The Rise and Fall of Fortnite Events

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The Rise and Fall of Fortnite Events
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  • Most of the opinions in this video are my own, if you disagree that's totally ok! I just wanted to talk about how the state of Fortnite lately :)

    • @MARIOS TIKO I don't think there will be an event cause if there will be we would be getting tons of teasers and even official data about it sooo..........

    • Yes I agree we hope that the chapter 4 season 1 event will be better

    • It's pretty accurate my guy

    • The only two I disagree with you are chapter 2 season 4 and chapter 3 season 2

    • I have to agree with everything, exept for the device event. It was amazing in my opinion and it was a very good way to end one of the best fortnite seasons ever

  • Honestly in my personal opinion the reason why the end event for Chapter 3 was awful to many people was because of it's length and just yet very fast paced story.

    • @Another user one more reason is that we could just leave our game for 40 minutes without even doing anything and you would still complete the live event without anything really visually appealing whereas all of the other live events have something that really looks cool

    • the reason people hated it was because it wasn’t better than C3S2 event and the Fortnite community feels entitled to have events get better and better every time.

    • There was no fast paced story, we just collected orbs for 40 minutes

    • ​@TheSilverSurfer yeahh exactly

    • No, fortnite got sued for 500,000,000 dollars just like 5 days before the event, and they ran out of budget for event, that’s why it was so bad

  • I think if winning or losing actually mattered to how the map is changed, it would be a lot more interesting and fun. And it would open up the option for players to pick sides in events and show what outcome the community would like to see more. Also I think if Fortnite incorporated more natural map changing in game hints or build ups to the next season that you can interact with and don’t lead to dead ends or confusion. In my opinion event lost me when it just became a ride instead of interactive, interesting and curious happenings around the map. One last thing Collabs are cool to see your favorite characters in game but most of the time they seem to not be worth all there hype and it seems like sense they first started doing collabs they have lost a lot of their originality that really brought interest in the beginning. Thanks for reading, hope at least some people agree with me

    • The problem is that usually the losing in an event would lead to the end of Fortnite (Reality is destroyed or whatever), so unless we somehow rebuild the Island or whatever (which people call a Win for some reason) then that's not really an option. Similiarly, it'd be pretty annoying/ difficult to have to create 2 whole different scenarios/ outcomes for an event. Especially if the decision alters the storyline in a huge way. If that decision affects the next few seasons, that means you'd have to create double the amount of season content!

  • The way events can be fixed is having a mix of gameplay and story. Like sky fire or cubed event. You could walk around and shoot monsters and all that while knowing the story. In chapter 3 we got the mech event which we used the mech in the event. We also got story during it. Making it a great event. Having a balance of story and playing during the event makes the last events great

    • Replied 19

    • yess

    • @Zoomer4U The thing is that technically Fracture isn't even intended to be a live event. Epic call it a Social Event in their blog post. It's not SUPPOSED to be a big epic thing with all sorts of crazy stuff going on. It's just supposed to be a big community event where we help rebuild the Island with our friends.

    • Basically the entire problem with the fracture event was that there was too much player interaction. A good event has a perfect balance of both gameplay and cinematic. Fracture had barely any cinematic and mostly gameplay

    • @Yacine Mohand That just sounds like another minigame, which is pretty much all fracture was. And since Fracture wasn't popular, it's safe to say we'll be sticking to either other interactive methods, or just shooting.

  • What really disappointed me is that for all that time I was expecting a PvE event where you had to defend the island from the chrome expansion and the Harald and eventually had an ending where you either defeated them or had to escape because of chrome taking completely over the island and beyond. It would have just been perfect but apparently the developers thought a 2 minutes cutscene would have done the work.

