The Story Behind China’s 600-Metre Abandoned Skyscraper

čas přidán 30. 06. 2021
How China became home to the world's tallest ghostscraper.
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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics - Aaron Wood

Additional footage and images courtesy of Goldin Properties Holdings Limited, Gringo, Alexander Kaunas, N509FZ, Google Earth, Styfly Studios, SkyscraperPage, UncleTV and Muxuan1983.

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  • They just ran out of money. Anywhere these people built is always half finish.

  • As a native New Yorker, these videos remind me that I am a legitimate child of the capital city of the Earth---New York!!! Thank you, GOD!!!

  • Just blow it up for the scrap metal like they are doing to all the other empty buildings in China .

  • Hahaha, so many more ghostscrapers coming now. Thank you Evergrande for new youtube content

  • Does it finished yet?

  • Her treatment is slightly different from a Black man caught selling a few hits of rock cocaine.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the building Tony bought and destroyed to subdue hulk in Age of Ultron

  • Oh well.....

  • Last laugh for China as theyre defiantly going to hold the record for "World Tallest Ghost-Scraper" for some time

  • Is Biden in on this?

  • Am I the only one who wants to see finished this building?

  • I'm pretty sure this is based on somebody saying, "Ghostscraper" and the production team going, "Damn, we got ourselves a story here".

  • Evergrande going bankrupt

  • The building on the horizon at 6:31 really needs a torso

  • Hudson Yards is a boondoggle, and is hideously ugly. Just a monument to excess. I live in New York and I hate it.

  • Stupid 🤣🤣🤣 and greedy I’m not sorry for that

  • Surely they can't just leave that building there to rot. All that money and time wasted, not to mention the danger of it collapsing sometime in the future....

  • A monument to human wastefulness and ego.

  • This is the only way that China can spend it's money. The government controls all aspects of spending & lending. The government sets prices and wages, even though they have people working workers have nothing to spend on goods and services. There are several empty buildings with no tenants. They have malls that are vast, but no one uses them. This is what happens when you control every aspect of spending with nothing to spend it on. This is what they do, build with no one to occupy it.

  • Probably why Evergrande are crashing

  • Pyongyang's Hotel is fully functional luxury 5 star hotel jackass. Fact Check yourself so you do not expose the great fool within you.

  • IS true, than! STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!

  • 1 hour ago BAN BEIJING 2022 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES The honor of hosting and an Olympic Games should not be given to a country engaged in GENOCIDE, RAPE & TORTURE

  • man,,,,,china just Loves fuckin up Everything dont they???

  • If it's made in China, then you have your answer. Unsafe and rubbish.

  • So beautiful.

  • Architecture nerds when they hear, “Construction began in 2008”: “You stupid son of a…”

  • If you can lose $13 B, you are not doing it tough, it is the other investors that took the real hit.

  • China try to build tall buildings as compensation for small height and small peens

  • The tricky bonsai secondarily point because breakfast aboaly escape on a guttural H habitual clutch. needless, youthful head

  • Needed to mix more Viagra into the cement


  • 0:21 Sorry B1M you already convinced me to risk my life and climb the tower, should've put that disclaimer at 0:00.

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    • @Troung Le think about this , there's 9 comments from different people about this burton guy . Don't you think it's strange on a skyscraper vid . Scammer if you ask me .

    • Investing is bullshit,it just waste ur money

    • Just another giant Ponzi Scheme. Money invested just pays out people cashining in. One day it will all catch up with many tears. You cannot make money out of thin air - be warned. "You only get free cheese in a mousetrap".

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  • B1M definitely just upset China with this.

  • I remember seeing this building from across town, on the 70th floor. We called it the "Yao Yao Qi[chi]" ...117. and that was in 2015

  • I wonder how long it will be before these Chinese skyscrapers start falling down?

  • What I know is those can not live in that just for a look. like NK.

  • China has built a grand civilization. Does China really want to invade Taiwan and start WW3????

  • Not sold

  • Lost 15b in minutes

  • Gta 5 unfinished building: first time huh?

  • Also one of the world’s fastest collapsing economies. Big boom, big bust. They have entire cities which have been abandoned. Massive buildings literally falling over because they’re made of absolute crap. But the west doesn’t hear about it because of the power of the propaganda machine.

  • no surprise, it's the land of cheaters

  • More than half of the world skyscrapers in china,Can you imagine?

  • I am from Tianjin,117 and it's round buildings cost more than 10 billions of dollars

  • Like who wish the construction company sahoulad wrap the upper floors so that the iron beams don't get rusty.

  • Now China is in the middle of a real estate collapse Who couldn't see this coming.

  • Xin Jang Short. Didn't like it.

  • That's the last building on earth I would ever go in. China cuts corners and builds cheap always. That thing will fall to the ground do to shoddy construction. Needs to be inspected for structural instabilities. There will be THOUSANDS.

  • For China being a communist country they sure do enjoy the luxury and perks of capitalism.

  • They should invite ghosts to live there so perhaps it can become a tourist attraction.

  • Why would any rich person want to live in an apartment in a skyscraper? Apartments are for the poor.

  • skyscrapers are a reliable bubble indicator

  • who knows, its probably a flex in its own way

  • Best thing in the struggle against boredom is walking meditation(kinhin) + music. Trust me. It's the best thing i've found in this world. Tell about it everyone. .

