The Oscars Jokes Kevin Hart Would Have Told

čas přidán 10. 01. 2019
'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tries out the material he was preparing for the Oscars ceremony.
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  • Hadn’t seen him in a while. Colbert has really turned into an ass

  • He look fresh

  • Does anyone else think stephen was being a bit condescending to kevin?

  • Stephen wanted yet another apology on his show. He wanted to hear, “I’m sorry.” Kevin gave him: “I’m..... over it.”

  • Imagine kevin hart is white and always says "im white!".

  • I just noticed colbert does a lot of quirks like playing with his toungue, slapping the desk...gestures that late show hosts do when they do comedy...but this guy never does comedy hes a nice interviewer thats it.

  • How about that super classy Patek Philippe 5131J.. Great taste good sir!

  • I still cringe everytime i remember the michael moore episode when he asked the host "do you just cry?" And host said yes. Hahahaha.

  • The older he gets, the more Stephen actually seems like an old republican

  • short guy, big mind

  • As a gay I would like straight ppl and lgbt nazis who are trying to push a libtard agenda to stay out of our politics. Please stop using my sexuality as a weapon to control others by forcing it down their thoughts. By doing this you are pushing our strive for equality farther away because people now think we are whining babies. Thank you next

  • Wanna here a knock knock joke? Knock knock...Who’s there...Karma that’s who!

  • If he was white thatd be the end of his career black and fake rich whites would've made sure of that

  • 5:26

  • I was really hoping they would show the meme of Kevin leaning away from the mic

  • Wow, Kevin Hart surprised me here. First time I've seen someone "win" against Stephen Colbert

  • Irony the person interviewing Kevin is partially responsible for this PC culture. I would like him to apologize

  • Meryl was shouting in appreciation of another actress’s comments on the wage gap, not booing. Very meme-able though

  • He never owed an apology to anyone

  • I hate that he pushed him to talk about it again, but I like how he drove away from it. Stop talking about that bs. Bunch of puss balls walking around now days

  • Kevin Hart is an embarrassement to comedians, apoligizing for a joke.

  • Yeh the media just wants to stir s**t up and try to bring Kevin down a peg, I think Kevin is great and the media is just controlled by people at the top of the media chains fairly dictatorially. If they want the media talking heads to talk about Kevin and pressure him they will absolutely follow that script, because that's what they are, most don't have thoughts of their own on air, at this point, because they can't, lol. Kevin, you are one of the best comedians ever, don't let them get to you.

  • NEVER APOLOGIZE because you don't agree with something or someone's way of life. You are FREE to feel however the hell you want. If people get offended, forget them. Move on and live your life.

  • He has the funniest laugh! I ABSOLUTELY love and respect this man and how he's handling this situation. I'm proud of you Kevin!

  • Kevin hart making the best of the moment

  • You never hear good people complain about society being too sensitive.

  • 6:48 Ah, Uncle Teeth. =D

  • People don't just watch funny moment. Learn from important word.

  • They should just have Trump host the Oscar's. Viewership problems -- Solved!

  • Stephen colbert has no stand up experience. Every other tv show host has had stand up exp except him. He seemed very judgemental towards kevin through the interview. Not cool

  • The funniest thing is that some people consider Kevin Hart a comedian. Remove the controversy and this dude still sucks at being funny. Gallagher smashing fruit is funnier than this dude.

  • That onion analogy didn’t make any fucking sense but it’s ok we get it

  • The always outraged left are killing comedy.

  • Well he was the reason I was going to watch the Oscar so I guess I’m going to find something else to do

  • act a bit more sincere in that case kevin *eyeroll*

  • unfortunately, when someone is a bigot, they must live with the consequences.....i never said any joke about BLACK people....

  • Im watching 2 slaves pretend theyre not chained. Think about it.

  • Kev says he's over it literally EVERY interview. He says the same thing over and over and over and these hosts CONTINUE to ask the SAAAAME damn questions which result in Kev repeating himself over..and over...and over.

  • He’s tiny.

  • This whole Kevin Hart thing is the biggest pile of steaming horse shit to occur so far in 2019

  • I dont like Kevin Hart in particular. But the amount of scrutinity hes been under is just sad. Complete bull

  • I thought that the people who made Kevin step down were also fans of left leaning night show hosts such as this one, im surprised he was invited on

  • He still hits women

  • Fcuk Oscars!

  • Poor Kevin, people should lay off him, because he is sorry and you guys keep on coming back at him. He’s a good person and there’s no reason to attack him on stuff that happened in the past. If you didn’t like the things he said, you should have complained then. #kevinhart

  • Where's the jokes? Weak Show!

