The Pit Stop S14 E03 | Monét X Change & Violet Chachki Ball Out | RuPaul’s Drag Race

čas přidán 21. 01. 2022
Oh yes. Season 7 Winner and Fashion Goddess Violet Chachki is BACK for the Ball, and joining Monét X Change at The Pit Stop to kikiana about all things Season 14. This truly is the episode you’ve been waiting for of the only official recap series of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14!

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  • Violet asking the host of the Pit Stop "did you sew this" is now a drag tradition 🤣

  • I genuinely mean this, I love that violet has the aura that she is doing everyone a favor by being in the room. I wish I had that level of self confidence

  • “Two ugly wigs don’t make greatness” while still looking at Monet

  • I like violets way of thinking. She wants something innovative. Something original. When she said “we should be the ones influencing them” I’m like yes! It’s the way it’s been for ages!

  • Rupaul: “Just copy looks from magazines or something.”

  • The way they edited the dragonfly flying into Violet’s mouth as she was laughing I DIED

  • violet chachki would win EVERY ball challenge 💕

  • June went home and Violet said "Bless her heart" with cold, straight away and a bit of disgusts face is my new spirit animal.

  • "Now it's like flats, pants, straight men" Violet is iconic

  • They need Violet as an actual judge on a ball episode so she can read every single queen to their faces 😂

  • Violet is horrifying to me - she’s beautiful and knowledgeable and cutting. If you aren’t on your A+ game you will get shredded. Who tf just pulls out “Erte” like that?? Someone with insight. Makes me never want to do drag.. We aren’t worthy, lol.. she reminds me of like a Parisian private school teacher who never smiles and smacks you. Like a glam version of Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle.. forever in a state of ennui and despair at the state of everyone failing to meet her stratospheric standards.

  • I love how when monét is talking about maddie’s girlfriend being his biggest supporter, Violet just goes like “okaay…”

  • You knew they were bringing Violet back… after all, her Pit Stop episode was/is THE MOST WATCHED pit stop episode in history…. It’s iconic & I watch every day.

  • Violet directly coming for the host is the nerve and confidence we all need to face 2022

  • Violet is so done with these new girls on drag race. Im dying. She took som deep breathes and she is still going on in these girls. Violet needs to be on every ball pit stop

  • Thank God for violet. orions "heathers look" was not heathers at all they don't play golf. I love love love violets reading the queens for filth I'm living for her every time I see her

  • Violet recognizing Daya Betty is the redemption Daya Betty needed

  • Violet really gives off 'that rich auntie who is disappointed with your achievements' vibes and I'm here for it

  • “Your bra is out, your hair is a mess and you lost to the straight boy” 😭 i’m dying

  • Violet: "Get something original or don't come"