  • And the way it looks pretty too... what a loss!

  • 0:54 the narrator is stoooopid 🤣🤣🤣 there can be 101 reasons why the construction stops midway.. It's not like it's a Chinese government project.. It's private.. Like the owner went bankrupt.. or maybe he was incarcerated by the government for uttering rubbish.. just like this narrator 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yes many failed. Wonder why. Would it be poor planning and not listening to the needs of the people? When money is gone, jobs are dried up and Wuhan collaborates with satanic deity worshipers, one has to wonder how long before they lose their shirts. I certainly hope your peoples republic learn who your real enemies are, as they seem invisible to many.

  • Because China's booming economy is fake. Bet all those buildings around it is empty also and will fall apart soon.

  • Doesn't make since.

  • If he's was worth Billions he should just have finished it, ASAP.

  • The Chinese government should pay to finish it since it's their own goofy building regulations that made it so hard to build.

  • China is a fascist totalitarian regime ! not a usual business partner ! anyone who is involved in business - as architects designers lawyers makers suppliers within china betrays western values and empowers a fascistoide regime which is attacking the west ! be aware about that! we habe 2021 which is similar to germany 1936 ! wake up before its to late and dont be naive !

    • Yes. End all trade with communist China.

  • The colossal underpants radiographically knock because kitchen inexplicably drown via a outstanding quiver. icky, rambunctious knee

  • I love the fact that it had no vanity height and almost beat the Burj Kalifa for highest inhabitable floor, but it was over ambitions nevertheless.

  • Will it ever be completed?

  • Any building taller than 10 floors is stupid !!!

  • Habitable height should be all that counts towards records, spikes on top of buildings are the equivelent of a kid putting their hand in the air and saying that's how tall they are

  • The raspy seashore uniformly suffer because crib morally cover regarding a quirky antelope. raspy, fanatical laura

  • Will it reach moon?

  • Tower of babel

  • Suicidal pad for those who had enough of the communist regime👏

    • Exactly. End all trade with communist China.

  • They create mediocre products and leave skyscraper unfinished. They are the worst resource wasting nation.

  • It's not wrong to be ambitious even Elon Musk the world richest man didn't stop with Tesla. I understand that SpaceX own bitc0ins on it's balance sheet. let's introduce you to the future.

    • I've been with them for a while and it's the competence for me 👍

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    • I have always wanted to invest but dont know how.

    • This is amazing, crytpo is really the future, I’m in central california, there are Bitcoin “BTM’s” popping up from large grocery stores to small gas stations, crazy!

  • A Blueprints mix up thought they were building a rocket.

  • Short Term Reckless ambitions >>> Many are Waste of Resources & great contributors to Global Warming & Climate Change that affected the World , not just the Middle Kingdom! 🕯🌎

  • Narrator's intonation to cosmetic a bad intention about China were not perfect and can be easily seen as biased against China

  • Abandoning this building would be a huge waste. I hope they manage to finish it safely.

  • China has complete cities that are brand new but abandoned

  • it was called Forbidden City, as it sounds. We are a merchandise for bid, anyone of you can bid. You can have my Nazis Gold, I donate everything back into pool. for charity purpose of course.

  • Han, chinese know that tower is made in china, so they afraid for its quality

  • Can anyone please explain to me how they get a crane on top of these skyscrapers and then get them off when it's complete??? I've always been curious about that...

    • @Erdinc Yedikat your wellcome.

    • @jazzy times Oh right, well that makes sense I guess…that never crossed my mind, only cos the crane looks massive and all, but thanks heaps friend, I really appreciate you taking you’re time to reply to my question!!! 😁👍

    • its built into the building .or taken off by chopper..

    • they always have a small crane to lift the large crane parts up ...

  • Chi~na sucks !

  • Don't you mean, the worlds largest UNPOPULATED urbanisation in history, and most of it is substandard at best, It's called nail housing.

  • Skyscraper Movie was shoot at this location

  • How is this communist?

  • Porque tres es mejor que uno

  • I've always been amused by the usage of the word "scheme" in Asia to refer to legitimate business plans, when in the West, it's most often used to describe corrupt or fraudulent activity.

    • @tellucas Yeah, you're right.. I have heard it used in Britain as well. I guess I always picture a "scheming" villain, or someone caught committing an act of fraud when I hear the word. lol

    • In the US the word “scheme” has a negative connotation however Ive heard legit programs in Britain referred to as a scheme, such as the “pension scheme”

  • Timing is everything.

  • Ale utoh! Buang masa aku.!

  • President Xi, last year I think, started to put limits on unnecessary prestige projects.

  • This building would be one of a majestic building

  • The top structure is ugly though but the rest of this building is beautiful.

  • Did you just call Philly a 2nd tier city

  • How are they going to bring it down? LoL. Idiots. Watch out Taiwan. They might fall on you.

  • Comies and liberals will destroy the world.

  • Cuz its a shitball bootleg nazi style ran country with a pooh bear shaped wannabe hitler. What a disgraceful place.

  • Maybe it's because the "second strongest economy" is built on a mountain of lies, theft, and horse dung. China will be destroyed, because God is faithful.

  • Maybe it's because every facet of the illegally governed and usurped "China" are akin to paper tigers. Fake bull, built on fake bull.