  • Welcome back everybody to a new episode of get *click baited* by Stephen Colbert


  • This guy is so annoying... I wouldn’t go on the show if I were Kevin. He’s the worst late night bitch out of them all

  • That meme joke would have been lit

  • Stop talking about this.

  • I’m short yall! This is my friend The Rock yall! Think it’s a better use of time not to have a host.

  • whats the song when Kevin walks in??? or is it just some improvised thing?? its funky as hell

  • Looks like everyone is saying F Hollywood....even white people. Lol. Hollywood better get it together.

  • For Oscars jokes, jump to 6:00 You're welcome. ✌🏾

  • If they get Kevin Spacey as Oscars host for this year I'll repay the favor by killing everyone but Cersei. You're welcome in advance

  • I'm so glad Mr. Hart isn't hosting the Oscar's because I've never found him to be funny. I've always celebrated his success, but from a distance.

    • strongforu I saw him live never laughed so hard in my life

  • Kevin hart is my hero.

  • I love him so much lol

  • Awesome video you all just have a look at my videos they are really good Lol..

  • An entertainers job is not to please Otherwise its fake

  • Live on your own term Kevin!

  • America is a nation of drama queens and cry babies

  • Love Kevin hart !

  • He should make jokes about gays only for the award show.ha ha

  • Kev been everywhere since this Oscar's fiasco...

  • kevin's watch is fire ]

  • Does anyone know which brand/type of watch Kevin is wearing?

  • As a gay man, enough is enough. Leave the guy alone. He’s done enough. For the LGBTQ people, think about your parents. When you first came out to them, there’s a good chance they were like Kevin Hart. They weren’t open minded, but people change. Your parents changed (well not everyone’s parents but a lot of them) they’ve changed and Kevin Hart can do the same.

  • Kevin Hart is a nasty Adulterer

  • Were living in a degenerate society when you gotta apologize for saying you dont want your son to act gay or be gay. If you encourage your son to act or be gay...well that's acceptable. F*ck the LGBTQ speech Nazi's.

  • I m done . Good response ..

  • Bro the captions are messed up LITERALLY

  • There. I clicked on it, CS-tv. Can you stop telling me to watch this? I never wanted to watch it or cared. I'm over it.

  • This was a very passive aggressive interview.😏

  • Very proud of Kevin Heart ❤️ he has ball ⚽️

  • Heres a bit I'm going to do, they are so great ... proceeds to say none of them

  • i love that he's getting that well deserved respect

  • Am i the only one not knowing what this about? Comment say he offended gay people with a joke or what

  • Omg he’s so lame, get over it Kevin! Nobody cares....Ellen even called to get him to take the spot back and he still refused it. Ew, I hope u don’t get another Oscar opportunity.

  • Joey Diaz should host the Oscars.

  • Yeah, just keep going red pilling all these rtista

  • maaaan... eminem for example always told the truth about oscars .. starting to like him even more now * yeah i know this is kevin hart ..i love him .. but i remember all the diss on oscars in eminem songs and they still keept on giving him awards because they need " a host sience they are like a parasite" :))

  • What do you not get by the statement “I’m done talking about it” Colbert? Kudos to Hart for being honest and real about a ridiculous situation happening all too often today. And shame on Colbert for being a complete media sell out.

  • Who cares...You're not doing. Just change the subject Kev...oh, but you like this attention. He'll do it in future anyways....

  • Kevin Spacey to host?

  • What happened since 2015, everybody getting triggered?? Such a world of snowflakes we live in!!


  • Ow, one of the most painful, effortful 8 minutes to be found on late night.

  • what are they talking about?what s the story?can someone explain

  • Whether people choose to forgive him, or not, he's over it. Totally understandable.

  • Click bait

  • Yall should deff check out da upside movie is fire aff!! Kevin hart you out here doin n movin pimp Ight then be eazy playa

  • Kevin is in big big trouble with the elites. That's why they are putting him through the ringer. Watch the interview on GMA and watch how Michael Strahan keeps trying to bring it up. Sad that another grown black man is allowing the elites agenda to help tear down another black man. What world are we living in.

  • I apologize that I don't wanna apologize

  • And the LGBT community wonders why people can’t put up with them..... This entire thing is just stupid. Let’s focus on the REAL world issues like the Chinese concentration camps or the Myanmar massacre. Not some outdated tweet. CHILL

  • Kevin......... lol.......he's so cute, wanna squeeze him!

  • If he wasn't the most likable black guy around he would've been blackballed.

  • I’m over him!

  • the thing is he never actually apologized to the LGBT community and instead made a big fuss about how everyone now is too sensitive and refused to be a damn adult about it and admit his jokes about an entire population were tasteless and offensive as well as harmful. if you have to be offensive to be funny, you’re not funny.