The Pyramid's Buried Secrets - Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

čas přidán 3. 12. 2022


  • It's disappointingly easy for CS-tvrs to get forgotten and lost in the algorithm. If you're here watching this after my month hiatus, thanks :)

  • 4 years of watching you. The memories are coming back.

  • I come back to this man after 3 years and find him with a beard. Looking fine as always still 👍

  • Im glad to see Cap is back again with another video, and it still become very successful, we love you Capt!

  • @CaptainSauce We will always be here for ya man, you may not post every single day but those who do aren't as funny as you, you bring laughter into ppl in a time when ppl believe laughter is over rated, We will be here to support you through anything you come across, The world need's its CaptainSauce

  • When the world needed him most, he returned.

  • > Disappears for 2 months due to health and technical difficulties

  • Glad to see you back cap! One of the only CS-tvrs to make me physically laugh when I watch your videos. We support you no matter what ❤️

  • Welcome back cap..everyone missed you and your content, its great to see you back 😁

  • Glad to see you're back cap! Here's a battle comment suggestion for when you come back to TABS.

  • FYI, never stop laughing because of the mic. It wouldn't be a Captain Sauce video without you're sudden laugh of surprise!

  • Dear Captain Suace,

  • I love how casually CaptainSauce comes back after 2 months and acts like nothing happened, great to see him back

  • It's crazy to see how much progress he's made between all the years of tabs

  • I’m so pumped and happy that Mr. Sauce has returned!!! My all time favorite CS-tvr

  • I love how his beard gets longer every video

  • I forgot how absolutely hilarious captainsauce tabs videos are! I love it!!!

  • Hey man ! Don't worry about your hiatus, everyone needs some time for some things, but we'l always be here watching you, like we always did all those years

  • We are so happy to Captain's voice again, right everyone?

  • I'd like to see more, this is very well done can't wait for the next one