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The Most Dominant Touchdown Runs in NFL History! | NFL Highlights

čas přidán 27. 06. 2017
Take a look at the most dominant TD runs in NFL History!
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  • I know all these deserve to be on here, but being a Charger fan and growing up with Tomlinson, I can think of so many more of his that could’ve made this list.

  • A 10 minute compilation of the most dominant runs in NFL history that has only one Walter Payton run, one Earl Campbell run, and 2 Jim Brown runs?? Yeah, ok....

  • Man are you serious? No sweetness? The best running back ever!

  • All GOATS

  • Too bad we never got to see what Marcus Dupree could have been.

  • Terrell Davis the Goat

  • If The Diesel isn't in this montage, forget it

  • What do Adrian Peterson, LaDanian Tomlinson, Priest Holmes, Thurman Thomas, Eric Dickerson, & Earl Campbell all have in common?

  • They missed one of the best. John Riggins run to the left against t he Dolphins in the Superbowl. He drug one guy several yards before pushing him off then ran 40+ yards to the endzone.

  • How is Mike Alstott not in this video?

  • Jesus Christ joe buck with a call that almost put me to sleep on blounts Touchdown

  • Hey they forget about Mini Mack herron on of the Patriots.

  • Barry Sanders is fast af!

  • 3:50 for the Garrison 1st I've Look at the Hearst play

  • 3:44 Terrell Davis will score forget it 6 points on the board now

  • Where is the Tyler Rose(earl Campbell

  • I know this is an old video but Derrick Henry's 99 yard run has to be top 5.

  • Fun set of highlights. But I don't think runs (regardless of how long) should be included in this compilation when the RB simply hits the hole and sprints pretty much untouched.

  • Anti Walker video

  • Barry Sanders was so good you have to show his runs twice. Sorry you were on the wrong would have a super bowl ring on every a finger and toe otherwise.

  • Jim Brown is The Browns

  • respect for ending the video with jim brown clips. dudes a great person and a legend in football

  • Any of these runs that were against the Browns in the past 20 years shouldn't really count.

  • No A-train? Cmon..

  • Anyone notice the broadcast was muted for OJ's run? Was that on purpose? I haven't read all the comments so my apologies if it's been touched on.

  • Derrick Henry's 99 yard run needs to be added.

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  • I forgot how fast LT was.

  • What about beast mode in the SB guys you got remake the video.

  • I can run fast too but not all the time

  • That was amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Let go🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 8:33 crazy block by 22

  • 5:17 #75 lol

  • I'm a Raider Fan but I was surprised not to see any Franco Harris runs on there. But I really enjoyed your compilation. Thanks for sharing.

  • No Ricky Williams? 👍 video tho

  • One dislike away from 800...

  • 5:49 if that isn't the most Bo Jackson touchdown run of all time

  • Tremendous 😁

  • Earl Campbell had one where they ripped off his jersey trying to stop him

  • Man I wanna see Mike Imoh on here! Him n AP are my all time favorite players along with Mike Vick 🔥


  • Long live the beast quake

  • Damn Barry Sanders was the truth.

  • They forgot Jemal Lewis

  • Barry sanders...all day and to cap it off with Jim brown

  • OJ has nice cuts. Just murdered that defense.

  • 1 Walter Payton TD? Cmon man...

  • Wow, so good.

  • 1:47 #getoffme

  • 0:30 #cantcatchme

  • no respect for mike alstot?

  • Was Herschel Walker even in this?

  • Only one clip of Walter Payton👎

  • No frank gore tho

  • Marshawn is the equivalent to Ronaldinho

  • Beast mode #Gohawks

  • Nothing from Larry Csonka?

  • Barry Sanders runs, brings tears to my eyes.. just beautiful

  • THE JUICE 🔥 🔥

  • now we gotta put derrick henry on here

  • They gotta add that derrick henry run against the titans from this season

  • No Ricky Williams? Really?

  • Girl: you should come over Me: Not now I'm driving home Girl: My parents aren't home Me:

  • Video ended too soon I could watch this all day

  • I miss LT so much

  • No Gale Sayers? He wasn't called the Kansas Comet for nothing.

  • Type up Jonah Lomu on CS-tv. You’re welcome :)

  • Tony Dorrsett for 99 yards

  • 4:04 trying to punch him? Btw the player is number 57

  • how heres a guy

  • You can say Im bias but Michael Vick's Highlight was the Best

  • That Mike Vick TD run 🔥🔥

  • Walter Payton could fill up the entire 9:48 by himself with the number of dominant runs he had.

  • OJ was on another level

  • Barkley will join these greats soon

  • which decade had the best RB's???

  • 5:18 oh my goodness that poor man's ankles

  • LOL that freaking freeze crotch grab at :48... lol you slyy man

  • Basically a highlight reel for HOFers, which is fine. But there have been plenty of other 'dominant' runs by non-HOFers completely left off the list...

  • Derrick Henry>

  • This list cannot be taken seriously without Larry Csonka’s forearm shiver

  • you need a update on this, derrick henry, saquon, and chubb all have better run than these

    • They all have great runs but that's absolutely ridiculous to say that all 3 were better runs than this entire list... smh. Do you even watch football?!? Lol. Several of the runs in this highlight may never be topped. Remember this video was most dominant rushing -TDS-, not just rushes in general.

  • Barry Sanders was the greatest running back of all time number two was Marshall Faulk

    • Sally McGregor no way Faulk is better than OJ

  • Great backs - great runs, but what about Tiki Barber???

  • Shaquan Barkley will be here soon

  • 1. Jim Brown 2. Barry Sanders 3. Walter Payton 4. LaDainian Tomlinson Earl Campbell, Bo Jackson and Edgerrin James if they never got hurt

  • Jim Brown easily the best running back of all time.

  • Time to update this list....#titanup #👑 kinghenry

  • that michael Vick run was just another level.. sone of these are just good holes.. Vick actually had a lot of of pressuee and those two vikings he made smash into eachotherr just off.. the lynch run was also dominant

  • What about hershel Walker

  • derrick henry 99 yards vs jacksonville

  • no Mike Alstott ?! what a joke

  • Berry Sanders

  • man some of these commentators are just straight garbage.. no excitement what so ever..

  • Derick Henry will be all over this in the future.

  • What about Franco Harris?

  • that garrison hearst stiff arm is still one of the nastiest stiff arms ive ever seen. that was a grown man stiff arm

  • Jamal Lewis was a beast! 99 breaking tackle

  • December 6th, 2018 on Thursday Night Football Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans stiffarms his way 99 yards through the sparkle kitty's paper defense to tie for the longest touchdown run in NFL history.