How Tesla became the 1st $1TN car maker!

čas přidán 27. 09. 2021
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The automotive industry has undergone some huge changes in the last 20 years.

From emissions regulations and the diesel-gate scandal through to the rise in popularity of hybrid and electric cars, there have been a whole host of changes to which manufacturers are the most prominent and valuable in 2021 compared to 2001.

With that in mind, we've pulled together this animation to show you the rise and fall of certain manufacturers based on their market cap value. Can you guess which will be #1 in 2021? Drop your guess in the comments, then sit back and watch the video!

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    • Mazda Mx 5 ND

    • Tesla Model S Plaid

    • Family cars please 🙏 😃 like the chiron could compare with an seven seater 😃

    • Bedford Rascal

  • tell me how can i find the next super power India

  • I always liked nissan cause of it's Navara model and because of that I always thought Nissan is Unique, this video showing nissan further than 2009, made me sad.

  • rivian「hello guys」

  • Tesla is a tech company, tech company never had a union

  • This is very good for covid conspiracies

  • Fucking tesla i mean Elon sorry Nikola

  • This race is more interesting than most car races.

  • Am i the only one think that tesla is for vegan people?

  • Tesla only values more in stocks, not in net worth. Toyota and VW are way bigger

  • rip japan 👍😂 i love american vehicles 😍

  • Gosh When Tesla was climbing up to the top it gave me goosebumps

  • Toyota=Pewdiepie of car companies Tesla=T-series of car companies

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  • Toyota is the best

  • You need to be other than human to overthrow Toyota.

  • The really problem with Toyota is they not care about the designs and turbocharged engines at all. Is they change the two of this means sure Toyota will become number one again

  • here again after tesla surpassed $1T

  • Tbh i think there is a business with tesla and the goverment. Like think about it dude, the goverment wants the whole world to use electric powered cars, if we think of electric cars we think of tesla. Now if the goverment wants all gas powered cars to extinct, we all run to tesla. So i really think there is a connection between the two.

  • try this evry 1 year now......

  • use same data, but animate it with stick figures fighting..

  • Tesla is crazy

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  • GO TESLA GO!!!!!!!!!

  • You will always be number 1 for me Toyota

  • I didn't know that you guys did THIS! Sick!

  • Wow Toyota lives in the first place long time ago what is that Toyota, 😮😮😮 why are you so good please anyone here have Toyota car tell me why he buy Toyota car

  • You know it's pretty much over when America enters the race.

  • Gas gas gas

  • I dont get it, Tesla is just a image bubble and then is 3x more valuable than Toyota?

  • Tesla 😳😳. OMG

  • Tesla is a joke.

  • Tesla: How am I gonna get all the way up there The first covid case: Don’t worry I gotchu

  • Damn it! That Tesla wins!

  • Legacy automakers should be very worried. In the next few years you will also see the Chinese EV companies starting to feature strongly, such as Nio and Xpeng. While this is just market cap, it is also indicative of sales. Tesla at record levels while legacy automakers down 30%, which is not just due to chip shortages.

  • 2:14 deja vu

  • tesla just came out of no where

  • There are so many Toyotas unregistered that no one knows about it . You will see Toyota in every country Mostly Tesla is in U.S and some Europe countries .

  • Toyota still winner

  • I have never imagined toyota is this big.

  • 2:14 Tesla: Cya guys...

  • That was incredible. Still waiting on the Plaid Drag race Matt.

  • People who don’t own TSLA are salty and confused. And will be until they hit that buy button. If not now then when it’s 2000 in a year

  • Tesla bolted ahead with so much gap like a starving child eating his 1st meal in days as fast and steady as possible with a subtle fear that the food might be taken away 😎

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  • Toyota is like NANI!!!!

  • What happened to Tesla in 2020? Did they produce masks and vaccines?

    • No this is just the Market cap nothing to do with a company profits and revenues

  • Відео фейкове.

  • OMG This vid was from carwow

  • Before quarantine Tesla: After: GAS GAS GAS IM GONNA STEP ON THE GAS

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  • Tesla, the most overvalued car company in history

  • Tesla:Hold my electricity.

