This Man Joined A Tribe In The Deep Jungle | Man Hunt S1 EP1 | Wonder

čas přidán 9. 08. 2019
In today's episode of Man Hunt, Hayden joins a tribe in the deep jungle, learning how to hunt, scavenge and thrive in one of the world's most hostile places.
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Join Hayden Turner as he experiences how the people who live in the far corners of the world survive. Experiencing their way of life and learning how they hunt and forage for food, Hayden learns first hand exactly what it means to hunt.
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  • I hope they didn’t eat that bat

  • are they considered black african? or a different race? like austrialian aboriginies?

  • the wind is really swirling around today... Not a leaf moves...

  • Entrada fera, eles são incríveis

  • What tribe is it and where is it?

  • That man look like Lebron James, check it on time 14:47

  • Best hunter was the cameraman

  • What’s Country yall in where y’all at in the woods

  • Thay eat bats 😐

    • Lmfao I’m dead

  • these guys are extremely smart at their craft......masters

  • no iPad, no phones , no laptop, no emails, no long meetings, no monthly bills , no fuel cost , no bank debt , no high interest rate on loans etc

  • Their month sweet them

  • The reporter is pathetic trying to dramatize the reality of the broadcast.

  • Danger live

  • Lebron James Hunting pigs

  • 20:40 crack up 🤣🤣🤣

  • This guy needs to do more videos with tribes so cool to watch

  • 26:00 I feel like he did this on purpose to scare off the bats

  • May I just say these people managed to learn English, and most Americans, like myself still speak only one language. SMH

  • Ahmazin a some what healthy diet very impressive tribes like in the days of Jesus no race ID known by your tribe. The 12 tribes of Israel. Just curious if someone gets sick what happens?

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  • This is the importance of teamwork... They will survive when the Apocalypse happen

  • My last name is tanna and it comes from tanna island

  • Wow they know english!!

  • Speaks English, clearly smart men and yet walking naked in the forest!

  • I have a feeling that volcano is close to erupting

  • i think this guy is scared

  • They even made the guy a hand rail 😂😂😂 extreme class

  • Lebron look a like the one there

  • There body was like worked out in gym for 10 years

  • Tell me why for a moment where they were at the volcano I thought they were gonna push em in 💀😂😭dont ask why I jist thought💀

  • Come to liverpool plenty of pigs here around 16 stone, full of make-up and a mouth like a hyena...easy catch

  • What’s the name of this tribe and where they at what Country they Live at

  • I know they have to eat, but I felt sad for the poor beautiful bat.

  • Lol, you’re a little out of your element 😂 Pigs seem to be ninjas where y’all are at 🤣😂🤣

  • 39:08 Haydens face is priceless. Yeah whats up we eat your pets whatsu gonna do?

  • lmao the guy is so clumsy, dude fell like 3 times lol


  • If COVID 19 originated from bats mankind extincted today

  • I was amaze one of the tribe can speak English nice video!

  • What is LeBron doing there hahaha

  • Nice

  • You know it would be so much better if you would be quiet and just show what they doing instead of talking the whole damn way through it like we can't see nothing... Man what be wrong with y'all type of people

  • And you think it's natural to have flying foxes in your house and not in for people to hunt them in the wild... Okay dude, run with that... that sounds crazy to me

  • Ikinda. Like those huntwrs cuz if he slipps or scare the animald away theyjust laugh very kind of them

  • Amazing

  • Don't eat the bat. That's the start of Covid 19

  • I thought first sight of this film I see Lebron james.. fuu..

  • Those r george,badboyhalo,sapnap, and our master dream

  • I like how they share the food even if it just one piece they hunt.

  • If I will have a children in the future... I will let them watch this and do a survival mood training.

  • We did most of these things, if not all of them, growing up. Primitive life is natural, sweet, and undisurbed. I loved mine 50 years ago. Now I can’t even pay off my car loans.

  • It’s crazy how fit you can get surviving in the wild

  • How can the camera man run after them just to documents such intresting one..goodjob

  • Take me with you

  • Dude needs to lay back so they can get that pig! He’s holding them up. He needs to film them from a distance when they hunt.

    • I love hunting in the jungle why because I am a amerindian

  • I have mine well done thank you

  • Very nice hunting survival good performance thanks

  • so wonderful

  • They struggle lot but find few kg of food .Lord guide them and show them some wisdom.💔😭

  • Instead of climbing on 20 meter high tree they can have goats or some pets for food like hens sheep 🐑 or buffalo or they may have rabbits in such rich habitat

  • Before making documentary take some clothes for them so that world wide viewer can watch them with family .

  • People thought I was crazy for thinking “Batman” is real! Who’s laughing now ? I finally found him (like an hour ago on CS-tv) and his real name is Hayden! Robin can’t be that far behind !

  • Can u do more manhunt videos pls.....🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • If I'd create a pun that would be ..... FLYING FOXES? MORE LIKE CRYING BOXES!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

  • These actors are far more better than Hollywood list A

  • Island name "Tanna"

  • Can some body tell WHY THİS İS 45 minutes

  • I am from Bangladesh amazing video life is a Jungle Book movie

  • That tribe guy.. his english is more better than me

  • True Hunters 🇬🇧👍

  • Hayden: *Screws up Tom: I kill him. I kill him. I kill him.

  • Wow Nice one this is my favorite hunting animals my mountain somewhere in the Philippines bukidnon I miss eat any kind animals i like your vedio to chair

  • From the intro every one is saying, coronavirus!!!!

  • tell them stop eating bats 😣

  • 26:40 I hate bats why am I doing this

  • Their skin is well camouflage no need to hide

  • I can’t even step on lego and these guys can do this

  • Why dont they use dogs for hunting?

  • Who’s this watching during quarantine?😂

  • Hindi me aplod kro please please

  • you ang your camera man slows down the hunt

  • Sons of kings

  • Simplicity of life

  • A true definition of life

  • Amazing

  • Lebron J. After Quarantine.

  • Wowww....they look like fijians with a bland of Vanuatu blood....the clothes they wear were like fijians...incredible...the words they similar to us fijians...bit of Solomon and Vanuatu....interesting

  • 6:02 watch please when I first watched it,it scared me

  • 28:55 corona bat soup for supper

  • 24:45 quarantine time.

  • When I saw the guy hid behind the bush from the bat was dieing

  • Hunting and eating coronavirus 19

  • So they are eating 🦇

  • 800 years earlier and they would push him into the volcano as offerings

  • 😘😘

  • this is a much better way of hunting wherein animals are given a better chance to escape depending on hunter skills without high tech gear

  • Lebron james spotted 0:52

  • 37:24 Covid-19