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The Most Dominant Touchdown Runs in NFL History! | NFL Highlights

čas přidán 27. 06. 2017
Take a look at the most dominant TD runs in NFL History!
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  • Never realized how average OJ was , until I saw him in this video compared to the all time greats

  • 5

  • That play at 4:46 would be blown dead in today's NFL

  • Barry Sanders 5:08 goat.

  • When Bo Jackson broke outside on the left. Priceless!

  • 3

  • Im just here so I wont get fined.

  • No Peyton Hillis???

  • Where my Boy Steven Jackson at!??

  • I can’t believe that Michael Vick made Two people run into each other.

  • MN Vikings wit ALL THE WRONG cameos 😂😂😂


  • How the hell you not gonna have John Riggins calling game In the Superbowl?

  • These are great runs yea but not the greatest in nfl history

  • No Jamal Charles? Chris Johnson?

  • No jerome bettis?aw man

  • Maaaan Bo Jackson was fassst but i luv Barry Sanders style...dude was on anotha level

  • Honestly in todays NFL a lot of these runs would be called dead

  • Barry Sanders the G.O.A.T

  • Barry sanders, Bo Jackson, and Walter Payton cannot be human beings. they're just too good.

  • This was an awesome video. So many incredible TD runs. AMAZING!!!

  • Freddy T and mojo were no joke for the jags.

  • Jamal Lewis is someone I totally forgot about -- he was friggin beast

  • Th63 udh maen gnian mrk, kita ny msh maen gobaksodor n bekel

  • Wwuuuu wweeee did I spell that right

  • Where Brian Westbrook? He had some cooler touchdowns than many of these

  • LT the GOAT imo.

  • Bo Jackson for 91 yards.the best ever🕵️‍♀️

  • 1. Only right that Barry Sanders is up here the most = the greatest running back in NFL history 2. Not one Ricky Williams reel? Pure hate.

  • nice video...

  • Barry is the goat RB end of discussion

  • No CJ2K?

  • One AP highlight?

  • Should have had Packer Jim Taylor's 84 yard td vs Lions in '64.

  • The question wasn’t “Could Barry Sanders run?”, the question was “Could the defense catch Barry Sanders?”

  • All this talk about Barry Sanders, Beastmode arguably had the two best rushing plays of all time, one of which is not even debatable

  • Too many on that list had their talents waisted by HORRIBLE teams! Such a shame.

  • Need to add Derek Henrys 99 yard TD

  • B.S. list, most dominant and no Franco Harris or Jerome Bettis

  • How do you not have Jerome Bettis on here

  • Nice clip i wish there was at least one more of Emmitt but i loved this

  • What have we learned? Barry Sanders and Marshawn Lynch are gods. And Steve Young was Michael Vick before Michael Vick. Edit: Oh yeah, and Jim Brown too.

  • Fred Taylor had combos

  • We can add that Derek Henry run too

  • how is walter payton not on here more than once

  • The Bills made a huge mistake when they traded Marshawn Lynch to the Seahawks. They also made another mistake in trading Tyrod Taylor. It's a team who apparently keeps tripping over themselves.

  • I was just waiting for tony dorsettes run

  • I could watch these all damn day.

  • What happened to Mike Alstott runs.

  • Why No Shaun Alexander highlights Seahawks #37 from Bama

  • Chris collinsworth is the best commentator

  • Alot of Great Runs...but Also alot of Poor Tackling..

  • Barry, Bo, and Marcus. Couldn’t get enough watching them. Them beast mode Marshawn Lynch came around and took it to another level. But all the guys in this video are well deserving

  • Not one Al Bundy touchdown??

  • Let's just be honest... Marshawn > Everyone

  • i remember i had Tomlinson in fantasy that year...just to be a smart ass he was the only player i started and still won. Also the man they called TD (not LT) was the best runner ever i will save you some time

  • Bo knows....

  • Watching Barry Sanders run, kinda makes me sad! I know he said the reason he retired so young, was, that he just didn't want to play anymore, or whatever, but, I KNOW the real reason he retired when he did, is because he got sick of playing for the WORST team in the ENTIRE N.F.L. and he KNEW they would NEVER TRADE the ONLY good player on their team, so, it was either spend another 5 or 6 years getting beaten up FOR NOTHING, or retire, so he retired!! Can't say that I blame him either!!

