The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation

čas přidán 16. 01. 2019
Everyone gets burnout, even CS-tvrs. The Try Guys decide to take a break for their mental health and learn all about the importance of achieving a more fulfilling work-life balance. Will they be able to go two weeks without working?
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Kati Morton
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  • Ned is my alter ego

  • Wes is soooo cute

  • 11:45 Eugene is so cute

  • As soon as Zack mentioned 'heavy metal concert' I was like... OH HE DID NOTTTTTTTT!!!!! OH YES HE DIDDDDDDD!!!!!! RAMMSTEIN!!!

  • I need a mental health break. I have been having a really rough week definitely one of the worst weeks of my life. I found out my best friend died yesterday and hearing that news was just way too hard. My favorite CS-tvrs are the only thing that makes me smile right now.

  • Ada yang dari Indonesia kah?

  • Ned getting upset over Smash is a big mood

  • Y’all needed one 😂😂😂😂

  • Oh my god, just got to the end. This video funny af. Worth the wait.

  • i love how Eugene has started showing off more of himself as time goes by :)


  • Wes looks like an engineer. Especially because he’s interested in the fan lol

  • Man Grant Looks weird?

  • i got it the 7th and got all the charecters the same day

  • *EVERYONE NEEDS BREAKS, EVEN YOU* Thank you for coming to me Ted talk enjoy the video!!!

  • #1 trending!

  • 👀

  • #1 trending in the philippines!!! SICK!

  • I misseddd youuu allll

  • how long did that master of the night animation take lol

  • oooooooo #1 on trendingggggg


  • That was the most Sparta Tennessee thing I have ever fucking seen.

  • popular youtubers taking a break: loses 1 subscriber small youtubers taking a break: loses 20 subscribers

  • I'm fucking crying because Zach went to see Rammstein and doesn't even know how to pronounce it.

  • Did he leave his child in the car?!!!

  • Eugene: there’s a dog, oh and there’s a cheetah. Eugene: **sipssssssss*

  • ooooo #1 on trendingggg

  • If y’all ever need to take a break from being in videos, you should just cut together a bunch of clips of Wes looking at new stuff. I’d watch that.


  • niceeeee

  • big boy money? hahahahahaha

  • “i don’t work for buzzfeed anymore i don’t have to be nice” eugene lee yang

  • Keith's face at 3:35

  • Soft

  • I need this sm but I have to wait like 6 months till I can

  • This is just darn good video here. Good vacas, nice illustrations/animations.

  • I love Eugene but he is so scary at the same time 😂

  • Why can’t I just buy it with my big boy money

  • Follow me at erickmtz_0324

  • Getting Testosterone injections. Be back in a month.

  • Literally one of the best videos y’all have made.

  • “An even bigger dumpster fire,” is my favorite quote now

  • Keith, did you know Nashville Hot Chicken was actually made by a women in like the 40s or something because she was mad at here husband because he didn't spend enough time with her?

  • Please dont bring kati morton on anymore. I had to skip all her parts.

  • “ Zachary be careful “ *Zach just dancing next to exploding fireworks* Try guys gold 💖💖☀️

  • I’m so proud of them, trending #1 aw

  • Any type 1 diabetics here

  • Taking a break every once in a while is a good thing. It sucks to get over worked

  • They're obviously just using this "break" as a way to get on trending. If they were actually worried about mental health this video wouldn't exist.

  • I’m so happy how maggie is part of zac’s video

  • Omg its Kati Morton

  • I don’t like that Kati she’s completely unprofessional and as many others agree should have her licensed removed

  • Zach and Maggie looks so cute!!!!😍😍😍

  • The Try Guys make me want a family of my own so badly ah D:

  • yaaass gaga

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  • Can I have one- I Really need it

  • Isn’t she the psychologist who diagnosed the Paul bros?

  • “I don’t have to be nice I don’t work for buzzfed anymore”

  • I am definitely pooping while watching this

  • I'm curious where cucks vacation so I can avoid that place. So tell us Try Guys, where did you go?

  • I'm so happy you're still alive!!!!😭😢❤

  • “it’s here!” yeah she totally didn’t know that was coming

  • I love Eugene. He is my spirit animal.

  • 7:16 Zach: for *300 pesos* Me: WHAT!!!!!!

  • Okay Eugene I see you coming thru with that SKINNN honey!!! ✨✨💅🏼

  • Why does this replace spidermans new trailer for #1 trending, no k e cares bruh , we see these fuckers all the time, CS-tv loves to suck these guys off

  • The zoo trip is my favorite part!

  • 1 on trending y'all!

  • try guys vacation time

  • Try Guys have gone to shit.

  • im burnt out as fuck. studying my ass off for exams nearly every night and trying to teach myself a quarter of my science unit while dealing with large amounts of stress because school is so loud and the amount of different sounds(ex: music, talking, this one white kid who keeps blaring the n word out of google translate) really bother me. And I push myself way too hard. Like honor roll (over 85 percent) is the bare minimum for me. that was a shitty run on sentence i cant focus and i cant wait for exams to be over. send help

  • On aother note, Katie's face at 5:03 😂😂😂😂 "Where am I get me out of here! "

  • That last bit made me genuinely laugh so hard!!!

  • His name was frued not fruedenbuger the fuck

  • Ok but like ... can we all get off Kati Morton’s back? Girl’s doing her best and psychology isn’t an EXACT science, there’s room for mistakes and interpretation. Just saying ...

  • Eugene is me in man form. 💕

  • 1° em alta no Brasil????

  • Do not reply


  • “Five mil on CS-tv in six months has been done before”

  • Hey everyone my grandson’s birthday is on Sunday And all of you are invited to my birthday

    • Go to he’s channel and wish him a happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂🎉🎈 His channel is called Johnny Nepa(with the Venezuela flag 🇻🇪

  • woooooooww #1 on trending right before Sister James Charles himself ... you've out done yourself boys ;)

  • Ned is scorching hot with his beard! I can't even.

  • If Eugene have trouble sleeping then I would like to see the Try Guys trying hypnosis to see if Eugene can sleep... Or at least a video about them trying the best tool to sleep (you know like a massage, candles, etc..)

  • Eugene just standing in front of the animals at the zoo and saying their names was magical

  • I saw Katie Morton and I clicked dislike.

  • Okay.. but all four of you look like you haven't been sleeping

  • It's so nice that people are making their mental health a priority! It doesn't matter who you are and how you are, your feelings will always matter and should always be your priority. Let's make 2019 a year for self growth! ❤

  • I need this and I’m only 16

  • Vacations are super super important! Generally scheduling them every 6 months is perfect. All of you guys had great vacations! OMG the end is hilarious.

  • I don't work for BuzzFeed I don't have to be nice 💁

  • I got Secret Hitler too! It's such a great game!

  • Eugene get your son. And by that I mean @thatmidgetasain. EUGENE REALLY REALLY NEED TO CHECK HIS CHANNEL OUT!

  • Anyone else notice they changed “break” to “vacation” in the title?


  • Hank Green's video about burnout is so recent. Please take time for yourselves

  • Is it cause of Diesel Patches

  • Zach u r balding