The Smartest Paper Clip

čas přidán 6. 11. 2018
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Northern Lights:
Inner Peace by Mike Chino
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Sorrow by Sappheiros
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Long way to go by Miguel Johnson - Composer
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Miss Emeli by General Vibe
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Confused (Afternoons LP) by Loxbeats
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  • 3:08 Where can I buy this vacuum cleaner?

  • The eagle and bear were playing tag

  • Pac man 3:11

  • Those MTBs are faster than my Bike

  • If only my life can fix itself that easily

  • Very cool, but that would cause to much traffic 1:47

  • The paper clip video looks like it was backwards

  • If the world comes to that concept that is gonna be so bad :(

  • 1:50 lazy

  • 0:50 We stray closer from god with each passing day...

  • 2:02 kind of stupid how theres an employee.. at this stage they would automatically bag or box your items and release them after payment

  • “Isn’t thath amazingk?”

  • Why don’t they make cars out of that metal?

  • 1:00 eagle was like "tag your it!" And the bear was like "oh hell no,no fair!"

  • Bear: Ahhh.. What a nice and beautiful day! Eagle: *YOU DID WHAT TO MY GIRL??* Bear. *HEY WHAT THE-?*

  • Thats eagles a jerk


  • Poor bear he was just living his life

  • Cold war be like 0:58

  • We're smart enough to make drive-thru grocery stores but we're not smart enough to use the chip reader

  • 1:56 what if they steal by adding the food in their car secretly??🤔🤔

  • We’re all getting too lazy.. we won’t even be able to stand and buy groceries soon enough.

  • why would you want to wrap a coca cola

  • 1:47 I genuinely doubt that

  • 2:05 I don’t remember exactly where but there is a place in Cleveland kinda like that. It’s a garage and you grab your stuff and pay for it kinda like a pay toll. That is usually were we go when we go down to Lake Erie.

  • *when a paper clip can get in better shape than you can*

  • 1:49 the people get more lazy and getting thicker

  • The eagle was just being a jerk

  • Thanks for today

  • all-natural drone strike

  • I thought you were talking about Clippy :( He's still the smartest paper clip in my eyes!

  • That paper clip is smarter than me

  • 1:19 to the left, what kind of plant is that

  • The title is just *mood.*

  • I wish you were my father

  • S

  • 2:01 imagine how many fights that will have people on other end reach to grab the last juice left and it was facing their side and you just press the button like nope I’m having that last juice haha

  • *0:52** They see me rolling~*

  • 1:50 When you’re just plain lazy to walk out and shop...

  • 1:37 irl gta

  • 1:01 North America vs. North Korea

  • Smarter than me ;-;

  • Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet Yeet Nah to lazy

  • **Windows startup sounds**

  • American Air Force attacks Russian ground troops (2045)

  • His voice is as asmr to me

  • A paperclip is more smarter than me, I can't even remember where I put my phone when it's in my hand ㅠㅠ

  • trombones are giant golden paper clips with a megaphone on the end of it


  • Hate his voice

  • Can the paper clip make my grades higher?

  • The plants moving around was soooo Creepy

  • I wish I was as smwart as that paper clip but I don’t even remember what i did yesterday

  • That bear is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. IT HAD SUCH A FASHIONABLE STRUT IN SLOW MOTION WALKING, THEN THE EAGLE RUINED EVERYTHING 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️👌👌

  • #satisfieng

  • no entendi una chota pero igual me gusto

  • I like 2:15

  • i learn more stuff than from school

  • 0:49 K.Round frome Deltarune? ;·; (Pls forgive me oof-)

  • 1:47 Why are people shopping like that? Is the internet broken?

  • 0:47 your welcome

  • 1:30 I am more concerned about the cameraman...

  • If you tie a knot in that paper clip, can it still reform?

  • That hamster is like magnetic putty

  • That cat defines a straight face.

  • 1:26 he straight up just cut everybody off

  • 1:49 This is just lazy.

  • Yo in japan we had those coke bottles

  • 0:49 deltarune is here King round is back

  • there wont be any cashier in the future.

  • 🐹

  • 1:47 this is an example on how people will get more lazy

  • At the beginning whenever I see an unbelievable video by you, I always think: hm it must be click bait, and it never is 😊❤️

  • 1:49 drive, pick up, drive out.

  • poor bear

  • 1:48

  • Hi Matthew

  • Clippy?

  • 1:53 My man rolled up BY HIMSELF and grabbed the ENTIRE BOX. He is not playin.

  • 3:08 that is a vacuum cleaner. can it clean up my mess?

  • Bear was like "Yea bitch, lose them feathers and well see what fuckin happens!" Haha

  • Does anyone else get annoyed at his smug sounding voice especially when he says “later”

  • 0:49 me -running- rolling away from my problems

  • That's ぃt! But now on fire! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • where can I buy that metal

  • 0:57 Kenai and Sitka ❤️ [Brother Bear]

  • The plant one is pretty trippy

  • 2:14 dancing cat xD

  • 0:59 was my favorite.

  • 0.59 bear was not accepting that

  • News : Metal discovers memory😯 🎤

  • Whenever I see a cliff I wanna Pocahontas it and just dive 😂 & not die

  • 3:10 pack man!

  • At 1:05 yeah I don't think he even noticed

  • 1:49 I don’t think people will be driving those types of cars lol

  • Oh Dahir Insaat you garbage company

  • Hey you know how that paperclip can fix itself? Make slinkies be made of that, so whenever you completely destroy it, it can just be fixed.

  • WAT

  • No the smartest paper clip is the one u get on the old computer

  • These coke bottles have been in poland for 5 years