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čas přidán 21. 09. 2021

From writer/director Joel Coen and starring Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Corey Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, and Harry Melling. The Tragedy of Macbeth - In Theaters December 25. Streaming on Apple TV+ January 14.

RELEASE DATE: In Theaters December 25. Streaming on Apple TV+ January 14.
CAST: Denzel Washington, Frances McDormand, Corey Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, and Harry Melling

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  • A24 is really filling a gap in the film industry. Thank you from all of us out here in the world.

  • Incredible. A recent trailer that not shows all the movie.

  • This is bound to be a masterpiece, I'm getting big Lighthouse vibes

  • we wuz kings of scotland n shit

  • This is saving me from the family on Christmas Day. I say Oscars all around, including for this gorgeous trailer. Why don’t they give Oscars for trailers anyway?

  • This is already arguably the best directed project I've seen (after Citizen Kane)

    • well memed my friend

  • When i heard it was shot in black and white I sure it was going to be a straight rip of the immortal 1948 Macbeth, but it looks like it might be more original. Might be worth a spin

  • This will be my Christmas dinner and a movie!!!

  • Didn’t think I needed another Macbeth after the Fassbender version, but if they’re gonna be as stylish as this I say keep them comin

  • I don’t know why we got 3 medieval flicks this year (The Green Knight and The Last Duel being the other two) but I ain’t complaining.

  • Frances is the PERFECT lady Macbeth

  • I am 95% sure that the voice of the witch in this belongs to mrs figg from harry potter and the order of the phoenix (the one who helped harry after the dementors got to him in the beginning of the movie)

  • I’m so excited to be working at the red carrier gala screening at the BFI London film festival. Hopefully I’ll see the icon that is Denzel Washington

  • Sobre decisões erradas...


  • Tragedy indeed.I didn`t know Macbeth was black thought he was Scottish.Cultural appropriation works both ways

  • Why is MacBeth black?

  • Denzel ❤❤👍👍

  • A24 Is Gonne Copier My favorite film last 2 years The Lighthouse 2019

  • Deconstructionist Macbeth….spooky

  • Costume Art-House Thriller ! Yay !

  • Macbeth is Black but his blood cousin the king is White? And this is added to the list of how many versions of Macbeth?

  • XVII century. The King of Scotland is black. Thank you, I'm done.

    • Yeah, there’s witches in it, too. Dunno what level of veracity you were looking for.

  • oof. thanks, but no, thanks. it'll be a 2.5hr corporate vanity advert. just go watch polanski's version.

  • I'm Soo watching this!!!

  • Holy shit yes. I love you A24.

  • This film currently has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

  • I'm just blown away by the quality of the trailers on this channel. Literally every single one makes me wanna watch the film right away.

  • Denzel should have done more Shakespeare...He was great as Don Pedro in Much Ado about Nothing...

  • The tra gedy of ma cb eth

  • YES!

  • I was excited until I saw that I'm in the group that won't ever be able to see it because it's on apple+ 🙄 very very disappointing

    • It's going to theaters first in late December.

  • getting real tired of these hollywood bozos making black and white movies. What a tragedy. This could’ve actually been a good movie

  • A24's name enough. Another Masterpiece.

  • Entire movie shot on a sound stage

  • I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When you see A24 you know that shit is about it be SENSATIONAL

  • graphic design is my passion

  • The 2015 Kurzel/Fassbender film set an extremely high mark for both visuals and performance. I will be more than a little surprised if this challenges it. As profoundly as I respect Denzel, he is very old for his part (though Patrick Stewart was even older when he did it sensationally) and it’s hard to imagine any director but her husband thinking of McDormand for hers.

    • It's interesting. We have Denzel Washington doing this movie. Then there's Daniel Craig doing Macbeth on Broadway in March 2022. Lots of Macbeth projects going on!

  • Frances McDormand’s fourth Oscar is coming. Denzel Washington's third Oscar is coming.

  • I see that Stephen Root plays the porter... does anyone know if it has the Porter scene in this version (the comedy bit after the deed)? Also... really looking forward to this.

  • You had me at A24. And then again at Joel Coen.

  • this looks so similar to The Lighthouse lol; square aspect ratio, b&w, A24...

  • i wonder if they said it on set

  • Omg Duddley what you are doing there?

  • I’m in.

  • Apple TV+ wants to prove they are a top tier service and we all win with these quality announcements.

