing actually looked good to me and then the mushy potato And also why did it take the owner so long to say where in Greece?

  • Tweedledumb and Tweedledead open a Killstro.

  • 1:46 “He is not liking anything.” This is because he doesn’t like cat food. My god...

  • First guys. USE GLOVES GOD DAMMIT. No one wants your grease paws all over their food

  • Euwwww

  • Fat free cheese in a fried dish, okay

  • "Fresh frozen out of the can." Exactly!

  • last chef was dumb af

  • Saki's wife is definitely banging Victor.

  • Gordon Ramsay's attitude Waiters:Thanks so much Cooks:All right fucking retarded assholes what in the fuck is this supposed to represent

  • American Woman: he’s British he doesn’t know anything about pizza Italian guy: neither do u

    • American pizza is a mere imitation compared to authentic Italian pizza 👌

  • Yes Gordon is the F king, which means you can’t F back. Lol

  • Aren't those twins actors?

  • The twins looked like salt and pepper pots.

  • *DiSgUsTAnG*

  • This video in a nutshell: *school food*

  • Its a fat free ravioli dipped in fat...........

  • Before I watched this I got an add of Gordon Ramsay and he was teaching me food

  • Kitchen Nightmare us a Gordon's standard and Gordon's tastebuds and people have different standards. Nonetheless it helps them.

  • the waitress in the Greek restaurant is hot as hell

  • Wear some gloves

  • It's way more dramatic on TV.

  • Ok, look. Gordan is trying to help them by eating their food. So if you don't want him to say bad things about your food how is he meant to help you. I'm just saying...

  • Even if it looks beautiful if ramsay says disgusting. . It is disgusting.....

  • I can‘t eat out anymore without being worried because of chefs like this one. Disgusting.

  • people think they know more than one of the best chefs in the world aha

  • Owner he can kiss my stars What stars ,all I see is the 0 star rating on urs and Gordon’s 15 stars

  • It’s the same shit every time, fresh frozen, frozen, canned, bland, and dry

  • This looks like a fucked up version of a science lab 😂😂😂😂😂 DEAD

  • God what an arrogant troll cook. What on earth makes her think shes a goòd cook. What is it with Americans can't they take criticism, obviously not.

  • *how old is that chicken?* Idk *when did we get it?* Idk NOW WHAT THE FUCK

  • "He's supposed to be here to help me, not tell me nothing is good." Somebody please shoot me.

  • 1:54 :( Man that poor woman :(

  • Thx u. finally someone understands my frustration with rough due in the middle of the pizza. reason i am not order pizza in 'italian restaurants' Thx Gordon Ramsay. Thx u :)

  • “Please, a little smile, anything at all. Stop- He shook his head FUCK. my life.” When I tell you this had me ROLLING ON THE FLOOR 😂

  • Oh my goodness the last one she was just defensive and not taking any advice... She also come saying people are starving in the world, that is true sadly, but that has nothing to do with Gordon's opinion.

  • i think gordon ramsay just doesn't like food

  • "If you serve that in Greece, you get thrown overboard." As a Greek, that was funny af and so true. If a Greek mother who knows how to cook eats that, don't expect to escape without missing at least a limb

  • He's scottish btw!

  • The music is too jokes. The horror film esque shrieks when a plate appears 😂

  • Gordon ramsay is a very good chef he's good

  • If he wants to donate me money. Otherwise than tough sh*t. And we wonder why these restaurants are struggling

  • It's *moosh*

  • "Tell him it is fresh... but it is frozen" "She says the salmon comes in fresh and then they freeze it" no that's not what she said :D

  • Ngl tho that meatball sandwich looked pretty good

  • Dlaczego wy trujecie ludzi?

  • 15:10 Everyone says hes british, but hes Scottish XDD

  • Me- yummy Ramsay- shit Me- shit 🤮

  • "Fresh frozen out of the can" lol shut up

  • „more tentacles here than there are in sea world“ 😂

  • they dont wanna learn so they dont grow as well, come on guys! its Ramsey you should be thankful he tasted your food...

  • 7:15 such a gorgeous girl working at such a shit restaurant

  • Pense que era una torta ahogada como las de guadalajara pero no le llega ni a las birutas del pan jaja

  • She's worried about 'starving people', but clearly eats enough herself to feed a small village... lol.

  • " Yeah, im surprised " " IM SHOCKED " 🤣