  • One thing I've noticed with earlier events is they didn't always need countdowns or an anticipated build up. You'd just be playing the game and things would go on. It felt natural, like Fortnite was a world of its own that played by its rules whenever. Even while you're minding your business, takin down enemies 🤣

    • Fr me and my homies didn’t know there was an event so we went to tilted and thought we were all gonna die when the rocket hit tilted

    • Couldn't have said it better myself

  • Mid-to-late Chapter 2 was honestly the peak of Fortnite events in my opinion. Nexus War and Zero Crisis were the first stepping stones into what the developers could truly accomplish. Skyfire and Chapter 2 Finale were the best they've ever done, leaving such a sense of satisfaction, hype, and mystery to accompany them. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

    • i mean, there were some other chapter 3 seasons that were good

    • absolutely, every season after chapter 1 season 3 until chapter 2 season 4 was very good

  • I hope they add an LTM to replay events for those who want to relive or experience any event because most of these were incredible (except fracture).I know this sounds stupid but just take a minute to think about it

  • The events aren’t as exiting anymore, I especially loved the build up with different things happening around the map 😌

    • …But We can all agree, Chapter 1 season 8 “unvaulting event” is a top 3 event ☝️

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    • @king avesta49 They Shouldn't Have Because Now People Are Gonna Hate The Game Until There's A Better Event Or Creative 2.0 Releases As A Good Thing

    • @Hypothermia Fracture was just a one time thing to test Creative 2.0

    • Jesus loves u and died for u

  • I feel like the theory that we're going to be reliving the story is cool, and seeing how events would play out after this full on reset in Chapter 4. Personally we need to let Epic breathe. They've had suffered a massive case of burn out and they just need time to find their magic.

    • @p1nka1ien frrr

    • dude literally 😭😭 every platform all i see is people complaining about how much they hate the game. like why are u playing if you hate it sm lmao

    • @Dbo H Yeah, well it's not Epic's fault that people leak things, if you don't want to be spoiled, just don't look at leaks. Plus, if we had a live event as simple as early Chapter 1's everyone would be mad. Fracture still had Epic visuals and cool stuff going on, even if it was "boring". If something like that's bad, something like the rocket launch would be sacrilegious.

    • @Dbo H its not epic Problem

    • Concerts ain’t it. The first rocket beat all 3 concerts behind

  • I think half the problem is that the events have become TOO INTERACTIVE - Events started out as you just sitting back and watching the action unfold infront of you. I'm not saying interactive events are a bad thing though, I really enjoyed Operation: SkyFire and the Chapter 2 Finale. But the events like The Devourer of Worlds, Zero Crisis, and Collision had more interaction and shooting than actual action and story. The Fracture event was basically ALL INTERACTIVE ONLY, except for the two minute cutscene at the beginning which was a letdown and the chapter 4 trailer at the end which got posted on youtube an hour later anyway.

  • I think that what made the C3 finale especially disappointing was the paired facts that the whole live event including the cut scenes were leaked, and everyone was waiting for Midas or some storyline, but they did nothing…

    • @P-Doggo yeah that was so disappointing as well, as we thought 40 mins would be a great long event, but it was just for challenges.

    • And the gameplay Was literally an cretive map

  • in my personal opinion, Chapter 2 Season 7 Operation Skyfire, was the best event I ever played. It was fun playing with friends and watching the event unfold. It brought so much joy! Then Chapter 2 Season 8’s event happened and it was pretty good. Then everything after that was just disappointing! Hopefully Fortnite can pull off what they’ve done before: Redeeming themselves with events.

  • I still think the device event is severely underrated. It had great music, great story, and a fantastic ending. Turning the storm into water was so cool for both gameplay and story

  • I feel like less mini games and more amazing cinematics are a great way to go fans of Fortnite are playing the game all the time when there is an event we don’t wanna just keep playing we wanna chill with the lobby and watch something amazing happen

  • The Chapter 3 end event (The Herald) was the first live event I ever played in, and I must agree that I was very disappointed by how short-lived it seemed

  • Honestly, my favorite events were the ones where you would just sit there and watch the madness unfold. The only event that I love that doesn’t follow this rule is skyfire.

