The Pretty Reckless - 25 (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 18. 12. 2020
The Pretty Reckless - 25 (Official Music Video)
From the upcoming album 'Death By Rock And Roll' | Available February 12, 2021:
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Director: Jon J
Producer: Omar Reynoso
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Year one
Was lots of fun
But nothing lasts forever in my dreams

And two
I followed you
Because you knew the way or so it seemed

And three
I still believed
That we would be becoming destiny

And four
I wanted more
But you were moving on to better things

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand

Five to six
A lie, a kiss
The secrets that were served we’d never say
Skip to eight
We called to fate
To live, to let us die another day
And nine
I saw the signs
Reflected in the barrel of a gun
We’re here again
Those who loved me burned up in the sun

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions turns to sand
And shatters in my hand

From eleven, twelve I held the future in my grasp
And all through my teens I screamed I may not live much past
Twenty-one two three four
Twenty-one two three four
Twenty-one two three four
One two three four

At twenty-five
And still alive
Much longer than expected for a man
At twenty-five
All hope has died
And the glass of my intentions
The glass of my intentions
The glass of my intentions
Turns to sand
And shatters in my hand
#ThePrettyReckless #25 #DeathByRockAndRoll


  • (remembers me at an oldie from Final Fantasy 8)

  • how is it i had never heard of these guys before today, #lifeinthehouse lol, love em, great band... great sound, great voice...

  • Seriously feels like a Bond theme... awesome


  • Like a grunge-ified Skyfall

  • Taylor's career path sure took a different and unexpected turn from the other Gossip Girl actors. I hope she's doing financially okay, because she was my favorite in that show.

  • This feels like it could be used as the intro song for a James Bond movie and I don't mean that it a bad way. The entire album is amazing.

  • This really should be a James Bond thing... This is the perfect voice: powerfull on the high notes and full on the lower ones! Impressive!😍

  • This should be opening song for upcoming 25th James Bond movie. It's much better than the actual No Time To Die theme. Reminds me of the great 90s Bond songs by Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow and Garbage. Love it!!

  • This girl definitely blows my mind

  • Questa ragazza mi manda completamente fuori di testa..mi eccita

  • Now that's a woman i would take a knee and ask her to marry me without a second thought

  • Этот голос не возможно ни с чем спутать

  • Hear this at 35

  • *Now that's what I call a Bond song.* 🎵😎👍🎸🎹🥁🎵🌟🔥🔥🔥🔥🎬📀📡📺✅🤘😈🤘

  • This has James bond feels

  • Holy Evolution of an artist! Killer Vocals Taylor! You may now take over the world..

  • Fucking beautiful 😍

  • Easily could be the next Silent Hill game theme.

  • Красотка. Просто восхитительное произведение. Надеюсь это будет саундтрек к новому фильму агента 007. Видимо не я такой про это подумал Max тоже и его лайки :)

  • Sounds like you make me wanna die. Very boring. Nothing new Taylor.

    • Sounds absolutely nothing like that song, like wtf man

  • You can hear the Nirvana influence. It kinda starts similarly to Heart Shaped Box.

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  • Am i the only one that hears Silent Hill instead of Bond?

  • Just can’t believe this is the same girl was in the Grinch who stole Christmas in 2000 when it came out. She was only a kid at that time.

    • But good video and love that voice damn she can rock her ass off

  • MTV should be the espn of music. Video shows, documentaries, interviews. Etc etc. instead it’s just ridiculousness. Someone rich please buy it and bring the music back.

  • Great pick for the 25th Bond film.

  • this song could be the soundtrack of a James Bond movie!

  • what's with the neck..

  • No wonder she has such a deep voice with such a neck 🤣

  • Elsa left Arendelle and made this

  • Where Are You Christmas? Right fuckin here!

  • This video this performance the lyric omg what a song and what an album love you Taylor and TPR 🖤 thank you for making Covid suck less 🤟🏻

  • So seductive and provocative. The bond vibe is intended, obviously. The olive and martini. 5:42 I'll just say that Taylor is my girlfriend now.

  • WOW!!!! just WOW!!!!

  • Honestly, lookin where this album is headed, there should be a music movie like The Queen of the Damned, but with Taylor Momsen both in the leading role and TRP as the source of music

  • love her music, a huge range of abilities

  • It's sort of a sleepy sultry deal but takes too long....ever hear Bobbi Gentry? True southern sultry mysterious

  • Champagne maybe..

  • Ironic all the calls for her/this to be the next Bond girl/song as No Time to Die is the 25th film...

  • This would make the perfect soundtrack to any movie I think. 🎸🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎬📽🎞

  • This song like ‘skyfall’ But it's a little different.

  • Daisy! You beautiful! And a very nice clip! Old people in the village say - the girl is mad because she wants a child! I wish you children soon and more! Greetinghs from Ukraine!

  • В пятый раз, Nightwish подсовывают. Не знаю, не очень Nightwish.

  • So... Waiting for 35 and else... ))) like Avril or neverdie Sher... Birthday is a crazy day

  • The Bond movie vibes are strong with this one

  • Девочка Silent Hill 2 в детстве часто играла на фоне идущего по телеку Джеймса Бонда

  • Акира Ямаока со своим Promise передаёт пламенный привет)))

  • when you are so perfect you can be an actress, model and a rockstar

  • it resemles at "Silent Scorn" by Megadeth in the arpeggio and rhythm of the snare drum,but is a good pretty song

  • All this time I sat in anticipation and thought when she would finally scream at the most intense moment of the song

  • Girl thank you 🥺🖤✨ i love everything about this video !

