The Most DISGUSTING FOOD EVER on Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

čas přidán 25. 07. 2018
Part one.
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  • That greece dude i a insult to my country

  • Doesn't those first guys remind anyone else about Tweedledee and Tweedledum?

  • Mahi mahi it literally means ocean ocean in my language

  • _Ramsay gets presented with a big, gorgeous pizza with plenty of cheese and all the toppings_ RAMSAY: Ewww NEVER listen to a man who eats pizza with a knife and fork, boys and girls

  • *NASTY*

  • Funny how tge owners are like *the STAff iS DoIng evRyTHing WRonG* The staff *the owner is mean* Gordon *so the owner is trying to tell me bullshit* Owner *tHe StAFF Is LYinG*

  • there's something therapeutic about putting this on in the background as I do my culinary school readings of known food contaminants, bacteria and viruses

  • I hate how people are you are so careless and have shit attitudes when someone tries to help you

  • 1:10 Euh... what was that ?

  • There is something called criticism. Ramsay tries to give you feedback on how you can improve your Menu. If you take it the wrong way, your restuarant will go down with you. Also... "He can kiss my stars" Me: Which is none 😎

  • Looking at the food I already want to puke

  • he cant remember where he's from in greece? sounds like he's not from greece at all. what a dumb motherfucker. Why do these people beg gordon to come to their restaurants to help and then say he's bullshitting, wont listen to him and keeps doing dumb shit?! its insane. Gordon needs to just start shutting these types of people down completely. If they refuse the help, shut them down.

  • When my parents find my browser history: 6:31

  • Ninoooooo!

  • Me: that food looks pretty good Gordon: thats disgusting Me: he’s the expert, so i believe him

  • 0:40 this restaurant is really good now

  • I love how basic chefs that just use frozen food trying to argue with someone who has 3 or more Michelin Stars

  • Does anyone else has noticed Ramsays beautiful Daytona with the yellow Dial?

  • Poor lady

  • Fat free cheese dipped in fat!! WTF

  • Can I just have the food he doesn't eat.

  • Me: That Pizza Looks Sooooo Good! Gordan: ITS DISGUSTING!!! Me: *YOUR* DISGUSTING!!! Gordan: Hey Why Would You Say That? Me: Shut Up This Is A Stolen Comment Anyway! Gordan: Really? Your Dumb Me: You Just Dont Like Opinions! Gordan: I NEVER SAID- Me: *AAAAAAAAAAA!-* Gordan: *AAAAAAAAAAA-* -My Sence Of Humor Is Just Gold! XD- PUBLIC SEVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Gordan Is Not Actually Disgusting, This Is Just Some Dumb Story I Made Okay? XD

  • The way the first chefs licked their fingers and touched the sauce was.. ughhh..

  • She is very bad at mind voice 10:08

  • Wow it’s like really frozen

  • sure, people never brake his leg but people do keep killing his body

  • sure, people never brake his leg but people do keep killing his body

  • "Where the fuck is that from in Italy????" HA! Gordon always cheers me up.

  • My mom: *makes fresh meatballs* These chefs: F R O Z E N

  • You start a restaurant so you can give people a food not make them suffer from the food

  • 11:30 I just couldn’t stop laughing

  • It would have been really interesting to get a behind the scenes of the music-sound effects recording.

  • The amount of food these people waste is so ghastly, for whatever the F^&@(&*$ reason it may be. Time will be proof while gradually these people, uber-white people will someday end up in worse situations as those hungry people in Africa, dying because of no food & appalling. :|

  • I just watched an episode of the british kitchen nightmare, and the us version compared to that, is like a fucking rollercoaster, and i don't mean that in a good way. There's not a SINGLE second when they don't use overdramatic music, and sound effects. The uk one is so chill compared to this one.

  • 6:41 I was actually feeling sorry for him like he seems so hurt :(

  • I would be ashamed to serve any of this crap TO ANYONE... Its common sense to know its all BAD...

  • 0:31 rare footage of gordon ramsay smiling while asking if the food has been microwaved or not.

  • Girl:Canned Ramsay:Call 911 we need immediate medevac

  • I kinda feel sad for the twins if you have watched the other videos its really a sad story.☹☹

  • The woman in the last was lucky that gordon ramsay who taste her pizza and not joe bastianich

    • It's spelled wrong too xD Pizza del nonna is not right lol it should be "Pizza della nonna" because it's a she not he so it changes, sorry for my bad english lol

  • Gordon that's amazing no one accept her mistake. ...oh my gosh disgusting behavior

  • 0:51 the 0.01% of bacteria left by antibacterial

  • It's weedledee and Tweedledum trying to take Gordon into there 'wonderland'

  • I think I'm addicted to these videos

  • nobody wanna kiss her stars, she's fat and disgusting

  • Wtf, the airheaded chefs, seriously, they're the reason that restaurants go dying 😕

  • 15:10 Unfortunately she doesn't have the balls to comfort him, cuz she knews that she gonna get rekt really bad

  • Its really bad how stubborn some of these chefs and owners are when it comes to criticism dont like the food fuck off people dont go to restaurants to eat shit they come to eat good food they pay for so they dont have to cook and get to enjoy themselves. If the food sucks it should be a concern for any chef who takes pride in their skills.

  • Poor guys looks defeated haha

  • She actually has a point with starving people. GR is not just picky, he is a fucking asshole. And you stupid fanbois are his bitches lol

  • I love the looks of people after he says - "Fresh frozen out of a can"

  • The pizza look ok then the rest..

  • The finger in 5:07

  • I understand the last one, it is so much waste of food

  • *An average chef* "nah- Gordon Ramsay (the chef that has actually spent YEARS training on food) has no idea what he means. The frozen stuff is good"

  • Poor Gordon... puts a lot on his soul and heart. Very sad and bad to see people are not willing to cook properly.

  • “He shook his head” “fuck.... my life”

  • Sometimes I think he does this just for show.. cuz u can't expect everyone to have the taste u like, and I don't think everything there was disgusting.. I can't imagine everyone cooking the same way cuz everyone has a different taste! Some people might like his dishes and other not.. just bcuz he doesn't like it , it doesn't mean I won't like it

  • Don't you just love seeing Americans trying to be Italian, irish or Greek. Lol

  • I think they should have tasted it before serving it to the customers the food they made.