  • Earl Campbell had a more dominant TD run than the one you showed. That man was the original Beast Mode.

  • Marshall faulk the way he cut back in the second level the vision the stop n weight for defender to take a wrong angle genius all peripheral talent.

  • That's so ironic that lynch's run the announcer mentioned the crowd being silent. Seconds later, they registered an earthquake lol

  • Half way thru the video i just noticed it was going from most recent to older

  • Cam?

  • You mean Barry Sanders highlights

  • Good god joe bucks commentary on blunt makes me want to crawl in a hole and die

  • Barry and Bo...wowowowowow...

  • Barry Sanders is better than Emmit Smith, Barry has 15k rush yards and had a trashy o line, Emmit has 17 or 18k rush yards with a good o line and played in the NFL longer than Barry, if Barry played as long as Emmit and had a good o line like Emmit’s Barry would’ve had more

  • I love how they never have Riggins in these dominant runs... One of the most dominant runners ever

  • Jim Brown and Barry Sanders were absolute beasts. I mean, they all are on this list, but holy crap, those guys just look so clean when they run

  • Barry Sanders the best. Imagine if he played on a real team 😂. Goat rb.

  • Legend has it that Bo Jackson is still running

  • No Gale Sayers is a travesty. No Chris Johnson is, too.

  • No Mike alstott? Yall are crazy. He had earl Campbell type runs every game almost

  • missed on the bus 36

  • Just imagine if Barry Sanders wasn't on one of the worst teams of all time!

    • Its actually sad the Lions made 2 of the best players in their positions retire early (Barry and Calvin Johnson)

  • Mike alstott??

  • 1Bo Jackson and Jim Brown 2barry Sanders 3adrian Peterson 4marshal fault

    • Brandon King walter payton

  • 2:57 One of the greatest moments Ive ever seen in any sport. To make a player hit his teammate clean like that is something they cant teach. Its more than speed.

  • Barry Sanders left a pile of Ppl on the field 😂🤣

  • Maybe I might have a touch of down syndrome but I didn't see James Harrison's 100 yard TDs against the cardinals in the


  • They could've had 20 videos on there of Marshall Faulk being dominant he was a beast

  • Barry Sanders is so fluid it's unreal

  • No Steelers on here Smh

  • Dang you would think that one where bo ends the bozzez career would be on here

  • I've always been a fan of Marshawn Lynch

  • I'm from Wichita KS which we ain't never had anyone good come out of Wichita ..... Except the greatest running back ever Mr.Barry F*cking Sanders!!!! 👍👍👍

  • I watch this every now and then to remind myself keep going. If you’re reading this, keep going! You got this! Can’t nobody do you like you!

  • Blount is hands down one of the most disrespected backs since Cadillac Williams. Should've been a career starter but no one seems to want to let him do what he do.

  • Barry Sanders wasnt human

  • Food for thought: Barry Sanders is probably the best running back active during my lifetime. He retired at 30 years of age, with 15000+ yards. Jim Brown? Retired at 29. With 12,000+ yards. And got those 12,000+ yards in only 118 games. Almost 40 fewer than Sanders. Brown is the GOAT.

  • Great runs. But they missed alot!!!

  • I am so happy this was made before that sham 99 yard run where some tacklers just let the guy score. I hope many watch this and see Dorsett's ACTUALLY great one and where Dorsett earned every inch. And ending with Jim Brown was awesome. JB rewrote the record books and if he wanted to he had another 15 years worth of gas in the tank. He is Pele, he is Gretstky, he is Babe Ruth, for NFL running back. When you talk of the greatest the names Barry, Bo, Gale and O.J. have to be in the conversation. My vote of course is JB. Note an honorable mention omitted in the list: Herschel Walker. OMG, OMFG.

  • Nooooo

  • Silly Vikings you suck!

  • 1:17 Beastquake. Never gets old.

  • Title Correction "The Most Dominant Touchdown Runs in NFL History! | NFL Highlights " Minus OJs TDs SMH

  • This is a great Barry Sanders highlight video.

  • John Riggins SB touchdown?

  • Part 2 needs Derrick Henry’s 99 yd td run