  • the issue with live events in my opinion was when they started treating them as "events". It's not something unpredictable anymore, and it loses all the surprise when they start hyping it up on twitter and make it its own gamemode. Another piece of it that kind of stole the magic from me was trying to make the events more like cutscenes now you have specialized gameplay and it seems more like a "cinematic" than an event. going back to season 4, having those little meteorites drop randomly in matches during normal was crazy because it genuinely felt like something that wasnt supposed to happen. that feeling of mystique is completely gone nowadays

  • Imagine this as the chapter 3 live event. You get in the lobby with 4, being at the reality tree waiting until the counter goes down, it will just be like the cinematic you see herald appear and she gets destroyed by rockets. You hear people cheer and soon after you hear the music rise just as the huge herald rises. A small boss fight begins, she keeps smacking the tree chroming parts of it leading you to the middle as it goes over to the cinematic. Idk how it would go after this, but would've been way better then what happened

    • I think if you added that at the beginning of the event, the quest part would've have been more enjoyable. You'd get to help with the battle AND doing zero fusion.

    • Someone hire this man

    • That sounds like it should’ve been the event

  • Honestly I think all of the live events were great, though Fracture was one of the lower ones (but it was still really cool for what it was). I think the problem for me is that it didn't really cap off Chapter 3, it just launched Chapter 4. If what we got was half of the event and the other half was on-island, fighting Chrome zombies or a boss or something, all while things get worse and worse, then we get pushed back to the Reality Tree and the rest of the event takes place, it would've been one of the best

  • My first event was that solo one. I didn't mind it... I knew nothing really as I had only played the game a handful of times since first playing a couple games in chapter 2 season 3. Chapter 2 season 7 was the first full season I played and I loved its end event, even if I didn't know the lore. That season has the most memories for me and was the most fun. I liked the other events as well... but the chapter 3 finale was definitely not as expected. The storyline seemed to disappear. That was it? The master of chrome who introduced herself by seemingly killing 2 of the Seven as a chrome blob only to get killed by the chrome? I don't get it. I thought we'd have the comics story play out in game... they set up the story in game after all. What happened to the Nothing? I think they forgot how to tell a story. Right now, the story is boring if there is one at all.

    • And all the build up for the loopbreaker project for it to be scrapped in the end

  • They should have a live event where the bad guys win for once

    • Skyfire literally IO AND The Last Reality won, Fracture, The Device since IO regained the loop,

    • the fracture event could have been like that. they could have put a boss fight agaist the herald at the beginning (that would last really long) and then he destroys the map (it was unexpected) then like 5 minutes of the zero point capturing island and slowly build up the map

    • That was the whole point of Fracture Tbf

    • That's something I really don't like about some of the events because for some reason the hero always has to win

    • That happened in Fracture though, The Chrome won. It blew up the loop.

  • Okay personally, the only bad live events have been C1 Season 7, C2 Season 1 (Star Wars), and Fracture. Fracture could have been better if there was less time repairing the island (pretty much none of what we did is actually there) and spent time actually witnessing the chrome take over the whole island and fighting the herald to no avail, would have been a perfect contrast to the Chapter 2 Finale

  • The chapter 3 Finale was my first event. I had been following the fortnite storyline for a while but had been unable to play until chapter 3. I was really excited for the finale but was really disappointed by the anticlimactic Herald fight and doing fetch quests for 40 minutes.

  • With the chapter 3 finale I really wouldn’t have minded if the event was 45 mins long if only we were fighting for 30 mins and rebuilding the map for 15 with cutscenes here and there

  • I think we can all admit the the galactus event was insane

  • Hopefully the Chapter 4 season 1 event will be good (it’s kind of theorized since there’s a portal-machine and new oathbound quests relating to the lore)

  • I personally believe that the leaks play a big role in shaping public opinion . Most of the highlights of the events are already known to the players and they feel underwelming.

    • even if you try to stay away from leaks, you find them, like gow ragnarok, whenever you went on youtube you found: ******* AGAINST KRATOS! ******** FINAL BOSS AGAINST KRATOS and you didn't even need to click the video, the thumbnails just showed you

    • @Russ Hentz I agree with u completely . Fractured was really underwhelming . I even feel that getting to new chapters without proper buildup is also a really bad thing . I believe that ch3 ended a bit too soon .

    • Agree, though nothing could have saved the fractured events. I always purposely stay away from SM and CS-tv as events approach, and avoid poking around the game files.

