The Pachi Marchi Event is ACTUALLY REALLY FUN in Overwatch 2

čas přidán 24. 03. 2023
We do a little trolling the event
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  • Wait what if there were announcer voice cosmetics that let players choose which voice actor to hear doing in game announcements

    • There is something like that in mortal kombat 11 actually.

    • @Nasserino and Paladins if I remember correctly

    • Hots has/had this. Easy inter ip pick up.

    • @Nasserino Fr, having my boy Johnny commentating for me was such a cool feature

    • Yeee Paladins has this system and it has sold pretty well so far so I don’t think they’d see any downside to doing so. Would be super dope too

  • I love the group dynamic between flats, somnus and emongg

    • It's like siblings right Somnus is the middle child maybe youngest. And flats is Def the older brother ykwim?

  • I love how it's just this extremely sweaty and try hard games and in the background it's just this happy Mario music while you have Flats's team 18-19 trying to get the Pachi while against a Roadhog, Mei and Zen and it's just the weirdest combination

  • Genuinely had a fun time playing this event! Genuinely hoping for more like this! (Hopefully you could express this to developers for us! Super appreciated if possible) and love the content as always!

  • The Pachi Marchi event is so much more fun than I would've ever expected.

  • Definitely enjoyed this event as well! The challenges going off patchmari collects and denies made it so less toxic and less stressful! Just having good ol fun!

    • I had a Hero 76 leave the match the moment my hook caught him. In fact, the entire enemy team left the match for the game to bring in three new players. Torb, Bap, and Hog was my team comp. Reaper is scary to fight...

    • @Absol StoryofFiction that last sentence was pretty random

  • This event was infested with sweats in my experience. Needed to try super hard to win and have fun. Didn’t know it was that serious 😗

    • It is incredibly serious. Also, in this gamemode, it's not too difficult to have laughs and sweat at the same time.

  • 2:13 this entire fight the enemy team is displaying the power of friendship

  • I loved roadhog as athena . My favourite voice line is "Game of the play uhhhhhh"

  • Great event, great gamemode, hope to see more of this in the future 🎉

  • 4:36 flats being a wholesome shepherd guiding his sheep 😂

  • It was so much fun!!!

  • Loved playing that event, had all challenges done within 1 hour or so. Found out the Reinhardt, Reaper and Moira are a really good combo there.

    • Aww man that's crazy the first game I played our team ran Ramattra, Reaper and Moira and it was surprisingly good too!

    • I love playing Sombra in this game mode so much lol 😂

  • Funny enough when me and my friends played we had a mei Cassidy and mercy combo. Loved hearing the rage when I’d guardian Angel to my friend and get our pachi before the other team and hear their rage it was so funny.

  • In the beggining, i wasnt expecting nothing from this game mode. Almost one week later, after 100+ matches of this, i Can say thats the most Fun i have with this game since 2018 (or the OW2 release)

  • The double Zarya ult was great 11:46

  • I had fun in this game mode until I ran into a 3 stack Hog, Moira, and kiri all hiding in a room waiting for us to come in the entire game

  • doomfist is so fun to play as in this gamemode

    • Ball as well I get Every pachi

    • and lucio. One of the enemies told me I was difficult to hit, so I looked at the recording from his perspective, there was at least 5 times where he would get a kill, I would dive in, steal it, and run away, and his mouse would go bananas in rage it was hilarious.

  • Lucio is actually the best in this gamemode. No other character can steal maris from the enemy like lucio

  • Tbh, Roadhog is a good character in this gamemode

  • Bap and Moria are lowkey op in this game mode imo. Run a mei or Zarya and the are so screwed.

  • Immagine making comms during a game and calling the enemies with Roadhog voicelines from this event, like "Thunko the metal man low!"

  • it's a great mode until you're up against a top 500 Mcree that's getting pocketed by a Mercy and Baptiste.

  • 3:02 You can't just put flower field in like that and think I wouldn't notice! W editor in choice of music

  • True I actually soooo enjoyed this on first day finished the whole thing in 1 hour do now I lose most games on a small points difference I always forget to denay

  • Best event so far

  • I miss Busan so much. Junker queen is super good for this

  • Bros hog in real life 💀

  • when we played this, we didn't run a single tank or support, just three dps lol

    • that sounds, interesting?

    • @A guy on the internet yeah ,, it worked tho so i can’t complain 😴

  • 3v3 goes pretty hard ngl

  • We need ranked catch-a-mari

  • When flats plays the pachimari event it should be called FLATSimari😂

  • How is it can be fun? If you have a group of course it will be fun, any game with group of friends will be fun, qp, arcade, whatever.

  • I dunno if it's just console but it felt like I was playing 3v3 comp

    • I was playing crossplay and had a game with a Ram that got pissed when I picked Sombra after two deaths. People were being mad sweaty in this for some reason.

    • @Jordan it's sad. I mainly rammatra and have since he dropped and ram players always get the bad rap cause they assume there gonna complain about healers. Don't get me wrong I'm like Gold/Plat who's playing with his GM friend and top 500's but this mode if your not playing "meta" for this mode, people will complain.

    • PC as well. There is no fun it this game mode as people tryhard it to their fullest.

    • @kevthajum Like it's arcade and half these dudes playing like they got money on the line or something. So lame lmao...

    • @Jordan It's the same in QP, granted people like flats can enjoy the game but at the same time he played QP and he even said it feels like light comp, my gm friend Mark doesn't like playing QP since it's that sweaty and he'd rather play comp because it's more chill

  • Am I tripping or is it IMPOSSIBLE to get a W on quick play recently? I've gone 3 days without a single W

  • @7:35 geebus, Flats is the king of teasing Somnus. If this was a freaking BDSM, Somnus would be edged forever.

  • So this is essentially kill confirmed?

  • if warframe pvp was mediocre and team based

  • 2:20 im not the top 500 im just plat but.. i dont think that shooting the bubble is a viable option for u and the team no?

  • realistic thumbnail

  • Correction "The PachiMarchi event is really fun of you play with friends." Otherwise you get people throwing or unwilling to switch. Edit: I wanted to do the challenges, so it got frustrating and I get that some can have fun if they just jump in, but I had to go Pharah (meta pick) at the end to get 10+ Pachis after losing four in a row and just wanted it to be over.

    • Its arcade, who cares if they dont switch lol.

    • I don't need friends that are telling me to switch 🤣

    • You don't even have to sweat in this game mode wtf

  • The name of that junker queen in the second round really threw me off

  • So it like collecting dog tag from cod.

  • somnus was actually cringe wtf

  • When I seem emongg die to the cas I put my headphones down and just died on the inside

  • bruh why was he being so annoying to somnus tho lol

  • I’m so sad I didn’t get a chance to buy the doom skin😭😭

  • nyahhhhh baptisteeee -somnus gremlin voice

  • pogchamp :)

  • Hey flats

  • Early gang :3

  • 27 seconds ago published? No views? AM I FIRST?! Huh, this is weird

  • Sap

  • Repost pog