  • now tesla is daddy of all

  • Tesla grande merda

  • The way Tesla just dwarfed everyone at the end 🥶🥶🥶

  • That’s what a rocket does XD

  • Tesla jest hujowa 🤮🤮🤮🤮 TOYOTA najlepsza

  • My Favorite CS-tv Channel is carwow

  • Toyota: we are great at making reliable, affordable cars. Tesla: Hold my cybertruck

  • 1.01 Tata motors 🔥

  • No wonder that Tesla got a bigger market value, as they sell very cheap plastic for very much.

    • That “cheap plastic” also scored them all 4 top spots on the worlds safest car ranking, and a 4.8 out of 5 in enjoyment of the car. Strange that.

  • Japanese engineering. Pure perfection 👌🏻

  • BYD, NIO, GWM, SAIC and Volvo are all Chinese brand. That's not a joke. It jumped up like their phone brands.

  • Fantastic, informative graphic that conveys so much in such a short space of time. Although Market Caps here aren't a reflection of a car company's performance or ability; instead these just illustrate the BS that US Stock Market is built on. Will be interesting to see this again 5 years from now.

  • What comes fast also goes fast , slow and steady wins the race🏁

    • Lol you have 0 knowledge on disruptive innovation. Slow and steady wins the bankruptcy race

  • How come Toyota??

  • 2:14 Tesla: *i need to beat toyota, but how?* Also tesla's instant torque: *i will do it,* Also also tesla: *ok*

  • Audi?

  • toyota

  • Just that second that tesla destroies everything

  • VW Group valuation is all over the place. Just like their built quality!!

  • 2:13 Wtf happened with Tesla

    • Tesla was a heavily shorted stock but it still just kept rising, so collectively a lot of firms backed out on there short positions and boom. People say Tesla is over valued, it isn’t, it would have been a steady incline if it wasn’t for those dam shorts.

  • I love how Kia barely makes it onto the screen for 3 seconds and then Volvo just throws them back down again. And then the same happens to Volvo a few seconds later. Also, what the hell was that giant jump Tesla made all of a sudden during 2020?

    • they opened a factory in china model 3 sales has been increased cybertruck, roadster, semi, model s plaid full self driving the increase in nasdaq stocks these are the reasons for the jump

    • Shorts were heavy on Tesla but the stock just kept going up, so they sold there shorts collectively and boom.

  • 2:15 2020: Tesla = V-Tec Kick In Yo!

  • Shows how stupid mkts are. Pure stupidity

    • It’s called a bunch of shorts cancelling at the same time.

  • Tesla? 🤣🤣🤣

  • The best or nothing

  • Toyota ruling alone like a wolf.

  • There a lot of crap right there where in this world Volvo is

  • Toyota is definitely a good company, but how is it possible for almost 20 years to be ranked first, and never the first VW, Benz, BMW! Where these cars have an engine reached with 1 million km!

  • Bruh moment at 2:14

  • Tesla is a Nasdaq bubble, Toyota is not 😉

  • That's true

  • Is that growing can be true?

  • Realistically Tesla isn’t actually that high in market value. It’s really only the shares of it which grew quite a lot where if you see it’s market percentage in basically everything it’s tiny

  • This graph is the perfect demonstration of why Teslas current share price makes no sense at all

  • tesla stocks so naughty

  • Thank you

  • Ford is trash 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️

  • Toyota Volkswagen Honda Nissan BMW Mercedes Benz Tesla Hyundai SAIC Ford Fiat Peugeot

  • Renault had a market cap of around 30 B euros from 2015 to 2018 but can't be seen here (11th place ?). Also FCA is not public ?

  • NIO 😍😍😍😍

  • 2020 huge changes... 2 Chinese players enter market, like the Chinese economy watch them start to take over...

  • Toyota was just Ferrari's domination with Michael & Tesla is Mercedes with lewis...

  • Nissan went from second to not even being on the chart. Hopefully they can make it back

  • 1:52 *Tesla has joined the chat*


  • Wow, I didn't expect to see Ferrari that high for some reason.

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