The Try Guys Give Pedicures To Each Other

čas přidán 6. 07. 2019
"I've got some goopy toenails!" Watch Keith and Ned learn how to do pedicures and clean up each other's CUTEicles!
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  • No one is mentioning poor Sam 😂 the way he is uncomfortable and kinda freaks when the pedicurist started scraping the dead skin haha.

  • Keith's aggressive yes is basically me whenever I watch pedicure videos

  • Keith and neda are the both two different types of geminis 🤣🤣🤗

  • why did they say "treat wives self" instead of "treat yo wives"

  • At 8:14 cristen died 💀

  • Keith was waaayyyy too excited for this video

  • The try guys should handle reptiles,like aligators lol

  • If you have a base coat you need to have a glossy taco! No no wait! What about? A HOLO TACO! holosexuals know what I'm taking about

  • Tips for applying nail polish: Maximum 3 to 4 strokes. If you miss a spot make sure the brush is coated again before going over it otherwise if it's too dry the brush will take the not yet dry nail polish with it and it will look like the road Lightning McQueen made in the first cars movie when he went too fast with the machine and it was all bumpy. Put 2 to 3 layers of liquid elmers glue around the cuticle if you don't have liquid latex, so if it gets on the skin you can peel it off for easy clean up.

  • If moriah Elizabeth and Karina Garcia became one person she would it.

  • I’m a girl and I won’t even touch nail polish I hate it.

  • Now I'm really confuse are they gay or no cuz they say try husbands wine time

  • ياليت في احد يترجم للعربي

  • Keith with everything health and beauty related: Becky makes me do it

  • I tried. 😂 I'm sure it's great, but can't do feet.

  • “Treat Wives-selves” ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  • Keith's talons though😳 mean toes!

  • 2:53 *Every middle and high school kid ever*

  • *TrY hUsBanDs' WiNe TiMe*

  • I really shouldn’t have been watching this while eating Ramen

  • "treat wife self" XD

  • This is what the nail ladies are talking about

  • These guys are a bunch of fags not real men you should try to do a oil change

  • Neat me and Keith have the same shoe size

  • When Ned was talking about the size of Keith’s feet being 5 sizes larger than his. 2:40 hmm I wonder what he’s thinking about 🤔

  • 5:34 Keith: God WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?

  • Roses are red Horses eat hay Sometimes I have coffee We forgot the rośe Poem by: Keith and Ned

  • Probably should not have brought something to eat while sorting through my watch later list knowing I follow these guys....XD

  • Ned has. Never looked more like a dad then now

  • I don’t think I’ve ever had my toe nails filed during a pedicure. Usually just cut them my nails are cut and filed during manicures. Is that weird?

    • They also don’t buff my toe nails wtf😅😂

  • Treat wives’ selves? Treat yo wives was right there.

  • 2:57 when you look at your wife for that seal of approval

  • why am i watching this

  • I see the try guys trying so much of the things us girls go through... corsets, high heels, pregnancy simulation.... I think it would be hilarious to see the wife’s try out wearing balls and a penis all day.... even if there’s such a thing... a penis which inflates and becomes rigid at during awkward times.🤣

  • I'm laying off on the parmesan for a while. 😅

  • If you wanted to do it yoself Step 1 soak and basic maintenance Remove nail polish Soak feet Himalayin salt/Epsom salts 1/4 c Dry foot Trimming nails Filing Push cuticles Clean dead skin around nails Buff nails Step 2 File feet Step3 Sugar scrub exfoliant Step 4 Massage and moisturize 5 min each foot Step 5 Base and nail polish


  • Why Eugene not in most vid lately? Missing him

  • that’s the most LA place I’ve ever seen

  • I swear them does crack me up

  • "Feet are the main course today...and daddy's hungry." Imagine wes hearing that years later! :)

  • Where is Eugene?

  • You guys are love. The best humans on earth

  • You get a like for 'treat wife self'

  • Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not one soul on earth: Ned: I don’t think they know I’m married, I should mention my wife.

  • This Little Piggy got a foot massage :)

  • Ned: daddy’s hungry Keith: what is a pedicure

  • Missing the four of them trying or doing something together


  • 2:49 I sure hope they used a fisheye lens because otherwise Ned's calves are THICC

  • that got very weird very quick

  • I'm watching this to support, but i don like feet at all so i'm gagging...

  • Y'alllllllll, read the description tho!!!

  • There should be a video : try guys treat wife’s . It’s where the wife gets to pick what the husband treats her with for a whole day such as: foot massage, breakfast in bed and so on you get the idea. Hope you like the idea ❤️

  • I was reminded why I hate pedicures

  • 6:40 LOL at the lady’s reaction at the back

  • They are actually on to something with a male pedicure shop...

  • Why tf have I only Just seen Eugene in Brooklyn nine nine

  • Just asking, are they straight?

  • Ngl, I'm watching this cuz I have ugly feet, and trying to find out how to make them look better.

  • "oh wow, what a thick nail" keith i can't 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • keith's "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT" reaction at ned's toe 😂😂😂😂😂


  • Somebody discovered their fetish from this

  • The fact that Zach isn’t in this but I heard him laughing in the back 🥺

  • Lol I only just found out euguene was in Brooklyn 99😂

  • They're like Big Time Rush... but better

  • Get them 9,000102 k

  • *something for me is something for Ariel* Concrete evidence that Ned=Ariel

  • You are good husbands - your wives are lucky

  • "we're gettin pedicures b*tch" i love ned with my whole soul thank you for being you

  • I just watched 11 minutes of Ned and Keith talk about FEET

  • How about the try guys take the mbti test?

  • I preferred the ild title. “Try guys give each other foot facials”. It was sooo funny!!!!

  • Try Guys Try Not To Swear?

  • This was so hard to watch but at the same time can't look away.

  • Imagine if instead of Try Husbands Wine Time they did Try Husbands High Time 😂

  • The try guys try not mentioning their wife. 😡

  • Just when I thought ned diddnt mention his wife or child🤪❤️

  • "I think I inhaled some of your foot goobers!" Ned 2019