    • I mean I purposely went into the Fracture event blind and it was still disappointing

  • Fracture was just so disappointing to me. The whole season I'm hyped up for more lore about The Nothing, which was referenced a lot in C3S4. It's been teased for years. It was even included in Canny Valley Act 3 in STW over 4 years ago now (Dec 2018). They thought it was a negative energy coming from the Storm King's domain. They never knew it was more than that. Then it was referenced for the first time in BR as a secret message in the black hole event in 2019. (Immediately following that event, 2 weeks later we had the Storm King LTM. "Coincidence"?) Then not referenced again until it popped up in some of the Cube Queen's stuff in 2021 right before Chapter 2 ended. (Also, "coincidentally"... one of the sequences in the Ariana Grande tour was the Storm King again....) Finally we get references in C3S4.. including a music pack that directly references part of the secret text from 2019's black hole 'Nothing is inevitable'. And also quests from a disembodied voice coming from TVs for Bytes to do. So I'm hoping for even more revelations in the event. But then they hurriedly chrome and destroy the island in a cinematic with no dialog. And then give us 40 minutes of creative mode fetch quests to jump start the Zero Point so it can make a new island? I couldn't even see everything in that creative map. There should've been an actual in-game event. Then the creative map could've been available as an optional experience until they took the servers down for downtime. It didn't make any sense why we could be on an island looking at the completed map, but not able to go play it yet anyways.

    • @nullsmack What are you smoking lmao? Whats your suggestions then?

    • @Ameer Gt The only worthwhile part of this game right now is the lore. BR as a mode has long overstayed its welcome. It's completely outdated and honestly just junky. You play upwards of 20 minutes and if someone eliminates you just once you have to start over? It's the most overwrought Counter-Strike clone there is. If they're too lazy to replace it with something that is actually good, then I look forward to Creative 2.0 taking over. They can give BR a tiny handful of updates that barely add anything to the game each year like they do STW at that point.

    • It's fortnite who cares about the story in battle royal games, next time write the Bible

  • As someone who didn’t experience a single Chapter 1 event, all the events were insane! Honestly, people should just lower their expectations but still stay positive for whatever that could come

    • Replied 9

    • @Epic Galaxy facts

    • @Beary YEET I mean, to be honest I didn't realize it was that long while I was playing it. I was just vibing, doing my job when I checked the time and saw *Oh fudge, I've been doing this for 20 - 30 minutes!??!!?* But hey, we've all got to make mistakes sometimes to learn from them. Epic would never know if this would be a good idea if they didn't do it.

    • @Rockstar fan *WheRE iS MiDAs tHIs Is L EVenT nO MIdAs, NO KloMBo anD No Og mAP >:(*

    • @Epic Galaxy it was a good idea. Very brave for them to try something a little different, I love the effort they put in and the concept, but it just got kinda boring collecting orbs for a half hour 😅

  • I started playing on Chapter 2 Season 4 and I fell in love with the idea of Live Events, I missed some but I liked all the ones I played except for the one at the end of Chapter 3, I didn't hate it but it was pretty boring and not many things happened storywise.

  • i hope they find some way to evolve further the game and their events are starting to feel like extremely stagnant water

  • Thank you for this video. Hope Epic can do something about next events and seasons.

  • I say that maybe they'll make it better later in this chapter we just have to hope for the best!!

  • I like the game to this day but sometimes I wish I could time travel back to these events. I remember watching all of them in-game and just feeling shocked.

  • i do think that leaks effect the event a little bit, but for the past 2 events, they felt like playing a coop/singleplayer game

  • Based on the storyline of this season, the live event is going to be 🔥🔥

  • Although I do agree that Fortnite has had it’s issues, I think The Device, The Galactus Fight and Zero Crisis were amazing and don’t deserve the hate that they got

    • True

    • Common Tedius W

    • @Epic Galaxy True Every Event post Chapter 1 except Fracture>Chapter 1

    • To me it just sounded like people were doing the classic "Chapter 1 good, everything new bad" stuff. Aside from Fracture trying something different that didn't work out well, every other event was awesome in my opinion.

