The True Scale of the World's Largest Airports

čas přidán 21. 07. 2021
Fasten your seat belts, open your window blinds and prepare to be amazed. This is the true scale of the world’s largest airports. Read Bluebeam's analysis of what could be the "airport of the future" -

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Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Dan Cortese
Video Editing and Graphics - Aaron Wood
Production Management - Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership - Liam Marsh

Additional footage and images courtesy of Google Earth and Airport Authority Hong Kong.

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  • Opening: You shouldn't really say that airports handled "4 billion people". That sounds like half the world's population flew. "4 billion passengers" would be a better way to say it.

  • Huge airports sound really cool until your late for a flight and have to get to a different terminal on the other side of the airport

  • Lets Go Brandon

  • Oh my God, why do you have to use Pentagons for measurement? As a real German I can only accept Size measurements that are given in the international accepted standard of "Saarland"

  • Not sure what nonsensical criteria he's using to guage the size of Denver's airport, but it is not a large one, much less the largest.

  • Such terrible design. They should study a beehive to determine the best airport design

  • WTF!?!?! The units of measurement in this video is too much. Pentagon, Golden Gate Bridge, AN-225, DISNEYLAND!?!?!?! WHAT MEASUREMENT IS THIS!? THE WORLD DOESNT REVOLVE AROUND THE US!!!

  • It's STANSTED by the way, not STANSTEAD! Why didn't someone check this?

  • Tesla: we're going to build a gigafactory in Berlin and it's going to be the largest structure ever! Airports: hold my beer

  • KDFW is massive

  • Amazing god bless all those airports

  • Anything but the metric system works 😂😂. Now unit of measure is Pentagon. Their books must be like height of mount Everest is 30 Eiffel towers.

  • I’m from United States and the biggest airport Illinois is The O’Hare international Airport

  • Of course I am happy to work in the future of life 🌈 okay thanks

  • Me watching this at the airport terminal right now.

  • Maybe the best video you've got ever on your channel.

  • If only they could make air journeys a fun day out A-Z

  • HMM, I think the longest runway in the world is at....Area 51

  • I used to watch a lot of documentaries on Discovery channel back when cable tv was a thing. I gotta say, this video was at that level of quality and production!! Gave me flashbacks of my childhood!! Great job and thank you!!

  • Makes no comparison if you’re using American landmarks, try using British ones etc too.

  • That’s just so insanely HUGE! 😮

  • SANTA LUCIA MEXICO CITY NEW AIRPORT MEXICO PRESIDENT SAYS: the most modern airport that is being built in these times in the world el aeropuerto más moderno que se esté construyendo en estos tiempos en el mundo JAJAJAJA

  • lost braincells watching this

  • thanks for doing metric

  • So you'll convert these wacky units into Disneylands, Golden Gate Bridges, Antonov-whatevers, but you won't give us a simple measurement in feet?

  • DFW didn't even get an honorable mention.

  • Today, November 9th 2021. In the coming years by 2030 there will be only one single airport that can be called largest in every category.

  • Occupied Tibetan plateau is NOT in Communist controlled China. So is Taiwan.

  • Whoever was in charge of measuring units examples for this video should consider a career change

  • I literally wrote one of my college essays on how impressive I found airports

  • I always thought that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol would be in this list BUT it does not even get a mention. On one of my many flights I landed at Schiphol and transferred to another gate at the opposite end of the airport, I arrived with minutes to spare

  • I've flown in and out of the Dammam Airport countless of times through out the 80s. I ran across my first Hammam in Dammam. I had no idea what the garden hose was for.

  • I recall once spending a day getting out of Madrid airport. By the time I got out, I'd missed my meeting. And that nearly 2 decades ago. Walked long enough, should have just hailed a cab to the exit.

  • Perhaps you could do a video on ports, railway lines and runways built by China, outside China?

  • Thought Beijing had the largest airport

  • 3:13 MANILA not MANILLA 😊

  • AIRPORTS a City within a CITY.

  • This video is very shallow...

  • At Istanbul airport stupid designers and contractors forgot the rail system connections. Actually rail system is not considered at all.

  • Skip the preamble. Skip the comparisons between an airport component and a non-airport entity. Skip the measurements in metric terms. We live in feet and miles. Hello? Skip the rambling narrative. You're welcome.

  • Can we talk about little ole wittman field in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Busiest airport in the world for a week a year and it’s about a 1/3rd of the size of these.

  • My room is half big as the toiletroom in the Pentagon…

  • Ever try parking and picking someone up at SFO?! Now that’s a nightmare 🙄

  • I learnt a lot of the video.I …who is…4000000times the size of a rice grain and 1.47 times the size of my golden retriever who is 0.87 times the size of my wife who is 1.25 times the size of my neighbors 10 year old daughter.

