The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  • the further I go on this video, the more I understand how much Levi Ackerman is inspired by Napoleon

  • America during the French Revolution: We DONT give a Fuck, we are trying to form our country.

  • P O V : You came from "The French Revolution"

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  • Make a video about the bulkan wars

  • 22 men, 2 artillery machines & 1 horse. Lovely.

  • I was intrested in what the horse had to offer

  • 0:47 wow napoleon has alot siblings

  • 8:15 LOL

  • I’m pretty sure the ottomans had more territory in the Arabian peninsula and Egypt.

  • Ironically, the expansion & collision of nations may have contributed to the sustainability of civilization. Resource depletion or disparity was “externalized” and infirm like me or outdated policies were selected in colonial development or war. However, it is risky, costly, even catastrophic now. I hope we can achieve environmental, economic, social (including human), & political sustainability with new techs & humane policies.

  • As a Turk, Napoleon may have been the best leader.

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  • In the crowning you used the german national anthem

  • France is lucky to have a general like Napoleon who actually was from Italian decendants

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  • 1 mistake in this video....Napoleon didn't declare war to the "kingdoms", but rather the kingdoms of europe declared war to him...but the reason explained ( being them all, fearing that the french revolution might give the same idea to their citizens), is correct

  • 😀 i like the part where army comes out

  • POV: you learn history the fun way

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  • I can somehow relate to the confusion they had at the coup. I mean I can't explain it but somehow I can relate to it


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  • Austria's rant was hilarious.

  • Why do the Russians always use winter to their advantage.

  • Next oversimplified: The Seven Years' War

  • Lol the book he’s reading says “ate two, Brutus?” Perfect! Classy.

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  • OI! It' wasn't just a cavalry charge at Eylu that won day the big tide turner in the battle was the Old Guard as Napoleon was forced to commit them into the battle.

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  • The only countries that made Napoleon lost : UK & Russia. The only countries that made Hilter lost : UK & Russia. Coincidence? I think not!

    • @Liam Mcnally The US had a bigger effect then the UK in WW2. And during the Napoleonic wars France was the most powerful nation lol.

    • @GloomzyFN cap uk was the strongest country

    • @Guillaume LVL well Also weather both cold and hot and aging strategis

    • The only thing that made Napoleon lost : Diseases

    • No The US had a bigger effect then The UK

  • I like how all of the monarchs look exactly like stereotypical European monarchs

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  • WW2 France:I surrender Napoleon:really

  • 13:47 the painting of napoleon crossing the Alps has an Easter egg. On the rock is engraved napoleon's last name, but on the rock below it you can gravely see the engraving of the name hannibal on it.(look really close at it) This is in reference to hannibal crossing of the Alps in the 2nd punic war, to surprise the romans in guess where, italy.

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  • ww2 could've been different if hitler just looked in a history book and remembered nobody invades russia

  • "His mother punished him severely." Well, yeah. Did you see that birth?

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  • I love oversimplified, I always enjoy his videos.

  • Salut à tous l'empereur Salut à tous l'empereur Hail to all the emperor

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