  • I don’t think the time for these events are over, all we can do know is hope for a new event that’s good, has a good plot twist and can cause chaos

  • What I think most the community want is an event where we lose. I know we did (kind of) lose in the Chapter 3 finale but we just won again but rebuilding the map. For example maybe we could have lost in the Chapter 3 finale and then Chapter 4's map could have been all or most of the area's surrounded by chrome with some of the communities favouries area's from Chapter 1 and 2.

    • But that's a bad idea

    • Yeah how about we get an event where we lose and then they just stopped making the game and ended all.

    • bro that's not this the event was just boring asf

    • The problem is that usually the lose condition in these events would be something like "The Zero Point is destroyed, Reality is destroyed" etc. Basically, if we lose, Fortnite ends. And since that can't happen, we can't really lose.

  • No matter what people say or how confusing the story can get, Fortnite really knows how to make their events cool as hell

  • Definitely agree with the events. My all time favorite has to be Galactus though. Loved AC/DC playing while taking out those robots.

  • My favorite events were the ones where you could build and swing your pickaxe and that’s it, it’s like watching a play, I want to sit there and see it play out, not be part of it, all these interactive events have just felt lackluster and dull, when the mech event happened I thought it would be fun but all it ended up being was me shooting at things, I already do that in game I don’t feel like doing that in events also

  • yeah why dont they just keep making amazing original content that mesmerizes millions of people over and over again

  • I think the real reason live events don't feel as exciting anymore is because we're used to them and we're the ones in control/we know the plot properly now. We just grew up.

  • The chapter 4 lunch event was most likely develop using cretive 2.0, that would explain why it felt like a creative map rather than a live event.

    • and hopefully stop with the emphasis on creative maps

    • I think the issue was just that they wanted to try something different. So far the trend has been that events got more and more interactive, Fracture being the most interactive with full on Mini-games. And other traditional Live-event stuff having to make way for that stuff. Obviously it wasn't exactly a success so Epic will likely learn from their mistakes and do differently.

  • i agree with basically all of your opinions, one problem i have (and probally the only one) is the fact that A LOT of people got kicked from the event, like me, i dont know why you didnt mention this even though your chat was spamming

  • Yeah i think that they wanted to go too far and everytime they forgot about players. Honestly hoping for an epic medieval battle in the next season. There are many things unanswered. Location and state of midas or the fire king, the nothing, last reality or the seven. I trurly hope for something big

  • I think the fracture event was the worst since almost all the servers in my country over loaded and everybody crashed I wasn’t sad I was just disappointed

  • The only problem with Operation Sky-Fire is when the UFO Mothership exploded and we saw all of those POIs be obliterated and nothing happened to the map except for some air paths.

  • I started playing in ch2 s3 so maybe since the Galactus event was my very first, I feel like that was just the best. And i had missed the mecha showdown event by 10 mins because I was in a car. I still regret it to this day. But the fracture event was just so disappointing i had actually quit playing for a while even though it was a new chapter.

  • Surprised you didn't mention that the Unvaulting event didn't work for 50% of players too

  • I remember at the unvaulting event me and my friends were fighting over if this was going to be a volcano event or a vault event, it was both memories :)

  • The ch3 end event could have been great, in that season we didnt really get much story stuff, these was that guy in the battlepass with dreads (i cant remember his name) who was doing some missions for 'the nothing' there was the season trailer were some of the main characters got swallowed by the chrome. Probably loads more but im writing this at 3:08 am lol. Anyways if i remember correctly there were leaks that the event was going to be like 40 min so they could have done a whole like short movie kinda thing. idk if it would be to long and boring but could it get much worse than what we got?

  • The galactus event was actually my favorite event and I didn’t think it was predictable

  • I agree with the last Fortnite event missing the mark. I actually got kicked out in the middle of it, but I still got to watch the rest. I have more questions than answers. BUT I still hold out hope that the events will turn around. I still like the story, but I definitely need more answers.