  • KCIAP Kansas City International Air Port riding by air port looked like a prison with motes, secured gated bob wire why so much security??? And with a prison down the road from KCIAP very strange and weird!!! Look at Denver International Air Port under ground tunnels, funded or made by Mason's with a plack, very weird paintings that were even taken down!!! Georgia Guide Stones and FEMA casket liners in Georgia. Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 Government s own website says what they have been doing and what they plan to do!!! Not Good At All!!! Read it you still can and if it's still online it's huge it's more than one can read in a week.

  • They keep pushing the jab and those airports will be empty, regardless how big they are.

  • Mate, you don't have to compare everything. Just give us the kilometers.

  • I do NOT live in NYC. You could not pay me to live there. Or visit. But yet most of videos that compare size use Manhattan as a size reference. Guess it helps all of you that do live there. Yes and now the pentagon. Really?

  • Wait Rockefeller to Harlem, or a large number of Antonov’s, sorry these comparisons are pointless

  • Realy I like this largest airports

  • I'm VERY disappointed that this video didn't tell me how many Toyota Corollas long any runways were

  • Loved it, and I worked IAD and LAX for 5 years each

  • When speaking about space four Terminals and runways. Please use standard measurements such as square feet and Miles please. Not everyone in the world does the metric system.

  • Dubai’s airport is the best 👍

  • small airport. airport is temporarily railways is eternal

  • American will use anything but metric system

  • Wonderful video!

  • Isn’t DFW the largest airport in the world?

  • In China, we use the Beijing Forbidden city (720000 sq meters).

  • 3:11 mispelled Manila with Double L

  • Denver International is bigger than all of Manhattan……woah.

  • The new Beijing airport!?

  • And then theres germany

  • Great Turkey again .💚 Love from india , Istanbul & Dubai airport 😍

  • 3:30 Why that airport be looking like a swastika, cannon!

  • Make a video about Shajalal International Airport, Dhaka.

  • Dislike this All

  • I really hope that there are not any bigger airports that are made, because we need to stop climate change and all the concrete and construction for an in efficient travel mode isn’t going to help us in the long run

  • Repent to Jesus Christ! “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” ‭‭James‬ ‭1:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • 2:48 I remember seeing that at Manchester Airport when I worked on the airfields, crazy how big it really is

  • Turkey? Süre?

  • this runway is twice the size two golden gate bridge, this runway is 61 times AN225. What kind of comparison is this? How do you interpret this information?

  • Good

  • Dear Editors, you misspelled the name Manila in your video timestamp: 3:11

  • I've been in Houston Intercontinental and O'HARA , and I couldn't believe how huge those 2 airports are

  • Tibetan plateau is Tibet not chinaaa .. Please dont simply put Tibetan in china without knowing well acknowledge about Tibet country.. Tibet is the country where all our asia drinking water 💦 comes from our plateau,Tibet is the country the highest altitude in the world. Tibet country occupied by Chinese communist party in 1959 and they still brutality torturing our tibetan people on tibet so.PLEASE the holder of this youtube channel.. PLEASE Make Video On Tibet Country history and how they lost their Country from Chinese communist party in 1959.. Thank you Bhuchung studio Free tibet Save tibet Stop Olympic 2022....

  • I feel like I'm listening to audiobook while being in those airports so nice vdo

  • MANILA is only one L @TheB1M.

  • Tibet is of nepal not china

  • What about the Bx.; B.; Q. & S.I?

  • I dont know why every airport is one of the biggest and busiest in the world in their documentaries.

  • Wendover productions cooming over this video

  • Nice video

  • Knew about King Fahad airport since long ago. And about Daxing China did lie about it. I knew that New Istanbul is better than it..

  • this video is so bad xD i cant scale anything of that bc there is nothing to scale it to.. like.. what? where is it scaling if its "scaling" one big thing to another big thing..

  • Plz mor meme

  • Flew into here 2 years ago. Istanbul that is. AMAZING! It made Manchester airport look like a 3rd world.

  • Next Tesla's Gigafactories please

  • Denver airport shape is kinda sus

  • 1:21 it is ben gurion airport

  • So, which is the biggest airport?

    • Dubai International Airport maybe

  • I love Istanbul International Airport so beautiful airport I have ever seen 😍 ❤

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  • Even an American many these measurements are of little use, I feel like it's a joke but I don't think it is. I don't think many people know or care about how big the pentagon is, lol

  • These size comparisons are ridiculous, this is why Americans are known for unconventional measuring comparisons!

    • Americans are like "you have to drive forty hamburgers per baseball bat to drive 100 pick up trucks" lol

  • its annoying i live right near the sfo airport its too big and too confusing

  • Music at 01:44 please?

  • Are they saying the full floor area of the pentagon and it’s multiple floors? 2.5 pentagons times 3 floors? It’s an insane amount of sq footage.

  • Size matters --John Wayne

  • blown away by the cheer idioticy of the use of energi