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  • 3:58 My right ear really enjoyed this part of the video.

  • How do i send u my video?

  • 40😹

  • 3:20 !

  • 0:12

  • Well played to the red team in brawl ball

  • what jajajajaja

  • Continue with the memes please

  • These are not funny at all


  • 4:33 R.I.P 2019

  • Which One?

  • 7:32

  • Dude pls minimize the editing

  • Szép volt PACALPÖRKÖLT!😅😅

  • No

  • 0:34 name lol

  • F

  • Nerf shelly pls

  • At 0:50 when she jumps, if u look carefully, there is elixir

  • Who’s that Pokémon is prrrra haha 🤣

  • Boiiii Mango is my friends in BS

  • Where is the music beginning 4:23 from ?

  • Why tf is there a meme in between every clip

  • When my mom says play nice 3:41

  • Fair play to gene respect :)

  • 4:08 when the primo scores exactly, his health flashes and reads 1, and the bull's health says 4

  • 0:51 when the piper jumps, one of those old blue elixir bottle things drops. Is that a glitch?

  • 7:56 that’s just a normal thing that happens

  • ehats the point of reading the memes they're like a second, if theyre that fast just dont bother putting them on the vid

  • Your videos sound is broken And I Broke my ear But I still hit that like btt on

  • 3:40 this is proof why Shelly’s super needs a nerf

  • Not judging but isn’t ‘ funny moments ‘ just skills that only the worst humour can conceive as funny?

  • 4:56 I need this video

  • I just realized i was one if the people that made bad play


  • Whats up with the random ass memes 🤨

  • Using 2010 memes is so funny

  • Ебать имена русских коверкают(((

  • i am gay

  • 2:14 I like the dutch meme

  • Why does he put memes in between clips, it runs the flow of the video so much...

  • 9:02

  • stop streching on 10 min

  • What is the music at 0:50

  • Stop shaking the fucking screen

  • Get rid o those shit you put after every clip and I'll Actually sub to you

  • Who's that pokemon ? Its.. RICO !!!

  • 100% 👌 quality videos

  • 8:14 Twistitwik lol

  • Dude stop putting “memes” in between the clips there not even funny you just do it to get past the 10 minute mark for your ad revenue and it’s annoying

    • I know it’s so retarded and selfish

  • 9:45 omg

  • 0:30 the best nem I ever see 🤣

  • 1:20 music ?

  • Whats the Name of the So g az 0:19

  • 2:15 аааааа почему так мило

  • The thumb nail is the most shityest

  • The random memes before each clip is so gross

  • God this video is so garbage

  • 02:28 My name ia D1E60