  • The fracture event really annoyed me. There was some good ones after the ones we really loved at the beginning

  • I personally thought every event besides the latest one was awesome and will never get tired or the point and shooting I feel like the latest event was the only bad one

    • I have been on and off forntite only getting to some of the events, fav was Travis Scott of course but these more story oriented ones probably aren’t meant to be the coolest becuase most people don’t really understand the story of fortnite, some are hype some are less to me I doesn’t matter

    • I agree epic galaxy

    • I think the issue was just that they wanted to try something different. So far the trend has been that events got more and more interactive, Fracture being the most interactive with full on Mini-games. And other traditional Live-event stuff having to make way for that stuff. Obviously it wasn't exactly a success so Epic will likely learn from their mistakes and do differently.

  • I will say the device and galactus event were underrated as they were more story events then cinematic events

  • I can understand why live events are just point and shoot with no consequences. Imagine if you got killed during the live event and then missed out on the end of it because you got booted back to the lobby or something. I feel live events should be designed around expanding the story not being a challenge. But that's just me. Maybe in the future they could turn the live events into Movies for the cinema and have a mini event in game to build up to it.

  • I love your vids❤ keep up the good work👍

  • I think the reason Chapter 3 final event was so bad, because they didn't have enough time to have more ideas and time to create more story with it, Mabey if they made this chapter longer they would make it better.

  • I also think that watching the events with seeing the characters of the other players in the lobby was way better than seeing just your character

  • I think that the old events are better, being a spectator was better than events like cinematics, it's interesting how now we interact in the events, but I feel that the old events were better

  • Me and my friends had to do a parade for the school marching band on the day of the chapter 3 finale and had to miss it, but after we watched it online we kinda just agreed that we didn’t miss much.

  • the best parts of those live events where we were spectates around the map. the map w as the stage and we were kinda the ants in the way. no cut scenes, no point and shoot, no comic, and no end BS ending to a chapter. the last chapter felt so rushed at the end and the nothing being taken out so fast and in a cut scene was just boring. honestly i was expecting something like the cube queens invasion but like a corrupted cube king as the big bad for the season. that would have lead to a better end of a chapter. but they just seemed to end it like a retail working late back from a break but didn't get to finish the smoke.

  • Yeah, is really disappointing and frustrating for any players for missing out on the end events of the Chapter and it seasons. It really sucks that Epic Games won't allow players that missed out to replay the end events. But why would Epic Games insist those who missed out to watch the events, played by those who attended the event? It wouldn't be really fun, nor exciting to just watch the event online for those who attended and played the event, when you or you & your friends didn't had the chance to participate when it was scheduled. 🙁 The only events I missed out in Fortnite was the Ice King's, Volcano, Galactus and Sky Fire (Those events seem as exciting as the Collision event). The Chapter 2 Season 8 Finale wasn't bad, but it was disappointing that the Cube Queen didn't became a boss as we all expected like her associates: The Cube Assassin & Caretaker (they were better being as a true boss than their ruler).

  • the downfall began in chapter 2 for me but i kept and stil do play the game for fun, collecting and hoping for a fresh start (kinda like chapter 4 but with a more nostalgic feeling

  • Honestly, I was going to say that you were right, but in the end it definitely is opinion based cuz I just feel like some events are better than others, but none of them have been "Bad" you know? If anything, The Fractured event was definitely the other one I could say was "Bad" but only because I played it alone. If I at least had friends it would have been a little bit fun to do challenges together, but definitely expecting something bigger. I think in my opinion, they should not focus so much I'm trying to improve the next event, but at least try to give us one for every Season cuz I think worst of all is having a Season that doesn't end with any events at all...

  • Epic: *Teases the loop breaker project, Midas return, and Gold vs Chrome* Also Epic: I have a great idea, lets let the Herald get taken out within a minute, and make them do quests for 20 minutes. *What could possibly go wrong*

  • Galactus event and the device event was really good...... The one problem with galactus was that we all knew we would defeat him... But the zeropoint exposing, battle bus driving, iron man saving us is stilll super memorable.. ..... Even the device event was so good. Like it opend the reality of fortnite to us.... And when we saw the tsunami storm, It was sooo good

  • Fracture event was definitely one of the worst, so tedious and the fact that it had mass server crashes was just unacceptable hopefully the do better on the next event

  • The most exciting part for me in chapter 3 finale was the ending of it

  • honestly even though the events have fallen off, ive just enjoyed them no matter what and enjoying the fact we even have them, its a nice treat!

