The Try Guys Give Pedicures To Each Other

čas přidán 6. 07. 2019
"I've got some goopy toenails!" Watch Keith and Ned learn how to do pedicures and clean up each other's CUTEicles!
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  • I really don't think Ned could get any more adorable! "I think I inhaled some of your foot goobers" 🤣

  • Ned has pretty feet for a dude

  • Hahaha the calf is basically the leg boob! Every time it cuts to them massaging each other’s calf’s I loose it! 🤣🤣🤣

  • So sweet they mentioned their wife❤

  • **patreon had entered the chat**

  • 7:30 Keith whispering/soft talking gave me ASMR haha.

  • It makes me sad sometimes when it's not all four of you

  • T R Y H U S B A N D S W I N E T I M E

  • Pure 100% cringe. I almost puked it's so bad

  • It literally took me 9:15 minutes to realize out of the our of them only Keith and Ned were in the video...

  • Where's Zack(spelt it like that on porpose) and Eugene

  • You guys have the best videos! So funny and they help me when I'm stressed or upset. Thank you! Also love TWWT too ❤

  • I can't watch this euugh. Stuff going under nails is nasty to me

  • I HATE FEET...

  • Not @ how Ned just did this to learn how to do pedicures for his wife 😭🥺

  • No one: Not a single soul: Ned & Keith: tRy hUSbAnDs wInE TiME-

  • not even 30 seconds into the video and ned already mentioned his wife eye-

  • 2:37 she has to wear men’s size 13 nikes

  • I was forget people push cuticles up out there


  • This better be a collab with Cristine I swear'

  • We all love Ariel, she had such a contagious gorgeous smile. Beautiful 🤗

  • [Insert foot fetishist callout joke here]

  • *I ware size 13 Nikes, MEN size 13 Nikes*

  • ewwwwww grossest episode to watch🤢

  • The try guys should run a spa for a day

  • Soccer is hard on your feet? Take a look at a ballerina's feet and you'll see what hard is lol

  • I can watch people eat alive bugs but I get goosebumps when watching this..?!😕

  • Are my toes weirdly short or is everyone just not mentioning Keith's hand like feet? Long toe boiiii

  • Not even ainute in and Ned mentions Ariel This is true love, y'all

  • 4:45 I have only a few words and those words are SAY WHEN

  • since its only ned and keith they should be called the try hubs

  • More videos featuring unusual Try Guys pairings, like Keith and Eugene (Eugene always laughs with him)!!!

  • talk girl: you think your life is hard? try wearing size 13 nikes. men’s size 13 keith:try me bitch

  • I wouldn’t even do this to one of my guy friends. Ned and Keith AND Zac and Eugene are friendship goals

  • Does Keith wear men’s size thirteen nikes?

  • "What's happening down there?"-Ned 😂😂

  • "I'm just going to put my fingers through the toes."- Keith

  • Omg lol you guy's are hilarious! 😂😜 love it

  • Keith is a size 13....