The Story of Herobrine..

čas přidán 17. 10. 2021
This is basically "The story of Minecraft's first Raid" prequel but this is "The Story of Herobrine.." this will be important lead up to the raid finale!! If we hit 50,000 likes I drop part 2 of this video ASAP!!

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Big thanks to @Hannahxxrose for voicing Alex! She was so nice to work with!
As well as @Evbo for voicing a villager I think you'll be seeing me and Evbo in a lot of each others content going forward!

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  • YOU GUYS CRUSHED THE LIKE GOAL!!! I am away this week but we have a cool prison escape video that will go live on the 29th when I get back then I will grind as hard as possible to get part two of this story out fast!! If you have any feedback on my videos my DM's are open on twitter!!

  • Completely ignores the wheat outside the house

  • this is really sad though .. i wish they could all live normally again

  • hmm Hero Brine hmm

  • Really good

  • Steve: I’ve never seen anything like this lever should we pull it. Brian: You said should we pull it…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I don't know what's going on but I love it It's been so long since we've had a good honest actual Herobrine story this brings back so many memories and soulness stalgic Love it love it love it

  • Cerita yg bagus

  • I am positive this is connected to the story of Minecraft's Most Useless Villager

  • Fishers

  • Fishers

  • sad

  • 5:13 “and quickly realized that it can do things that shouldn’t be possible at all” *Makes enough bread to feed the entire world 8 times*

  • Do you need to push that lever to go to the Village

  • wow the acting is horrible lol

  • Villager: “What do you call that thing?” Steve: “I decided to call it a hoe”. 12 y/o me hitting puberty: what’s a hoe?

  • im like cool character

  • A connection to videos. Interesting...

  • Please do alexbrine..

  • Good one

  • Here at 130k

  • Evil player part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • love this

  • i watchdd the farm thing and it was stolen now i know who mad it

  • You know that mine its steve and craft its alex?

  • Oooooo

  • this is apart of that wandering trader episode

  • What a nice dstoery

  • one piece music background be like

  • This needs a part two, i was dying of laughter when he said the world i gonna be changed by a very stupid man.

  • Steve:farmer Alex:weapon smith Brine:photographer

  • "but the whole world will change to one very stupid man" -seawattgaming 2021

  • One time i was playing minecraft and i saw the chat "herobrine has joined" and i really thought it was herobrine but it was my brother

  • 2:10 so they did not know ho to put a stick on another stick and put it in the ground

  • I'm 19 but I still love these

  • why im a love this story

  • This is actually really cool and a good way to explain herobrine

  • Brine has a tough story..

  • 1:36

  • The world was gonna be changed by a very stupid man What

  • Hero Brian: I am such a hero Villain Brian: no you not Me: kills hero Brian

  • I like how hero Brian turns into villain Brian

  • I miss that good herobrine😯🙁🌙💜

  • daym this is so good

  • Lmao „i decided to call it a hoe“

  • 4:02 Those villagers didn't choose location well they're literally on a mountain

  • Creative mode? What do you mean

  • Hi


  • 7:18 "brine free the villagers and make the houses of bedrock" that will save all the vilages and no herobrine making bad things on the word

  • i feel like Hannah was alex for some reason

  • Inbox xffnhgkg uhh Herobrine

  • Nice): And I want to study how to fight with Alex! I'll use initiative!

  • Everything is wrong the game just bugged out and created herobrine


  • "Congrats on finding this comment!!!"

  • I call it a H03

  • my favorite village is the taiga village and my villager job is farming

  • Brian want to be a hero but it turn's out he became an enemy for steve and alex it's amazing

  • ''By a stupid man.'' THE end...

  • The ad... Bruh.. Its its its .

  • wut is the next episode

  • Alex was hannaxxrose

  • Notch can stop hero brine couse notch make herobrine

  • MAKE A PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stop.

  • stop

  • Lol didn't realize it was hannah until she said bedwars

  • Him calls himself herobrine Me: instantly goes on creative mode

  • Resident evil 1 voice actors got a new job


  • I think Herobrine is cool

  • Help me

  • This was uploded on my birthday!

  • I miss the times when the Minecraft community was just a bunch of people looking for Herobrine and making movies about it

    • the original comment is just above yours

  • evmo is heere!

  • "I call it a hoe" Me: Hey no! *Smacks steve*

  • wait brine and herobrine you know that actually make sence

  • First thing go to locker second thing put white eyes and bang herobrine

  • I love your story 💖

  • It's amazing that Alex invented Bedwars

  • Its notch ded brother

  • Wow

  • Why do I kinda feel sad for HeroBrine... I should be rooting for Alex and Steve but for some reason HeroBrine felt kind of relatable

  • Herobrine he’s a hero and his name is Brian Oh okey not enymore

  • You have the greatest ideas for your videos

  • I dont think you could if you tried! *switches on creative mode*

  • I stop Herobrine 1 time but he kill me 3 time

  • alex: goes to kill zombies me: well, they could just have slept...

  • cyan easy blue little name interesting game story hmm remind no thanks

  • Villager: help the zombie is breaking the door! The zombie: *stand*

  • When he said a very stupid man I thought it was herobrine

  • BuT tHE WOrld WILl cHaNGE bY A silly man Bruh

  • Good vids

  • Hi love the video but make more please?

  • All Is CoOl

  • Lol lol I just got the ink lol 😆 I got my email and

  • Whoa! His name was brine but he thought he was a hero so he called him self… herobrine?! Whoa. and so he made white eyes…

  • “It alowee him to do things that shouldn’t be possible at all” *eats bread aggressively

  • Brian?