  • I honestly wanted the fracture event to be a fight between the herald and then we could like travel with the paradigm to create the new world

  • Epic games: so what did you think of the fracture event The whole community: wait, we missed the event?

  • Honestly the war season, had such a good story. imagine the rock statue came to life, the mech team leader, all the players and klombo and his boys vs the io now I can’t lie…

  • Fortnite's events are kinda unstable but hey, let's hope the next event becomes great

  • The end of chapter 3 event was so bad because it was just getting blue things and it was super confusing. All of that and in the end it’s just the herald dying to her own stuff

  • Either these events are gonna continually go down or we are gonna get an awesome live event on the next one

  • The chapter 3 Finale event looked like it was gonna have Jones, the Nothing and Midas in it however that didn't happen

  • If they could do something as crazy as the Travis Scott concert then well all be impressed

  • I think characters talking to you every couple of weeks kind of kills the mysterious atmosphere that leads up to events

  • I think the chapter 2 end event was incredible tho😊

  • Kinda sounds like they flew too close to the sun to me. The game became more and more profitable and they kinda stopped caring in a way. Also they hit their peak and instead of seeing that they continued to try to outdo it which is incredibly hard to do and usually hit or miss when you consider the masses.

  • The chapter 2 end event was planned out all the way back in chapter 2 season 2 as astro jacks backbling shows a purple cube a blue cube and a gold cube

  • events cant be us doing stuff it needs to be us watching. The events that are bad are usually the ones like collision where we do the work and not us watching other charecters do it for us.

  • The fact The Cube Queen took a whole season to charge up her attack for Chapter 2 and sorta failed to destroy the map was so embarrassing compared to The Herald becoming Chrome and 1 shotting both Chapter 2 and 3 within mere seconds and she was no where to be seen during the whole Chapter 3 Season 4 event just the chrome (Npc at her landing spot doesnt count)

    • @dolly-boy 1923 aka pixel donkey I thought that was the case at first, until I realized that there's WIP event cinematics uploaded that had been worked on since September of last year. They most likely had no other story left to tell for Chapter 3, seeing as the whole "Seven VS Imagined Order" story arc had concluded in the first 2 seasons. It's unfortunate that their priority has seemed to shift from telling a good story to pumping out overhyped seasons and collabs as a means to conjure positivity from their playerbase.

    • They were just trying to rush to chapter 4 so they could compete with cod unfortunately 😕

  • We are gonna be underwhelmed if they keep adding more events

  • They should make an event with midas returning. Would be epic

  • I like every event and I did like the fracture event it had storyline that I learned but I already know the whole storyline anyways it brought us to the new season it had cool animations and introduced new stuff to the game

  • Hey Tommy! I’ve been watching for years and really appreciate all the work you put into these, you are truly amazing. I know the chances are slim of you even seeing this comment. None the less agreeing to it, but would it be possible to ever play a couple of games together?

  • I just wish they would add more events that have the actual event in game like it’s rocket and robot v monster like an actual build up

  • I don’t care what other people said about the Star Wars event they did a great job. The stormtroopers patrolling the tie fighter crash sites, lightsabers, and getting the Millennium Falcon as a gift was amazing. 👏

  • So that’s what events need: Interactive action packed events that give you free roam with your friends that live up to the build up. With plotwists

  • For me it also has to be not so glitchy like the last one because if it is then it won’t matter what the event is or what happens in it if over 50% of the players can’t even see it I also kinda feel like they should make it so that way most of the glitches for events shouldn’t even happen because it’s all on switch players

  • the problem is they rush the events scrap really good ideas and to much experimenting all franchises eventually try to be something else I hope they test their events a bit more far back and plan far back so no problems on the day

  • i wish that live events just have us fighting and doing things we haven't done before without it being a cutsence

  • The thing is hate the most, is that sometimes we don't even get season ending events.

  • It’s so sad that fracture was such a let down with all the hype that was behind it