  • *_A DRUM, A DRUM!!!!! MACBETH DOTH COME!!!!!!!!!!_*

  • Once again I'm pulled into the Macbeth rabbit hole.

  • Like a Bergman

  • Please let this be as wonderful as I anticipate it will be!

    • Bruno Delbonnel is well overdue for some recognition

  • Everyone is "Oh, Denzel, Oh Fran, Joel!" I'm sitting over here like, "was that cousin Dudely?" Denzel is why I clicked on the video tho'.

  • I love A24 they're just like "sure we'll try that"

  • Macbeth was not black.

    • @MrShinnickNeth Ay-men to that- and ay-women for good measure, as I don't wanna get lynched.

    • In Shakespeare's day, all his female characters were played by boys. Women weren't allowed on the stage. So if you're expecting things to be historically accurate, you don't understand Shakespeare.

    • Does it really matter? Like, Macbeth's character had nothing to do with his skin colour

  • I hope Tom Holland is playing T'chala in black panther 2.

  • Prefer the original

    • Bruno Delbonnel is well overdue for some recognition

  • It has throne of blood vibe into it

  • Yes.

  • Welp time to pay for Apple Plus

  • will this be equal to or better than kurosawa's 1957 adaptation? a rather difficult task.

  • Bruno Delbonnel is well overdue for some recognition

  • This looks great but for those who are unaware, there was a recent film adaptation of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard which was beautifully shot and definitely worth a watch.

  • Shot digitally. Looks utter shite.

  • Damn this looks GOOD!

  • great more blackwashing

  • If this is only half as good as a Coen brothers movie, you can count me in. Twice.

  • Wow. Just Wow.

  • yawn

  • It will be a great watch.

  • Gotta wait until Christmas?

    • Yes

  • Hands down for A24

  • Query: Isn't Macbeth Scottish? If so is this why the movie is in black and white? Just curious if Denzel is going to be doing an accent.

  • I seen and watched all the actors no actor makes a more believable actor then Denzel Washington. It doesn't matter of other actors have more Oscar's or awards then him. Deep down everyone no he's the goat. He should of won Oscar's for Malcolm X, Philadelphia, Fences, and more. But we all know why he didn't. Denzel is the goat. Greatest actor to live.

  • Whose voice is doing the voiceover? It's such a unique awesome creepy one!


  • holy fkn sht

  • Dudley looks great!

  • How deliciously ironic that -Apple- films is creating a movie called "The Tragedy of 'Mac' Beth", heh. Sequel : Macbook?

  • 4:3

  • get in my eyeballs

  • The smoke effect looks bad and choppy around the 14 second mark. Not watching.

    • We're gonna miss you, son.

  • Oyyyy veyyy

  • Is this the book we read in highschool about ?

  • I hate apple with a passion. Love Macbeth. Brainsplosion

  • Holy shit?! I'm intrigued! Joel Cohen directing Denzel?

  • Alright apple...

  • Looks dumb. Fassbenders version is best

  • Lol

  • Um. Hell yes to this. Yes, yes, yes.

  • Everyone cried when a white person plays a supposedly black character, but here the masses of cognitive dissonance cheer on a historical figure of someone culture like its nothing.. friend-enemy distinction by carl schmitt is a good read btw

  • WOT.

  • I love Denzel but the historical inaccuracy of casting a black guy as an 11th century Scottish Noble is just creating chaos in my mind

    • In the 400+ years later since Shakespeare's plays were written, I've seen every walk of life play his characters. I've seen black people, white people, disabled people, gay people, straight people, little people, etc. play the roles. I've seen traditional period pieces and modern versions done on the stage and film. That's why it doesn't matter. You only need to be a good actor to undertake it...even then, I've seen bad actors do it too lol.

  • They're trying to compete with Netflix on the "representation" front I see

  • Okay.. but why? :D There's such a great adaptation from Justin Kurzel from just 6 years ago, with Michael Fassbender, Sean Harris, Marion Cotillard.. An adaptation which I consider the "definitive" one, at least when it comes to translating directly to the audiovisual medium. If this new Macbeth doesn't diverge greatly from the play, I don't see the point.

  • Literally took my breath away. Somebody get me some popcorn and a bottle of wine, then turn it on!

  • *everyone talking about denzel* me: is that golem talking?

  • someone needs to make a CS-tv channel... watching every a24 film in a desperate attempt to find a bad movie...

  • this looks very A24ish

  • Whoopee! A delightful Christmas movie.