The Pagani Zonda Is an Insane $6 Million Supercar

čas přidán 18. 12. 2019



The Pagani Zonda is an amazing car -- and a really crazy, really valuable supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Pagani Zonda and I'm showing you all the quirks and features of the Zonda. Then I'm going to drive the Pagani Zonda and show you what it's like on the road.


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  • Doug's Father : He said dad first!

  • This car is 22 years old and it looks like it was released yesterday. Truly one of the most timeless and beautifully designed cars of the modern era, if not all time.

  • Doug, wonderful video as usual!

  • Doug DeMuro: "this is only the SECOND Zonda i have ever seen"

  • I remember seeing the Zonda for the first time in Gran Turismo 3 and just being blown away at how beautiful it looked.

  • Are you ever going to review the Mazzanti Evantra?

  • Doug: i always wanted to review a zonda but they are just so rare

  • Doug, as always, fantastic video. Since day one, I have been a massive fan of the Zonda. As far as I am concerned, it's one of the most stunning cars EVER. You've done it justice. I can only hope I see one in-person someday.

  • I think my favorite part of this car is that it looks like it is driven frequently. Hats off to people who enjoy them.

  • Honestly saying I think I like the Zonda's interior more than the Huayra's is much more simple, the woods seem like they have a wonderful grip, and it looks classy, not just carbon fiber or wood, so even my grandfather could enjoy it

  • Great review as always, I was in high school when these were new and a classmate of mine had the Zonda as his dream car. The interior is beautiful and traditional with all the machined aluminum, leather, and wood. That's incredible, paring Mercedes' most powerful/biggest naturally aspirated V12 with a manual.

  • 25:36

  • "Naturally I came as quickly as I could"

  • I remember seeing one of these online back in 2001 and thinking it was one of, if not the absolute, most beautiful car ever made. 18 years later and it still is

  • This is truely a one off kind of car, even though it's not my favourite looking car ever, everything on it and about it is cool. So much attention to detail. Nowhere you look seems ugly. A true masterpiece. Mr Pagani, you sir are a legend.

  • If I work really hard, save my money and live like a hermit for the next ten years, I might, just might, be able to afford a down payment for one of those switches...

  • Would really love to hear Doug's thoughts on a Manual Murcielago LP 640. It probably is the cheapest Mid engine, V12 car with a manual gearbox.

  • The pronunciation of the name of the guy that built it KILLED me 😂😂

  • Doug the type of guy to make small talk at a urinal.

  • I’ve come to love Pagani’s creations and feel that in the vast field of Supercars, they’re at the top of the list. Personally, they’re the ONLY cars that I think are worth a million dollars or more. I certainly wouldn’t give that kind of money for the jelly bean shape of a Bugatti. Regardless, I much prefer the newer Hyra’s (I know...misspelled) crazy interior to this car’s. The use of plastic on some switches and control stauks is UNFORGIVABLE IN A CAR WITH A $1,000,000+ sticker price. SIMPLY UNFORGIVABLE, even if the company was new at the time and trying to find their way. But their newest products more than make up for it with the amazing interior and exterior design details now. They’re simply the most amazing, beautiful cars ever built, bar none. Love the yellow paint on this particular car. Fantastic!!!