  • Quando la musica ci sposta nel tempo e nello spazio e Taylor Momsen con la sua voce produce vibrazioni positive... Semplicemente meravigliosa...

  • Shoutout to those who turned 25 in 2020!

  • sexy, way beyond sexy. damn.

  • This is probably my new favorite TPR song. I also really like Rock and Roll Heaven, that song had excellent storytelling as well. Sounds like this album may have been influenced by the Beatles and other classic rock bands.

  • Amazing songwriting, stunning performance. Also, a serious gold star for the raw yet exquisite mix.

  • I love how artist talk about how an album saved their lives while the person who wrote the lyrics to the first three releases could bleed out on the fucking sidewalk and no one give a shit.

  • OMG I used to listen The Pretty Reckless when I was a teenager and now I wonder is it Taylor? The same voice but she changed a lot

  • This is a different sound than anything I've heard of theirs before. I really admire artists who aren't afraid to experiment with their craft because it's something they want to do. When you have a love and gift for music, you can be flexible and even if you go for an entirely different genre of music, you will always have a signature style that marks it as a song by you or your band.

  • Hate will hate I love the band and love the song if taylor was in a perfume commercial it would sell like mad period a lady is a lady hate is hate period thank you pretty reckless period

  • wonder woman wonder song

  • This is an incredible band , they have license to kill forever, really thank you for this song, love you

  • Kick ass voice

  • Why am I suddenly reminded of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman? Is it just the 'counting deaths' thing?

  • This is Cindy Lou Who. Holy beans

  • that red dress is drop dead gorgeous 😍

  • I can't help myself....a perfect Jame Bond theme!

  • Nice video, but to be honest, you're not getting enough views. I recommend ytfame if you want to check.

  • The beginning sounds like Nirvana

  • 4:19 nipple.

  • It can't be a coincidence the song title and the new James Bond 25th movie

  • Shit

  • I am watching gossip girl and looked up pretty reckless. Perfect for the phase I am in my life.. and i truly did not believe i would live to be as old as i am today, either taylor. See you when you're my age? (Seriously, though, she has incredible range and power ..mind-blowing. crushing for sure.) Hope she continues to heal.

  • Sounds like the next Bond song. well done.

  • I just got my new PR CD Friday and I have been listening to it in my car all week. If you bought the digital version and not the CD, YOU MISSED OUT ON THE SURPRISE INSIDE THE CASE INSERT. LOL

  • Sounds like 2000s music

  • This is James Bond Title Song potential.

    • would perfect The Song 25 for the 25th Bond movie

    • Exactly my thoughts when I heard it too!

    • Totally

    • I thought the exact same thing

    • Oh, hell yeah dude

  • The pretty reckless take an Adele influence on this song. Skyfall mode.

  • I just wanted to look up 5*5

  • 0:40 big Silent Hill energy in that guitar

  • I didn't know giraffes could sing...

  • This chick is pretty sick in the head complaining that someone gets to live until they’re 25 and that reaching the age of 25 is to long for someone to be alive. I don’t like this artist or their music because of the lyrics and how the artist suffers mentally thinking that their behaviour is ok and there is nothing wrong with their thought process this artist reminds me of Billie Eilish... who actually thinks like this and openly advertise’s it through their music 💭🤔

    • That is not what this song is about you absolute nutjob.

  • This is a little different than what she normally does, but I love it. She looks beautiful.

  • how very bond! I love it!

  • she looks so gorgeous ;w;

  • She is hot, the video is amazing but I wouldn't listen to this on the radio. That's the issue. The music is bland and uninspired. If you looked this good and were singing a song like "Cry" by Faith Hill, it would be a hit.

    • Bland and uninspired ? Please tell me of these unique sounding songs you are hearing. This to me is absolutely unique

  • Fn nice, great video with great coverage of Taylor 🤘🤘🤘

  • Как будто послушал симбиоз Megadeh, Adele и Beatles. Но тема, конечно, шикарна.)

  • Let's make it a billion views and more ✋

  • I can't explain how good this song is

  • She's the Marilyn Monroe of Rock and Roll

  • This song would have been prefect in Tru Blood

  • I must have watched this a dozen times by now

  • If you knew the 30´s hahaha :(

  • Why is she not riding a warhorse? Does she have a recipe for hate?

  • are they still alive

  • This song was amazing, however, there were 2 missed moments. In the middle of the song she hypes up "shatters in my -- " it makes you want to hear her SCREAM "HAAAAAND". But she leaves you hanging. This is good, because she is building up the anticipation for when she gives it to you at the end of the song. So here it comes, the end of the song, "SHATTERS IN MY - hand" in false seto. The false seto would have been much more appropriate in the middle, and then at the end scream "HAND" to end the song on a very powerful note. It sounded like a rock song until it didn't, and left us hanging. So the song is only a 7 out of 10 instead of an 8 or 9 for me. Really good other than that I would say.

    • I know we mean, falsetto

    • Disagree that would have been the formulaic thing to do and the head voice goes way, way better

    • agree

    • EXACTLY! I was 100% right there with you... so let down in the end :-(

  • Best Bond song that never made it to final cut.

  • Such an accomplishment. Get over yourself.