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Hosted by
Michael Stevens
Edited by
Hannah Canetti
VFX by
Jack Merline
Music from AudioNetwork


  • My favorite number is 6 too 🤣

  • 1:27 Michael Unlocks Pillowcase: Panik He’s holding it down: Kalm He lets go of it: Panik

  • Who else thinks his second brain is kept inside that skull and is connected to his belly button?

  • At the end of the video, I thought... Where is your pillowcase at 3AM?

  • 7:20 its actually quite simple

  • 4:13 he has a hole cut in the table and a hole in the pillow, 3 pumps of lotion and he’s goin to town.

  • Michael: It's CURSED. Me: dude it's like three in the morning stop scaring me!

  • What kind of scp is this

  • Michael is not afraid of the consequences

  • Me on the toilet after chipotle - 4:05

  • Judging on this my LEGO Star Wars pillowcase gonna straight up open a wormhole to the deathstar

  • All the kids watching this video be like:

  • nobody : michael : *pauses*

  • Michael discovers a scp

  • Mmm is like kkk but not really

  • You did held ur breath

  • At Vsauce: Hey! Vsauce! Michael here At D!NG: WHAZZUP!! Ding-Dongers it's me ding-sauce

  • 5:31 My answer : Hell no..

  • Slowly Michael gets more and more insane.

  • *Ding dongers* seems awkwardly sexual

  • that's so weird

  • 1:51

  • Guys i think his beard is the problem, not the isolation room

  • “I fear no man....” “....but that thing, it scares me.” “Not the pillow case but his sanity....”

  • the real question is.. what the hell is D!NG

  • Well I wouldn't trust a masterlock on holding the pillowcase of terror.

  • "You can use any deck you want, but this one makes me feel safe." LOL Never change, Michael. Never change.

  • Michael, this is an intervention, you need to stop doing weird stuff on camera

  • haha I love u

  • this went too far

  • Plot twist: *the skull beside the pillowcase is of Vsauce*

  • 4:06 When you nut but she keeps sucking.

  • Dad: are ya winnin son? Me at 3 AM: 4:05

  • michael is progressively more aware he became a meme

  • lol

  • I go crazy for Michael's dingsauce!

  • 4:05 ummm...

  • Leave it to Michael to become friends with a pillowcase.

  • mmm id love my self some mmm

  • The pillowcase is actually a purple square in disguise

  • heyy dingsauce, michael here

  • Michael Radiates Pure Michael Scott Energy

  • 4:49 That's the real magic

  • Are you good ? No but like mentally

  • Why the heck did I actually hold my breath when he told me to

  • Creepy

  • Everybody talking about Michael becoming crazy, but i really enjoy it

  • 4:06 is he having a orgasm

  • Watching this while drunk is absolutely terrifying

  • That *sweet* intro

  • 4:10 me when i jack off in the mornings

  • Pillow case of terror and Thanos both want equality

  • The card trick doesn’t work I counted each thing 8 times (not kidding) but do not try this. It won’t work!

  • Whats *zuaaaaaaaaaaap* ding dongers, its me: dingsauce. Today, we’re gonna enjoy a little bit of *mmhmhmhmhmhm* Mhiceals maeth magiac The white room experiment left him insane.

  • Why is Michael like that, I mean I love vsauce and Michael but why is he so strange does he want to be funny ahahahaha

  • This was uploaded on my birthday!

  • Michael: *I’m scared of pillows* 1 million people: *Hmm IntErEstInG*

  • The Pillowcase of Terror sounds like an SCP.

  • Dong

  • *thanos pillow* Bottom text

  • You could also take this to the extreme and pick only 1 or 2 cards. That way it's much easier to imagine whether or not the same number of cards is face up

  • Amazing

  • Rename the channel to DONE Do Online Now Everyone

  • *l m a o*

  • Michael could win a staring contest with a corpse.

  • 2:51 I think Michael likes *those odds*

  • 4:14 hello mental hospital ?

  • 4:06 did he just start u know what nvm I'm not gona say it

  • Who else immediately burned their pillowcases after watching this video?

  • 5+7=11 *you know, i'm something of a mathematician myself*

  • 17÷2=12?

  • His crew is there against their will

  • 4:06 r/hadastroke

  • Remember when Micheal talked about bombs and the splitting of atoms? Yeah, now he’s talking about a Pillowcase of terror.

  • Is this schizophrenia?

  • Guys he let the pillow case escape

  • But why was Micheal in a cemetary in Cincinnati though...

  • 0:07 my microwave at 3am

  • Video starts at 5:48, thank me later

  • 0:02 d i n g d o n g e r s